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  1. Gotta be the nuttiest line of commentary on conservatism I have ever seen. Kind of like hearing non-Christians explain what Christians believe....gotta consider the sources.
  2. Interesting comments by Tubbs today suggesting that they need to clean house . Apparently he has a connection to Matt Luke and is going to help him figure out where the program needs to go.
  3. Agree....the problems at OM are not there are more penalties to come and until the school does some housekeeping of influential boosters a new coach could never be sure what was going on behind the scenes. A corrupt program right now...and who wants to risk a career involved with it?
  4. Well stated K.....all the stuff you detailed is probably just what is known or made public. If there was ever a situation where "lack of institutional control" applied...well other than UNC.....this is it and if the NCAA had courage of it's supposed convictions the athletic program would be taking a couple year hiatus.
  5. I know what you mean..but bama spent 16 years on probation not that long ago and were close to the death penalty ......NS will be gone in a few years and bammer will be back to where the were before he arrived....and back on probation again.....
  6. He should have hired Pitino's lawyer....
  7. Everyone should have seen this coming....big mistake by OM is not negotiating something earlier instead of a few weeks before practice gets underway.. The phone call...just another straw on the camel's back.....too many things piling up on them and JMO but bammers had nothing to do with this. Self inflicted stupidity by several of their coaches did it and eventually it all had to land on Freeze's doorstep as the HC. Timing was awful.....but even the timing was an OM thing. ....guys had their heads in the sand if they ever thought they could survive the drip , drip, drip of violations.
  8. I figured bird was pulling our leg.....I'm more for using the 10-1 defense....and put everyone on the ground that does not have a 60 or 70 on his jersey.
  9. Very encouraging piece....sounds like plenty of depth...and quality depth too.....could be a big year for the RBs....
  10. I've been working my way around trying to get all the US states....have 43 right now and might pick up a couple more next maybe someone in scheduling needs to start a campaign to check off the boxes for all of them...though many of the ones we have missed thus far are new arrivals to the Div 1 and are a long way from Power 5 status. Guess we could pick up a couple of them every year for our warm-up games though..
  11. About all I recall of my early days at AU was that we spent about half my time at AU on probation and two of our best defensive teams did not make it to bowl games. i do recall the 1958 team that held U of Tennessee to no first downs and minus 30 yards in total offense. I was not in school at AU yet but two of our best all time TV and no bowl games. ...just the Sunday replays with Carl Stevens and Shug
  12. Quite a few teams on the list but most are second tier teams and guess I'm not surprised. Thought we would have run into a few of the distant teams in bowl games but the set match ups these days kind of limit the opposition that might be available. Only about 4 or 5 of those would make a compelling match up.
  13. No, people who know how s""" works know it is a bad deal but Iran already got their money up paying a contractor in full before he starts building your house...what are you going to do if he does a crap job? Maybe you can sue him? ..but BO hung the U.S. out to dry on this one.
  14. great video....thanks Some observation: two way play by a number of players...Phillips for example. Day lights at in Columbus, Ga and Birmingham Quite a bit of offensive substitution ....X and Y units. Bobby Hoppe.....very strange guy as it turned out....much later in his life he was charged with a murder that took place during his college years.
  15. Do I understand that these posters are unhappy that DT could not find a way out of the agreement? It is a bad deal and I guess BO is due some credit for drafting a non-treaty that seems unbreakable by the U.S..