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  2. IMO, Auburn will play with more urgency and focus tomorrow than last week. Put yourself in the player's shoes last week before gametime. It's SJ State. Are you really going to be pumped up as a player to play those guys. I wasn't excited at all. Especially since the opening game excitement is not a factor. Now put yourself in the player's shoes pregame tomorrow. It's Penn State, a storied program who escaped with a win last year at their place. If Auburn can't play their asses off tomorrow against Penn State, then something truly is wrong with the program. I know I'm pumped. Auburn 31 PSU 13
  3. Play harder and smarter than last week. Auburn will. And will win.
  4. Yeah. I hope this past weekend was quite a bit of taking SJSt for granted.
  5. Cat could play some defense
  6. We all will like Ashford until he gets stuffed on 2nd and 8, then misses badly on a 3rd and 6 pass. Those runs are pretty until they aren't. And they won't be there as easily as last night against your better teams.
  7. Neither team appeared fleet of foot. If so, overall team speed should be in Auburn's favor against PSU.
  8. <tires of reading the vitriol> Can't have a simple thread of celebrating a young man winning the starting qb position without one of a handful of people pissing on it.
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