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  1. For Carnell Williams (2022 5* RB Emmanual Henderson), Bobo (2022 5* QB Gunner Stockton) and for Friend, (2021 3* OT Colby Smith) just take a peak in the Recruiting forum
  2. What a culture shock for Auburn's current wide receivers, should Auburn hire this NFL coach. And imagine the coach's eye rolling after watching film of Malzahn's route tree.
  3. I took the liberty to change that a smidgeon.
  4. Take his'n and whip your'n. Take your'n and whip his'n.
  5. Malzahn's sh!t is gone is gone but the his stench remains on the team. Harsin will have to flush several times.
  6. And drove it to the opposite field on a down and away slider
  7. I missed where Joiner was transferring. Dang. I don't know football so much but he seemed to have so much to offer as an offensive weapon.
  8. Coach Harsin is in this image?
  9. So Pittman was likeArkansas's 472nd choice. OM scores Kiffin. And State pulls in Leach. And Auburn's top 3 choices say kiss my ass. If Auburn was ever being Auburn, this last week has been it.
  10. Saban hired Pruitt because he has no scruples. Not because of any coaching ability.
  11. Or a low percentage 30 yard fade route down the sideline.
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