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  1. musicitytiger


    Thanks for the uplifting post y’all, war eagle
  2. musicitytiger

    Malik Willis highlights

    I had a nightmare that it was halftime and we were losing to ole miss 13-4, and Gus still refused to put Willis in. Gus has traumatized me
  3. musicitytiger

    Gus is like

    It’s funny with all of the reliability data out there, people still fall for buying a dodge.
  4. musicitytiger

    i got a problem

    I’m grateful I was blessed with the opportunity to complete my studies at auburn. I’m grateful for the community. Not bashing Gus, just saying he’s killed all of the enjoyment of watching the team this year. We hired him to run a high octane offense, gave him a raise, and now he’s taken away everything he was hired to do. i love auburn, but have absolutely no use for Gus.
  5. musicitytiger

    i got a problem

    Gus has killed my enjoyment of every single game this season. He’s withholding what he was hired to do, knowingly. I’ve got nothing but disdain for the dude
  6. musicitytiger

    Gus is like

    The supermodel newlywed that steals your heart and everything starts fast and furious. fast forward a few years, the only thing she does fast is head to Golden Corral. Sits at home ordering stuff from shopping networks, while promising daily to find a job to help chip in.
  7. musicitytiger

    An unconventional solution

    You might be right, Hard to tell when all I see is televised. Having said that, it really just matters if the players trust him. Not sure if he’s completely lost them but I’m seeing some damn terrible signs of it.
  8. musicitytiger

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    You’re embracing the darkness, and it’s beautiful:-) thanks for this, it will allow me to enjoy it for the remainder of his tenure.
  9. musicitytiger

    Has a QB ever regressed as bad as Stidham

    I think our bad OL play is compounded by the fact that everyone knows what we’re running based on alignment.
  10. musicitytiger

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    This is the 101 stuff that drives the fan base nuts. It’s great to walk to your own tune, but when you continuously walk into oncoming traffic it’s not fun to watch
  11. musicitytiger

    An unconventional solution

    I think he probably sees the damage done to the Gus bus. I can’t think of many other solutions that would allow him to maintain his brand of football without further damaging the program.
  12. musicitytiger

    An unconventional solution

    Considering the steep investment in Gus, there may be a need to search out some unconventional solutions. if you put yourself in his shoes, he wasn’t really blessed with many stable examples of a head coach to serve under as OC. In fact, all he experienced was stability. What about bringing in a retired head coach to act as a head coach assistant/mentor? Give Gus a period to step back, run the offense, and get some mentoring/assistance on head coach duties. It could buy the program some possible improvement during his time and allow him some aid in his career growth.
  13. musicitytiger

    No watching again until 2020

    I might not watch the next one, my time is too valuable to consistent underachieving
  14. musicitytiger

    It’s no longer about x’s and o’s

    Agree to disagree. While there are kids that are still playing hard, the team is getting worse every week. remember, in 2012 there were kids playing hard too. Wallace and mason come to mind.
  15. musicitytiger

    It’s no longer about x’s and o’s

    Recruiting is consistently better than it’s ever been, but it looks like his norm is to underperform with his talent. Last year the fans saw it, now it looks like the players see it too.