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  1. Coach, only from memory and antectodal evidence, I cannot remember a lot of very successful conversions of WR’s to DB’s at this level. Would you consider Noah’s transition a really good success?
  2. I believe they call that a “bad beat”... lots of ticked off folks I imagine.
  3. I have to Google the big words...I’m no PhD
  4. Sooooo, anybody know a good psychologist???
  5. Lol I feel like I caused it so I’m trying to bring peace to the fam
  6. This whole thread has gone haywire and the back and forth usually causes them to scold everyone and lock it down. I’m a lot to blame for the haywire thing so just trying to calm it down some.
  7. Guys come on. A mod is gonna have to step in. Let’s call it a draw here and move on.
  8. We’re not gonna accomplish anything here. I felt Friction was talking down to several of us. I came at him. He put himself in an awkward situation giving us his resume. I’m backing off. Corch, I wasn’t trying to offend but really look at how he was talking. Let’s just all take a breath. I’ve stoked the fires all day so I’m including myself in this calm down speech
  9. So I sense there is tension amongst the fan base?
  10. Ok, practically speaking. Could you make that big of a change in one week of practice? Could you basically say ok, we’re going 5 wides and hurry up with limited personnel changes to prevent uga from subbing on defense? Is it even plausible?
  11. Let’s stop before mods get involved.