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  1. woo hoo
  2. but since it's bamr they have buried there, I'm good with it.
  3. but Jdub's original post was an innocuous statement how good Willis will be. It was only after you called him out on it that "I know" came up.
  4. It is amusing how there is always a poster locked and loaded to rein in another poster's optimism about the program, a player, a coach, etc.
  5. I hope this is the case. See 2010 and 2013.
  6. Not my meaning. Not fair him being that big and moving like that. Then to chunk his man to the ground like he did.
  7. Dang. That's not fair.
  8. Auburn needs to review the LSU batting lineup card to see how many times Ispuke was listed. Seemed she batted every inning. And drove in runs every at bat.
  9. It's not the softball that makes that old man's heart rate go up.
  10. This is certainly a point to consider. Except in White's case where he worked with Mastrole throughout middle and high school. That guy must be doing something right.
  11. This was/is a strange mindset of Malzahn's to have prevented his qbs from seeking outside assistance from a private qb tutor. He should be pleased his qbs want to work on their football skills during the summer instead sitting around swilling beer, and getting out of shape.
  12. A silver lining of White being hurt is the additional work Barrett is getting during these practices. With both Stidham's and White's history of injury, Barrett could very well see serious playing time this upcoming season.
  13. Was the 'keep up' barb necessary? <Lumps dag in with cole and jeff>
  14. The point I was trying to convey is how can one use games, against teams the boy has not played in, as a basis for being his ‘ biggest argument when it comes to SW. Now if White had played and stunk it up against them then yes, perhaps he is not capable. But to damn him over games he has not participated would be like damning Fouts for not playing in the Super Bowl. IMO
  15. It's not. Nor is it for the Chargers. What is your point?