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  1. Everyone but Auburn packing the lane... The last couple of games it was like we had a sign on the foul line saying "we are open,, come on in.". I lost track of how many uncontested layups that Lewis had against us. And of course now that everyone has found out that we don't have outside shooting as a threat, they are not going to allow our guys too have access to the basket from close in.
  2. The party under leadership of rich old white people....who would have ever thought that.? And another one (HC) waiting in the wings if things don't turn out well for one of the other four.
  3. BB throughout the college ranks finally paying the price for "one and done" and "early out commitments".....such that teams like AU are mostly left with lesser talents who are still in school and finally able to get some playing time. Even the so-called blue bloods are weaker this year....UNC below 50% at this time and Duke or Kansas losing at home is something they almost never do. Good news for AU is that nobody is beyond getting blown out while on the road by a team that is probably about the equal if playing on a neutral floor. So win the home games and try to get a couple of them on the road...
  4. If it's that "simple"....why can't we.... "don't miss"?
  5. Missouri hit 31 of 31 foul does a team do that...?
  6. Had to laugh at the OP....the "pro crime" party? GOP? So what happened to all those pro criminal Dems running the sanctuary cities and states, or the NYC mayor cutting criminals lose with no bail so they can go out and commit more crimes....and of course those cities that will not assist ICE in getting ride of criminal illegals. There must be thousands of "pro-Crime" democrats holding public office in the blue states alone.
  7. UGH.....47 points in 40 minutes......hard to believe....
  8. WOW...totally lost their poise and did that happen so quickly?
  9. OBJ doing something outrageous ….who would have ever expected that? . AND I'm sure none of our 2010 players got a "handout" after that big win... JMO but LSU will have to "disassociate" from him for a while.....typical penalty for a booster out of control. Hoping the players don't get penalized...or team either. Something that happened n the excitement of the moment. Forgetaboutit.
  10. Counting on softball to be better than the experts are predicting.......though we start the season with almost no "household" names on the team as in past years. Some of the new young players will have to take a big step forward but seems that CMD has the kind of staff needed to help them develop quickly. Look forward to getting more up to date on the future stars in that sport.
  11. Check the stats....Johnson only one shooting a decent percent and AMc is less than 30% in he is a rebounder and on the 70% that he misses, we generally lose the opportunity for an offensive rebound and same for DP. I think the line move is more psychological than physical if you think back of all the shots that Harper and Brown took from well behind the line. So we knew coming into the season we likely would have shooting problems....and now we see that we do....and yet our big guys are firing up "one and done" shots from beyond the arc leaving no one to rebound. Wiley plays about 20 minutes per game and I expect that will be the norm this year....which means that half a game we need some different plan to score.
  12. I'd like to see more discipline from the shooters. Last year it seemed OK to give guys like Dunbar, Brown and Harper the green light anytime they wanted to shoot but this year, we don't have the shooters to allow guys like AMac and others to be firing up 25 footers the first time they touch the ball on the offensive end. With a bunch of guys shooting from 25-30% on three point attempts, they are mostly just creating wasted trips down the floor. Johnson hitting well over 40% and seems to have earned the right....otherwise ? not so much.
  13. Knew it had to end sometime...but this past week or so was really tough on the top ten teams...Aside from Duke there is Butler, Kansas, Mich State, AU and Kentucky, Oregon went down last night...and maybe somebody I don't remember. Gonzaga seems to have a free ride as #1 the rest of the season. No clearly dominant teams and most of the top teams lost to unranked teams which is even more interesting. Looks like nobody is as good as they were last year...
  14. True...BUT.... the good news is that none of the opposition has these numbers and therefore has no idea about how to defend him. 😊
  15. Think we have the good fortune this season that there are no really dominant teams in the SEC....or anywhere else for that matter. AU , despite the problems, is still probably among the better teams. If you watch a lot of BB, it still seems that we are among the top ten teams or so.