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  1. JMO...but we only appear incompetent if one believes all the BS being floated out by the local sports hacks. Those who are predisposed to negative thoughts about the coaching staff seem to jump at every opportunity that will support their views...such as the duplicitous "news" surrounding the OC hire.
  2. Another name come and gone in a blink . I think these beat writers just throw out names , more or less at random , to see what happens . No way that AU is actually making offers to all of these people. JMO
  3. Interesting reports....hope they do surprises....good prospects for future development.
  4. There are never too many games...heading back to the days of open tournaments where you start with everyone and the analytics is used for seeding purposes....would only add 2 games at most to the process in basketball.
  5. Needed a time out about 3 minutes ago....let the lead get away
  6. Cya excellent interview with Barkley.....perceptive.....
  7. ....somehow we end up leading at the half...two poor teams swapping baskets and mistakes....but if you can ignore all the bad plays the second half could be exciting ..probably a fun game for the fans at the game...
  8. My recollection of the courtship of Rich Rod was that many Bama fans were absolutely opposed to him and even made fun of his wife on talk shows. It has been a number of years ago but I think he would have had the same resistance at Bama he found at Michiga. Neither school was ready for his style of offense. Whatever..., the new AD will do what the PTB's tell him to do.
  9. I would not be surprised , just making a point that I think this stuff is totally out of hand . Someone has to pay for this and there is probably a limit to ticket prices that fans will pay when there are so many other options . I watch a fair amount of college football and other than the big rival games, there are a lot of empty seats in SEC stadiums for many games.
  10. They always love a Rich Rod hire....until he is actually there for a while ?
  11. We are spending fortunes on shiny toys for these guys and I have yet to read of a kid going to a competitive school because of stadium size or the jumbotron.
  12. He is probably the guy who will hire Saban's successor don't you think ?
  13. The kind of guy who proves you can't just look at one season. Has bounced around and had checkered history at Iowa State after Chiz..but apparently a good guy.
  14. Hired RichRod as football coach...3-9 season this year....what more can you say?
  15. Attempts is the key word....think most teams prefer to foul one of our big guys rather than allow an easy basket.