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  1. Well then I guess I should bow to your extensive college football knowledge of the "modern" era and ask who else has amassed a record like 101-18 with 4 nattys, 4 SEC titles and nearly a 5th natty in a 10 year span? And exactly what coach do you think is about to pull that off soon? I would love to hear your predictions for what programs and coaches are about to embark on that kind of run since this one is apparently more likely to be duplicated than my poor inferior knowledge of college football would allow me to recognize oh great and mighty one.
  2. Unless major injuries occur 10 should be expected. The schedule is tough but when isn't it in the SEC West?
  3. Well, that's one way to look at it.
  4. Eh, unfortunately I believe Shug was only like 6-19 against him and of course Barfield never beat him Dye was 1-1.
  5. My guess is not well. Savvy move by Nutt's lawyers to put this out today.
  6. Pretty damning stuff for Freeze. Not sure he survives much longer.
  7. Yep it is. I started with 83 since it was the first year without Bear.
  8. I wasn't removing the last ten years at all. I specifically stated all the numbers include everything from 83-present. I also wasn't trying to prove that the last ten years were not lopsided, they obviously are. I am specifically responding to some bammers who call our local radio show and act as if the last ten years are indicative of the entire history of the rivalry. More than once I reference the fact that bama has had two lopsided runs under two of the best coaches ever but even with all of that Auburn has competed at a higher level with them than most of the casual fans or media would realize. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that we should be doing everything we can to compete with them right now.
  9. Would not have expected Sean to lay down and quit. Fact is Sean has shown to be a very good QB when healthy but could we ever count on him staying healthy for a full season? Lets me blunt here too, Stidham was not brought in to be a backup QB. Gus needs to win now and thats why JS is here. I respect and admire Sean for his grit and competitive spirit but like most of you I would be shocked if he wins the job.
  10. Thanks for the feedback! Honestly I was trying to write it in a somewhat apologetic tone but I was also trying my best to let the numbers speak for themselves as much as possible. I will take your advice on the Home Fields comment....and neutral field my a@@.
  11. Agreed. It has been frustrating. I would say that there have been a handful of games where it seemed Auburn dominated everywhere but the scoreboard including '87, '89 and that '05 game you mentioned. One thing I guess we can give bama credit for is they don't seem to completely slip off a cliff even in their really bad seasons quite the way Auburn does. They beat really bad Auburn teams really bad.
  12. So this is nothing new to our lives as Auburn fans but recently it seems to have gotten louder and more arrogant than ever. There has been a theme on local sports radio lately where bama fans call in and remind Auburn fans how much better their program is and has been. The hyperbole will make you vomit. I've heard this stuff all of my life as an Auburn guy and most of the time I just blow it off. Recently though it did get me thinking about what the numbers look like since Bear left. Admittedly, Bear Bryant had his way with us for most of his tenure at bama so I thought lets look at where the rivalry has been in the last 34 years since his departure. Below are the numbers and some commentary by me. I plan on sending this to our local radio host to get his opinion (he is a bama grad). I would love to hear thoughts on this. Thanks. Addressing the “Auburn just can’t compete with Bama” myth. Since the end of the Bear Bryant era at Alabama in 1982, Auburn has competed at a very high level against its chief rival. In fact, prior the juggernaut of Nick Saban’s arrival in 2007 and his subsequent unprecedented run beginning in 2008, Auburn had the advantage in most every category. Even with the recent run of Saban dominance (who incidentally is 7-3 against Auburn), Auburn still compares very favorably to one of college football’s so called “bluebloods” in the last 34 years. The series is dead even at 17 to 17 which says a lot about Auburn’s ability to compete even with the Saban run. Consider the numbers below and form your own opinion… All numbers are since 1983, the first year without Bryant coaching at Bama… Total Wins UA 314 AU 282 – Difference of 32 wins. Do the math since 2008 when Saban hit his stride and it’s a difference of 39 wins to Bama meaning Auburn actually had a slight advantage before the current Saban run. National Titles UA 5 AU 1 – this one is of course one of Bama fan’s favorite arguments to point out in any conversation pertaining to these two teams. Consider that 3 of those 5 came in the last 6 years though and when Auburn won in 2010 there was only a 2-1 difference. Also consider how difficult it can be to win a national title under normal circumstances. What Bama is doing now with Saban is unprecedented and will likely not be duplicated by any school in the near future. While Auburn only has the one title, they have been very close on multiple occasions to others including ’83, ‘93, ‘04 and ’13. Bama has had some other close calls as well but it shows the difficulty in judging these things solely on national titles. Even blue bloods Ohio State, Michigan and USC only have a TOTAL of 5 between them in this time span. SEC Titles UA 8 AU 7 – again, until the Saban run this was in favor of the Tigers and even with the run by Saban its still only a margin of one title. Also consider that in this 34 year time span Florida would probably be considered the second most dominant program in the SEC and they are tied with Auburn at 7 SEC titles in that span. Unbeaten Seasons AU 3 UA 2 – Even if you want to take away the unbeaten ’93 season for Auburn due to probation its still a tie. Unbeaten seasons are extremely difficult in college football. Just ask Steve Spurrier. The Gators have exactly zero undefeated seasons during this time frame along with LSU. Tennessee has just one themselves. Wins head to head when both teams finish with 9 or more wins AU 8 UA 2- of all the numbers, this one stands out most. Over the last 34 years, when these two teams are both really good in the same season, Auburn has dominated the head to head matchups with both of Bama’s wins coming over 20 years ago. Let’s consider the series overall record which goes to Bama by 10 wins at 45-35 with one tie. To hear some Bama fans talk this series has been as lopsided as Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt (75-31 UT). Not even close to comparing. Take the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, the Wolverines own a 10 game series lead as well and that rivalry is frequently referred to as one of the most competitive in college football. Georgia has a 24 game lead on Georgia Tech for more comparisons sake. There is no question that with Saban’s run of success Bama has had two dominant runs against Auburn. Bear’s run in the 60’s and 70’s and now Saban’s. Even so, during this current run by Bama the Tigers have managed a national title, 2 SEC titles and nearly a second national title. Also consider that for much of the rivalry’s existence the Tigers had to play the Iron Bowl on one of Bama’s HOME FIELDS. The fact is that since Dye resurrected the Auburn program and put it on even ground in the 80’s Auburn has competed head to head with the Tide about as well as any rival could hope for. Alabama fans and media have done a fantastic job of building up a mythology around their program and making it seem as though the rivalry is very lopsided. The numbers just don’t bare it out. Both teams have had coaching issues over these 34 years so neither get to make excuses on that front. Nick Sabans don’t grow on trees and the likelihood of Auburn landing a comparable coach is slim but that goes for the rest of the SEC as well. The Alabama program is and should be very respected for all of its accomplishments. It has had the benefit of two of the greatest coaches to ever walk the sideline and that is to its credit. However, for a school that for so long had so much less resources available and to this day has some built in disadvantages, the Auburn Tigers have done just fine.
  13. Hicks Poor
  14. Coach Dye is right. No one can compete with bama's tradition...because a ton of it is pure mythology. Hard to compete with made up national titles and delusions of grandeur. bama has been lucky enough to have 2 of the best coaches in history. Where was bama from 81-91? Or 95-2007? Saban will leave at some point and they will come back to earth. Dye wasn't downing Auburn, I think he was just saying lets worry about Auburn first, take care of Auburn and quit comparing. When Auburn is really good they beat bama. When is the last time bama actually beat a really good Auburn team? 94 maybe? When AU is good the Iron Bowl takes care of itself.