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  1. Softball vs. UNC-Willmington

    War Eagle!
  2. Men vs. South Carolina

    WDE! Congrats SEC Champs!
  3. Men vs. Georgia

    Good win! WDE!
  4. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Just heard this. WDE!
  5. Men vs. Mississippi State

    WDE! Great win on the road!
  6. 4* PF Babatunde Akingbola Commits to AU

    Nice and WDE! And @ellitor I'm liking the Dread Pirate Robert's look, or is it Westley? Avoid @Barnaclethough, he might ask about the number of fingers on your right hand!
  7. Men Vs. Ole Miss

    WDE! Let's keep it going!
  8. Women vs. Tennessee

    War Eagle! Sweep the vollies this week!
  9. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    Thanks, I've enjoyed these posts this year. It seemed pretty obvious the emotion level between not only the fans, but the teams too was not the same. Huard mentioned it once, but dismissed it. Having said that, hats off to UCF, they wanted it more and won. WDE!
  10. ***Auburn vs. UCF -- PEACH BOWL -- Game Thread***

    Time to take over
  11. ***Auburn vs. UCF -- PEACH BOWL -- Game Thread***

    Well, D looks good
  12. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

    Happy War Eagle! And beat UCF!

    Steelers won 39-38 and Big Ben threw for over 500 yards! Not exactly your typical Steelers-Ravens game!