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  1. The board has recommended Gogue as interim today.
  2. Softball America has confirmed that Taylon Snow is transferring. Is this unexpected?
  3. Dameyune Craig Cadillac Williams Aundray Bruce
  4. Wow!! This is unreal! 9-0 top of the 1st!
  5. Bryan Matthews just tweeted that Tanner Burns will start.
  6. I do not see how he could have fallen asleep driving in town at 6 pm. The interstate maybe. Something does not add up with this story...
  7. Heartbreaking. Praying for the family🙏
  8. Happy Easter to all!
  9. Actually I have been a little surprised that so many of the local sportscasters have been mainly positive about our run. Very refreshing! The funniest thing has been the bammers going back and forth about whether they are “pulling for us”😂
  10. I think I am making the trip down from Bham- would definitely be great to win and go to Toomers!