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  1. marine4au

    College GameDay headed to AU

    Curious if StatTiger has the wins vs. losses at JH when ESPN GameDay has been in Auburn...
  2. marine4au

    Veterans day

    Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis, Marines!
  3. marine4au

    If Michigan can do it

    I agree. I think that we should try an all blue or even an orange jersey and blue bottoms at least once in my lifetime.
  4. marine4au

    Malzahn's Presser - Wed, Aug 23

    I loved that last comment by CGM, "James didn't ask me any questions." So funny...
  5. marine4au

    **Official** New Auburn OL coach Herb Hand

    Can you give a specific source of the PSU fans? I bet they are up in arms about losing Shoop. I really did not think Shoop would ever leave Coach Franklin. UT is a step down from PSU in my opinion. Who knows folks? I do not see any support for getting Jeff Grimes to come as OL, so I guess he is out of the equation. I am sure Gus will hire who he thinks is the best OL coach for his offense. Hand does seem to know a lot about Gus' Spread/Zone Read etc. This could be a huge asset with hiring CHH from PSU. I like Jeff Grimes, too, but I think Coach Hand brings an extra element to the table that would make this a fantastic hire, imo More recruiting has me sold! But didn't Penn st o line suck? He didn't have much to work with @ PSU!
  6. marine4au


    War Eagle! My family and I are making the trip up for today's game. My two boys are super excited about being able to go down on the field after the game.
  7. marine4au

    ***Auburn vs. LSU Game Thread***

    Tommy John surgery. It won't be Sean. White is fine. You're talking about Queen.
  8. marine4au

    uat OC Candidates

    Yes. To Michigan as OC.
  9. marine4au

    Where is the Ole Miss look-a-like thread?

    Bobby Hill (King of the Hill)
  10. marine4au

    AU-MSU score prediction

    31-17 AU
  11. marine4au

    Texas DC fired!

    I figured as much. I have a few friends from the dark side that posted that all over FB claiming to be worried. I guess they don't know this is a hoax.
  12. marine4au

    Texas DC fired!

    I don't know how true this is, but it would be great!
  13. marine4au

    WSU Roll Call

    My family and I will be there. Sec 59.
  14. marine4au

    Season tickets???

    I was wondering the same.
  15. marine4au

    Washington State

    Got my tickets! Can't wait to introduce my two sons to AU football.