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  1. How do you explain the timeout listed in the official box score of both Alabama and Auburn?
  2. This is the box score from Go to play by play and 2nd quartet.
  3. According to the official box score( unless it is wrong) Ala was assessed a timeout with :01 left in the half. No one has mentioned it but it is in the official box score.
  4. I was at all three! The 89 game was on a different level than the other two. Nearly a feeling of euphoria before the game even started. I thought the Kick Six was the loudest on that play and the Sammie Coates Td but this game was loud all game! If that makes any sense. The best part to me is the crowd always seems to get to bama when the game is tight. I thought the false starts in the 4th quarter were a direct result of the crowd noise! It was a great day made even better by all the whining from their coach and fans!
  5. I love it and really love it because the bammers hate it!😂
  6. Thank you! Always enjoy your insight! I was at the game and it can’t be overstated how loud Jordan Hare was from start to finish! It really seemed to rattle Alabama. And I am like you- really looking forward to a bammerless playoff! Since I live in Birmingham also looking to 364 days of peace and quiet from the unwashed masses!😂
  7. I think we win on Saturday! I expect Derrick and Marlon to make their qb very uncomfortable. I am expecting a game similar to 2017. War Eagle!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all and War Eagle!!
  9. Probably my all time favorite game in Jordan Hare- it was electric from beginning to end. I still remember a collective silence right before kickoff as if we could hardly believe it. Getting this game in Jordan Hare is the best part of Coach Dye’s legacy. I still have chills thinking about it! It
  10. And I was at every one of those 25 games so I never like to lose to bammer! Most obnoxious fans ever!
  11. Absolutely unbelievable that an Auburn fan and I use that term loosely would pull for bammer over Auburn under any circumstances. I would hate for Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson and all of the players to know that there are fans with that mindset! Hopefully you will not be in my section Saturday. This is one alum that is hoping we are singing rammer jammer after the game!
  12. No matter which crew calls the game the reviews go to Bammerham so we are not getting a call against bama. Timely calls or no calls will be the order of the day. When they threw the late holding call on Shivers TD last year we knew how it was going to go down. As Marlon Davidson says we have to beat the refs too!
  13. I think we get the win primarily because their 2nd string qb hasn’t faced anything like our defense and the crowd at Jordan Hare in this rivalry game. This season has been frustrating but would love to knock the bammers out of the playoffs.