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  1. Time for Finebaum

    I would never listen to finebaum- Saban's mouthpiece.
  2. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    Clemson just released a press release that, as of now, game time remains the same. May be fewer State Troopers working traffic.
  3. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Expecting to win! 24-21 with a long field goal from Carlson!
  4. Bammer fights with FSUers

    Typical bammers
  5. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    At the very least Jenkins knew and I am going to assume reported to JJ. I thing it was very wrong of Clint to expect the team to cover up the relationship with his son and the player. As an Auburn grad I am very disappointed in how this whole situation was handled.
  6. Good article on our new QB's history.

    The timing of the headline and some of the remarks in the article are typical of the bammer Does anyone think there would ever be a headline like this if this were bammer. Disgusting
  7. Clemson game- wear Navy?

    Going to the game. Planning on wearing navy not to be confused with that ugly purple!
  8. Four years later and I'm still mad

    The 1994 Iron bowl. Bammer was leading 21-0 at half. Auburn made a furious comeback and was driving for the tying/ winning touchdown late in the 4th quarter. It was 4th and 3 and no doubt in my mind we had the first down. The refs marked us short to secure another bammer victory. The play was right in front of me. Still makes me 😡
  9. We doused the field

    When you play uat officiating is always slanted in their favor especially if they are in the hunt. You just have to overcome them too sync this year we don't have the team to do that.
  10. The Ref Bowl

    I have been attending AU/uat games for years and the 30 yards in penalties was to be certain uat went to the SEC championship game. The game was still in question at the time and the refs made sure there would be no comeback. I was also at the game the year Bowden quit and AU clearly had the first down on what would have been the winning drive when the ref looked over at the first down marker and moved the ball back. There have been numerous plays just like this over the years. I know that officiating did not lose the game yesterday but I also know that with Steve Shaw head of officials uat will always get the benefit of the doubt on any calls. Muschamp didn't do anything different yesterday than Saban does every game and I have never seen him penalized. I just would like for it to be called the same for both teams.
  11. War Eagle everybody!

    War Eagle! Headed down this morning to cheer on my Tigers!! Always great to be an Auburn tiger!!
  12. We can beat Bammer

    I have been to every AU/Bama game since 1972( punt Bama, punt) and yes the better team usually wins but there have been upsets. One of my personal favorites was 2002 when we limped into Bryant Denny with our fourth string running back as the starter. Tre. Smith ran wild that day and we were definite underdogs. Upsets happen every week in college football and I will be there Saturday to cheer on Auburn!!!
  13. 12th Man--Auburn Style!

    Very well said! War Eagle! Hoping for good things today and a good push in November!
  14. Stripe the Stadium..well done

    I was there and was very impressed that the stadium was pretty full before kickoff and special props to the students! It didn't rival an Iron Bowl but from my seat in sec 2 it was pretty loud especially with the 11 kickoff. Also, sitting right behind the bench this was the most animation I have seen from the players on the sidelines this year. The stripes looked pretty cool I thought.
  15. Where are we as a program

    I agree with Iron Man 70. This team has a lot of heart and has kept fighting through adversity. We are just a few plays away from having a much better record, I feel like if the coaches can keep them fighting we will really have something to build on for next year.