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  1. That was a great day- the bammers were giddy when they went up 24-0 but I felt pretty confident when we scored right before half! It was a great day in tuscalooser!
  2. Not going to concede until the clock strikes zero- hoping for something similar to the Tre Smith game- I went to that game and no one was predicting an AU victory until Tre ran wild-still remember their players complaining after the game that he was so small they couldn’t see him behind the line😂 hoping for Bo’s best game yet!!
  3. War Eagle!! Let’s get the win today!! I just hate it is not a capacity Jordan Hare( I would be there!) for the game- what perfect football weather!
  4. LSU- FLA now officially postponed until 12/12.
  5. Dan Mullen and saban - the biggest crybabies when they lose. Always an excuse- never just get beat by a better team!!
  6. Continuing to pray for the doctors to get on the same page with a reasonable treatment plan🙏
  7. What a handsome young man! So glad you posted to put a face to our prayers! Continuing to pray for James, family and wisdom for the doctors🙏
  8. So sorry for the loss of your mom. Praying for you and your family🙏
  9. Praying for Austin and family🙏 Praying for God’s miraculous intervention and healing
  10. Praying for James and for family🙏
  11. Praying for James🙏
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