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  1. Demographic Curiosity

    War Eagle to you too sir. Enjoy your posts well.
  2. Demographic Curiosity

    Awesome Gwill! Yeah I have family ties to AU as well and grew up all Tigers. Time spent at Auburn was some of the best days of my life. Regret not graduating from AU but life gets in the way sometimes. Proud of my Troy degree and root for them too but I'm all orange and blue on Saturdays. I'm sure several posters would consider me a pessimist but I truly wasn't until Gus.
  3. Bammer destroys runner up trophy

    I like it. I hate bama but they play to win it all and anything else is a disappointment for them.
  4. Gus on ESPN Monday

    I didn't think this post through... Can you imagine Gus doing color on an NFL game? Mike Tirico: So Gus, what did you think about that hook route to the WR? Gus: uh, well, personally i think you should use your WR to block more. Tirico: Gus, how about those crossing routes!? Gus: wow Mike those must be a new innovation cooked up by pro coaches, never seen em before. Tirico: Gus, its 3rd and short, what would you go with here? Gus: well, I would try to mix things up and run right up the middle. And if that didn't work I would switch things up on 4th down by running up the middle Tirico: Gus did you see that pass to the tight end!? Gus: *crickets*
  5. Malzahn Extension

    You make some valid points. Believe me I'm not saying I think Gus is a great coach worthy of 7 million a year. What I'm saying is Auburn looked at the current coaching landscape with all of the other openings and upheaval and then looked at Gus who was coming off wins against uga and bama and ponied up the dough to keep the guy from going to arky. I like capitalism and arky was willing to pay that price so thats what the market paid him. Would I have personally been upset if we had let him walk? No. Do I understand why we kept him? Yes. I agree with you on the bowls too. If they are going to count on our record then they shouod count for or against the coach. 11-3 would've looked a whole lot better than 10-4.
  6. Demographic Curiosity

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Demographic Curiosity

    40 Male Dothan, AL Attended AU 97-99 (finally finished my degree at Troy in 13)
  8. We're gonna be fine

    But but but but winning the west is a major accomplishment! In fact really winning the west is better than winning the SEC or natty! I already bought my "you might be the national champs but we won the west" t shirt!
  9. Gus on ESPN Monday

    Apparently they are about to have an opening on Monday Night Football...
  10. We're gonna be fine

    I haven't read every thread on here or talked to every Auburn fan but I haven't picked up on much panic over the early departures. None of the departures are particularly surprising. We have some depth now too. Besides, of course we'll be fine....all it takes to appease half our fan base is 8 wins. That should be easy. Personally I'm hoping for Outback or Citrus Bowl and I might take the fam to Florida for a nice stress free meaningless bowl game next year.
  11. Malzahn Extension

    I'm surprised how many folks are hung up on the extension. What we're paying Gus is pretty much in line with current coaches salaries and Auburn obviously went with the devil they did know as opposed to the devil they didn't. And if Gus doesn't perform over the next couple of years then the PTB will pony up and buy him out. Lord knows Auburn University has never shied away from paying coaches not to coach at Auburn.
  12. UCF Claims National Championship

    I don't mind them claiming it, let them have their fun. But lets not act like they deserve a shot at the playoff because they went unbeaten against a crap schedule and then beat a completely unmotivated Auburn team in a bowl. If they had to play our schedule how good would their record be? Group of five teams will never be considered unless they play all of their non conference games against big time power 5 teams and win them all plus stay undefeated in conference....all of which is highly unlikely.
  13. The Bipolar Life as an Auburn Fan

    Yep pretty accurate.
  14. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    Agree. I have given up on Gus using the off-season for anything productive so we’re probably already one step behind as I figure Peterson will actually use the off-season to prepare for us.
  15. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    I actually hope I’m wrong but I don’t believe he will be our coach at the start of the 2020 season.