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  1. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Florida trying to get out of the game on the cheap....not using their best closer....instead used a couple freshmen who were not up to the job....and almost cost them the lead....and maybe the game. but they have run the score back to 7-3 now.
  2. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    gators hammering the raiders...up 5-0 in of 6th......scored their first run without benefit of a hit but afterward, have done well enough including a homer. Looks to me like the UF pitching is superior tonight once their guy got settled down. ..
  3. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Well , weather permitting, in about an hour we will find out who the other team is in the final Four of CWS.....Arky and Miss State already there along with Oregon State so it will be Tex Tech or UF..... Pitching staffs starting to get thin I think....and both teams with some power...should be fun to watch...
  4. True….and this is why building supply places and stores like Home Depot continue to do well.....aside from difficulty with shipment, they usually have people who know what you need and how to install it. As you say, shop in my PJs in middle of the night.....can shop three or four "stores" in a matter of minutes and I also get free shipment on Amazon Prime which means that I do a tremendous amount of "spur of the moment" buying of small stuff that shows up USPS in a day or two.....things that it barely makes sense to go and get in person. My most recent purchase include air filters for wife's Prius, a lemon squeezer, Wi-Fi extender, filter media for my home A/C system, folding cover for my Kindle and a two small quartz clocks for my shop and wife's garden workshop. . The internet marketplace is a new world.....and I love it.
  5. AU64

    2 players among fastest

    Guy his size has probably had to work harder than everyone else his entire life to be taken seriously. JMO but work ethic would never have crossed my mind as a problem for a kid like this...….Setting a good example for the rest of his class.
  6. Probably a reasonable decision but in my experience unless I am buying something like a lap top computer, the sales tax advantage on most household items I buy is pretty much offset by the added cost of freight to ship single items to my home. My home is about 50 miles RT from the nearest major big box or technology store so the big savings to me on modest stuff is not having to spend an hour on the road and maybe a couple gallons of gas. I don't see this ruling changing my shopping habits. The disadvantage that local merchants can never over-come is available and infinite supply from internet sources. Thus, I don't see any of the mom and pop stores in my area benefitting from this....just the local governments.
  7. AU64

    Fake News at ABC

    Reuters have been my news app of choice about a year since most US media sources became so nuts over DT and it was hard to get any objective coverage of anything that did not involve DT which means they barely covered anything happening outside of Wash DC. Reuters gives pretty solid coverage to worldwide news and mostly had been neutral by US media standards on DT....but in recent months they have changed quite a bit and have taken on a definite anti-DT bias complete with fake news and misleading / click bait headlines. I still consider them the best of a bad lot.....especially for international news but their domestic coverage is not much better than CNN, MSNBC and the like, so now I mostly give their version of US political issues a scan and that's it.
  8. AU64

    Fake News at ABC

    Anyone who would put AP and Reuters in the neutral, fact reporting apparently has not been reading them lately. I have had the Reuters ap for quite a while and they have gradually slid in to the pink bubble on the left...especially on US news though seems they do a better job on European news.
  9. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Could have been but with bases loaded and infield back.....for the guy at bat it still might have been his best chance for a base hit and to score another run.
  10. True...this might be a wake-up call for some people....hope that is the case.
  11. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    He was bunting for a base hit and trying not to ground into a DP. ....infield was back...if he could gotten it down he could have walked to first.
  12. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Well...OSU worked over the UNC relievers the last couple innings and took the game by 11-6 final.....amazing how the wheels came off so suddenly when the game looked to be in hand by the 'heels....but OSU has some serious bats and speed and keeps the pressure on at all times.
  13. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    UNC gradually caught up with OSU and has passed them at 4-3 and Heimlich is gone after a little over 3 innings. Not been a great series for him despite his record prior to CWS. UNC has left a handful on base tonight.....a couple timely hits and they could have taken a big lead....but still anyone's game in the 6th.
  14. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Finally they made a brief reference to it...magazine cover and two short quotes where he declared his innocence. But...only a couple people know the truth I guess.
  15. AU64

    Space Force

    Me too...decided to watch it again tonight since CWS has not fully caught my attention.