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  1. sealed from the nosy public but not from the IRS..... I'm amazed that so many people don't know what the IRS does or what power it has. They get to see everything and question anything....but a taxpayer's return is nobody's business....and the idea that some congressman or college professor is gonna discover some illegal activity that the IRS missed year after year is just ludicrous.
  2. What do you mean …."give them time"? He's been filing tax returns for 40 years I bet and most years he is probably audited. And does anyone even believe that he does his own taxes? That is what CPA's do.....and the tax payer more or less signs the pages at the end. This whole business is just another sham to give liberal college professors and ultra liberal magazines some way to get their names / faces in the news.
  3. Not gonna get anywhere with that logic. ......we all know for sure that any of those guys would be racking up 10 wins per year with Auburn's talent, etc, etc. ...they just can't seem to be doing it anywhere else however. And so Brohm is 2-4 but that is with Purdue's talent? ....and he could be much better at AU? ....but he is also 2-4 with Purdue's schedule.....but we are gonna discount that I guess though he is 1-0 against the SEC this year..(Vandy) . . I will note however that P J Fleck has done well at Minnesota of the few hotshots from a few years ago to do well though mostly flying under the radar. Aside from Nick about 30 years ago, I can't recall any BIG10 area coach to come south and immediately do well. And funny that Chip, who could recruit California when he was at Oregon, can't manage to recruit California now that he is in Los Angeles but guess he does not have Phil Knight backing him up.
  4. "They" who is they? and saying it is "illegal" ? might not be what some at the Pentagon want to happen....but " they" work for the President who is Commander in Chief........and therefore, "they", whoever " they" are subject to whatever the President of the US wants to happen. JMO but this is political bellyaching by some people....the unknown "they" who disagree with the policy. ….and perhaps had made some verbal commitments to friends on the other side of the ocean that "they' can't back up. ...but "illegal".....that's nonsense.
  5. Probably so...but then again, we went to their defense when Iraq and maybe Syria too were trying out nerve gas on I'm still of the view that it's been a mutual benefit agreement that does not need to go on forever. But I trust that you accept that Kurds have been carrying out terror attacks in Turkey and have brought some of this on themselves...hiding behind the US protection. .but yep, it would have been nice to give them more warning.
  6. Sorry but most good college Burrow for instance....would have burned UF a new one in the game at Gainesville. Three INTs and some missed open receivers in the end zone......hoping that was an anomaly for Bo...and that he gets his completion rate up toward 60% in games to come....otherwise we are gonna see some of JG which will make some folks happy I guess. I really don't care who is the QB but it's not the play calling that resulted in all those problems against UF. We could have beaten the gators by two or three TDs if Bo had been as sharp as he was in the MSU game.
  7. Not a bad plan to stock the shelves with good players who will be around several years and not have to rebuild the starting line-up every year.
  8. Maybe, but if so, we need to see the new and improved Bo Nix for the passing game to be a threat. Not saying we abandon the pass, but I have the feeling that we can run over or around Arky and that is what Gus is likely to do.
  9. Fake news jumped on by the "usual suspects".....who apparently have not learned that when something sounds too good to be true for their political views, it's probably not true. I am amazed that in this day of computer graphics, photo shopping, etc....that any sophisticated person would believe something so crude without any skepticism....and take such a story and run with it. Next we will be hearing from some folks on this site that LaBron is the guru on China-US relations.
  10. Most people I know don't take foolish chances......and I always love seeing the assumptions that "anyone could be better than".....fill in the blank for the name and school. ... Time will tell at AU but and this is JMO, but it would be nice to at least wait until the end of the season to be pushing this issue.. Seems that every week the same story is rehashed. I think all the opinions are pretty well known by now. .
  11. Just so you know, that started back right after we left Viet Nam ......I was in Greensboro in the 1980s when refugees were resettled to the area with help of local churches. So I gather that either we should not help any other country or group of people in time of need....or else be prepared to adopt them forever? The situation with the Kurds is bad but if you do a bit of research you will find that they have given the Turks plenty of reason to want them gone. Kurds have been very helpful to the US but they have also hidden behind the US and carried out terrorist attacks in Turkey. The US and Kurds were a relationship of mutual interest.....and no particular reason it has to go on forever. JMO but both sides have aided us over the last 15 or so years and we have no business getting in between their problems.
  12. Guess you have to be old or see old film..... but I still recall and like the images of Jimmy Sidle and "student body right" from the good old days. One of only a couple AU quarterbacks to rush for more than a 1000 yards in a season and that was in a ten game season when the team was 9-1
  13. Well that and some "people in the know" are just speculating and stirring the pot. " Inside information" or negative comments attributed to players or coaches does nothing to help the team and there is no particular reason that people on this board have any right to the information. . JMO but I have never seen....never ever seen an indication that the team is less than fully committed to the coaches and to each other. AU wins games and loses games but as a team, they fight hard to the very end.
  14. You are making sense Sue...and if it were anyone but DT making the call, these same people would supporting the move. Nobody wants us to be the world's policeman yet here again, those same people are wanting us to get in the middle of a thousand year old dispute that does not actually involve US interests. Another post about ABC fake news along with CNN's general history lately gives me pause that anyone in the MSM is giving us actual facts on the issue. ...and anyone who assumes they know what is in the best US interest is just blowing smoke....JMO
  15. "The Pentagon" says.....who presumes to speak for the thousands of people and organizations there? And when did "The Pentagon" become the decider of what is legal or not.?