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  1. How do we look in baseball?

    Playing in the tough West division will only help come tournament time
  2. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    Oh. I stomped and cursed all the way to the frat after Auburn blew the '81 game against a ranked Mississippi State team with a stupid 4th down call. Then the debacle against Miami in the '84 Kickoff classic. Laying an egg at Tennessee as number 1 in '85 Then the two botched games in '84 and '85 against bamr. Auburn had the better team in both games but played not to lose. Like they were walking on egg shells. 1988, undefeated, #4 in the country. Losing to an average 2-2 lsu team 7 to 6. And so on. The point being all coaches have lapses, not just Malzhan
  3. Baseball vs. Longwood - game 2

    And with dad in the stands. Good stuff
  4. Men vs. South Carolina

    Foolish to expect them to play at a high pitch every game. Especially now with a target on their back And the game following Kentucky
  5. Baseball vs. Longwood - game 2

    So Wright hits the first homer of the season yesterday. As catcher. And today Williams hits the first homer of his career. As catcher. I love baseball
  6. We’re ranked

    I would think A&M continuing to win will help also.
  7. Spring Practice Schedule

    Rarely is right. To the point of redundancy.
  8. Spring Practice Schedule

    Have you ever made a post that did not include a gibe at Malzahn?
  9. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    I know what you mean. I felt the same way with Coach Dye and with Tubs.
  10. Opening Day vs Longwood

    Not wondering the name but 'BIL'?
  11. Opening Day vs Longwood

    All smiles here.
  12. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    Who is Childers?
  13. Softball vs Troy

    Thanks for the play by play.
  14. Men open a 8.5 Point Favorite over Kentucky.

    I badly want to watch the game tonight. But am afraid to. I listened to the first half of the State with Auburn playing poorly. Did not listen to the second half and Auburn took over. Same with the first uga game, watching the first half of the game with Auburn again playing poorly. Followed the second half in here with Auburn pouring it on them.