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  1. WOW…..was last on campus 2 years ago when the Mell Building was being shown amazing amount of work done since then. The place looks great.
  2. Interesting....I was not a teen but started the same way....a 5 and 7 iron and hit them at the old ROTC drill field at AU several afternoons a week for a month or more and then a friend (college golfer) took me to the old Saugahatchee and did about the same for a number of rounds. Did not have a full set of clubs for several months after I started "playing". Hope the kid does not get discouraged.....and some success will help him.
  3. Don't want to get in the middle of a good scrap but thought I would just toss in a few observations for consideration. In my last job I was the top officer for a small Swiss owned company here in the US where we sold and serviced machinery made in Switzerland.....worked the US, Canada and Mexico textile markets. We "sold" the machines, the Swiss set the prices and set our margins. That was some time back. Now, my son is the CFO of an Italian owned company that manufactures it's machines in Italy and his company handles sales, service and parts. Same kind of deal....they build the machines in Italy, sell them to the US company which in turn sells the machine systems to US and Canadian companies. Same type of pricing system for European sourced parts. In both cases the parent companies worried about exchange rates and kept/keep prices competitive and stable no matter what the exchange might be. Unless you or TT has every worked for one of those type companies you probably have no idea how they keep their books, figure cost and profits and what they do to minimize where and how much taxes they pay. I was an "exec" and I never really knew actual costs or margins.....only what they were willing to sell them for and how much profit we were allowed to make on parts and service and.....and what the total annual profit that could be made in the US....enough to keep the IRS happy was the rule of thumb.....but not too much. Prior to the Swiss job, I was involved in International sales for about 10 years and pretty much saw it all as far as the dirty tricks pulled by European competitors with kickbacks, bribes and secret discounts. ….and knowing we could go to jail for doing the same things. Lost more than a few million dollar orders at the last moment when a customer "changed his mind" after making a commitment. I learned quickly than a sale was not a sale until the check cleared the bank.
  4. At any given time I have 3 or 4 on my mp3 audio that I keep in the car, plus on the computer and then a real to hold a real book most of the time...and the Kindle. Just finished Traitor on my Mp3...a well read book which might not have been as much fun if I just read it. Jonathan de Shalit....and Israeli spy novel with an interesting ending....caught me by surprise. ...a good read. Right now I'm most of the way through Baldachi's latest....Since I have to drive about a half hour to do anything, I keep an active book on the car system to listen too....hardly use my Sirius XM these days.
  5. Good plan...I use most of mine direct to the charitable institution....AU and my church...well, not direct but I got a check book and can write checks to drop in the plate but the money comes from my 401k and counts against my RMD....same for sending money to AU or whatever you like to help....but with the checks I think the minimum might be $1000. As I get older the required amount is going up so I don't go 100% now but it's worth doing. AND you don't have to wait until the RMD kicks in to get some benefits from sending money direct from your 40ik account to qualified charitable recipient. If you are not familiar with doing that you can find information with Fidelity or Schwab or whoever you work with.
  6. 😁 both...or either.....however you read it....
  7. Sorry belle but you need to travel to Kentucky and West Va. and explain to those people about how "white privilege" is helping them. I appreciate your empathy for the underprivileged but assigning guilt to others because you seem to feel don't have that right. In fact, in some parts of this country now, being white is a major disadvantage due to quotas, subsidies and special programs for non-whites, paid for by poor whites.
  8. You can pay for the tractor from your RMD at least ...which is still taxable but since you have to take the money from your 401k whether you need it or not, you might as well spend the money on something nice.... Sounds like a nice tractor package.....enjoy it....👍
  9. Hope that works out.....he can practice the basics and not be worried about trying to hit the ball further than you did. ….and one other piece of unasked for advice....don't try to teach your kid to drive. just too much pressure on the both of you....
  10. In the late 1990s our government basically gave away the domestic US textile industry which I was a part of. Cut tariffs and made special deals with India and Pakistan that ruined the economies of small towns and counties all over the southeastern part of the ruined most of the domestic textile machinery companies like mine, because we had no more US customers and could not compete against government subsidized machinery from Germany and Switzerland. Nearly 20 years later, many of these towns and counties are still suffering and it took the DT recovery to get unemployment rates to reasonable levels ...and of course an entire generation of 40-60 year olds were unable to find decent jobs for the rest of their employable lives. I recall Obama during a campaign speech admonishing voters in the Midwest...….telling them they must forget about manufacturing jobs because they were never coming back.....WRONG......what he should have clarified was that they would never have come back under his policies. It's been an uphill battle but manufacturing jobs are returning all over the US.....and the MSM no longer even talks about US manufacturing. Regrettably, many of these US manufacturing jobs are with foreign owned companies like BMW down the road from me which has expanded several times and helped establish supply chain companies in the area too.
  11. They are a great resource and with everything on line, you can download e-books or mP3 from home so easily.
  12. JMO but a kid playing with a parent is really tough....on the kid. They want so badly to beat dad and pressure can get to them. My son was a better golfer than me for a couple years when he was in Jr High ….but could not beat me head to head. I remember playing him when he was about 14 and we hit our drives about the same distance....I was getting ready to hit something like a 7 iron for the next shot and asked what he was was has 9....from that day forward I knew my days were numbered...I shot a 75 against him and a couple of his college buddies to beat him by one stroke....just fried him. Moral of the story....get the pro to help teach and then try to downplay the competitiveness when playing with him....but that's not easy. And takes awhile sometimes to get used to a new club....seems they start off hot...and for some reason there is a back sliding effect until you get more experience.with it. I always say that you never hit a club as well after you buy it as you did when trying it out. .
  13. Why announce our QB before the game? I always prefer some secrecy...especially now when it appears that both guys are pretty even but seem to have different skill levels vis a vis the the Oregon D guess....
  14. I do better when I'm reading in comfortable chair......I'm only good for about 10 or 15 minutes when stretched out on my bed at night...where almost any book will usher me off to a sound sleep.