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  1. Men vs. Charleston

    A win is a win is a win. How rare an Auburn NCAA tournament win is and I shall enjoy it. WDE.
  2. Men vs. Charleston

    So, let me get this straight....not only do we have to endure this announcing duo but the woman has ties to Charleston meaning she is probably rooting for CoC? WTH?
  3. Men vs. Charleston

    Win or lose it sure is nice to hear that March Madness music going to commercials and know we’re watching Auburn play in it instead of having to pick a team to root for! Come on Tigers!
  4. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    That is great news as I too will be off work by then!
  5. Men vs. South Carolina

    Is that set regardless of UT outcome?
  6. Men vs. South Carolina

    Not sure what the future holds for AU basketball but hats off to this fine group of young men. What a season! Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team with more heart! War Eagle!
  7. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    What’s a paper?
  8. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    I want to think positively on this but my fear is this is just the beginning. This was only one agent’s records over a relatively short period so there is likely to be tons more coming out. Having said that, I think the fact that Bruce is still our coach is a good sign...but I won’t be relieved until the season is over and he is STILL our coach.
  9. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    Sean Miller at Arizona is pretty much screwed...
  10. Men vs. Georgia

    Regardless of UGa’s record this win impressed me a lot. First off, any road win in conference without one of your best players is impressive. Second, to bounce back from a very disappointing home loss and win a road game is super mature from such a young team. And lastly, I’ll admit I have kept waiting all year for the wheels to come off for our team. I keep waiting for that 4 game slide or us to lose like 5 outta 6. But our guys keep responding with heart. Kudos to this team and coaching staff who keep overcoming adversity and have a shot at keeping us entertained well into late March.
  11. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Can someone give me a quick update overall today for us? I’m in a sales meeting and only have a couple minutes I can use my phone here....
  12. Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Just look at it this way... Vandy had to shoot lights out in spurts just to keep the game within 10-12 ponts! Been a while since an AU team was good enough to do that to a team.
  13. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    Agree with this. Making a run in the tournament is often about your draw and who is hot not necessarily who the best teams are. If Auburn gets favorable matchups and is shooting hot they can certainly make a deep run.
  14. Demographic Curiosity

    War Eagle to you too sir. Enjoy your posts well.