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  1. Stop subsidizing NFL

    Some might be but why needlessly antagonize the ones who are offended ? It is downright stupid to even venture into that arena. Politics is pretty split so any time a business gets into politics the odds are that half of their patrons...maybe more are gonna vote with their feet or pocketbook.
  2. I rarely watch NFL games....Panthers mostly to watch Cam but that is fast losing my interest. But on Sunday afternoons I often have a game on while I do other stuff...but no more. I am just one person so probably nobody cares.....but I bet I am not alone in my protest and the league and sponsors will eventually get the message.
  3. AU 10 pt favorite vs Miss St

    10 definitely too high....Won't stay there long...guess I would give the 7.5
  4. Disagree....matter of principle on my side too and just another move down the famous slippery slope. And since this seems to be becoming a Constitutional issue....looking for players to exercise their second amendment rights and be free to have legal weapons in dressing rooms.
  5. Just wondering when this first happens at a college game.....and what happens. Won't be very long... next couple weeks I expect. JMO.
  6. Stop subsidizing NFL

    So it''s OK for employees to take actions to insult their employer's customers as long as they do it peacefully? Gotta be kidding. Waiting the see the first techie at Best Buy wearing a Make America Great Again shirt to work and see how long he has a job. I'm betting there is majority of attendees in just about every stadium who did not pay $100+ for a ticket to watch some millionaire exercising his first amendment rights. The greedy guys running the NFL are to weak willed to deal with the issue and I guess that since most tickets are pre-sold for the season, they figure that this will blow over before their fans have to write those big checks again for 2018 but not so sure that's true. Really eager to see what NFL does to try and win back those fans....more military recognition...maybe have a group of those kneeling players go up to the color guard and thank them for their service or something.? Me.....I'm expecting more and more empty seats if this keeps up....especially at stadiums when some teams get to 1-5 and folks decide to eat the ticket prices rather than pay another few hundred bucks for parking and concessions to watch these protestors play bad football. The resistance to this "movement" is just getting started in my view.
  7. Missouri Coach goes on a rant

    Good observations. . JMO but he was a coach weighing his options to find what would have the least impact on him ...and maybe his team.....and sold out the university..probably unintentionally but none the less...... He had the choice to reject the boycott and play the game with whoever showed up....and seems I recall that those proposing the boycott were not a majority of the team....but whatever.. He did what he did which gave huge credibility and support to the boycott effort.....probably sold out his boss .....and in my view, bears some responsibility for what followed. ...maybe a lot it. Hate to think that a football team could sway the actions of an entire elite university...but we saw it happen....and we are seeing he result.
  8. AU 10 pt favorite vs Miss St

    Bit of a surprise....I am guessing down to 8 in the next few days....from what I see and hear AU people are not going to jump on a betting opportunity with that spread....Will take a better deal than that...JMO.
  9. See that AU opening as 10 point favorite over MSU...a bit surprising to me....
  10. Makes you wonder how they keep a tax exempt status. The few tax exempt organizations that I am involved with are pretty careful not to risk the status by accumulating any great amount of money....choosing to keep a safe operating margin but otherwise use the money for the purposes of the organization. This sounds strange and suspicious to me.
  11. All Things NFL Thread

    Yep....gradually Shula and Rivera have stripped him of everything that made him what he was in college. Will say that he has had some injuries....NFL did not take care of him and allowed defenders to beat up on him far worse than some other prime QBs....even changed the rules a bit to allow defenders to hit hm when he did not have the ball. Beyond that....just seems like from interviews and such that he has lost his passion for the game. JMO
  12. All Things NFL Thread

    Cam with 3 INTs and Panthers looking like crap.....and Saints score again to go up 33-13. Wondering how much more NFL Cam has in him? Just not looking like he's into the game lately...
  13. You know this how? got an example or two?
  14. JMO but you practice at practice....and when you play a game, you play to win and do what gives the best chance to win.
  15. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Interesting to see what the folks said before the game.....consensus seemed to be a 2-3 TD game.. Seems there would be more appreciation for what AU did considering the actual spread...but not on this forum of course. .