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  1. Only 2 President have been impeached Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. I don't think impeachment or the 25th happen.
  2. Just enforcing the laws of the country is more than we have had in the past.
  3. Give Russia a reset red button and that is good for four year.
  4. Thanks need a good laugh this afternoon
  5. Fox News is fair and balanced with Smith and Hannity.
  6. I think it was the video post on the internet that caused Flynn downfall.
  7. President Trump acted in a quick and decisive matter when he lost trust in Flynn. Who will be next? Anyone who lies to the President or the Vice President.
  8. Only one person indicted under Logan Act in 1803 not convicted. Flynn will not be charged.
  9. Who was the last person convicted of this law?
  10. Good Pres. Trump can use the surplus to paid obama's debt.
  11. ‘ENORMOUS EVIDENCE’: Trump adviser says there is proof of voter fraud in US, while critics call for data
  12. one more half
  13. I guess you were wrong. That is what thoughts do to you. That is why you ask.
  14. The sign of a leader is if he/she ask questions if they are unclear of anything. 31 years of military serve will teach you that in a heart beat.
  15. I guess Thrush didn't get/remember what the email said for him to repeat.