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  1. Come on guys, finish!
  2. Looking forward to the season, WDE Lady Tigers!
  3. Yep, I don't really care about the SB. I hate to see the Pats win because of overall trophy count, CBB tie with CCN and TB with Bradshaw. But, I never have liked the Falcons either. Too many Sundays of being stuck watching a dreadful ATL play a woeful TB or NO over the years. I came to hate them for being forced to watch all those terrible games, when much better games could have been on. So, I guess I'll hope for a tie or cancellation!
  4. You must be forgetting our O performance against the Fins.
  5. We need to mix it up on first down, running too much. We're missing the deep throws . . . Wait a minute, this sounds familiar! Come on Steelers!
  6. NE reminds me of another team I don't like.
  7. Just getting back home. Sammie being Sammie, huh?!
  8. Yeah, saw that. Report said they arrested a guy. I wonder if he has ever filmed opponent's practices or let air out of footballs before too?!!!
  9. Big game today! I hope we rebound from the flu!
  10. Thanks RIR! Gus says he's turning over the clipboard, so here we go!
  11. Wiley is balling!
  12. On to the Pats!
  13. I am impressed by the improved play of our secondary. Early in the year, I was afraid they would be a liability.
  14. We are controlling the game, but yes, we have to put it in the end zone. Our Oline is looking good, got to keep wearing them down.
  15. Go Steelers! Big game tonight in cold KC!