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  1. Laughs. Called him numnuts.
  2. Hines Ward comes to mind.
  3. Kinda gives a new meaning to Hotty Toddy.
  4. David Cutcliffe is a bit better a coach than Freeze.
  5. I wonder. considering the horrific set of injuries Dinson incurred if there will be any lingering mental concerns. Such as a hesitancy to make a tackle or engage a would be blocker.
  6. My favorite player came to Auburn as a quarterback. Although starting 7 games in 2008, he did not live up to the expectations set for him as a highly regarded dual threat qb coming out of high school. Prior to the ’09 season, he graciously accepted a move to wide receiver, where he became a serviceable receiver and a determined blocker. His playing career ended on a high note when he caught a td pass in the 2010 NC game.
  7. Too funny
  8. That avatar is disgusting.
  9. Malzahn: Hello Chip. Gus here. Any interest in becoming OC at Auburn? Lindsey: Hey Gus. Maybe. Are you going to stay the hell out of the way? (Pregnant pause) Jacobs: Yes, Chip. He will.
  10. I know this is an open forum but a statement such as this is really uncalled for. In my opinion anyway.
  11. Auburn entered the '84 season ranked #1. Played Miami in the Kick Off Classic.Played poorly. Lost 20 to 18. Auburn and Pat Dye could not handle the #1 ranking.
  12. <glances at golf>
  13. The buttsniffers immediately came to mind when I saw the title of the thread. It has been so for uga since at least the mid '70s.
  14. Dang. I forget Big Al is back with Auburn.
  15. @augolf1716 Defibrillator bill is in the mail to your P O Box.