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  1. What do you know about this stuff? Newcomer!
  2. That is not PBR she is lifting in the stein, Old Man. And keep your eyes on the beer.
  3. MIght be a lesson in there somewhere for you, old man.
  4. Right. That cat needs to be at a position where he is playing every down.
  5. Steroids to reduce the periocarditis/myocarditis inflammation which was viral but not covid. Stent for blockage. Medication to get the arrhythmia worked out.
  6. I was released from the hospital today. And I had covid back in June. I've been tested twice since then. Both negative. I was referred to in the hospital as a double negative. The consensus being I was unlikely to be infected again. With that being said one of the reasons I was in the hospital is the covid whacked out my heart's electrical system, causing an irregular heartbeat. So I gather reinfection can occur but would be rare. However, the covid can cause lingering health issues long after it is no longer present in the body.
  7. And PW "Bear'Underwood as Defensive Coordinator. 🤮
  8. Hey E, save this in a folder so you can paste it when a4e asks the same question in 2 weeks.
  9. Yeah. 200 or so of those 246 yards belonged to Frazier
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