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  1. Thanks...good reasons.... but I think Mystic woke up on the wrong side of his bed today and is just being a "grouchy bear:" today...hopefully he will come around...
  2. Back when I was in AU they posted grades on the bulletin board outside the room after finals and mailed a summary copy to my parents. Mom usually knew all my grades before I did… not always a good thing. But as for meds and such.... it's been that way a long time....but I understand why parents are not happy about that kind of "freedom" ...and unhappy with coaches who take advantage of the fact. Not exactly the "family" atmosphere that most schools promote.
  3. Considering that the season is underway I guess....not sure what he "quiet period" is but with kids committing in Dec now is the time to pin down the ones we want. Seems in recent years, the majority of highly sought kids signed early.
  4. Gotta have a couple of those type posts just to keep things lively... probably paid by the mods or something
  5. Gus is gonna call the plays....but as folks noted all season, we need some new pages in the playbook....and I'm hoping that is where CM comes into play....and working with BN. And I still see a new OL in our way or the other....
  6. JMO but not a huge gain for dawgs or a bad loss for AU. I'd have liked to have him but that's the way it goes. I would like to see some new blood at OL though and maybe the new OC will have some input there.... so JMO but a change will come soon...
  7. CM comes in with plenty of talent on the offensive reason he/we should not see a pick up in the effectiveness of the Offense this season. There are some doubts about the he just needs to see that they get "coached up" or work around the issues. It's easy to coach a running game if you have four or five 5* pre-NFL linemen....coaches IMO earn their pay by learning how to succeed despite some deficiencies.
  8. Considering salaries in some sports, these are kind of shameful. I know football is the cash cow but to have young male coaches....give or take 30 years old making $250+ and these mostly female coaches making peanuts. Surprised any major university could get away with this.
  9. Been doing that at AU for a number of years and mostly it works......he figures he can stop the opponents when the field gets smaller and he has a pretty good record in the red zone. Unfortunately, he could not prevent bama receivers from shaking off our DBs for some breakaways.....but those receivers are/were special. As noted....hope we don't see them again....or at least not all of them at the same time.
  10. Kinda like bama had a playoff spot to nail down I guess... But LSU still had / has not back-up if needed. BUT I'm pretty sure they will have no trouble finding another transfer who can play immediately. For example, I saw yesterday that Boston College's QB is in the portal....has some good passing stats on a poor he has already let LSU know he's available....
  11. Get another transfer. Their current backup is probably not their QB for next year but might have a red shirt stashed away somewhere. Easiest thing is to get a grad transfer who wants to step up in class. I'm guessing there are some out there. No need to sweat it out for 3 or 4 years with an incoming freshman if you can get a mature guy with a couple seasons behind him and adapt him to your scheme.
  12. Seen some stuff on this but looks like birth control pills are routinely distributed in many school districts without parent permission. Mostly on the ADHD issue the parents are pressured into allowing schools to prescribe the meds. Apparently without HIPA approval from the student, colleges / universities don't/can't release information on meds....and I guess if a school wanted freedom to prescribe, they could discourage players from signing. None of it sounds good. JMO
  13. Nope.....and I don's see why he should …. Lots of people have input on game plan and play design but on game day, it's gotta be one guy...JMO
  14. You could be right but I've heard Ensminger taking credit for the play calling. He gave credit to Brady for the passing game, play designs but was clear that he called the offense on game day. If I were Brady I would not want to take credit for the running game design....which still looks like Les Miles...