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  1. Auburn has a 1/2 game lead over LSU. An Auburn win or an LSU loss and Auburn is the 4 seed.
  2. This reminds of sabn having the HUNH changed when he lost a few games to it. Then had the NCAA changed the rules on the punt formation Auburn used to beat him in '19 and something Auburn did with a timeout just before halftime of the same game. sabn is truly a little person.
  3. The problem with this position is there are thousands of regular students who have to do this very thing. Scrape by, Without the benefit of a full ride scholarship along with access to the training table.
  4. Armstrong has an odd looking delivery. But its not how you get them out, just how many.
  5. Gained a nice 2 1/2 games on LSU. Auburn is in overall 4th place now by 1 1/5 games over LSU and Vandy. And 1 1/2 behind A&M for 3rd
  6. Yeah, some on here hardly make a post that doesn't have a negative connotation. Always fault finding.
  7. That's alright, darlin. I'll take you as a 4 ball partner in every tournament.
  8. Your free speech would not be banned. You can say your piece, but somewhere else. As the privilege of saying your piece on AUF, it can be withdrawn. You see, your freedom to speak can't be restricted by a government entity. But that doesn't apply in the private sector. Of course, seeing as how you don't live in a mobile home, and have strong relationships with notable people, including UT assistant basketball coaches, you know this freedom of speech thing already
  9. Oh! Of course you do. None of us here would dare think otherwise.
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