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  1. <puts this game in the rear view mirror> Looking to get back right Wednesday vs SC
  2. If so, get a pair for Malzahn. Extra strength for correction.
  3. uga's offense loses a ton also. Per ESPN Georgia's offense will undergo a facelift after quarterback Jake Fromm, a three-year starter, tailback D'Andre Swift and three starting offensive linemen left early for the NFL draft. Top receiver Lawrence Cager and tight ends Eli Wolf and Charlie Woerner are departing, and starting offensive lineman Cade Mays transferred to Tennessee.
  4. Right. And the Red Sox firing him, while attempting to appear blameless, reminds me of the bamr and T Town menswear thing. Where bamr performed an 'exhaustive' one day investigation into the affair and found bamr to be free and clear, yet sent a cease and desist order to the owner of the business, Tom Albetar.
  5. The hubris depicted in your signature is coming back to haunt Doughty
  6. So where was Hudson coaching before Auburn hired him?
  7. And even better, make talented 4 and 5 star recruits play like talented 4 and 5 star recruits.
  9. I'll weigh possibly winning a game by putting him in against possibly ruining his career. And choose to play him for the chance of winning the game. Because there are over 100 players and coaches (and paying customers) who will benefit from the win (that pesky team thing again). As opposed to possibly ruing a career. Playing a few meaningful plays can tell us everything. Especially should Gatewood have success moving the ball. Yep. But I don't like the inference you make of my advocating Auburn trick Gatewood, or any player, into staying.