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  1. The Egg Bowl

    Very tough kid...Glad he is back on the sideline but some major rehab ahead. ..meanwhile that OM quarterback is going to be bad news for the next several years.
  2. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Need some improvement in that division. SEC used to brag that it was strong from top to bottom. Now it is not even strong from top to middle.
  3. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Stadium across town.... Not much to draw him in my view.
  4. Where’s Flex

    Too often passes off the mark get popped up into the air and get picked....and bama is good at it. We can't give them any help.
  5. Where’s Flex

    Seems that many folks want us to throw over the middle but that area is vulnerable to INTs unless the pass is perfect....
  6. UCLA fires Mora

    They could do a lot worse...and might do so. Kelly's teams in the NFL won far more games than Saban did.
  7. Committee for AD search announced

    Probably too many.......but it's a public university and a huge number of "stakeholders" out there who MUST be on board with the final choice . By and large AU people seem inclined to complain first and get facts later. So anyone important or any significant group of alums or supporters who are not consulted will be a future problem. In the end, Leath's name will be on the hire but no way he alone can determine all that's needed to be known about the candidates.
  8. Committee for AD search announced

    That was mentioned but guess some folks missed that. I was thinking the committee was selected in hopes of getting feedback from various alumni groups about the candidates. Leath sure isn't going to be personally doing all the background checks and I'm guessing that he won't even be doing the negotiations as far as that's concerned. Basically he is the "decider" ....but otherwise, lots of folks gonna be involved.
  9. end the hot seat talk

    8 wins at arky this year and he would probably still be there next year ....seems that BB was probably OK if the trend looked better.... but 4 wins this was not enough....especially when the team was not often competitive. Every school has it's expectations...... and it's potential.
  10. end the hot seat talk

    could be...but I suspect the list is pretty long...
  11. end the hot seat talk

    That's' not what is going on in my view at least. Gus is at the top of his field in a competitive business...and I think it is more a matter of how much BS you take from mostly unaccomplished people before you tell them to stick it.
  12. UCLA fires Mora

    He was a pioneer with the hurry up offense and did a lot with undersized players . Seems to me the conference would benefit by having a guy with his background coming in. Most of the recent new coaches in the SEC haven't brought much of a reputation with them .
  13. end the hot seat talk

    Could not disagree more....I'm betting this is the reason behind a good percentage of divorces and people quitting their jobs. For some reason folks figure if a guy earns a lot of money they should be able to say what they want...and the guy should take it. Sorry, but from my observation, the world and life doesn't work that way. Try that with your spouse or children and see how long that relationship lasts if that person has options available. Otherwise, good points.......some pretty good coaches gonna be moving ....either voluntary or involuntary and I'm betting most of the schools they depart from will not improve their coaching staff with the change. Short term mentality prevailing ....coaches who are sprinters come in ....make a quick splash and then when "normal" sets in, the alums are ready for them to go. PS....interesting how aubaseball could name the five least attractive candidates I could think of to be the face of Auburn University.
  14. end the hot seat talk

    IF it's not Frost, our next season or not too many seasons thereafter will be a SF look alike......short term flashy record at some mid level school....then off the goes before proving he can recruit, deal with the power structure, etc, etc. I'm guessing that our next HC whenever that might occur will have fewer than 20 Power 5 wins......JMO BUT about Saturday.....can we hold bama to fewer than 28 points? I'm thinking yes....
  15. Committee for AD search announced

    Agree....and expect what we have in the committee are "representatives" of the various influential groups involved with AU.....the groups whose support will be important to getting the person approved. Most schools are into diversity these days and the committee is pretty diverse which should be helpful to sell the choice.