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  1. Guess the issue might be "overwork" compared to what they are prepared to do by virtue of their workout routines. And of course, lots of speculation that the modern pitches with emphasis on "action or movement" put more stress on the elbow and shoulder. The old guys threw fastballs with a standard curve and change-up. I"ve read that the splitter and variations are hazardous and maybe others too....the problem is you only learn the dangers after the damage is done.
  2. Well Owen it seems, Mize for a while....but he's been here 3 seasons and I have no idea what went on at MSU....maybe nothing? Just seems that starters have had some issues. But I also worry /wonder about what goes on in the summers....and even before the guys got to Auburn. Not blaming CBT but just wondering if the "pampering" of pitchers really helps or makes a difference..
  3. The "troubles" had a religious overtone but it was more that just that.....political as well and nationalistic too. ..some similarities to the Shiites and Sunni where religion and politics collided. ...and like them, the bombers did not take too much care about who the possible victims might be. .same in Sri Lanka. ...targeted Christians but were willing to kill whoever might be in the hotels or passing on the sidewalks.
  4. For a coach known for taking care of his pitchers, seems that we have an unusual amount of pitcher arm problems. Could be a coincidence or just bad luck....but pitching seems to be about the only athletic endeavor where you practice and/or work out less in order to do more later on. ….like a marathon runner only practicing with 10 K workouts.... I do note however that CBT has moved away from the 90-100 pitch count rule lately and giving his pitchers more time on the mound if they are feeling good. Old but interesting piece.....the less the pitchers pitch, the more they seem to have arm problems?
  5. Yep..... ..this would be a tough game for either Fuller or Owen to take.. but JMO, I doubt any of the others are up to the task.......
  6. That's what bad management will get you. Ten Years was one of the most admired companies too...but look at the fortune 500 ten years ago and GE is not the only one to take a tumble. Big company or small...there are no guarantees of business success. ...check with TJ's Cafe down on Trade St....except that you can't check now because after 20 years in business, they are quality declined and customers went elsewhere....and why not? .
  7. We have a Thursday night who starts? Even on Thursday TB has started most of the time I think....stick with the plan? See that game is on ESPNU tonight....6:30
  8. Maybe individuals but the church is not responsible for nut cases or those who promote un-Christian actions or doctrine. Find me any well known Christian church promoting hatred of violence or which has members doing that.
  9. Certainly there are many views that are said the be Christian in nature but the days when "wars were fought" have long past and I can't recall the last time a Christians denomination supported killing other Christians or even non-Christians over issues of theology. .If you read the bible, it's pretty easy to see that some people might not see it the same way.....but generally Christians are pretty passive when it comes to relations with other religions. Christian churches in the US are among the biggest supporters of Israel for example. On the other hand, followers of Islam are bombing and killing each other almost every day throughout the middle east...and about once a week some group attacks a Christian church in the third world. India and Pakistan are struggling with terrorists who claim to be killing members of other religions on behalf of Hindu and Buddhism. It might not have been your intent......but I hate it when people use the family feuds of Christian denominations as some sort of equivalence to the actual wars that are being fought by two major branches of Islam against each other and other religions too. As noted, we Christians are a pretty passive bunch which is why when something happens in Sri Lanka....there are no riots in the streets and no fatwahs declaring the need for vengeance.
  10. most illegal immigrants are not from Mexico....and vaccinations are likely not 100% deterrent anyway....but YES.....parents need to get them for infants and keep up to date.....but considering how a lot of kids are raised in this country by irresponsible parents, it's an issue and a problem.
  11. My experience is that such views are quite rare. Don't think I've heard that comment since I was a teenager and that was a looong time ago. And you can bet the media people not using the term "Christian" when talking about the bombings know that Catholics are Christian and made a deliberate decision on how to express their views. In fact, some of the articles I read never even said Catholic churches...just mentioned the church name and left it to the readers to figure out what denomination was involved.
  12. Do we automatically vaccinate kids who come over the border from Latin America? No telling what childhood diseases they are bringing with them since it's unlikely they have had very good medical treatment. I'm guessing they get a cursory medical exam if they are caught at the border and ones who just sneak in likely get nothing until they are sick. All the more reason for parents to stay on top of the vaccination schedules for their kids in this country.
  13. Also a senior citizen …..but I'm thinking that this is pretty typical for softball...see it everywhere and I get the impression that is might be encouraged to keep the girls interested in the game, create a team spirit......especially those not playing. And JMO, but I'm not sure that a serious attitude or grim face contributes to better results. By and large the dance routines, group sings are not my thing....but if the girls are having fun ….which I hope they do, win or lose, then I accept it as part of the game these days. .
  14. Probably in a case like this you take a quality athlete if he is interested......seems maybe he initiated contact with AU....and not likely that a coach would suggest he try somewhere else. Plus we seem to find a way to get a good number of WRs into the action. Hope it works out.
  15. Overtime procedures, targeting, blind-side blocks and more were tweaked by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, it was announced this week. Beginning in the fall, according to, officials will either confirm the targeting call or overturn it. Official will no longer be allowed to let the call on the field “stand.” Instant replay officials are now directed to examine all aspects of the play and confirm the targeting foul when “all elements of targeting are present.” The panel also approved instituting a progressive penalty for targeting. Players who commit three targeting fouls in the same season are subject to a one-game suspension. The panel also approved the following: A new rule relevant to blind-side blocking techniques. Players will not be allowed to deliver a blind-side block by attacking an opponent with forcible contact. It will be a personal foul with a 15-yard penalty. If the block also includes the elements of targeting, it will be a blind-side block with targeting. A rules change has been approved to eliminate the two-man wedge formation on all kickoffs. There is more which you can read on So...did they clear things up or make them more "interpretational"?