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  1. Hey E, save this in a folder so you can paste it when a4e asks the same question in 2 weeks.
  2. Yeah. 200 or so of those 246 yards belonged to Frazier
  3. The problem I see here is a player contracting it at practice or a game, and hugging granny and gramps when he gets home. The most vulnerable section of society.
  4. Shingles are a chicken pox thing, not measles. No chicken pox, no shingles.
  5. Right. Now to get this virus behind us, so we can enjoy it on the gridiron.
  6. What is so annoying is back in the early 2010s, it was, dang, if we only had a defense.
  7. So North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland high school teams all run the power I and not spread offenses. Hardly. Nothing soft about Larry Neumann's Camp Fun at Nederland High. Shorts and tee shirts in February. Rain and mud
  8. Pound for pound, James Brooks was the best tailback to play for Auburn. Joe Cribbs was no slouch either. And William Andrews may have been the best of all if he had been a 4 year feature back.
  9. And up to Tyler. Rolling farmland, with timber. Beautiful countryside. Small towns. Good people
  10. And the next morning you are scratching your ass and $ack bloody from all the chiggers you took on during your woodsy BM.