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  1. AU64

    Malzahn post game

    Well, I think we were told it was insignificant for about 3 weeks leading up to the game when some guys were not going to play, etc. It only became significant when we lost...
  2. AU64

    Malzahn post game

  3. AU64

    Mark Sears

    When you can't counter the message, go after the messenger. Mods letting this become the "smack talk" sports forum.
  4. AU64

    Upon Further Review -Ole Miss Game

    Doesn't mean that they have not tried......can lead a horse to water and all that.....
  5. AU64


    Could be....maybe depends on the parks they play in ….but both have over 200 HRs this year...but not sure how Fenway figures into the situation other than probability that the Boston games will be played in 40+ degree temps which might affect hitting? I'm ready though.....looking forward to first game on Tuesday..
  6. AU64

    Upon Further Review -Ole Miss Game

    Perhaps but mostly he sets his eyes on his receiver immediately and everyone in the defensive backfield knows where the ball is going and they close on the intended receiver. . On those few occasions where JS looks one way and then checks the other side of the field, our guys are wide open. There seems to be great potential for stop and go routes....and trailing receivers crossing the middle ...JMO
  7. AU64


    Yep.. JMO but if the guy could not regularly make them from 50+ in practice, Gus would not bother to put him out there in a game. Coaches obviously know he has the ability …..and just needs to get his head right.....and JMO but the only way for him to get his head right is to get back on that horse and try again.
  8. AU64


    Well...maybe so......looks like we are gonna see some 40 degree baseball.....boy I hated playing when it was cold. Should be an interesting series....pitchers will have their work cut out for them....good bats on both teams.
  9. AU64

    Don't look now, but

    Ohio State getting manhandled by a 3-3 team.....wonder how many spots they will fall in the rankings?
  10. AU64


    I don't know what it would take to get his mind straight but we really need those points. If AC can't be depended on, it's time to try someone else though perhaps there is no one else. Guess anytime inside the 35 we might as well go for the 4th down play.....or else call plays in that part of the field with the expectation that we are in "four down" territory. I'm betting that in practice, the kid makes kicks from that distance with no problems....having heard during the Washington game that he was good from 60. So....if you don't let him try those kicks, what happens when a game is on the line and we must have the kick? Not sure what the answer is but I'm pretty sure we can't just decide not to try FGs outside the 25.
  11. AU64

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    I thought it was "just win baby"....but guess that does not apply here....
  12. AU64

    The Stock Market

    The key problem in this discussion is the word "always".... I've had friends over the years who were basically invested in their employers....Westinghouse and GE to mention a couple and their failure to diversify cost them badly . But if you get lucky and don't diversify into a stock like Apple you can make a fortune.....then again, if you happen to load up on Enron …..well......retirement is gonna be tough. Diversity is a means of protection and JMO but it is not possible to heavily diversify and still achieve very high returns.....something(s) in a diversified portfolio is not going to perform and drag the rest down.
  13. C'mon belle...nobody wants reality......this whole discussion on possible coaches is just something from "dreamland" with top 5 coaches lined up at the door wanting the AU job.
  14. AU64

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    True….and about all the coaches I've seen mentioned here have nothing special to offer or would have no reason to take the AU job.. JMO Most have modest records against modest competition ….and I'm amused by the idea that if one of them came here, all of a sudden he would be able to bring in great coordinators and assistant coaches ….and be able to recruit 4* and 5* players.
  15. AU64

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread's always the whiners who are on the post game.....not enough for them to gripe about so only the three or four true hard-case whiners are here..... Nice to get the win....never that easy on the road in the SEC.....hoping Boobee will be OK for the next game....plenty of time for the dings to heal...I hope...