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  1. Two notes: After my observation on Gus' last two pictures on twitter, Holland was with the DL group and Atkinson was with the LB group. Revised. Give me a month on assistants' salary and see if anything same or different.
  2. Not sure why they have him listed as 6'2" bc he's a heck of a lot closer to 6'6" than 6'2". PIC Just talk with media guy at AU. He made mistake on his height. PIC
  3. My iPhone was out of battery. I saw Braden Smith and Daniel Carlson at game. It was fun and a guy on track team getting the crowd in the game!
  4. Little trouble for Harper. One out, two on bases.
  5. Marcy Harper is the starting pitcher tonight.
  6. Haley is not playing tonight. Could be a week away.
  7. Haley Fagan looks like 100% healthy to me. She is warming up.
  8. It's my first time to watch Auburn softball game in person. Indiana beat GSU 3-0 and they got decent pitchers.
  9. OP updated: assistant coaches' bonus Garner - $72,000 Lashlee - $24,000 Thompson - $20,000 Craig - $20,000 Grimes - $14,800 Horton - $13,000 Fountain - $13,000 Russell - $11,400 TOTAL - $188,200 *Muschamp and Robinson did not receive bonus because they left Auburn before the bowl game.*
  10. 1 - For the Graduate Assistants, it doesn't show up on financial report. Analysts and other support staff do have their salaries. EX: In 2015, Bobby Bentley was paid $8,333.33 per month on financial report. Do the math - $8,333.33 X 12 = Close to $100K per year. Not much significant as the other nine assistants. Same with the operations staff (Casey Woods' salary was $125K per year.) 2 - It have not been released yet but we will find out on third week of March. Good question. I don't have an answer for that question at moment.