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  1. That bounce pass to Flanigan was a beautiful thing.
  2. Tennessee 2, OM 4, A&M 5, Florida 7, Arkansas 8 and Vandy 10. Dear ol Auburn is nowhere to be found.
  3. Look at 17 carries for 150 yards against an SEC school. That's a pretty good fact right there
  4. Be careful with them facts and such.
  5. sssssssssshh. Someone might hear you.
  6. Hell, after our schedule, the NCAA is going to be a breather!
  7. Right. The poster stated turnovers. But since the discussion was about his passing accuracy, and perhaps the affect the shoulder injury had on his accuracy or lack of improvement, reference to his fumbles were out of place. As are his boneheaded throws into triple coverage.
  8. <reads the thread again, searching for any post stating 'Robby is actually amazing.' Can't find one>
  9. No I didn't conveniently forget the fumbles. This discussion is about Ashford's inaccurate passing. Fumbles of his have no bearing in this portion of the thread
  10. Right. Get them all into Auburn Arena. Front row seats. Arkansas will be in town.
  11. I hope you remain the devil.
  12. I certainly hope Freeze doesn't operate under assumptions in lieu of live evaluation. That would be folly
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