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  1. Prayers for your strength as you face this trial
  2. Prayers for this young man and his family
  3. That’s a shame, really liked his posts.
  4. Sounds like he read our OL threads:-)
  5. I think it’s because the fan base has lost faith in him. He could recruit 5 500lb linemen and we’d know everyone is going to know what play we’re running.
  6. Will be hard to keep the fan base from turning after the first loss resulting from Gus meddling. Either way, the season should be fun to watch
  7. Full control of the offense.......for 2 of the games this fall, to be pre-selected by Gus. Subject to immediate change if conditions below are not adhered too 75% of 1st down plays are to be a run into the A gap, all passes must be bubble screens or seams, and min of 3 whirl birds.
  8. This was prob negotiated in chad’s hiring. Will be interesting to see if chad gets to hire “his guy”
  9. I think number 5 could have the most immediate impact. But it depends on Gus, if he can’t leave the offense alone........the program’s future will become very clear very soon. not sure I agree with number 1, they looked stronger because they knew where to attack. On both sides of the ball. I might be able to block a linebacker if he’s old and slow like me, but if 3 show up......
  10. If you want to see the future, look at our OL. You can’t develop guys that aren’t there. We’re struggling to recruit them now, wait to see what recruiting will look like after a couple of years with further degradation of blocking.
  11. We’re still landing great recruits so eventually a real coach will step in and look like a genius
  12. We’ll be lucky to lose 4 next year. Did anyone see the defense when DB or MD were out? This game should have taught Gus to never touch an offensive game plan again. We pay $7M a year for a guy that adds no value to the sideline.