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  1. Just saw this. The report I read said his interviews did not go well. It cited Matt Miller who made the claim on Twitter. Frustration maybe?
  2. Franchise tag on Bell and a new 5 year deal for Brown.
  3. Come on guys, finish!
  4. Looking forward to the season, WDE Lady Tigers!
  5. Yep, I don't really care about the SB. I hate to see the Pats win because of overall trophy count, CBB tie with CCN and TB with Bradshaw. But, I never have liked the Falcons either. Too many Sundays of being stuck watching a dreadful ATL play a woeful TB or NO over the years. I came to hate them for being forced to watch all those terrible games, when much better games could have been on. So, I guess I'll hope for a tie or cancellation!
  6. You must be forgetting our O performance against the Fins.
  7. We need to mix it up on first down, running too much. We're missing the deep throws . . . Wait a minute, this sounds familiar! Come on Steelers!
  8. NE reminds me of another team I don't like.
  9. Just getting back home. Sammie being Sammie, huh?!
  10. Yeah, saw that. Report said they arrested a guy. I wonder if he has ever filmed opponent's practices or let air out of footballs before too?!!!
  11. Big game today! I hope we rebound from the flu!
  12. Thanks RIR! Gus says he's turning over the clipboard, so here we go!
  13. Wiley is balling!
  14. On to the Pats!
  15. I am impressed by the improved play of our secondary. Early in the year, I was afraid they would be a liability.