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  1. Thanks! I now have my 5 year old daughter wanting to play hockey! She would sit there and shout "Shoot the puck"! "Push the puck "! My 7 year old got into it too, but not quite as much!
  2. Not surprised by the outcome last night. I was hoping the early goal would further rattle PR, but, to his credit, it did not. Pens were outplayed, which seems to be a consistent narrative in this year's Stanley Cup Finals. The Preds played too many minutes in our defensive zone. They were by far the more physical team (see Hits stat). They controlled the puck and gained the zone too often, allowing them to funnel the puck to the goal. Where they seemed to have 2 guys camped out all night for rebounds and redirects. Pens have to put together a complete game in the next one.
  3. PR has been solid all playoffs, now he is rattled. I would love to take Game 3. Will be tough, Nville has a loud and raucous arena, with or without catfish!
  4. The ship was righted by the end, though it was a bizarre contest.
  5. Yep, amazing talents each one and great compliments to one another!
  6. I'm a Pens fan so I am hoping for consecutive SC championships. The Predators are a great team. Great home ice atmosphere. Play well as a unit. Should be fun!
  7. They are playing well and have great home ice advantage.
  8. Anyone else been following the playoffs?
  9. Just saw this. The report I read said his interviews did not go well. It cited Matt Miller who made the claim on Twitter. Frustration maybe?
  10. Franchise tag on Bell and a new 5 year deal for Brown.
  11. Come on guys, finish!
  12. Looking forward to the season, WDE Lady Tigers!
  13. Yep, I don't really care about the SB. I hate to see the Pats win because of overall trophy count, CBB tie with CCN and TB with Bradshaw. But, I never have liked the Falcons either. Too many Sundays of being stuck watching a dreadful ATL play a woeful TB or NO over the years. I came to hate them for being forced to watch all those terrible games, when much better games could have been on. So, I guess I'll hope for a tie or cancellation!
  14. You must be forgetting our O performance against the Fins.
  15. We need to mix it up on first down, running too much. We're missing the deep throws . . . Wait a minute, this sounds familiar! Come on Steelers!