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  1. wareagleguy

    Weekend Visitors & Camps (June 14-17)

    So my dad took my nephew to the camp, he said Grimes did a lot of yelling! He said if any player jumped early or slacked, they all had to pay the penalty! CGM told them that last year we were close, but this year we're getting over the hump. My dad met/talked to CCL and CKS. He also talked to Willie Whitehead. I believe he's now in the ATL area and had brought a couple of guys over.
  2. wareagleguy

    Weekend Visitors & Camps (June 14-17)

    My nephew is at the camp this weekend. This is his third camp in the last week and a half. He was excited to meet some of the coaches and learn from them.
  3. wareagleguy


    Very true, there's Secretariat and then there's every other horse.
  4. wareagleguy


    The 2nd Triple Crown winner in a short span. I thought the Belmont might be a little too long for Justify. In the Preakness, he had some push from Bravazo. But, M. Smith and Justify ran a great race, wire to wire, it was almost Secretariat like.
  5. wareagleguy

    2017-2018 NHL Hockey Thread

    Ovechkin played at a high level, I have to give him that. He's never been known for his defensive prowess, but, this year he put more work in. I think the challenge he got at the beginning of the year motivated him. Most thought the Caps would take a step back this year and some were pointing to Ovechkin's age. Again, as a Pens fan, I was pulling for Vegas, but they just ran out of magic.
  6. wareagleguy

    2017-2018 NHL Hockey Thread

    Congrats to the Caps, 43 years is a long time to wait, but now they have won the Cup.
  7. wareagleguy

    2017-2018 NHL Hockey Thread

    Not looking too good at the moment! The Great 8 may finally get his Cup.
  8. wareagleguy

    2017-2018 NHL Hockey Thread

    Very true. I'm pulling for Vegas to win it. As a Pens fan, I still appreciate all MAF did for us on net and I just can't bring myself to root for the Caps! Though I won't be devastated if they win.
  9. wareagleguy

    Softball vs. UNC-Willmington

    War Eagle!
  10. wareagleguy

    Men vs. South Carolina

    WDE! Congrats SEC Champs!
  11. wareagleguy

    Men vs. Georgia

    Good win! WDE!
  12. wareagleguy

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Just heard this. WDE!
  13. wareagleguy

    Men vs. Mississippi State

    WDE! Great win on the road!
  14. wareagleguy

    4* PF Babatunde Akingbola Commits to AU

    Nice and WDE! And @ellitor I'm liking the Dread Pirate Robert's look, or is it Westley? Avoid @Barnaclethough, he might ask about the number of fingers on your right hand!
  15. wareagleguy

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    WDE! Let's keep it going!