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  1. A&M's special teams are better than Auburn's. At least the coverage aspect of special teams. Auburn's defense is better than A&M's. A&M"s qb is better based on experience. And their line is better than Auburn's. Auburn's wrs and rbs are better than A&Ms. Is Gus better than Fisher? That is where the game is likely to be won.
  2. The bb coliseum will be open for parking. Not to terrible a walk to the field. And If you have your wife/gf with you, wear sunglasses. If not, keep your head on a swivel. Because A&M has the honeys. Try to get by the Dixie Chicken. It is equivalent to Auburn's Toomer's drugs.
  3. I do wash my eyes out with battery acid after reading that thread
  4. Take a peek in JMR's thread. Or read the game thread. There are numerous instances mentioning his making bad throws or reads, as if his being a Freshman should not be a factor.
  5. Hopefully, Nix will run smart when he does carry the ball. Unlike Sean White, who never met a linebacker he didn't like.
  6. And there are those among us who are griping over how this true freshman is playing.
  7. Right. Someone in particular made a point of saying Sharp was getting knocked around
  8. For this one play, I bet there are thousands of others where the offense tore off a huge gain when the dline, by trying to 'pounce' on the qb, allowed the oline to move downfield unimpeded to block.
  9. Silly me. All this time I presumed the dline's role was to recognize the screen and then occupy the olineman to prevent them from moving downfield to block.Not blindly pursue the qb as he drops a pass over their head to a waiting ballcarrier and convoy.
  10. The game thread will reach all time toxicity should things go poorly for the Tigers.
  11. So defensive lineman should charge upfield, pass the releasing olineman, thus leaving them free to road grade the linebackers as the lbs close in on the play. Okaaaayyyyy
  12. I'm not a fan of either. But am a fan of what is good for the program. I agree Nix needs plenty of reps. And I'm not of the crowd calling for giving Gatewood playing time just so he won't leave Auburn. But it will be good for Auburn down the road, to have Gatewood receive as much prep as possible now.
  13. I loathe sabn. But while watching bamr's second qb throw the ball some yesterday, I pointed out to my son, sabn never wastes a coaching opportunity.