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  1. I’m no expert but I can remember my high school coaches doing this with our “faster” guys. It was told to us that it would give the rest of the team/play time to develop before the fast guys could get ahead of themselves. It also would force the fast guys to actually use good mechanics and not rely on spikes to grip the playing surface. It seemed to work but I don’t know what it would do for D1 athletes.
  2. AU - 3 MSU- 2 🤣 In all seriousness, I want AU to win. Win big! AU- 42 MSU- 28....14 pts in garbage time.
  3. "But Coach, I thought we had a good week of practice?"
  4. ESPN has projected Auburn vs Wisconsin in the Citrus Bowl.
  5. I really hope it's the Gator Bowl. On gut instincts, I bought two 4 packs that they have on sale for $75 ea. I know the seats will probably be nose bleeds but at least I will have tickets.
  6. I was in my barracks room in Okinawa sleeping (14 hours ahead). We were awoken by the duty NCO and told to get our cammies on and war gear ready. I thought how strange, especially when there was a typhoon coming ashore. We watched the tv in the lounge as a group. We saw the second plane hit and knew this was no accident. The next few days were a blur. I don't think any of us slept much after that. The bases went into threat condition delta. Pretty soon I knew that we'd be in combat somewhere.
  7. Even opposing coaches are saying this...watch KS in the post game interview. He says that Gus goes by a script and they adjust. Very telling!
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