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  1. Always remember - tupperware quit on his last team.
  2. will not happen with malzahn
  3. Red Wolf was a very good amber Anheuser Beer back in the 90's/early 2000's.
  4. That is a "Controlled Environment" radio show. No live questions!
  5. tupperware quit
  6. and he quit on Auburn.
  7. Last team
  8. Why do we hear post game wins - RL responsible ; post game lose - GM responsible. I'm tired of hearing excuses for RL.
  9. Just take a flask in to the Not So Cheap Seats -
  10. I do know they practiced in the snow today. Many Thanks. Both teams? I've come to believe that southerners on icy roads are better than television. Entertainment best enjoyed from a second-story window. Don't get amongst them. Southerners are entertaining to be sure. Having driven in winter weather in all parts of the country I can safely say they hold no corner on nutty behavior in snow. It's not the Souths nutty behavior - it's having the infrastructure ( plow trucks / salt trucks etc.... ) in place to handle the weather conditions. Lived in upstate NY - where they have both strategically placed to address heavy snow / ice conditions.
  11. Just asking - why do you spell Auburn - auburn. That is very disrespectful.
  12. It's all they got lol! Well at least they have a tradition a suppose. I'd like to see them win, even if their fans are annoying. Just makes our conference better which is important for the playoffs. Who cares about the conference - To hell with them since the ADs voted at Tenn swimmer MVP over Cam in 2010.
  13. love you to death, but you're an idiot. Stop posting till the A day game, then give us your insight. FANTASTIC PLUS!! That IS high praise coming from a4e. Must be getting his New Year's resolutions started early. I am sure I'm not alone in being thrilled! More miracles from the Plains... Tora settle down. You seen pleased
  14. Why keep Garner? wde You and your disdain for Garner is just like A4E's for JJ. Both are equally annoying and misguided WDE Nope. LOL, Keep on cheerleading and puffing the AU AD incense. If Rodney Garner were not an ex AU football player under Pat Dye and former coach prior to being hired by Gus/Jay Jacobs then you would not post this. wde How is any of what I said considered Cheerleading? A swing and a miss! None of your rambling has any bearing on the annoyance of you anti-Gardner postings. That is what I posted about, I said nothing about Gardner. It is Garner, not Gardner. You and War Tiger have a problem with the correct spelling with the names of our coaching staff. wde Please stop with the multi - quotes. Thanks for your insight in spelling
  15. From what you have read ?