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  1. By the way the defense fell apart, I’m wondering if this game is when Gus lost the team
  2. Turning this ish off. Since our school has made a commitment to mediocrity, I suspect others will tune out too. Good luck getting folks to tune in for any of the remaining games....
  3. Our defense plays with no heart. They threw the towel in for the season in this game
  4. I expected the refs to allow bama to hold but I guess pass interference is allowed now too? SEC corruption has soured me on Fball, so much so I have no idea what time AU plays most weeks.
  5. Coming in, I thought if we could keep it within 21 it would be a good effort. Not on track for that and our defense is embarrassing
  6. Tank has heart - I hope his teammates get inspired. Run blocking isn’t bad
  7. Prior to seeing the spread - was thinking if we could stay within 3 td’s it would be a well played game
  8. I think we’re starting to settle in, but damnit if it doesn’t seem like gus is coaching to keep Ut in this
  9. So does Pruitt know our play calls again? Or are we just not very good at football?
  10. You know what’s funny? The first time this season we looked prepared and organized, was the first time I wanted to watch a post game presser. Weird.....
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