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  1. Continuing to pray for the doctors to get on the same page with a reasonable treatment plan🙏
  2. What a handsome young man! So glad you posted to put a face to our prayers! Continuing to pray for James, family and wisdom for the doctors🙏
  3. So sorry for the loss of your mom. Praying for you and your family🙏
  4. Praying for Austin and family🙏 Praying for God’s miraculous intervention and healing
  5. Praying for James and for family🙏
  6. Praying for James🙏
  7. Continued prayers for healing and His peace and comfort during treatment.🙏 Our God is an awesome God!
  8. Praying for you mom @ellitor🙏
  9. Praying for your son @bigbird🙏
  10. According to Auburn rivals three of our players have tested positive. All asymptomatic.
  11. In 2010 my friend and I were walking from our car toward campus when we happened upon Coach Dye at Tiger Suites. He was there to sign his children’s book. A college student was setting up the table and Coach Dye was just sitting in a chair by himself. We went over and started talking to him about the games in the 80’s when he coached. We reminisced for about 20 minutes just like old friends. He was so nice and down to earth. Glad I have that personal memory of him!
  12. Heartbroken😢 He was the heart and soul of Auburn. What a sad day for our university.
  13. McCarron was in a hurry to get over to Katherine Webb so they could be interviewed after the game. Didn’t quite work out as planned😂
  14. Excited to go back and read this thread again! I still get chills every time I see the play with Rod’s call of “There goes Davis!” It was probably the most surreal play I have ever seen and I was at Legion Field for the punt bama punt game. My daughter and I were sitting in the end zone and Chris was running right towards us. When he crossed the 50 we knew he was going to score! That play will never get old! The last time I had been on the field after a game was Bo over the top. We started down as soon as he crossed the goal line. We went downtown afterwards and all of the replays on Sport
  15. I loved Stacy Danley- nothing flashy. He was such a tough runner late in the game!
  16. Praying for Coach Dye- my all time favorite Auburn coach🙏 I saw him in the 2010 season getting ready to sign some books before a game. My friend and I sat there with him for 15-20 minutes just talking about games while he was coaching. He was so down to earth.
  17. Praying for your mom and your family and upcoming decisions🙏 God is faithful.
  18. I was there and to me the most unbelievable play was the pass to Trey Gainous to keep the drive alive. It was so out of character for Auburn to pass on 4th and that distance. Still an amazing play to me.
  19. Prayers for you Nathan and your family🙏 Our God is an awesome God!
  20. I was at the game and definitely thought it was a first down by forward progress at the time. Remember being really mad that it seemed like it was spotted incorrectly. Never thought about whether it was a catch
  21. He is the biggest crybaby! Guess he couldn’t get the rule changed that he could play with 12 players if the punter lined up at X! War Eagle- makes the victory that much sweeter! And I love that Gus tweeted about it- really got the bammers up in arms!
  22. I was there and there really wasn’t anywhere to go around Legion Field. The announcers asked the cheerleaders to turn off their mics and the bands went under the stands. The fans, for the most part, stayed put and got drenched. I can still remember looking up and seeing the light posts swaying. I don’t think they ever thought about stopping the game. I was just glad we were ahead when the weather hit!
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