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  1. Hard to get fired up, might be some others that feel the same way. Personally, we could recruit cam to come here again, and I still couldn’t get pumped because I never know which Gus we’re going to have show up
  2. That’s great for him, but I’m interested in the effort only. Want our players playing like savages, like in the bowl, bloodthirsty
  3. No doubt he’s inconsistent as hell. But this thread was just pointing out that he bounced back nicely in the bowl.
  4. Well, we had a solid page or so related to the topic. Carry on....
  5. I don’t get why people get down on Ashley, I keep hearing about medical stuff and if that’s the case......maybe he’s doing all he can to sniff the lineup
  6. Now he just needs to let Malik fly
  7. Doesn’t affect my outlook on next season at all. Just glad to see this team accepting ruthlessness, and executing beautifully. Think some therapy is taking place out there today?
  8. Dunno, but he’s got the boys drinking blood. We are the 80’s Miami of the sec, wear it
  9. I give him a hard time when things go south. I should be the first to admit when he’s thriving. Good for him we are the bad boys of the sec, it’s beautiful watching gus embrace it
  10. I love it here too - but wouldn’t mind if the hordes ceased their migration here:-)
  11. Don’t get me wrong, Gus leaves me scratching my head on the regular. Just never seen so much of the fan base turned. Weird
  12. Just before the season starts, dyou think this board will still be this negative? Can’t say I’ve ever seen it this bad
  13. I think the problem is all of the other sec schools have been waiting for the NCAA fairy to deliver justice. Fact is, the evidence that’s been presented didn’t matter because the NCAA fairy doesn’t exist.
  14. Cfb is becoming such a big $ generator though, I think at some point the conversation will shift from.....the need for the NCAA to do their job to legal action due to lost revenue for other schools