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  1. If a couple more plays had been made in those four losses...
  2. Losing 5 in a row is a silver lining?
  3. 'Flush' was amusing the first 100 or so times I heard. But after several thousand, its old.
  4. That is good to hear. Jonesy is generally spot on.
  5. Right. I recall at least twice where Kessler appeared to have space down the lane off a pick and roll where a high lob would made for an easy bucket. Didn't happen
  6. It is difficult to be excited when Auburn should be playing for the West, against bamr, at home on Saturday. Especially after blowing the State game in such resounding fashion.
  7. Auburn 10-whatever sabn chooses it to be
  8. I was there. With my son. I told him before this play we have 2 downs here to get a first. After that play call, we looked at each like wtf call was that!
  9. Check this beauty out. From 2009. Let's don't run it on 3 and4 to set up 4th and short. Let's call this puppy in from the sidelines. LSU will never see it coming. I'm a genius.
  10. I read Bigsby wasn't even on the field for the play. That is how stupid/tunnel visioned Bobo must be. Okay, so you are throwing the ball here but at least let's have our All SEC tailback on the field as a decoy. Malzahn was guilty of this. Like an inner voice telling the play caller how smart they are going to appear when this play call works.
  11. He as in Harsin said this? or Bobo said it?
  12. Mid 2nd tonight. 3rd and 4, Like a 25 yard pass down right seam. Very late tonight, 2 and 8, have to figure using all 4 downs. Give it to your stud tailback? Nope. Pass, Pass. Punt. Why do Auburn's play callers have to be so freaking stupid? Bobo is no better than Malzahn.
  13. That second game was the one I was looking for. His last one.
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