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  1. So is it Gus, I mean Thompson? Or the players?
  2. So what does the recruiter have to do with the coaching they rec'd from Hand?
  3. It took that long to flush Herb Hand. Hand left a BIG pile of 💩
  4. I don't watch the games, just follow each in here. From what I gather Auburn does not play so smart. Or to their talent level
  5. Having pitchers who can't pitch really hurts
  6. As long as there is development...And improvement.
  7. It must've been my lack of attention to detail but I don't recall it being like this in the recent dismemberment of Purdue
  8. I'm confused. I don't recognize a Mark Sears. But I also don't see anyone playing quality defense against Cooper.
  9. Did he take 4 or 5 steps to the basket, without dribbling?