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  1. @bigbirdpraying for you and James especially in this Christmas season!
  2. Wishing Bo the best wherever he goes. I hate to see him go.
  3. It just seems like this team has taken a big step back. The total collapse in November and the coach appearing clueless on the sideline. I just feel like the stage is too big for him and he had no idea what SEC football would be like. I guess we will have to see how it plays out but it feels like we have gone from middle of the pack to bottom in one season. I hope I am wrong.
  4. Bobo out as OC according to Justin Hokanson
  5. This was on the drive before they took the timeouts I think. Obviously I know the play clock doesn’t run after a timeout. I was at the game so it was pretty chaotic. And we definitely helped them by throwing it with an injured qb.
  6. The glaring problem at the end of the game was snapping the ball with 18 seconds on the play clock twice! And throwing the ball when Finley obviously couldn’t push off and stopping the clock. Without this bama has about 40-45 seconds less at the end of the game. Would have made a big difference• I really feel for the players- they gave it there all.
  7. Watching this game, cannot believe we collapsed against state at home!
  8. Yes that was the game where the holding was so blatant and Muschamp got flagged after saying “ we just want a fair game” among other things. The help from the refs for bammer in the Iron Bowl goes all the way to the call on Gossom being out of bounds to take away our touchdown.
  9. Well if our head coach doesn’t show any emotion during the game on Saturday there is something seriously wrong with him. Generally when there is this much of a difference in the two teams Auburn will hang with them for a half- even did that during the Barfield years. Surely we can manage that. 14-7 at half and 42-7 final. This is the least excited I have ever been for the Iron Bowl but I will be there cheering them on. I know it was time to move on from Gus but we would at least have a chance in this game if he were still our coach. He had Saban’s number at Jordan Hare except for 2015.
  10. This is Barfield 2.0. How long do we have to keep him? He didn’t even argue that awful officiating call. He is in way over his head.
  11. Always the case when you play bammer. An average Auburn team should be able to bear bammer this year in Jordan Hare!
  12. I have been an Auburn fan a long time too! In my memory the only coach everyone was onboard with from the beginning was Coach Dye. Of course, we all know how that turned out!
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