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  1. Wondering why anyone would want to coach in the SEC....prestige of course...but a brutal task to put a winner on the field.
  2. Generally the depth on the depth chart does not mean much to me. BUT...nice to see so many familiar names in every position.
  3. I trust there has been no mention of a visit to Dr. Andrews ?
  4. Guess we have to disagree....we don't know why the sisters were kicked off the team...may have deserved it....but going "postal" and having her team mates have to pull her away...what was she going to do....start a fight? As noted by someone above, fortunate for her that McCracken or whoever it was grabbed her or a part of her season might be over. She was wearing an AU uniform and represents AU....not her sisters.....nothing to be proud of IMO.
  5. Players need to show some class. If it is normal practice to do high five after a game then do it with every one or just don't do it. Deliberately and openly snubbing a coach or player is poor form. Win or lose,....act like an adult JMO.
  6. it took several years but even now, Martin has a group of moderately good individuals playing well as a team. I don't think anyone questions Bruce's ability to recruit good players to Auburn . What we are looking for is to see those guys making improvement from year to year. Bruce still has time with fans for him to deliver the goods with better play on the floor. I think the off season is critical because most of our freshman did not seem to advance during the season. Meanwhile, Martin has gotten a lot out of a group of mostly unknown recruits and players that he has developed.
  7. Mickey..., I think your admonition was probably working . Seemed to me that she threw far more strikes than were called strikes. There seemed to be a very tight strike zone yesterday . Carlson did seem to try to nibble around the edges of the strike zone but mostly, I was happy to see her changeup working and that she could throw it for strikes at a critical moments. Gritty? Yes that's an apt description I guess
  8. Well, while we were mostly talking about the incident with the Florida coach , there was not nearly enough credit given to Carlson for the outstanding teaching job last night. She had people on base and was in trouble most of the night but somehow managed to keep Florida off the scoreboard. No doubt, that was a win that Auburn truly needed . Too bad it seemed to be eclipsed by the dispute later. A beautiful pitching performance making Veach's home run hold up for five Florida turns at bats.
  9. All true..but Fagan is not just a kid...I think she is in her 5th or 6th year of college so is probably about 24 or so and who knows what she said?. Nobody looks good here. Still think nothing happens to either of them...heat of the moment thing ?
  10. Just my view but Fagan grossly over reacted . Once the coach realized what happened, he tried to ignore her and go on down the line but she pushed her way into the crowd the second time and then appeared to be screaming at him while her teammates tried to pull her away and went after him again. I looked at the video several times and never saw him respond to her even after she pushed him. I never saw anything that justified that kind of response and look at the Auburn players going through the high five line. They sure didn't see or hear anything that disturbed them or that they considered inappropriate. I am betting that this is the end of that situation.
  11. Best I could tell the UF coach was congratulating the AU players when Fagan came up behind him....obviously could not see what was said but did not look to me like the coach started anything....and he turned when Fagan was behind him. Could have been some left over personal stuff but I didn't see the UF coach do anything to cause an incident. And as noted...Fagan did not let it go....
  12. some kind of run in with Florida coach?
  13. Florida threatening again...2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd. Pop fly to short right...>Draper calls off McCraken and makes the catch to get out of the inning. Play looked exactly like the disastrous play from Saturday....but had a better ending. Nice job by Draper holding onto the ball as she tumbled over McCracken in a near collision. Inning over and AU still up 1-0
  14. My point was...if you look at his season stats...he was not being over-used the year his arm went bad. Was not being used as !B on a regular basis and only had a hand full of at bats. His arm problem could have been from the year before...or maybe from between seasons if he was playing summer leagues somewhere. The concern is....what little has been revealed by the coach sounds like what happened in 2015.....just all of a sudden, he had "lost it". Hoping this was a fluke and with some rest he will be back....guy is great college pitcher and has had great command of his pitches this year