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  1. Yeah. Like what the hell does that mean?
  2. Pound for Pound, James Brooks was the best tailback carry the rock for Auburn University.
  3. OM scored. 7 to 4 bottom of the 6th
  4. Top o the sixth.. OM leads 6 to 4
  5. New twirler for OM
  6. Thanks
  7. And game tracker has gakked
  8. Welp. Bottom of the 5th. Two outs. A man on first
  9. <wishes the baseball scores would not be posted here as I will follow the baseball game via the baseball thread. And would rather not know the score before I go there>
  10. Laughs. <Called them harvettes>
  11. Crap. I guess next thing we'll hear is he has been caught running with a pair of scissors in his hand.
  12. Surely that is not McElwain.
  13. Heeeeyyyyyy. Don't mess up my post with facts.
  14. Smart is finding this recruiting thing a bit more difficult without scholarships to hand out for girlfriends, jobs for parents, and Chargers for the 'croots.
  15. Laughs. Oh I know who it is. But that last statement is ridiculous, even for him.