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  1. True...and I guess every player has what she thinks is good reason for making a change and every coach taking a transfer into the program thinks he/she is improving the team. A big game of musical chairs.....and like in the game, when it comes time to take a seat, some folks are gonna be left with no place to go....
  2. Miss State with 6 transfers …..and funny that teams like Louisville have players coming and going via the portal. and now AU also.
  3. Normally I'd blame this on the Clintons.....but see no particular way HC not sure who is behind the campaign but the mainstream media is on board with raking him over the coals.....not just him but his son also....
  4. Probably not even half could be "competitive" in a battle against the blue bloods of the major sports. Would not take long before it would be common knowledge that if you go to school X or Y...... the alums will take care of you. No matter how the NCAA might try to limit or write the rules, there are smart people who can exploit the technicalities …..and recruiting becomes a bidding war for the 5* recruits. Pay me now or pay me later…..would be easy to beat even a system that deferred the payments until after the player leaves and is no longer under jurisdiction of the NCAA.
  5. Already figuring out how to sandbag Biden....though he is making it pretty easy for them I guess. Meanwhile, wondering if Bernie (the non-Dem) really thinks that this time around the Dems will treat him fairly?
  6. Amazing number of people with no concept of unintended consequences affecting about 200 schools and tens of thousands of players...just to benefit a dozen or so who can legitimately make money off their likeness. This whole scheme is a pathway to corruption .....think basketball has problems?, you haven't seen anything until some alum wants to buy 1000 shirts with a players face or name on give away.
  7. They already have a top facility and draw like a class AAA baseball team...up there close to LSU and Miss State. JMO..but our fans have to earn the upgrade with better support of the team.
  8. The number to me is not important...but it does matter that baring injuries, most of those 35 should be playing 10 or 15 games a year. JMO but as the season wound down, those mid week games got more important and it looked like CBT was reluctant to play the back-up position players....which might have hurt their development...and unfortunately, even playing mostly starters on Tue/Wed....we did not do well. Check the stats....we played 66 games and Bliss started every one of them...probably finished all of them too....and several players started all but 2 or 3 games this year. JMO but that is overworking them....and unfortunate unless CBT has projected that we did not have a future position starter on the bench this year. Talk about a back-up QB not seeing much action....our back-ups at about every key position barely saw any action at all, even in the games against what should have been pushover games.
  9. Baseball is the perfect game....distance from the mound to the plate, the distances between bases are precise and properly proportioned......change anything by more than a couple inches and the entire game does not work. And, JMO that also goes for the number of innings which used to work out perfectly for the pitchers, most of whom not all that many years ago, could actually pitch a nine inning game without relief. Overmanaging the game is what is ruining it. Game was intended to last about 2 hours and for a hundred years you could count on that happening...before TV and five pitching changes in a 2 run game stretched the typical game to 3 hours and beyond. The length of the game is fine....its the non-game stuff that is ruining the game for fans and making it boring. Might allow belle to get her housework done but the pedantic pace is killing fan interest. Football headed in the same direction....60 minutes of play taking upwards of two and a half hours now. At least at home when there is a 2 minute time out to sell something, I can run do a couple tasks around the house....can't imagine what it's like to sit in the stadium with all that nothing going on between plays or changes of possession.....
  10. Back in my days at MP we could get them both together during inversions....wake up to that smell thinking there was a dead animal in your room.
  11. That is truly something you have to experience to appreciate...😷😷
  12. Why have replay if they are gonna miss it anyway? Oh well, they get most of them I guess....
  13. All of that makes perfect sense .>EXCEPT....the issue for the NCAA is not about how to add scholarships for baseball ….its about finding ways to increase scholarships that increase the diversity of college sports....which means scholarships that would go to minority students. I'm pretty sure adding scholarships for baseball or softball would not accomplish that goal. A few might go to minority students but is not likely to have much impact until more young black athletes learn the game of baseball well enough to earn the scholarhips….so the NCAA is not gonna push the issue. This is a social issue, not a financial issue.
  14. JMO but we need to get the roster down to guys who will be able to contribute next year. Probably a dozen guys on the roster who barely played all season and are not likely to see action next year either unless they were hurt and unable to play. Pitching staff needs weeding down. Maybe some of them will pick up some mph and control over the summer but too many non-contributors. With limited scholarships, it's important that all scholarship players have the ability to play at least in the mid week games. Hoping the transfers find a home somewhere that suits them.
  15. Hardly anything just "happens anyway" He got it matter that some of the planning was underway when he arrived.....and JMO but "closing the deal" is hard part.....And just at AU for 2 how much more could be expected in the slow moving bureaucracy that is college administration? Rex had a pretty good list and if the handling of BP or GM was an issue, I be embarrassed for Auburn and the BOT. I'm guessing that it was more about relationships than what he wanted to get done....or got done during his time at AU. If he could not get along with the BOT...that's on him in my opinion....he's a big boy and AU was not his first rodeo and he should have known that getting along with the boss(es) is RULE ONE. As Rex suggested...any good and qualified candidate is gonna want to know where Leath failed to meet expectations.