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  1. Should have done many things differently. It all comes back to Mike Bobo who I have hated for years. He has a way to choke on the most important plays of the year. I can not stand AM but he wanted to spike it and Bobo wanted him to throw it on the slant. Sadly, more national people will praise Bobo when in reality he single handedly destroys in when it matters.Maybe next year we can use all 3 First Half of every game before the First Quarter ends? Heck, maybe next year in every game we can use all Second Half Timesouts before we have even played the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half? Yeah! Bama won. They played better. No complaints by me.
  2. I don't see Saban leaving. From everything I heard (from 2 former players of his at LSU that say they have spoked to him in the last few years)....he really, really, really hated the NFL. Hated it all the way from the top to the bottom....and he had years of experience in the NFL (as an Assistant)....
  3. As ellitor said, we frankly have under-signed the last few years (factoring in drop-outs, etc...) so we have quite a bit of room
  4. You love me You think I was on HOPE? Holy moses, I wish I was....would have saved me quite a bit. Raptor sounds pretty scared, huh? Petrified really..... Considering how confident they are in Obama losing (until pressed), I figure I would get a bite or two.
  5. Sorry, Clinton is still brought up. We have at least 12+ more years to use GW's name You are the only one for some time to bring up Clinton Well no, you cried about Clinton for 8 years Bush was in office and then some. Your entire party did as well. We still have many years to go to bring up Bush
  6. Sorry, Clinton is still brought up. We have at least 12+ more years to use GW's name
  7. I am not sure. It is not a straight forward question. Obama's comments about SC precedent with regulating the economy (and Congressional approval)...I see both sides.
  8. Sounds like know, one of your parts candidates running for President
  9. You really think UGA's education is that terrible? #62 overall National Universities? Seems to me, we are doing great rankings wise and perception wise
  10. You love me You think I was on HOPE? Holy moses, I wish I was....would have saved me quite a bit.
  11. Holy Christmas, where am I saying what you keep repeating? You just posted 2 clips of me that had nothing to do with me claiming it was just because he was black...and some quotes of another poster that you can't even find me personally agreeing with Is that really the best you can do? Or maybe this is another case of you not reading my posts but claiming things anyway?
  12. Eh, I think it simply makes the 3 Republican Judges look like political hacks. The Justice Department will say what needs to be said and the Judges will put on political theatre....and nobody will actually care in the end. Everyone knows the SC can overturn law based on Constitutional violations Everyone knows that, but that's not what the President said the other day. He tried to put out some rhetorical bull**** on the wire and the court smacked his hand for it. I am not sure how they are smacking his hand. They are making fools of themselves trying to get the Justice to discuss a topic that everyone already knows to be true. Every legal blog I can find looks at this and wonders why they are wasting their time when AGAIN...everyone knows the SC can over-turn laws based on Constitutional violations