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  1. Demographic Curiosity

    34 Male From Alexander City, AL , currently reside in Waverly, AL. '06 MIS Earliest memories are "11-0 11-0". No looking back.
  2. Alabama DL Raekwon Davis Suffers Gunshot Wound

    He accidentally shot himself. It's possible.
  3. Sammie Coates gets draft shade

    I assume it is safe to say that Bryant did not fare well on the Language and Literature portion of the ACT. "not minds"
  4. PTBs Effect on our Program

    One name that I have not seen mentioned, and one that I hear is a major player is John Brown. '57 graduate. CEO of Stryker Corp. Wife is also an alum. When you are talking about $ and influence at AU, this is him.
  5. Foster tweet

    something like a red hummer?
  6. 2016 College Football Opening Weekend

  7. saw this gus meme and had to share

    What ever happened to LSUfreek? I never see any of his work anymore. He was the best.
  8. reporting

    Maybe Bo Pelini. We could still have that fiery attitude.
  9. reporting

    Houston Nutt? edit: guess not considering he was an offensive guy. my bad
  10. Kansas State look-a-likes

    Coach Snyder looks like the guy from the Toyota Prius commercials. Coach T or something like that.
  11. Bruce Pearl Discussion

    Thanks guys!
  12. Bruce Pearl Discussion

    Can anyone summarize or give a little insight to what Pearl had to say? Former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl was confronted with questions about the open Auburn job on WJOX-FM in Birmingham on Friday. What was Pearl's response? Details inside: From Rivals
  13. This Coaching Staff

    Does it smell in here?
  14. aupops2, Friend and Great Auburn Man...

    War Eagle pops! You will be greatly missed here. I looked at his profile, and today is the fourth anniversary of him joining this site.