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  1. No requirements for anything Covid related. It does take a bit longer to get in the stadium with them scanning the digital tickets. I am going in earlier on Saturday
  2. I am not conceding anything! This is the type game where the crowd at Jordan Hare can make the difference if we don’t get behind by more than a score early! The longer we can keep it a close game the more the crowd becomes a factor! I will be there doing my part and the student section has been lights out this year even in the out of conference games. Jordan Hare will be rocking if we can keep it close early!
  3. I was at the game yesterday and didn’t hear- does anyone know why Demetrius Roberson didn’t play? Could have definitely used him at receiver
  4. Ever since Cam was snubbed in 2010 for the tennis player I could care less about the SEC. The only team I care about in the SEC is Auburn and yes we all have bama fatigue!
  5. My favorite is they are louder on 1st down than a crucial 3rd down in the Iron Bowl!😂 That statement has me laughing out loud!
  6. Just tried this today- if you have a tv provider that has SEC as a network you can get SEC+ without having to pay for ESPN+. Just sign into the ESPN app with your TV provider and you are all set!
  7. Well at least I can go back to pulling against the Patriots with Cam gone and a Bammer at quarterback!
  8. Great news- continuing to pray🙏
  9. Continuing to pray for Alita and the family🙏
  10. Praying for your sister in law🙏
  11. So sorry to hear- praying for you and your family🙏
  12. One of my all time favorites-wasn’t he #94? Prayers for his family🙏
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