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  1. Bama Injury Update

    I only commented it would not seem to be a good idea. Nothing more, nothing less. Another poster escalated it a bit. <shrugs shoulders. Moves on>
  2. Bama Injury Update

    Hmmm. So you think an Auburn tee shirt referencing a massacre, even attached to a football game, would be appropriate? Considering what has happened over the past year.

    I'm getting a strong 1989 vibe. Although not years of frustration coming down on bamr as it was in '89, but I sense the same kind of atmosphere throughout the fanbase, and likely the team also.
  4. Who will be this Iron Bowl's unlikely hero?

    I hope Auburn's head coach will be the hero. If it is 4th and one at midfield, Malzahn, trust your vaunted power rushing attack to make the 1st down. And trust your defense to cover your a$$ if the offense does not make it.
  5. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    My mother always would have this on the TV while she cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Never sat down a moment to watch, but always had it on.
  6. Auburn might have a back up plan

    The problem here though,is the OP covers a subject already discussed in another thread. He is already suspected of being a bamr troll. And why bring up such a subject 3 days before the Iron bowl.
  7. Bama Injury Update

    Who gives a crap? About a teeshirt glorifying a massacre. Well ask the families of the Las Vegas murders. The families of the Texas church murders. The families of the Orlando NightClub murders. The murders at the Sandy Hook elementary school, and on and on. Then get back to me.
  8. Plays you want to see...

    I hope Auburn's pass rush is designed in a manner to keep Hurts in the pocket. Even if it means not pressing for a sack. Because his feet, in my opinion, are far more dangerous than his arm. He will complete his share of passes but if Auburn can keep him from extending drives with his legs...
  9. Bama Injury Update

    In this day and age, I don't know if that would go over too well.
  10. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Georgia).....

    Speaking of Cox, on the Stidham td run, he just chipped the DE enough to get Stidham outside, then takes on the oncoming safety at the 5 and drives him back into the endzone.
  11. Pettway out indefinitely

  12. 2018 4* DE/Buck Caleb Tannor

    Great job of looking!
  13. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    Hah. Bicentennial is closer to the truth.
  14. Tuberville on next AD

    I know of $140 million reasons Tubs does not need to be the next Director of Auburn University athletics.
  15. 8 reasons why Auburn wins

    All of the above may be true. But when I think back on the lsu game all optimism fades away