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  1. Truth!!! Damn cajuns. Only thing I like about em is their food.
  2. Let's hope UF can get back to normal. UGA can't beat decen UF teams on the regular.
  3. But it's so much easier to be the "bammer of the east." Their toughest game every year is AU. I believe they are a good team, but they would not be able to run roughshod through the West like they do in the east. They would have injuries piled up just like us (and the turds for that matter). Just a completely different situation.
  4. I expect nothing less from you. In fact, I'm often surprised when I get a non Smart-ass comment.
  5. I could be completely wrong, but I can't recall AU ever having this many receivers with the kind of size that we have on the roster right now. I know that we have had bigger receivers in the past, but I'm talking about having this many. Oh, and by the way, Jaquay Williams is a big boy as well. Another thing, all the guys we just listed have at least 4 years still to play. It's going to be a fun ride boys.
  6. Sorry guys, Just got off the phone with ESPN. They removed it from their line-up and could not give any reason as to why this happened.
  7. I get it here in GA. Not sure about you guys over in Alabama.
  8. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7621355/espn-networks-2012-college-football-schedule
  9. If AU's D could have just gotten a stop on third down 15% more often last year, the total D numbers would have been much, much, better. That is where i want to see the most improvement this year.
  10. He ran a ton of WR Jets in that michigan game. I mean a whole bunch.
  11. There I go talking him up... How does he repay me for my kind words, I get pooped on. :laugh: :laugh:
  12. Here is the link to the Temple bowl game against Wyomming this past year. http://espn.go.com/watchespn/player/_/source/espn3/id/320354/
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