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  1. Arkansas Florida State Alabama Georgia Clemson Kentucky LSU Tennessee Ole Miss Texas Kansas State Washington North Carolina Cincinnati Ohio State Oregon USC points-47
  2. Is he able to play on Saturday without impacting his redshirt? I don't remember him playing in 4 games this year.
  3. Alabama Mississippi State Texas A&M Auburn Missouri LSU Florida Ole Miss Tennessee Georgia Michigan Oklahoma TCU NC State Clemson Oregon USC 55
  4. On an option play, every man has a responsibility. If the RB was the backer's man ,then he was correct in covering him. You have to trust that your teammates do their job also. If he had left his man to pursue the QB, then the RB would have had the corner which could have resulted in a lot larger gain. We were always taught to turn the play back inside as that is where your help is at. Course this was 50 years ago when I played and things have probable changed since then.
  5. Smith and Russaw have now been to several games. Could we be making inroads on these guys recruitment or do they just want to go see a game and Bama is on the road.
  6. I was expecting TJ to be announced too. Could it be that after Sunday's practice that Holden has given them something to think about?
  7. I believe that Alex Kosan played with that same attitude.
  8. I would love it for the Iron Bowl! Imagine the look on Nicky's face when he sees this.
  9. Does anyone know the status of the state player that was carted off the field ? Just hoping he is ok.
  10. Stacey Searels at Miami, however I love this hire and what he brings to the team. Welcome home Coach Grimes.
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