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  1. Who Do You Want?

    Hmmm, well that would be good for us I guess.
  2. Bashing Gus

  3. Who Do You Want?

    Stoops ain't comin to Auburn... Gundy...maybe but he has it pretty darn good in Stillwater. Patterson- probably doesn't want to put up with the mess in Auburn Then you get into maybe a Venables or another up and comer type.
  4. Bashing Gus

  5. Bashing Gus

    In my experience poor play is a result of poor coaching...tell me how many times you have seen bama play "poorly" under saban?? Not many. Because his teams are prepared week in and week out. Our teams look like they missed an entire fall camp.
  6. Bashing Gus

    Well, I'm not giving Gus a ton of credit for changing the defense. He hired a new coordinator and it has worked out and my guess it has worked out largely because Gus has left Steele ALONE to run the defense...maybe that should tell him something about the OFFENSE. 2010 was quite successful but Cam made a lot of that work. There were times where basically all Gus had to do was call "Cam up the middle, or Cam left or Cam right" and things would work out fine. What I can't figure out is why Gus seems to have stopped adapting his offense to his personnel which we had seen him do before Cam and at other schools. Now he tries to adapt personnel to his scheme and that just doesn't always work.
  7. Bashing Gus

    Also has adjusted his defense when needed. Changed from big, slow defensive linemen to smaller but quicker ones who could rush the passer. Saban adapts to what is needed. Gus just stays Gus.
  8. Bashing Gus

    Ahhhh yes the good ol days...well you should all be enjoying the current situation then since we have returned to the Barfield years...
  9. Bashing Gus

    I see what you are saying. I'm not saying Gus should be fired during the season. We need the whole body of work. What I'm saying is he has lost the benefit of the doubt based on the last 3 years. I am hoping like all get out he turns this thing around and we end up in ATL and everyone can make me and all the other Gus bashers eat crow. It would be the best tasting crow I ever ate! But the old not sure if there is someone better argument is lame. Do companies keep regularly under performing employees just because they are afraid they can't find a better employee??? After five full years we will know what we have. And if we finish 8-4 or 7-5 and lose to UGA and UAT again that won't be good enough anymore...or at least it shouldn't be. Truth is we don't know if the next coach will be great or not but you know what, Clemson once took a shot on an unknown guy with no proven track record and look where they are now!
  10. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    I'm clearly on the Gus skeptic side but I do think we start to see some improvement this week. As much as I am frustrated with Gus I think we still have enough talent to be in a good spot come Amen Corner. So, let it begin at Mizzou!! AU 45 Mo 14
  11. The SEC

    This is the most baffling thing to me. People keep saying Gus's offense won't work without a true running QB but prior to Cam Gus took an offense and built it around Chris freaking Todd. Todd couldn't run to save his life but Gus built an effective offense around the guy. In fact, in 2009 if we had any defense at all that team would've surprised some folks as we nearly beat bama even with our bad defense. I can't figure out what Gus changed or didn't change in the last few years that has made him so stubborn and his play calling so predictable.
  12. Bashing Gus

    I'm not entitled, nor do I care about instant gratification. I'm from the "gee it would be nice to win 10 games and not be UGA's and UAT's bit$# every year" generation.
  13. Bashing Gus

    I can't understand why the Gus lovers think that those who are upset are only upset with how this season has started. Where have you been the last 3 years? We have seen no progress by the offense. You're defending him because we put up 500 yards on GA Southern and Mercer??? Whaaaaaaat????? Look at it this way, Gus is one miracle tipped pass (in yet another game where his taking the foot off the pedal nearly cost us) and one once in a lifetime special teams play(in a game where even the mighty Saban made some very questionable decisions that kept us in that game) from a 9, 8, 7, 8 win seasons with ZERO wins over Uga and UAt. Let that sink in.
  14. Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    I've tried to back off the proverbial cliff since Saturday and would like to enjoy an Auburn football season so I am looking at the Mizzou game as a start over and give it another chance game. I have done this several times over the last couple of years but as much as don't believe Gus is the guy long term I want to wake up excited for an Auburn game instead of dreading how bad things will be offensively. I know we can't prove anything against a dreadful Missouri defense but it will probably speak volumes if we struggle to score again. The thing that worries me most is some of the things I have heard opposing coaches and former players and "experts" say the last couple of years are not things that can just be changed overnight and are really inherent in Gus's system. Things like a too simple passing tree with receivers who don't know how to run proper routes. Look at our WRs in the NFL right now as an example. Thats not something you just change during practice if its part of your basic offense. I cling to 2010 and in 2013 about this time in the season no one would have bet a dime on Auburn being in the National Title Game and then look what happened. I have about a .0000000001 hope of something like that this year but with Auburn there is always that hope.