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  1. I can be a wet blanket when it comes to Gus. Having said that, he hit this hire out of the park. If Gus can get out of chad’s way, we are about to play some big boy ball.
  2. Don’t worry, when our d line is no longer a competitive advantage next year, they’ll go back to calling holding. Can you tell I’m done with this conference?
  3. Meh - i’d pull for him if he rode til the end of the season. If bo went down with an injury we could have been screwed
  4. I don’t know if I could be strong enough to be on the forum with a kid on the team. I don’t do a good enough job keeping poppa bear in check when it comes to my lil ones. Having said that, I hope you and your son get to savor his moment and he gets many more to come.
  5. Thankful that God blessed your family with his healing. That bill is broken
  6. Good healthy approach. When I see Gus doing Gus things, I just put on some camo and hit the woods. Good luck with the next year, we’ll try not to rile you up:-)
  7. About the you think refs are no longer going to call it? Or does the sec just need to cut this crew and bring in new blood?
  8. Folks are going to remember that for some time. You’re not the only one proud of him today!!!!
  9. Gus? That setup for the illegal substitution was just so.........Gus-like? Loved watching Saban melt....
  10. That’s big boy football right there!! Took his dadgum helmet off....
  11. Is Steele blind? Or just watching in horror?