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  1. There are indications the NBA is moving that direction.....projecting 30 per NBA team and maybe a 10 to a dozen players per team and salary $35K expenses and maybe $50K in a year or so. The undrafted player thing will probably go through as long as they don't sign but that's a minor thing...big issue is the killing off of "one and done". Maybe NBA will draft beyond 2 rounds and use some of the drafts slots to populate their G League teams? NCAA is going to take away the one year "audition" and force NBA to do their own development and not have Cal and Coach K doing the assessment and development for them....JMO
  2. That' probably true....they want the NBA to make a move first.....change their rules and maybe develop the G league.....and give players time to adjust to the change....but the scary thing is.....2020 is not that far away...
  3. Maybe...did you read the entire report ? It is controversial and who knows how much will get accepted ? The Yahoo idiot represents the thinking of lots of people and is very negative.
  4. Mostly this does not seem to be old family wealth....if you look back a ways...The technology age has created a new generation of the wealthy has growth in Russia, India, China and a few Latin American countries. And many of the foreign wealthy live in countries with no middle the distinction is much greater than the US and Europe.
  5. Was looking at the list of the world's 250 richest people and well over half of them don't live in the US.......So I'm looking forward to seeing how someone is going to take their money and split it up? and of course what happens to the business enterprises they own or control. These proposals sound like unilateral disarmament of nuclear weapons based on the theory that if we don't have any, everyone else will be glad to destroy there's too. Though I admit that taking the wealth from Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg and Buffett and redistributing it might put a dent in the problem since they are in the top 7 and are worth about a combined half trillion dollars which would finance the US government for about 2 months.... that's a start but not sure what you do when that money is gone...maybe Bloomberg could then pick up the cost for a week and after him? .....
  6. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    There is searching and then there is hiring.....does not mean that Green will not make the final decision. So Marsh is apparently waiting on AU to call him? OK ...
  7. is a home run if you can bring in a GT with potential to start....not many of those around.
  8. I agree....and still don't know if he can block well enough to protect JS.....but I don't expect anything but positives about him from the coaches. On the other hand I don't recall him doing much in the ADay game.... probably by guess we will have to wait and see. And that was a pretty luke-warm endorsement from Horton...."if the game were played today he would start"....and so on.. We will know a lot more in late August.
  9. I'm guessing our coaches might have taken time to look at his film before making an offer. I'm happy to have him on board and see no negatives about getting him on campus for the summer.
  10. Well, consider that this year, Kam has another season of experience and supposedly has learned how to block.....and we have three or four really good young RBs, a couple with some good size on them. Last year it was pretty much KJ and Kam and Miller (who was far behind).....and reportedly Kam was not a reliable blocker. Those were not great options....especially when some coaches decided that an 80% KJ was still the best RB in most circumstances.. If all we hear about the young guys is close to true, and Kam has improved all the way around...which should be expected... and none of the group is clearly superior was KJ did last season......I would say, as a group, the options look pretty good at the moment. . Well they look good as long as any or all of them are able to protect JS ....which is near the top of the list of things that are important when deciding who should be playing....JMO.
  11. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    I doubt that of BP......but perhaps Murray thought he had better options for playing time.....Baylor for example.....and for some reason it did not work out. I can't imagine that BP would think the team would be better off without him...though maybe there were issues? but no reason to think that. Sounds to me like a big plan that did not come to pass.
  12. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    yep....but still wish he was coming back....had the rebounder's attitude that most of our guys have lacked. Wish him well...
  13. view that the coaches are doing what they think gives them the best chance to win the ballgame. I accept they make bad decisions but they usually have more information that helps them form their decision than I do while I might not agree with them ....
  14. nope, just taking responsibility.....and recognizing what he could have done differently I guess....but going into this season he has much better options...or maybe not such a clear distinction between #1 and those who follow in the depth chart. .