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  1. musicitytiger

    Auburn moving forward

    Stat - have you noticed that many of the poor performances by the offense have occurred against teams that are reading AU’s “tells”? It was so obvious this season I had to turn two games off. (Playing for a number of years seems to have dulled my patience)
  2. musicitytiger

    One burning question.......

    That’s what I’m afraid of.....
  3. Will “fire herb hand” threads be as prevalent as the “fire JJ” threads were?
  4. musicitytiger

    One burning question.......

    Well stated
  5. musicitytiger

    One burning question.......

    Like everyone else, I was frustrated with the last two games. However, I may be able to look at it a little more objectively because once I recognized something..........I turned both games off. (Secc in the 3rd quarter and bowl game at halftime) Not only did both opponents know when we were running the ball, but in many cases they knew what gap to hit. In the Secc game, there were examples of 3 uga defenders hitting the hole before the play developed. On the surface, it’s easy to blame the Oline, but if you’ve ever tried to block someone that knows where you’re’s a whole different task. To me.........there’s only one offseason question. Is Auburn prepared to invest into a more effective strategy of studying our own schemes and tendencies? It cost us a National championship this year.........will we adapt?
  6. musicitytiger

    Gus in final seven for Coach of the Year He’s done a great job recruiting and in some ways has grown as a coach. But you don’t suffocate your offense like the Clemson game, go Uber tubershell in the lsu game, and refuse to adjust to a 4-3/5-2 defense in the secc...........and win coach of the year. He needs to grasp the 101 stuff before hardware is handed over.
  7. In all honesty, it may have taken this kind of frustration from the fanbase for Gus to realize there was a problem. Lord knows........I was a contributor in this thread.
  8. musicitytiger

    Play signaling

    Since we’ve already witnessed one of saban’s Ingredients for success (reading other team’s play calling). NOTE: 2010 iron bowl 1st half and the ridiculous asst recruiting coach w/ binoculars against ole miss......... do you think Gus will have a sound strategy for preventing UA from reading our play calling?
  9. musicitytiger

    UGA Ticket Curiousity

    Ok - I’ll bite. Anyone selling your tickets, I’m not mad at you. You pay a premium to support this university and it’s your prerogative. Thank you for financially supporting my Almas mater. i hope we’ll see some changes in coaching tendency thru the rest of November. But many of us knew the team would continue to win after the lsu loss, up til the uga game. It’s not a “are you a true fan” issue, it’s a “I’ve watched this for 5 years now, I know what’s going to happen.” We have unbelievable talent on the plains, but the coaching decisions in games against teams with equivalent talent are unbelievable. Lsu this season, uga last season, Clemson both seasons..........completely absurd decisions that confound even a peewee coach. i hope we win, or at least battle to the last second. But I’ve seen this before. Who knows? Maybe w/ the JJ drama wrapping up, Gus will see some light..........but probably not
  10. musicitytiger

    Time to earn your pay Gus

    I saw some things today that would help against UGA, like a slant or two, great fullback blocking, and some more traditional play concepts. things I saw today that won’t help........silly 4th and 1 shenanigans in the first half, our tackling is regressing......toward 2013 bad, some of the 1st down runs up the middle were free zero yard plays for the D.
  11. musicitytiger

    next Head Coach

    Kind of one of those deals where you have to at least make him tell you “no”
  12. musicitytiger

    So....What Did YOU Do on BYE SATURDAY?

    Haha - hopefully he remembers me as the supporter and not the tormentor:-) we live in Murfreesboro now. Do you miss it? Having lived in both states it would be tough to go back to AL, unless it was ft. Morgan. It would be hard to go back to paying state income tax
  13. musicitytiger

    So....What Did YOU Do on BYE SATURDAY?

    Unfortunately he didn’t bring one down but he learned about resiliency today. 37 degrees, he was fighting a cold (didn’t know til later), hiked a 1400ft hill, and had a nasty spill. I hope he still wants to hunt after today.
  14. musicitytiger

    So....What Did YOU Do on BYE SATURDAY?

    Took my son hunting, still trying for his first deer
  15. musicitytiger

    Lost Spirit for AU

    I mentioned this in another thread and was blasted. I understand how you feel, it’s hard to get excited for something you know is coming.........and it’s frustrating as hell to watch.