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  1. I have DIRECTV stream. I access using a FireTv 4K. Open the ESPN app on your Home Screen before launching your DIRECTv app. With the ESPN app opens, scroll down to LEAGUES. Then scroll right & select NCAA Football. Scroll down to EXPLORE MORE IN NCAA FOOTBALL. Scroll right & select Southeastern Conference. Scroll right on the top row until you see Mercer vs. Auburn. If you select it before the game, it will say this event has not yet started. Hope this helps! War Eagle!
  2. Glad to have you back posting. Thank you for your insight!
  3. I found the Oregon game Review Show by using Auburn Football Review in the search box on YouTube. War Eagle!
  4. I switched to AT&T u verse 1 GB internet service and use Directv Now streaming service in April 2018. I stream via an Amazon Firetv. I have not noticed any delay. DTN has different packages and has SEC network and all the ESPN channels plus local channels. Overall I have been pleased especially saving $50 a month for TV & internet.
  5. I appreciate it as well and start looking for it right after each game. Thanks for taking the time each week.
  6. Got it on ESPN app. My provider is DirecTV now.
  7. He is trailing in the Lou Groza award fan vote. vote at http://www.lougrozaaward.com
  8. Waiting for the A96 video.
  9. There was a post on twitter that he tweaked his hamstring or something related to it last week in practice which affected him last night.
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