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  1. AU64

    Home and Home vs. Baylor and UCLA

    I was looking at those games and years and just hoping to be on the top of the grass by the time that UCLA game rolls around. But should make for a good variety of OOC games... getting away from the ACC predominance.
  2. AU64

    UAT announces Bryant Denny renovations

    Interesting moves....reducing capacity which is just further indication that the primary college sports are pricing themselves out of the market place. Having seen some televised games from the 100,000+ stadiums and it's apparent that most can only fill them a few times a year......maybe sell the seats but as for actually putting fannies in the seats, that's a different issue. Might as well go for the "quality" approach and market the games to the top 1% or 5% who have plenty of money to spend on such things....and let the rest of us watch the games on our big HDs at home.
  3. another "what about" response....where are the mods when you need them.... Really bad have not idea about me.. and you grossly over-state the breadth and extent of criticisms about BO....but maybe that's what you found on those great progressive websites trying to stir up the base. In general, Obama got a pass from the media over his unknown past and his sketchy friends like the reverend Wright, or Bill Ayers and the other socialist/communist sympathizers and his subordinates like Holder and Lynch and of course Hillary and her posse. Bernie is the only Dem....well and " almost Dem"...with the guts to say what he believes and what he would do if he were elected. And like him or not...which you obviously don't ….DT at least campaigned on a platform for his MAGA campaign....whereas HC was just waiting to collect her entitlement. Maybe I've missed it, but have not seen a legitimate presidential dem candidate offer any concrete proposals for what he or she would do as president.
  4. That is how you campaign when you have no ideas or vision for the nation.
  5. Note I referred to some networks and other "progressive sources" that get referenced and linked here constantly.
  6. Yep...but then again, about every press secretary in my memory has lied to the press (and the American people) with impunity ..denied all kind of stuff and we knew they were lying. So I don't necessarily hold it against Sanders that she won't "guarantee" something that she is not in a position to guarantee. Maybe it's just my southern upbringing but I'd bet that a substantial percentage of US adults (black and white) have used the N word sometime in their life....and those who say they haven't are likely to either have a bad memory or are just lying to themselves.
  7. If he wants to send out his tweets on whatever subject gets his attention that is fine, but no point in having his "spokespersons" trying to explain or defend all the claims or anonymous or unsubstantiated charges that pop forth about every day. JMO but thus far, his endorsements are having a pretty hard time and I'm of the view that a good part of the reason is DT. He can defend or ignore questions about his tweets but unfortunately, it seems a lot of GOP candidates get lured into defending DT's off the wall comments rather than expressing a vision for the country. Guess we will never have another attempt at a "contract with America" but from the mid-term races I've tracked (and not closely I admit) the candidates are not focusing on the future and or what they would do in DC....except be loyal to DT which I think is a pretty weak platform.
  8. And what about the other 220 million people of voting age who apparently don't watch either of those?
  9. AU64

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    I'm thinking that is how "processing" works at lots of schools. A player is judged to be "surplus material" pressure is applied to basically force him out by means of a transfer......and most kids are smart enough to keep their mouths shut and avoid being blackballed when they start looking around for a new school. Watched a little of the "last chance U" programs and after seeing what is allowed to be filmed and shown, gotta wonder what else goes on behind the scenes that does not make it to final version.
  10. You make a reasonable point but president, including DT is gonna spend all his time denying stuff that shows up in the main stream media. Those kind of charges are just "click bait" from the Jim Acostas of the media world trying to get some kind of reaction or response to fill their minutes on CNN or space on their blogs. Obama almost never reacted or responded personally to such crap from the media hounds and DT should not do so either. JMO
  11. AU64

    LSU QB Lowell Narcisse Transferring

    Expect he might have trouble transferring within the SEC? Even now, don't most coaches have veto power on those transfers....but as noted, Petrino or Kiffin are out of conference and might be a good spot for him.
  12. AU64

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    Bad judgment by them....apparently underestimated the seriousness of the situation. That can happen I guess ….but what happened afterward and how that was handled is what has the school where it least that's how I read the situation. Without the death of this player, the coach could have continued on being an a**h*** as long as they were doing stuff like beating Texas or whatever. We see that "tolerance" at lots of schools as long as they are winning.....but when the winning stops, all of a sudden fans and administration start worrying about players being treated with respect.
  13. I heard that during the recruiting.....but he's had a couple years to get his head and heart right. Too bad he wasted that part of his life and not like LSU had some really good QB playing in front of him.....
  14. Interesting numbers. Considering the population of the US....300+ million and the number of apparent viewers by those networks, (2 million down to maybe 750,000) it is amazing that they have as much influence as some perceive. I realize the programs get re-broadcast via the internet and passed along during the day but I am thinking their influence is greatly over-rated with the general public. Maybe that is why Rush scares them so much ….20 million listeners...or half that.....still he is out there every day with his message and seems to have a listener base that dwarfs the NYT with 500,000 subscribers. . Seems there might be a small number of very interested people who hang on every word from MSNBC, CNN and NYT.....and certain other "progressive" sources with miniscule circulation ...and then take it on themselves to try and increase the impact of those media outlets by posting the key items onto forums like this one.
  15. AU64

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    True but if you watch him run you will note that he is neither fast not powerful ...and not who I would have carrying the ball on short yardage situations. Chip is wildcat oriented so expect we will see it again this year.