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  1. Coach, your posts are my favorite. I always look forward to them each week. I hope you will continue and just ignore the tacky poster!
  2. Praying for James and the family🙏
  3. I have not liked Mullen since the Cam stuff and this remark coupled with refusing to apologize to Marlon after the video showed he was wrong shows what a classless person he is! Would love a rematch in Atlanta!
  4. I was at the game on Saturday night and the atmosphere was electric! I have been to many games at Jordan Hare and night games are the best! It was a great ovation for the basketball team! Loved the moment with Chuma and the coed! It was particularly fun since we had the game in hand so early. They played a lot of oldies over the loudspeaker and the crowd was singing along! A great night all around.
  5. I am so sorry. Praying for God’s comfort and strength for the family🙏
  6. The bus system in Houston has been suspended due to flooding. Hopefully we are flying into Austin.
  7. I wish I had kept a record of how many “ controversial” articles come out about Auburn the week before a big game if we are doing well. It is all part of the bammer media machine!
  8. I love that he wants our players to have high character as well as talent. When I went to the women’s football camp this summer he talked about how important the character aspect was to him because his players are representing Auburn. He genuinely cares about the players and they seem to know it. I thought the moment with Woody Barrett said a lot about his relationship with his players.
  9. We went in 2013. They have a parking garage which is pretty big just a couple of blocks from the stadium- $20. We got there early and had no problem. They have the tailgate guys so kind of the same setup as Auburn. We had some A&M friends already set up so didn’t take our own stuff. There are also some pretty cool bars a few blocks from the stadium. Be sure and see them marching into the stadium- pretty neat. Also the nicest fans I have been around in the SEC and I have been to all of the stadium except LSU and Mizzou. Nice before the game and after we beat them. They all say “howdy”! Have fun and bring home the victory! War Eagle!
  10. I still remember Will getting the penalties against bammer for the obviously biased officiating when he coached for us. He kept saying we just want a fair chance. Not going to happen as long as the head of officials graduated from bammer.
  11. How do you like YouTube tv? I am thinking about switching from Spectrum.
  12. Ditto the heat at the game! I was there and it was stifling hot! I thought the crowd and energy was great considering the heat! The tribute to Rod and Paula was very emotional and especially his children on the field! Hoping we are saving some plays for A&M! And I loved that the biggest cheer was for Jared Harper!
  13. This has been my argument for some time. I also get frustrated with Gus but we could have it so much worse. Tennessee being the best example. They have not even been competitive since Fulmer left. I do like that Gus runs a clean program and wants to have players with character. And no one can deny that our players never gave up on Saturday! For all of the good things Gus has done for the program I am hoping he will somehow continue to progress as a head coach. And lastly, I love our assistant coaches! War Eagle!
  14. I have all my shakers from the big games I have attended. Before the game look them over and decide what kind of mojo we might need. Miracle play- Ga 2013, furious comeback- 2010 cam back. Needless to say if we lose that shaker goes in the trash leaving the stadium! Good thing shakers are cheap😂