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  1. Baseball is a strange game...yesterday it was pop flies and K's. Today it was extra base hits all over the place. Gotta take 'em one day at a time and never assume that something that happened today will carry over to tomorrow.
  2. Outstanding effort by Mitchell....and much needed...
  3. Never have too many runs on Sunday...
  4. OK....glad to oblige....
  5. Auburn is 3 up and 3 down. The game is speeding up a little . Still, a one run lead does not feel very comfortable.
  6. Mitchell looking good....Hope he can take it to the house....would be nice not to have to use Cole.
  7. Logan picked off.
  8. Well, Watson was hanging on by his fingernails the entire time he was in the game. Butch got about as much out of him as was possible but looks like Coker is the process of letting the lead get away.
  9. On our way to a 4 hour game.....
  10. Sorry...restrained myself the best I could.... Good luck.
  11. I am not sure how good the local talent is...especially with bats.....gonna have to branch with recruiting
  12. With six or seven inning games and not many baserunners , it is pretty easy to create a situation where our hitters only see a pitcher once before a new pitcher comes into the game with a different look. I guess that if a team has two or three pitchers who are more for less equal , changing them on a schedule might make each one a little bit more effective.
  13. Probably got spoiled by the 2015 and 2016 teams with pretty solid hitting ...not all the way from 1-9 in the batting order, but not near as many dry spots in the line-up and generally some power threats came up in every inning with a chance to drive in a run or two. Have to say that these games are more reminders of what softball used to be like...before Clint....low scoring games....1-0, 2-0, 2-1, misplayed balls, etc....and not that much excitement. Those first teams under Clint .....the offense and runs are what lit a fire under the sport in Auburn in my view. Hate to say it but I watched most of the 3 games this weekend and about as exciting a the proverbial ."watching paint dry". I'm pulling for the team to get it back together but as has been noted by several people...this just does not feel right....
  14. Wow....three consecutive games of total hitting frustration. The team was already at or close to last place in the SEC in hitting and did nothing to help itself. Don't know what if anything can be done to turn that around by season's end....
  15. Defense is loose today...and Carlson down 3 runs and still in trouble. Need some hitting today...beyond the point that 2 runs will win a game today.