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  1. good to hear that Gary Walker Jr. is playing. His Dad was a great Auburn and NFL D player
  2. J J Evans. Good Times was one of the best shows in the 70's along with Sanford & Son, Rockford etc..........JJ still travels and can occasionally be seen at local Comedy Clubs. Great actor. & comedian.
  3. What has this got to do with the price of tea ? I'm asking - what are the metrics - measured criteria. You're still making assumptions.
  4. OK - Natty Data is available otherwise you are lacking data and making assumptions.
  5. Auburn should be a "blue blood" since we are a top 13 program Nationally and one of the top 6 in the SEC. In no specific SEC order. Dual-Rig says we are not a National "blue blood" ? Guess he is personally bias ( bammer ) or that he is influenced by the non essential talking heads on sports radio. GWillVI you agreed Not National just a SEC "blue blood". ( solid AU in the "know" poster ) What are the Metrics that have to be met to be a National Blue Blood? Compare those to the SEC Metrics. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know.
  6. Ellitor - You are in the know - we can't use a limo but a helicopter is acceptable. What does the ncaa allow ?
  7. Version I heard was that he was at a restaurant with recruits, got the cincy call then left the recruits at the restaurant. Classy. Nothing but a hypocrite.
  8. Wait until game day to buy tickets outside the stadium. Much cheaper almost free.
  9. Exactly Scribe. tupperware is just a bitter former failed coach who will take every opportunity to dis Auburn. Has been doing that since he "resigned" and we still gave him the 5million buyout. I do not have any respect for him or his vengeful comments. Wish that Bill Cameron would not have him on his 106.7 show.
  10. Heard on the AU Basketball radio broadcast - update portion - today that the Gator Bowl was the one most mentioned as a destination.
  11. Where are you hearing this. Has the Gator been eliminated by Auburn or by them ?
  12. tupperware is a narcissist. Post jet gate his focus was duck hunting. Could care less about Auburn.
  13. Who cares - I don't root for any sec team except AU - every sec team and the league office was against us in 2010 with Cam. To hell with all of them !