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  1. wde21

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    What a choke by Kirby! What was he thinking???
  2. wde21

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    If this is true it is the worst possible outcome for Auburn. For recruiting, morale everything! Who can fire Leath? He is a moron.
  3. wde21

    POSTGAME THREAD: AU 21 Bama 52

    Regardless of the problems we have with our team the officiating was awful. Didn’t see this one until now . The targeting on Stidham should never have been overturned. The rest of the SEC need to get together and insist on changes starting with the head of officials being a bammer. Bama was playing very dirty today and mostly got away with it. How did they not have a single hold?The bama bias is totally out of hand!
  4. wde21


    WDE!!! Beat the bammers!
  5. wde21

    What it will take to Beat Bama

    Outstanding special teams play as in a blocked punt and maybe a punt return. Turnovers by them. The odds are against us but stranger things have happened! Punt bama punt!
  6. wde21

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    Thanks for the replay! My first Auburn game as a freshman at Auburn! Still gives me chills. It was so surreal because the second blocked punt seemed like a replay. Same spot on the field, same great bounce! I am pretty certain we would not have been able to get it in on offense if David hadn’t run it in. Here’s to hoping for great special teams play on Saturday!
  7. wde21

    Would you rather?

    No contest especially if you live in this state! Beat the bammers!
  8. wde21

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    Yes this game is very rarely mentioned but our defense was SO good that once we took the lead we didn’t have to worry. Loving this walk down memory lane!
  9. wde21

    Bama Week! Beat Bama!!

    Beat bama!! You never know what might happen! I was there in 2002(? ) when we limped into tuscalooser with Tre Smith as our lone healthy tailback. He ran all over bama that day and Robert Johnson at tight end made some huge plays. The odds are against us but I will never concede this game until it is over! War Eagle and this week always reminds me that is is great to be an Auburn tiger!!
  10. wde21

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    My favorite would have to be 1982- Bo over the top. Everyone in the stadium knew what the play would be but they couldn’t stop him. Absolute pandemonium in the Auburn section after the play. My first time going on to the field after a victory. I still get chills of the replay of Coach Dye telling the players to “ Go out there and thank our people” So not only were we celebrating with our fans the players were out there also. After the goal posts came down we signed them. Not sure what happened to them. It was a great day- always is when you beat bama!
  11. This is a great story! Love how Auburn people reached out to her. This is SO Auburn!
  12. And the review is being conducted by Steve Shaw, bammer alum. What a joke!
  13. wde21

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    I have lived in this state my entire life and @Tigerbelle is exactly right on the cheating of bammer over the years. I know of countless examples. Today it is just more blatant.
  14. wde21

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    The rest of the league needs to get together and demand that something be done about the officiating. They are so blatant now it is ridiculous!