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  1. Two notes: After my observation on Gus' last two pictures on twitter, Holland was with the DL group and Atkinson was with the LB group. Revised. Give me a month on assistants' salary and see if anything same or different.
  2. Not sure why they have him listed as 6'2" bc he's a heck of a lot closer to 6'6" than 6'2". PIC Just talk with media guy at AU. He made mistake on his height. PIC
  3. My iPhone was out of battery. I saw Braden Smith and Daniel Carlson at game. It was fun and a guy on track team getting the crowd in the game!
  4. Little trouble for Harper. One out, two on bases.
  5. Haley is not playing tonight. Could be a week away.
  6. Haley Fagan looks like 100% healthy to me. She is warming up.
  7. It's my first time to watch Auburn softball game in person. Indiana beat GSU 3-0 and they got decent pitchers.
  8. OP updated: assistant coaches' bonus Garner - $72,000 Lashlee - $24,000 Thompson - $20,000 Craig - $20,000 Grimes - $14,800 Horton - $13,000 Fountain - $13,000 Russell - $11,400 TOTAL - $188,200 *Muschamp and Robinson did not receive bonus because they left Auburn before the bowl game.*
  9. 1 - For the Graduate Assistants, it doesn't show up on financial report. Analysts and other support staff do have their salaries. EX: In 2015, Bobby Bentley was paid $8,333.33 per month on financial report. Do the math - $8,333.33 X 12 = Close to $100K per year. Not much significant as the other nine assistants. Same with the operations staff (Casey Woods' salary was $125K per year.) 2 - It have not been released yet but we will find out on third week of March. Good question. I don't have an answer for that question at moment.
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