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  1. Ha ha! Seems they shook it off. They couldn't do much at all with their first pitcher, though.
  2. They look shaky. Cal will be a tough team to beat hitting like this.
  3. Cal wins 6-2 Bring on ETSU!
  4. Anyone watching game 1? California and Notre Dame. Cal looks fast and aggressive on the bases.
  5. Looking at pics from the Softball Banquet last night, Whitney Jordan was in the group of "seniors" that got their jerseys. Cooper, Abbott, Waldrop, Fagan, Gipson and Jordan. I expected her to return. Maybe she decided if she didn't play now, she won't play next year? I think we'll miss her.
  6. I hope we get to play Florida for the Tourney Champ, but don't really want to face their Barnhill. She's just about unhitable right now. She made our hitters look silly earlier in the year.
  7. Cooper got drilled on that pitch. No where to go it was so far inside.
  8. Shocking. Unfortunately this will be the topic during the entire game tomorrow at Georgia. This has been a bad week for Auburn Softball.
  9. AU drops their game to LSWho, so we are paired up with UT Saturday at 11:00 UF and LSU will play Friday evening Bama down 1-0 to Mich in the 3rd
  10. And Tiffany Howard is 3rd team 2 years under Myers, 3 AA's both years (6 AA's, 4 different players) AU only had 5 prior
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