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  1. I don't know, I think it may have actually been great.
  2. 34 Male From Alexander City, AL , currently reside in Waverly, AL. '06 MIS Earliest memories are "11-0 11-0". No looking back.
  3. I assume it is safe to say that Bryant did not fare well on the Language and Literature portion of the ACT. "not minds"
  4. One name that I have not seen mentioned, and one that I hear is a major player is John Brown. '57 graduate. CEO of Stryker Corp. Wife is also an alum. When you are talking about $ and influence at AU, this is him.
  5. What ever happened to LSUfreek? I never see any of his work anymore. He was the best.
  6. Maybe Bo Pelini. We could still have that fiery attitude.
  7. Houston Nutt? edit: guess not considering he was an offensive guy. my bad
  8. Coach Snyder looks like the guy from the Toyota Prius commercials. Coach T or something like that.
  9. Can anyone summarize or give a little insight to what Pearl had to say? Former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl was confronted with questions about the open Auburn job on WJOX-FM in Birmingham on Friday. What was Pearl's response? Details inside: From Rivals