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  1. Great move coach putting Draper leadoff spot.
  2. Let's Go Tigers. I also like this line-up if Draper can get on base. Wallace in the 1 spot would make the pitcher work. Hope the team is ready to play tonight.
  3. I agree with you Titan for the time out for the girls. Hope this will bring the team together for a good weekend in SC.
  4. here to you lion
  5. The team chemistry has not been the same as it was last year. The girls need to decide what this team will do fold or win.
  6. Let's go AUBURN close this game out................
  7. Coach Dunn always has the Bulldogs ready to play Auburn. Good game great win.
  8. Auburn will have a great QB next year in JS or SW. But, the big difference 2017 will be AUBURN will have a great sub if the starter is injured. Auburn has not had that in the last 2 years.
  9. BEAT dawgs