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  1. AU64

    Gus thanks departed OC Lindsey

    😃 Made a good point but bad example....after the guy was fired the Sooners gave up more than 40 points in four of their last five games....well, one was in the 50s. So turned out it was not about the DC........the problem was the Oklahoma defensive players...... Might have been the same situation at AU...
  2. AU64

    The Turds Bring in DJ Durkin

    Bama fans would not be upset if NS hired "Jack the ripper"... Just as long as he could recruit well.
  3. AU64

    Gus admits error with Martin

    Well that's fine....just care away ...but get off that horse....and idea that a mother of a player might have it wrong ? that never happens. Not calling her a liar ...but not calling our coaches liars either. It's a done deal and unless you want to keep beating up on Gus there is no reason to continue pushing the issue.>>JMO The guy is gonna go somewhere and probably play a few years but he was not gonna be a factor at AU and you must know that. So...he got the opportunity for an Auburn education which I hope he took some advantage of.
  4. AU64

    Nick Coe probably out for Bowl game

    Hate that.....hope he fully recovers for next season
  5. AU64

    Gus admits error with Martin

    Old news....
  6. AU64

    CGM contract not changed!!!

    Gee...even bama has had more decommits than AU...why is that?
  7. AU64


    Well, let me clarify that...North Carolina Central hit for same violations committed by UNC-Chapel Hill which were swept under the run....or maybe blue blood UNC got poor old NC Central to plead guilty on their behalf. An NCAA appeals committee has upheld a ruling requiring North Carolina Central to vacate football, baseball and men's basketball records due to certification errors that allowed ineligible athletes to compete.
  8. AU64

    Dye-Gest: Set a Positive Tone

    😃 I think Ole Miss tried that....only a few schools can do that and get away with it....and we ain't among them....
  9. AU64

    Dye-Gest: Set a Positive Tone

    That's true and mostly we have trouble building depth.....have a good OL when guys are juniors and seniors and then a drop off. We probably recruit more "higher risk" players than bama or ga.….but that's who we can get I guess. So we go from one year of playing juniors and seniors (like last season) and then we are playing freshmen and sophs the next year. I follow recruiting reasonable well and as for elites.....getting where the elites in football are like they are in basketball....they go to the elite programs and like it or not we are not quite there with bama, ga, Michigan, OSU and a few others who are able to dip into a distant state and just get one prime recruit and that's it. As long as we are regional in recruiting we will mostly get the players that the "state name schools" don't have room for. As I noted me a coach anywhere who is out-recruiting bama or ga on a regular basis and putting guys in the NFL. JMO....Gotta get the best we can get and try to win with them.
  10. Got my invitation to buy tickets for the upcoming season and noted that the ball park is nearly sold out except for singles and some tickets along the first base line. That surprised me and I wonder if baseball is like basketball....people buy season tickets which are pretty reasonable considering the number of games ($195) and then only go to a few game....maybe conference game or Sunday afternoon or? I recall last season watching games on TV that were sold out and empty seats we see in basketball. Looks to me like whether you have tickets or not, it's a good bet you can get them at the game about anytime you want? A college baseball game is a good few hours of entertainment and the price is right if you want to take kids to the campus and enjoy an afternoon.
  11. AU64

    have quite the ceiling with Purifoy

    Good place for him to get back on the floor....not as much pressure. Maybe BP will make him part of the "second line" for a while. I see that Wiley is somewhat considered in a 6th man role.....could do that with some others too? … back in the day with Dean Smith at Carolina had a blue unit and substituted in mass when the starters needed a rest.....the "blues " were a cohesive unit having played together and could be pretty effective for several minutes stretches. .
  12. AU64

    Mike MacIntyre is the new Ole Miss DC.

    He's been all over the country including OM some time probably knew Luke and seemed like a good paycheck while he waits on the stain of getting fired from Colorado to wear off. This is his fifth DC gig so he knows his way around the job and might be able to do some good at OM.
  13. AU64

    Dye-Gest: Set a Positive Tone

    See my comment above. JMO but we are not gonna compete directly with bama for many players....and has nothing to do with tickets or coaches' salaries. AU beat both of the big guys last season with less talent so it can be done from time to time. BUT ….I'm willing to change my mind about recruiting if you can show me a coach somewhere/anywhere who would out-recruit bama or Georgia? Every year about 100 HCs try to get the best talent they can recruit so it's not like everyone just rolls over for bama or Georgia.....but you have to consider how much time to spend on guys where your chance is about 5% or less. I've seen us go after a couple players we really wanted against bama (the Auburn HS guys) and spend hours and money and get NOTHING for the effort and had only about 5% chance.... and we often get played by the kids and bama in the process. Try to recruit to needs and work on guys where there is some possibility of getting them. JMO
  14. AU64

    Dye-Gest: Set a Positive Tone

    I'm just saying pick your everyone else does. Do you think other schools go out of their way to deliberately enter in to a bidding war with bama? Maybe a few but by and large it would be a waste of time....JMO....
  15. AU64

    Mike MacIntyre is the new Ole Miss DC.

    what do you think? I don't care what Gus thinks....but was curious what MMc might have been thinking....another Muschamp move?