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  1. Which will save the defense 15 /20 yards a game. 😂
  2. This is the best for both Pegues and for Auburn. He will see the field far more on Dline than he would on offense. He would never be an every down player on offense. And his worth would be negated if he only entered a game for a series of downs to run the ball. Which is so Gus.
  3. Plain ol boilerplate football. Of course, offensive genius doesn't stand on simple boilerplate. Can't outwit your opponent with the basic stuff. Gotta dazzle them by going with 5 qbs the night before the big game.
  4. Pretty dang innovative, if you ask me.
  5. I hope they are embarrassed. AND pissed off about it.
  6. Dang, I hope Bigsby's carries are not close to Mason's.
  7. Poor Dowe Aughtman. It looked as if Rimington was committing illegal procedure he was coming off the ball so quickly.
  8. I'm thinking Trevino's swing was too flat to be effective with a one iron.
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