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  1. SumterAubie

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    It doesn't matter. If Malzahn can't have the team ready against the likes of Tennessee and State, how is he going to have them ready to play in a minor bowl. On the other hand, those two schools would love to spank some SEC a$$.
  2. SumterAubie

    Les Miles and Kansas finalizing a deal!

    Miles is the kind of coach who can take a team like Kansas to 5 or 6 wins a year. And take a team like LSU to 5 or 6 wins also.
  3. SumterAubie


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  4. SumterAubie

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    Auburn owes this 32 million to Malzahn regardless. So does Auburn bleed it out now in massive hemorrhage? Or a pint or two at a time over the next few years and endure the folly that is Gus Malzahn over that time. Let's get it over with.
  5. SumterAubie

    2018 Maui Invitational

    And I believe this was a home game for Xavier.
  6. SumterAubie

    Finding success in the details

    When asked about playing Tagovailoa on Saturday against the Citadel, Saban responded "I think we need to do a better job of the people playing around him, doing what they're supposed to do so he doesn't get hit. And he needs to do a better job of stepping up in the pocket and getting rid of the ball, which he had several opportunities to do." Saban makes his players take ownership of their game. Who can forget him slapping McCarron on the ass late in a game of his Freshman year, yelling at him, over a mistake McCarron made late in a 27 point win over State. Hell, Malzahn doesn't chew on a Auburn player's ass in the midst of a crucial game with a rival.
  7. SumterAubie

    Finding success in the details

    I texted my son during the game after Stidham overthrew Whitlow. 'Auburn has met the enemy. And the enemy is Auburn.'
  8. SumterAubie

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    Several months old but
  9. SumterAubie

    SEC reviewing officiating in bama-Mississippi State game

    bamr ran 72 plays from scrimmage. Figure 5 olinemen x 72 getting 360. So figure 360 opportunities where a bamr lineman engaged a State player. And NO penalties occurred. No holding. No facemasks. NaDa. Throw in a TE, running backs and wrs, the number goes over 500. That is just on the offense. No penalties. Sounds legit .
  10. SumterAubie

    SEC reviewing officiating in bama-Mississippi State game

    Right. He had not got off the ground yet and they were already reviewing it.
  11. SumterAubie

    SEC reviewing officiating in bama-Mississippi State game

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahhahahaha Like reporting this to the REC SEC office is going to lead to anything.
  12. SumterAubie

    Duke Basketball

    Makes me wonder if there is someone(s) on Duke's team who can pick up the slack should 1 or 2 of those three have an off night, or if get shut down by an opposing team.
  13. SumterAubie

    Remove Louisville, insert Auburn "The offensive line remained a glaring weak point, and a lack of player development in five seasons spoke more about the staff than anything. The team had no established running back or run game." "Then ACC play began, and Louisville looked like a team with no direction, competitive fire or leadership. Recruits started decommitting and two high-profile players -- cornerback Russ Yeast and quarterback Jordan Travis -- announced they would transfer."
  14. SumterAubie

    Austin Wiley Injured (OP Updated 11/8/18)

    Dang. Just dang.😄
  15. SumterAubie

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    What makes you think I do?