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  1. This forum becomes more toxic every day. Doesn't matter the subject, a pissing match breaks out.
  2. Definitely one of those 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' moments
  3. Dunno much football but I reckon Joiner could be an important key to a successful hurryup no huddle. As he can be plugged into a variety of positions, staying on the field, thus preventing the need to substitute. Of course, the nut is Malzahn. The same coach who criminally under utilized CJ Uzomah.
  4. Well, I believe the 5th best line in the country is a reach. But hell, enjoy that he is not saying the 75th best line in the country
  5. This is correct. bamr's schedule is easy because they are better than every one else to begin with. Only a handful of schools are on bamr's level.
  6. Like I said after the Williams homer beat Tech. Auburn wins in spectacular fashion. And loses just as spectacularly.
  7. Makes me kinda queasy. Likely unfounded but reminds me of Ole Miss in football. Where suddenly they were getting all sorts of attention from highly sought after recruits and signing them.
  8. Hell, the article reads like he should be the coach.
  9. So after beating State, Auburn has the winner of Ville/Vandy awaiting. Ouch!
  10. Too bad Auburn doesn't play NC in football or we would kick their a$$ again.