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  1. I don't see us stealing a lot of bases...but some speed would help on the base path...stretching singles, taking the extra base, scoring from second, etc.
  2. Getting "no hit" by three pitchers is really sad. I can understand a hot pitcher shutting down a team but to have 3 different guys come and do that...really hurts. And while I did not see the entire game, I don't recall nor did they show any saving plays that kept the no hitter alive. Usually in such a situation, there are a couple remarkable defense plays that keep things going ...but of the game I saw, the AU batters barely threatened to break loose. I kept waiting to see if AU would try a bunt for a base hit to break up the hitless streak in the last couple innings. Sometimes that is considered dirty pool ...but whatever, nobody on the AU team seemed determined to avoid suffering the indignity of the first no hitter in SEC tournament history....and that's one for the record books that I could do without. But the good thing about baseball...that's just one game though how we lost rather than the loss itself it what is bothersome. We will almost certainly face a superior team in the NCAA regional and as noted by someone above, the team needs a bit of swagger and confidence to get anywhere next week.
  3. One thing you can pretty well count on. ...... .we will lose our last game of the season and hope it does not look like this one. So I guess the question is how mentally tough the team can remain until it gets to that point. This was as bad as anything all season.....almost as if the "goal" had been accomplished by winning the Ole MIss game. Need some leadership on the team roster to turn things around.....
  4. Always have a chance to win a few games with Mize and Thompson...after that...who knows?
  5. OUCH...just got home....this is awful. Sure expected a better effort than this. The game last night left me encouraged..but that didn't last long
  6. JMO but not sure I have a favorite in the current game....Arky leading 3-0 at the of 4th. Plenty of time for either to pull it out...
  7. SEC officials always take care of the conference's top rated teams...does not matter what sport. Folks sometimes think it is a bama thing...but it goes further than least that's my view..
  8. CL looking good...a matter of how far he can go. Damn .... bad play and next thing we know FL has a runner on second...
  9. Problem with baseball is that more than any other sport you don't know what your class is going to look like until the guys attend their first class. oaches walking a fine line.......finding kids good enough to play SEC ball but not quite enough for the MLB to wave a bunch of bucks under their noses.
  10. Lipscomb starting...interesting.... BUT...already 11 PM at my place....think I'm mostly going to wait and read the final in the morning. Hope someone does a good PBP on this site..
  11. Was looking at the radar from the Birmingham area and appears that when the current pod moves away there might be enough clear sky to play our game unless something new develops . I guess that is still the intent ?
  12. interesting piece in a lot like what AU went through....right down to the AD who wanted to fire him and found a way to do. In this case, he might have been smarter than JJ in how he went about it...... he did not try to find some way to invoke the "for cause" excuse.....just paid him the money and told him to get lost. Now they can move on...that's the way to do it.
  13. guess that could be ..maybe it was something about ...the more damaging an error could be...the more likely it was that one would be committed....and that's why they seem so memorable. I have faith that Holland will come along...just not sure where his natural positon is...or should be.
  14. I remember when I was at AU the girls had a 10PM curfew on weekdays and 11 on the weekends...Did not apply for boys...the thinking being that when the girls were back in the dorm (where they had to live) that the boys were no longer a problem. Maybe that rule is still in effect.