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  1. Great job by Pearl and his staff. He has pulled off an amazing ascent from where we were when he arrived. Great team that plays hard and has fun! They say staying on top is harder than getting there, but I think this team has a real chance to win it all. WDE!
  2. Yea, was expected. Maybe suggested. Interesting to see what MT does and how much control if any he gives.
  3. Seth said he didn’t vote us #1 and didn’t think he would even if we win today. He said he thought we would be #1, but he probably wouldn’t vote us there unless we won big today. He does have us as the #1 seed overall though for the tourney.
  4. Meatloaf has died at 74. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/meat-loaf-dies-bat-hell-074442126.html
  5. Need to get some shots to start falling
  6. Big Ben gave us some amazing moments in his 18 year career! It will be odd not seeing 7 behind center next season. As for the rest, we need serious upgrades. Youth and speed. Coaching changes. OL needs overhauling. A lot of work this off season.
  7. Now we get to play the Chiefs! Yay!
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