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  1. SumterAubie

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    Looking down on this from 30,000 feet. If a talent like Craig-Myers sees the writing on the wall for his future with Auburn, and that writing spells Seth Williams, I would say Auburn's future at that position must be sound.
  2. SumterAubie

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    Allow me to amend my post. I presume he is calling or influencing a particular play call. I'm likely wrong but I still get that vibe.
  3. SumterAubie

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    I'm good with Malzahn. I fully expect Auburn to win them all until Athens. One of his tendencies, which bugs the crap out of me, is his calling some 'look how smart a coach I am' type of play when a simple qb sneak would be successful. And conversely, when a somewhat dynamic play needs to be run, we see a dive play for the umpteenth time. You watch. At some point in either the Arkansas or Mississippi Southern games, he will call a fake punt, or fake field goal, or halfback pass, etc, that will be successful. When Auburn will already have a big lead. But you won't see such a play against Mississippi State. Postscript. Not intended as a bash of Malzahn.
  4. SumterAubie

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    Sometimes taking the pants off thing is not such a good idea. but you're are spot on about the sheer stupidity part. Case in point.
  5. SumterAubie

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    I'm confused, easily so, with this Craig-Myers talk on how underutilized he is. Seems I recall seeing comments stating he is not getting open when on the field. So what is it? Is he open and Stidham is not getting him the ball? Or is he not being targeted because he is not open?
  6. SumterAubie

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    Or until he gets tired of being 'CO' offensive coordinator.
  7. SumterAubie

    GIF - That last pass interference was the correct call

    Right. Shoulda been a holding call, not PI.
  8. SumterAubie


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  9. SumterAubie

    Keep in mind

    I agree here. During the entire final drive I was pleading 'some one make a play. Someone step up, beat their man, and make a play'.
  10. SumterAubie

    Jimbo's Presser

    This layman's opinion is TOT was a great play caller.
  11. SumterAubie

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    I don't have enough fingers and toes. Maybe if I count them over times each.
  12. SumterAubie

    Legatron waived by Vikings

    WOW It is a business.
  13. SumterAubie

    Still in top 10

    Yep, still in the top 10. I see losses in the future for LSU, Stanford, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. Auburn will be deep in the playoff discussion by the time they head to Athens.
  14. SumterAubie

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    Nor have I. Pat Dye had those two Auburn teams playing on egg shells. Definitely playing not to lose instead of playing to win.
  15. SumterAubie

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (LSU)

    The officiating was not so good. But I don't lay blame on the referees for Auburn losing. Auburn lost that game. No one talks about the 4th quarter, 12 second, 71 yard one play touchdown drive lsu had. How do you blame the officials for that? If lsu were to score on that drive, after burning 4 or 5 minutes to do it, then there is no time left for a final second 42 yard field goal. Blame the crappy play by the Auburn defensive backs. Or if Auburn makes a first down on the last possession there is likely not enough time left lsu to drive for a field goal. And if I recall correctly, Auburn's center clearly held on the first down play of that drive, negating a good first down gain. Auburn lost.