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  1. Veterans day

    Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis, Marines!
  2. If Michigan can do it

    I agree. I think that we should try an all blue or even an orange jersey and blue bottoms at least once in my lifetime.
  3. Malzahn's Presser - Wed, Aug 23

    I loved that last comment by CGM, "James didn't ask me any questions." So funny...
  4. **Official** New Auburn OL coach Herb Hand

    Can you give a specific source of the PSU fans? I bet they are up in arms about losing Shoop. I really did not think Shoop would ever leave Coach Franklin. UT is a step down from PSU in my opinion. Who knows folks? I do not see any support for getting Jeff Grimes to come as OL, so I guess he is out of the equation. I am sure Gus will hire who he thinks is the best OL coach for his offense. Hand does seem to know a lot about Gus' Spread/Zone Read etc. This could be a huge asset with hiring CHH from PSU. I like Jeff Grimes, too, but I think Coach Hand brings an extra element to the table that would make this a fantastic hire, imo More recruiting has me sold! But didn't Penn st o line suck? He didn't have much to work with @ PSU!

    War Eagle! My family and I are making the trip up for today's game. My two boys are super excited about being able to go down on the field after the game.
  6. ***Auburn vs. LSU Game Thread***

    Tommy John surgery. It won't be Sean. White is fine. You're talking about Queen.
  7. uat OC Candidates

    Yes. To Michigan as OC.
  8. Where is the Ole Miss look-a-like thread?

    Bobby Hill (King of the Hill)
  9. AU-MSU score prediction

    31-17 AU
  10. Texas DC fired!

    I figured as much. I have a few friends from the dark side that posted that all over FB claiming to be worried. I guess they don't know this is a hoax.
  11. Texas DC fired!

    I don't know how true this is, but it would be great!
  12. WSU Roll Call

    My family and I will be there. Sec 59.
  13. Season tickets???

    I was wondering the same.
  14. Washington State

    Got my tickets! Can't wait to introduce my two sons to AU football.