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  1. I don’t gamble, so I don’t know what it means there. But many play chess online now, so OTB is not as popular amongst the masses. Here in NW AL there are limited opportunities. Though there has been talk of a club in Decatur.
  2. It’s a theme with AU the past few days, Harsin mentioned it a couple of times after the game! I wonder if he plays?! 🤔
  3. To clarify: OTB in chess means Over The Board. End of lesson one, lol. 😂
  4. Looking more and more like a bad year. Several articles talking about how bad Ben looks. I hate it for him. He could turn it around, but I’m afraid it’s the end of a very long, successful line for him.
  5. Sorry, I thought about spelling it out in parentheses, but then, if you know what it is, it may come across as insulting. I wasn’t trying to be a chess snob, lol! Yeah, feel free to message me if you’d like to play sometime.
  6. Ha! No, not a GM or IM or NM. But I do like playing!
  7. Ha! Cool! I don’t run into many fellow chess players in my neck of the woods. Did you guys play OTB?
  8. Any Dexter fans? May have been mentioned earlier, I didn’t read all the pages.
  9. Do you play chess? Just curious.
  10. WDE! Let’s take care of business and get ready for the corndogs next week!
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