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  1. This is obvious unfortunately. Anyone remember when we didn't substitute and went fast every down? Anyone remember how upset Gus used to get when the refs allowed the other team to substitute when they shouldn't have been able to? This seemed to be part of what made us successful. Now, we see 4 running backs on one drive, and the defense puts in guys who match our tendencies.
  2. UT 15 AU 9 We hold them to field goals, but we can't do any better on fewer successful drives.
  3. He does have more yards than all our receivers on the year
  4. i'm not the type to call for any coach's firing, but the last few gameplans haven't thrilled me. (still not calling for any firing)
  5. what happened to the awesome composure we had early in the year? 72 penalty yards against us so far??
  6. anyone else actually missing chris todd or brandon cox? wow
  7. I know coach is big on this... We didn't look like we expected to, or even believed we could, win this game after the half
  8. would have our worst punt coverage of the day now
  9. are we the most erratic offensive team in the country? with the highest paid oc?