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  1. Last four Games without Mac.

    On the positive side, quite a few teams play with 8 players in their rotation so that alone is not such a big issue.... IMO the issue is who that missing 9th player is and where he fit into the scheme of things.....and of course there is the issue of fouls and how the team can play when refs are calling them ticky tacky and the fouls mount up. What we really need is to get our shooting eyes back and come out with offense clicking .....100% ready to play. We spend a tremendous amount of energy on those comebacks and it would be better is we can get off to a good start and not have to play the second half at such a frantic pace trying to erase a big deficit.
  2. Whites Shoot Up BLM Protest

    Good question and IMO , yes the media likes the drama of a big shooting like Florida school tragedy whereas when 50 people are killed in a month and three or four times that many more are wounded in Chicago alone, there is little in the news about it. The mental plague is mostly affecting the national media and what it decides to report.. Hope you enjoy your time in Italy and don't let you US media destroy your faith in this great country.
  3. Saw something in AUC.....ran some seriously fast times in the 100 and 200 meters.....sub 21 seconds for 200 meters.
  4. Pettway is a mess

    Odds are that there are dozens of non-football playing AU students suffering from addictions and are in the process of ruining their lives. Someone noted that AU has a good rehab program and I take their word for that but two thoughts come to mind: 1-. we spend a lot time worrying over one student who has every possible crutch and aid through the athletic department to overcome whatever problems (physical or emotional) and not sure we worry very much about those other AU students who need the same kind of help and probably don't have anywhere near as much on-campus support. This is a sports forum...but the issues are not directly sports related and I'm not sure why the Athletic Department should be held accountable for what's apparently going on. 2- AA and about every other program for helping people with these kinds of problems stresses that the person must want to overcome the problem and generally a person can't be pushed into a program against his or her will.
  5. Softball report

    Boy....this week will be a major step-up in the level of competition.
  6. Basketball Probe

    Do we know that the FBI is snooping around? Far as I've heard, they got CP on tape a year ago and it was done while he was out of state....which is why the Feds have him. Just guessing that the Feds would not care what BP knew unless there was some indication that he was personally involved or could be used as a witness against CP (and this is what I suspect). Otherwise, if there is any snooping still going on, it's likely to be by the NCAA. Mostly this stuff is now ancient history.....just a matter of getting to powers running the show to disclose what they know and what they plan to do about it.
  7. Basketball Probe

    There is a lot that is not right....mostly I wonder about the two assistant coaches....been zero information about where they got into it...unless they knew about what CP was doing....maybe with DP for example .....and did not say anything. As for BP......he's probably on the line between " had no clue what was going on"... or "some things made me wonder"....but he did not say or do anything. I still think he personally will get some penalty...JMO. Also JMO but there is a risk that if the NCAA comes down him again, he could be done as a coach in NCAA basketball. He's working hard to keep his job.......and who can blame him for that?
  8. Basketball Probe

    Glad he did....stonewalling Leath did not look good and we all knew there were some things he could say without any personal jeopardy. He was suitably evasive in the interview but did not look like he was hiding anything either. Now we just wait and see what the NCAA does...
  9. McLemore's Surgery

    Glad to hear it went well...but no surprise with the quality orthopedic surgeons we have access to. As for recovery, we knew it was not going to be 4 but 4 months is pretty much the same as 6 months this time of year and likely, once the break heals he will be doing rehab for the rest of his injury in a couple months or so. My wife did one of those ....fell from Segway and did about the same break and in less than 6 months she was at least 80%, playing golf, etc....and she is in her 70s. AM should be able to do better than that.... Just hoping he comes back to 100% at the end....whether 4 months or 6 months. Sure gonna miss him.
  10. Men vs. South Carolina

    I don't think it's bashing but what the pre-season projections indicated was shown to be wrong.....happens all the time. The thing is, the team has shown what it is capable of ......being among the conference and national elite because of good defense, good game management and fairly accurate shooting. . JMO but what we have seen thus far this year has now become the "standard" of what the team can do.....and would be a shame to see regression at this point of the season. .
  11. We’re ranked

    Listening to sports talk this morning while traveling and seems that maybe AM's injury had about as much to do with how much we dropped as did the loss to South Carolina......though we only went down 3 places I think....which is not that bad. Rankings now mean nothing's all about what we do the next couple weeks and how we compensate for the loss of AM.
  12. The Future of Auburn Basketball

    True but hard to believe DP will ever be back...and AW maybe. As for DP, seems to me that the longer this goes, the lower the chance of seeing him back....can't imagine what evidence they would uncover by now that would exonerate him. Guess I've totally moved on in terms of DP and AW......and what our roster looks like the next couple years. Mostly I would like to see a big meaty guy or two who can play inside with the same energy and enthusiasm as Murray and another pure shooter to follow Brown. .
  13. Watched some of the LSU -ND series.....they drew an average of 12,000 per game for that series....LSU baseball is a money making least for what is considered a non profit at most schools.
  14. How do we look in baseball?

    Looking at the pre-season polls and I think that everyone in the SEC west except us is ranked already....Once we get into March it's gonna be a really tough schedule and with Florida and Kentucky on schedule, our SOS ought to be off the charts.
  15. Auburn Women at bama basketball

    Paid slight attention to the game...looked like AU had a chance only down one point at the beginning of the 4th quarter....but the game got away from them....neither team could shoot worth a darn.....turnovers all over the place....two equally unskilled teams I'm afraid. This should be Flo's last season. She had plenty of time to put her own signature on the team and become competitive but whether it was the talent level she brought in or the coaching.....they just never seemed to play the game well. Looks to me like we have fallen way behind the best teams in the conference...we are mostly competitive but can't figure out how to win games that seem to be winnable.