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  1. Gabe Wright came from Carver HS in 2011. I believe Dell McGee came from Kendrick HS. But you are right as we should have gotten more from that area. They may want to go off to school and feel that Auburn is too close to home.
  2. I would love it for the Iron Bowl! Imagine the look on Nicky's face when he sees this.
  3. Does anyone know the status of the state player that was carted off the field ? Just hoping he is ok.
  4. Stacey Searels at Miami, however I love this hire and what he brings to the team. Welcome home Coach Grimes.
  5. 62 male Dothan, Al 80 Son and daughter also graduated and were in the band.
  6. I can't remember if it was our game or Ga-Oak, but the announcers mention that if the RB was even with the QB, then it would be a pass. If the RB was a yard or 2 deeper than the QB, then the play would be a run. I remember watching this key and it was true on over 75% of the plays that I saw. If the announcers could see this, then a DC would see it also. Again, I can't remember which game is was, but I only watched those 2 yesterday.
  7. I wish our offense could be as good as our defense
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