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  1. Tntigers

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Well I didn’t ask this to be hidden away in another thread, that’s why I started one. I’m done with this site. You people are always so negative and have overbearing fascism tendencies.
  2. Tntigers

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Brandon Wimbush No topic yet?
  3. Tntigers

    Chip Lindsey

    Freeze+K. Bryant=10+ wins
  4. Tntigers

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Meh...5 more by GA...or essentially a’s nighty nite
  5. Tntigers

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    If GA goes 25+, we loose. Under 25, we win.
  6. Tntigers

    Georgia at Kentucky

    Kentucky at least is beating up the O-Line
  7. Tntigers

    Song title that sums up season

    Johnny Cash covering Hurt
  8. Tntigers

    Staff Changes

    Ole Miss will have a field day without Metcalf this week.
  9. Tntigers

    What if Gus resigned?

    I’m an Auburn fan, but Auburn has look at itself in the mirror on this one. Plenty of stupid PTBs to blame this circus on this time.
  10. Tntigers

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Bench not evade the profanity filters
  11. Tntigers

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Get ready, we will be down by 10 athalf
  12. Tntigers

    Auburn vs. Tennessee Score Prediction

    It’s already broke.