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  1. Daniel Carlson - Vote now

    He is trailing in the Lou Groza award fan vote. vote at
  2. 2016 Hype Video

    Waiting for the A96 video.
  3. Kick Offs

    There was a post on twitter that he tweaked his hamstring or something related to it last week in practice which affected him last night.
  4. Definitely some stiff comments....
  5. Go Vote For Chris Davis

    One more vote for Chris!
  6. My DVR did not record the weekly Football Review show this morning. I was just curious if this was an issue with Direct TV or if this week's show had not been taped yet? I also did not see where this week's episode had been posted on the AU Athletics Multimedia sight. Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. Nervous or Excited?

    Is it time for kickoff yet? Let's go Big Blue! I am proud of these young men and coaches and what they have accomplished regardless of the outcome of the game. War Eagle! Let's go win a SEC Championship!!
  8. I want to thank my wife...

    I too changed from my navy Auburn T shirt to my orange all Auburn all orange t-shirt halfway through the 4th are so maybe it was a combined effort! War Eagle!
  9. Nobody is giving us a chance!

    Just finished rewatching the 2010 Iron Bowl. I am now pumped!!! WAR EAGLE!
  10. Don't EVEN try...

  11. The difference between 2010 and now is

    Add Elijah Daniel to up and coming list.
  12. Dameyune Craig was a little excited ...

    I am ready for some payback against UGA !
  13. Comments from the WSU QB!

    Per an article at, NM's passing yards for his first game were better than the following past AU QBs: Randy Campbell, Patrick Nix, and Randy Walls.... Oh, and one other former AU QB had less than 100 yards in his first AU game - Pat Sullivan. Let's wait and see how he develops.
  14. no red shirts year

    M. Adams speed is what surprised me. Incredible for someone his size.