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  1. AU vs Indiana State Game Thread

    Looking good and spreading the wealth.
  2. Get better this week

    Yes, noticed the same when I watched it again. Easiest thing for a defender to defend is a receiver standing still like a statue. WRs have to be aggressive in 3 phases: blocking on the edges, RAC and ROUTE RUNNING! You have to want the ball and put yourself between the DB and your QB and give him a target.
  3. Georgia win had a great impact on recruits

    Good info, thanks for posting.
  4. Women vs. Virginia Tech

    Need a big 4th, let's go Tigers!
  5. Iron Bowl Kickoff Time Set

    2:30, 6:30, JH, JH west, parking lot . . . doesn't matter . . . We Comin!
  6. I hate Finebaum - but he's right

    What's that old saying about a blind squirrel?!
  7. Chip Kelly breaks down big AUvUGA plays

    I don't disagree, but we all knew it wasn't. Now, the verdict is still out with the lsu loss, I'm hopeful, and we shall see.
  8. CBS Auburn-Georgia

    Gary can grate the nerves.
  9. FINAL: Auburn 40 Georgia 17

    Maybe CGM has been suffering through Steve Sax Syndrome and now has finally rediscovered his mojo.
  10. 9 win teams

    uat'ers are already making excuses . . . feels like the good old days!
  11. Favorite play of the night

    But, I thought we always "held back" for uat, so now what will we do?! 😁
  12. Chip Kelly breaks down big AUvUGA plays

    The lswho loss may end up being the best thing that could have happened. (And for the record, having said that, no I still don't like that it happened!)
  13. Braden Smith

    I saw him, more than once, dominate a thuga pup!