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  1. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Glad to see the O improving!
  2. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    I know drops at wr happen. What was troubling were the guys dropping the ball were playing the very next series. This coaching staff has to put the foot down.....
  3. Good the bad and the ugly

    The feel of the season is familiar. Unfortunately, 2008 seems to be happening again on almost every front. Weird
  4. Good the bad and the ugly

    Good - defense, tackling. Good, not great. On O I'm glad chip decided to do things that we are not good at, that showed he understands where we need to improve. bad - why did our o line fail to blow mercer d-line off the ball? Pettway looks a little slow......why not sub for him? Some of our o plays left me scratching my head but not like last week. Ugly - our receivers. Awful. How do they fumble so much. One thing that scares me, overall our offense looks sloppy, lazy, slow, and unfocused. This falls on the o coaches, I think Gus may have picked poorly and it could cost him his job this year
  5. Rate your disdain

    It's funny how much faster everything goes by after you have kids running around. I'm starting to understand the reference "moment"
  6. Rate your disdain

    I've been following Auburn football since Fullwood played. I recall bad seasons, disappointments, setbacks........but I don't recall this many fans just being disgusted and pissed. I would be tickled if the O coaching improved little by little every week. But I just don't think Gus will allow that.
  7. Rate your disdain

    I think that puts you at a 1 star:-)
  8. Rate your disdain

    For Gus this week........ 1 star - I really can't get excited about our next game until at least thur 2 star - I'm probably going to watch other SEC matchups over our game w/ mercer. Def not going to the game 3 star - I don't even care about the score Saturday because it has no bearing on his performance against SEC competition 4 star - I'll check back in dec on recruiting status im probably wavering between a 2 and a 3 this week
  9. AU vs. Mercer - Weekly Presser

    Dumbest response I've ever seen to a 111 yard performance. Maybe in reality it's "we're putting chip upstairs away from me so I can't interfere w/ his work. If we remove me from the possibility of making game time decisions, chip has a chance"
  10. AU vs. Mercer - Weekly Presser

    Don't care - he's a pathological liar and a terrible head coach. I don't believe anything he says and may not watch the mercer game because I'm so done w/ him as our coach
  11. AU vs. Mercer - Weekly Presser

    No thanks - don't want to hear anything he has to say
  12. Gus vs Power 5 w/ winning records

    When do we storm the athletic complex to demand change?
  13. Is this the norm for this board?
  14. Next day...still just as angry

    It wouldn't be so frustrating if Gus was trying to shake things up and alter his approach. He's bringing in guys that do the same thing and we're astonished at the similar results. to be a great coach, you have to be able to adapt. Gus has failed at this, now it looks like this might be his last hc job at a major university. Unfortunately, this fits our recent coaching change cycle...
  15. Jacobs Hired Another Search Firm

    This actually comforts me to a degree