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  1. Consider it a donation of “my time” to make you aware. See it worked!
  2. No, just observing people like you keyboard boy
  3. Think about the time you can’t get back by reading this thread and responding to what a 19-22 year old kid is going to do or not do. It will be what it will be, no matter how hard you wish. Now, if you are the ones ponying up the money to buy into this s*** show, and you don’t mind wasting good money, then have at it.
  4. Ah man, these keyboard warriors being critical of 18-21 year olds can take a lot of credit for pushing a legacy kid into transferring. JABA at its best.
  5. Damn, I didn’t know they grew them that big in France!😳. Putain in c'est énorme !
  6. Where did they grade out for the year?
  7. That’s all this board is for the most part…except you forgot hypocritical….SMDH.
  8. Well I didn’t ask this to be hidden away in another thread, that’s why I started one. I’m done with this site. You people are always so negative and have overbearing fascism tendencies.
  9. Meh...5 more by GA...or essentially a TD...it’s nighty nite
  10. If GA goes 25+, we loose. Under 25, we win.
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