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  1. Always good to beat bama! Everything school!
  2. This is such a great idea to honor Pat- the epitome of an Auburn man!
  3. Did you see AU LSU on the commercial with Nick Marshall at QB?
  4. Living in bammerham I can guarantee it is never in the rear view for them if they beat us! I am going to enjoy this all year!
  5. The best part of that pick six was him running the length of their sideline right in front of their bench! Watch it in slow motion and look at the expression on saban’s face when he runs by him!
  6. He needs to be locked up before he kills another innocent person. Obviously his parents don’t seem to care. How does he even have access to a vehicle?
  7. Congrats to Bo! Well deserved! I predict this is just the first of several awards he wins during his career at Auburn.
  8. How do you explain the timeout listed in the official box score of both Alabama and Auburn?
  9. This is the box score from Go to play by play and 2nd quartet.
  10. According to the official box score( unless it is wrong) Ala was assessed a timeout with :01 left in the half. No one has mentioned it but it is in the official box score.
  11. I was at all three! The 89 game was on a different level than the other two. Nearly a feeling of euphoria before the game even started. I thought the Kick Six was the loudest on that play and the Sammie Coates Td but this game was loud all game! If that makes any sense. The best part to me is the crowd always seems to get to bama when the game is tight. I thought the false starts in the 4th quarter were a direct result of the crowd noise! It was a great day made even better by all the whining from their coach and fans!