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  1. AU '76

    Tuberville weighs in ...

    Version I heard was that he was at a restaurant with recruits, got the cincy call then left the recruits at the restaurant. Classy. Nothing but a hypocrite.
  2. AU '76

    Music City Bowl vs. Purdue

    Wait until game day to buy tickets outside the stadium. Much cheaper almost free.
  3. AU '76

    Tuberville weighs in ...

    Exactly Scribe. tupperware is just a bitter former failed coach who will take every opportunity to dis Auburn. Has been doing that since he "resigned" and we still gave him the 5million buyout. I do not have any respect for him or his vengeful comments. Wish that Bill Cameron would not have him on his 106.7 show.
  4. AU '76

    Bowl Game Projections [updated]

    Heard on the AU Basketball radio broadcast - update portion - today that the Gator Bowl was the one most mentioned as a destination.
  5. AU '76

    Bowl Game Projections [updated]

    Where are you hearing this. Has the Gator been eliminated by Auburn or by them ?
  6. AU '76

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    tupperware is a narcissist. Post jet gate his focus was duck hunting. Could care less about Auburn.
  7. AU '76

    SEC SEC SEC!!!

    Who cares - I don't root for any sec team except AU - every sec team and the league office was against us in 2010 with Cam. To hell with all of them !
  8. AU '76

    Auburn Defense sings Silent Night

    Has also been shared a lot on twitter - big exposure with a lot of compliments.
  9. AU '76

    Men vs. Uconn

    They are talking up AU playing ucf. I'm in the "I'm not excited about that game" mode.
  10. AU '76

    Men vs. Uconn

    Coach Pearl is The Best. Thankful that we have a Great Coach who has the personality to promote the program !
  11. AU '76

    Men vs. Uconn

    Well it was 25 last week. Can we hold onto 23 today.
  12. AU '76

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    Big leads seem to evaporate in every game ?
  13. AU '76

    College Football Fun Again

    I'll drink a Budweiser to that !
  14. AU '76

    Alabama at Mississippi State

    bammer always try to tackle high grabbing around the head. Always seems that they give that effort to hurt the ball carrier. That dirty plying has to be coached.
  15. AU '76


    He is actually very accurate and BC agrees with him most of the time.