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  1. WarAJEagle

    Music and Miracles Tickets

    I have two tickets to the concert that I need to get rid of, we had something come up. Floor Seats, Section l, Row 7, Seats 1-2. Face value was $119 each, will let them go for $200.
  2. WarAJEagle

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    I wonder if Brandon Harris wishes he would've come to Auburn. To those wanting to kick Gus to the curb: Who out there is available that would really come to Auburn? (Realistically). Jay Jacobs hiring another football coach would be a disaster.
  3. I'd hurt to burn a redshirt, but any chance we see Woody Barrett? I thought it would take something going very wrong for him to play this year, and here we are.
  4. WarAJEagle

    Sean White

    He needs to put his transfer papers in today. I feel for the kid.
  5. WarAJEagle

    If not Gus then whom?

    Maybe we should throw money at Dabo and hire a Bammer. Hey, it worked in the past.
  6. WarAJEagle

    Malzahn's Post Game Presser - Texas A&M

    "We're just tickled to death about the effort from our guys."
  7. WarAJEagle


    It's been that way for ages. My fraternity had block seating, and I stayed for most games (I graduated in 2014). However, I will admit I walked out many times during the 3-9 year. Plus, a late game with a lot of day drinking...... you know how that goes.
  8. WarAJEagle

    Clemson Review on WarBlogle

    In because I think WarBlogle is a sunshine pumping moron, with no life outside of Auburn Athletics. I might have also got into a twitter spat with him once..... or a few times.
  9. WarAJEagle

    Gus's future

    If anyone things Malzhan is going to can Lashlee, they are seriously mistaken. Did you not observe the Craig/Lashlee antics?
  10. Nah, Gus gets his play calling from an old copy of NCAA 2012 on Xbox 360 and just sets it on Rookie mode to prove the sweep to the short side of the field works EVERY TIME. He doesn't need to read the board.
  11. WarAJEagle

    Auburn vs Arkansas State

    Don't give Gus any ideas.
  12. You're right, I probably shouldn't call him out. That's a low blow. The entire OL was a disgrace. For the particular Tackle I previously mentioned: All we heard during fall camp was "Lawson is the best in the country and going against him in practice is tougher than any matchup he'll face." Clemson's DE's are not half the player CL is.
  13. WarAJEagle

    TJ Neal

    If you think he's mad, can you imagine what was coming out of JF3's mouth on the sidelines? I mean, we wall watched "Last Chance U"
  14. Our OL is about as tough as a piece of single ply toilet paper. Robert Leff (the same guy who has been talked up all season) got beat on literally every play.
  15. WarAJEagle

    Bernie's tax rate

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but.....