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  1. I'm not defending Trump....I'm a registered Cynic.....but I also know when I see BS in the MSN ....especially when the are quoting ...and I use that term loosely ...their unnamed sources as if those sources (who are not held responsible for what they say) have no personal agenda are even being truthful. The major agencies of the US government are full of political appointees....maybe 4000 I hear and most currently holding those jobs were appointed by the Obama it would be hard not to believe that at least 98% are Dems....could be a few Republicans slipped through....and those Dems are pretty likely solid party supporters or else they would not have those plush jobs. So a registered Cynic....I'm saying that anyone who thinks that leaks coming from within the major government agencies are being put forth for the "good of the country" is living in la la land. If that is you....go ahead and admit it.....otherwise, you might want to be more discerning about what you read and believe. Otherwise you might actually believe that all those governments contributing to the Clinton Foundation did not expect to get anything in return and maybe even that Saudi Arabia is really our friend.
  2. Agree..drives my computer nuts....and me too.
  3. I am not defending Trump....just noting that the MSM has agenda and is full of BS and misleading stories and outright lies from their unidentified "sources"...many of whom have their own agendas. Anyone who believes that all FBI or CIA employees are 100% loyal US patriots is a fool....and should read a little history of those agencies. The fact that DJT makes some outrageous comments does not give the media license to make up or slant the news to suit it's own purposes. Not going to engage in a tit for tat on this...nobody is likely to change their views....JMO
  4. Don't know but lots of folks fooling you....JMO
  5. You realize this is all a game.....even homer is not as obtuse as he would like you to think....but I could be wrong about that?
  6. Complete game for Thompson...90 pitches but even a tired KT is probably better than anyone in the. bullpen. Sure need a good closer...maybe Sprinkle...maybe not ?
  7. Watch ten minutes of MSNBC and you you should get the picture.
  8. Did you sleep through last 8 years.? check this link....and I used the Guardian since you might not believe a piece from FOX...
  9. Good point there but not many of them are available across the counter as far as I know. Don't problems with them usually start with careless doctors ...? As for the Philly situation....another "feel good" law that had unexpected (to the idiots who proposed it) consequences. Why is anyone surprised. Basic law of economic is that if you want to have "less of something" just tax the famous luxury yacht tax that was going to raise money from the rich and only succeeded in driving boat builders out of business. .. People who don't know history are condemned to repeat it.
  10. Wrong...Obama's administration tapped the phones of several news reporters from AP and tried to get one Fox guy charged with treason or something to that effect. Obama ranted about Fox for 8 years....
  11. You mean that people are not smart enough to know that soda's contain sugar? ....but the good news is that now those people have more money to spend on Big Macs and double fries which are much more healthy.
  12. Check this: Guess I missed the new where these babies have actually quit.....wonder how many are on their way to Canada?
  13. Not too much to argue about with the list but I see no way that three or four SEC schools could be out looking for a new head coach at the same time. To be honest, it is unlikely that any of those schools could bring in a top experienced coach. Just look at the last round of new hires and imagine what the next group will look like . It will be a joke played on most of the PTB's that chase off a reasonably successful coach.
  14. Had not read all of the allegations until just now . Dang, Ole Miss must really be hacked that most of the people who took the money are now playing somewhere else . Or, at least that's all the NCAA could track down . More likely they got the few who had left the school and could be pressured into spilling the beans. That place had to be a real sewer it seems.
  15. Thanks WT, great play-by-play on the last 30 seconds . An exciting win and AU really needed it.