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  1. We are now in the 10 days of darkness, buckle up
  2. Bo regressed this season. 99% of the team did
  3. Over the past few years, I’ve missed a game here and there from hunting. This season, I’ve missed half the games. Sometimes I don’t even remember when we’re playing. Because of this team’s lack of care and horrendous coaching, I almost ignored today’s game. I hope Harsin can bring some life back and folks enjoy watching again. At least for the bad alumni like me😁
  4. As soon as I start to feel empathy, I think about...... - watching teams crash 3 defenders at a gap because they already know - hoping that we’ll get a blue chip OL every year, but never finding them under the tree - 5 qb’s in one game - 2 possible routes per receiver and I think.......things are going to be ok
  5. But honestly, this is what we do. Auburn is great at screwing up things that are important to us. It’s in our dna. Part of our allure. Take one of Chan Park’s classes and try to tell me we have things together as a University 😂😂😂
  6. If it goes past this weekend, are we essentially writing off this year’s recruiting class? Sure would be nice to get some o linemen
  7. Yes - thank you for the good times and good luck in your next assignment.
  8. It’s less painful if you just step away. I didn’t watch a second of the game today. Today I hunted and looked for farmland with family. Had a nice lunch out. Magnificent day up here in TN. I’ve already accepted that our football program is dying and it will take a few more years of decline for our school to act. is what it is
  9. By the way the defense fell apart, I’m wondering if this game is when Gus lost the team
  10. Turning this ish off. Since our school has made a commitment to mediocrity, I suspect others will tune out too. Good luck getting folks to tune in for any of the remaining games....
  11. Our defense plays with no heart. They threw the towel in for the season in this game
  12. I expected the refs to allow bama to hold but I guess pass interference is allowed now too? SEC corruption has soured me on Fball, so much so I have no idea what time AU plays most weeks.
  13. Coming in, I thought if we could keep it within 21 it would be a good effort. Not on track for that and our defense is embarrassing
  14. Tank has heart - I hope his teammates get inspired. Run blocking isn’t bad
  15. Prior to seeing the spread - was thinking if we could stay within 3 td’s it would be a well played game
  16. I think we’re starting to settle in, but damnit if it doesn’t seem like gus is coaching to keep Ut in this
  17. So does Pruitt know our play calls again? Or are we just not very good at football?
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