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  1. Men vs. Charleston

    Me, too! I have said many times that being an Auburn fan has taken years off my life!
  2. SEC Postseason Honors

    This! After the tennis player got SEC player of the year over Cam I quit caring about the conference. This nonsense just reinforces how I feel about the rest of the SEC!
  3. If we share the title

    Game Day!!! Let’s do this! On the way to Auburn to cheer on the tigers!! War Eagle!
  4. If we share the title

    Being a long time Auburn fan I am sure that win or lose it will be in dramatic fashion late in the game!! I will be there to cheer them on- first game of the season for me!
  5. Me, too! I think they thought they could drown out Tiger Walk! Several of their fans were upset that we were “blocking the street.” They are, by far, the most obnoxious fans in the SEC and I have been to all the stadiums except Missouri.
  6. And that is why she should have been booed. Typical no class bammer. Bammer winning the nc has nothing to do with Auburn. It should never have been mentioned. I doubt she congratulated us on winning the Iron Bowl.
  7. Men vs. uat

    Did she seriously talk about the bama championship? I would have booed too if I had been there. Guess she forgot the reason she was bringing the trophy back- we beat them on the field!
  8. Men vs. uat

    Got to hang on!
  9. Top Ten Comebacks in Football History

    I witnessed the Cam-back in person! One of my all time favorites. The bammers were giddy at half time and most of them had on $cam Newton stickers. It was definitely a sweet victory!!! They were in shock.
  10. Please pray

    Praying for your mom 🙏
  11. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    I have always thought of it as everyone goes 70-80 in a 64 mph zone. The bammers go 90-95 with no thought of getting pulled over!
  12. Auburn women beat uat

    War Eagle! Always good to beat the bammers😜
  13. Bama vs Georgia

    I was just thinking that same thing. Don’t underestimate the REC
  14. Spuat or Thuga

    Just saw that. Pretty funny!
  15. Alabama or Georgia?

    Yes al should not be rewarded for being the 3rd best team in the SEC. The bammers are all saying saban lost to Auburn on purpose so he could rest his players. Hoping ga can beat them.