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  1. touchdownAU

    Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    We need to develop and have 3 ready to go at all that means for a few reasons: 1: It will keep them healthy all year 2: bama and uga will show that you can rotate 2-3 backs and they still all get drafted high so using 1 back only will be used against us in recruiting. 3: If one does get hurt we have 2 more ready to step right in without missing a beat.
  2. touchdownAU

    Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    31-14 Auburn
  3. touchdownAU

    Chip's O

    Our rushing numbers are going to go way down. He has averaged less than 40 carries per game at his previous OC jobs. So Even if we average the same amount of yards per carry as last year we will still only be at 220 yards per game. Our Oline has to get better, but don't be surprised when our numbers aren't as they once were. This is not meant to be a knock on the offense, just an observation.
  4. touchdownAU

    Commit\Target tracker

    The Quay Walker prediction was interesting!
  5. touchdownAU

    Wildcat QB

    Maybe this week we give it to the motion man?
  6. touchdownAU

    Execution on Offense

    Great points! I tend to agree. Yea think we are some passes to the backs and other plays we haven't seen Saturday night.
  7. touchdownAU

    Execution on Offense

    I was at the game Saturday and told somebody that even though we had 500+ yards and 41 points we looked sloppy at times on offense. I didn't think we executed very well. We only ran 7 different plays. Is it possible it's been a while since we repped these plays? Once Gus or Chip saw Ga Southern could do nothing on O we decided not to show anything? Mods feel free to move this if it's already been discussed.
  8. touchdownAU

    Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    I'm feeling good about it. 34-21 Auburn!
  9. touchdownAU

    open it up or go vanilla

    I went back and read an article on Stidham's Aday. He was 16-20 for 267. I'm hoping for a game like that. He will get some timing down with his WRs, and we won't show too much.
  10. touchdownAU

    What would you do?

    I'm bored and interested to see what y'all say. You get to call the first 10 offensive plays of the game vs LSU. Who is starting and what plays are you calling?
  11. touchdownAU

    Auburn Football Review: Clemson

    A bad choice of words in the post game speech. Instead of saying "if that's the number 2 team we will be okay" say "let's do what we need to do so we can get another chance at them this year" I'm not trying to be nit picky, but the quote sounds like they weren't confident going into the game.
  12. touchdownAU

    Sean White named starting QB (PART 3)

    I think he if we just start White and have jf3 as the wildcat we could have a decent offense.
  13. touchdownAU

    Mike Gundy

    No I'm not saying go get him, but Gus can learn a lot from him. I read a few years ago he relinquished play calling duties, and they have been pretty solid ever since. I'm sure he still has a lot of influence on Offense Sunday-Friday, but doesn't call plays. Do you think that might help?
  14. touchdownAU

    New Auburn Baseball Coach Candidates

    I know I said it earlier, but if you want a big name you have to go after Jack Legget. He did an outstanding job at Clemson. He had like 2 bad years and they let him go. He is available.