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  1. So I'm watching towards the end of the game, thinking we've seen the last of the production off the bench. When Jaylin Williams makes a nice move to score underneath. Then shows a sweet left handed shot on his free throws. As Joe Madden of the Angels/Cubs would say, this team is thick way down the lineup.
  2. sabn says Tua was playing his last series when hurt. Uh huh. Sure coach
  3. What? that they are flying to meet him? Or he is hired
  4. Hmmm So Auburn scores 9 off Carlson field goals. What is the make up of the remaining 33 Auburn points?
  5. On the way, though, wouldn't you think? With wins over two solid teams
  6. Dang Mike. Ellitor hiimself is not setting the number at 25. He is only repeating what Malzahn has said about the number. Don't rake him over the coals for what Malzahn has put out there.
  7. You'll be watching IF the gf says you will be watching. You might as well become accustomed to the rules now, as it will make the transition to losing all control of your life easier once you are married.
  8. The SEC will do as much as possible to see that bamr makes the CFP. If LSU beats bamr, thus putting bamr in jeopardy of missing out, well you just thought the officiating was crappy in Baton Rouge.
  9. Which will be something to watch as far as his offensive coordinator calling a pre attempt play that will put him on the right hash.