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  1. Maybe we get a rain out of two this week.. before UCF.
  2. AU64

    Teennessee vs Kentucky #1

    Seems that in the tournament refs adopt more of a " let 'em play" attitude which won't help us at all...but will fit the more physical teams like UK...and LSU.
  3. AU64

    Teennessee vs Kentucky #1

    The loss to UK...and how it looked, cost UT pretty big in the polls this week.....(feb 18) as they dropped to #5 and Duke back to #1. I think what hurt UT most was not just the loss and how it looked but some lingering suspicion that they are not quite as good as their record and might not do too well in a tough road to finish in the SEC.
  4. AU64

    Kaepernick Won. The NFL Lost.

  5. AU64

    Kaepernick Won. The NFL Lost.

    True ...but it is also an entertainment a business that tries to attract as many fans as possible so like any business, you can't just ignore your customers or take actions that turn them off. I've got no sympathy for the NFL on this if he gets lots of money from the league, good for him. But I still think that any team that signs him will pay a price at the box office. JMO As for being a solid back-up player.? when was the last time he took a snap in a meaningful game? . He's probably a locker room cancer . As for Carolina...bad as some of those fans have treated Cam....they deserve a guy like Kap.
  6. AU64

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    If I recall correctly he put up something like that near the end of the OM game too. I don't see any bad intentions on his part.....just feeling the need to score when across the board our team is not shooting that well. JMO but lately if someone were to let me decide who for AU would take a shot in the last 3 seconds that would win or lose a game....I'm not sure what I could say...….but probably Harper would be the one...though he and BB have about the same stats. Just that when BB gets in his one on one/shake and bake mode....I get really nervous.
  7. AU64

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    might have been true...caused by watching most of his inside guys putting up bricks from 5 feet away. JMO but he is a major competitor and likely has felt the need to make up for all the offensive shortcomings of the team.
  8. AU64

    Trolls & Trolling

    Unless someone like you chased it down, most of the threads they were crapping on did not have any identification to aid AU posters in recognizing what was going on. Sounds like they or someone were defrauding advertisers by giving the impression that the "clicks" were serious viewers. I just figured they were just some random a**h**** and was not aware that stuff like this went on. Fortunately other than a few facepalms or dislikes....I did not waste much time on them.....but glad to see them gone.
  9. One observation...…. anyone who did not look a bit tense or tight was probably fooling us. Most of these guys were playing their first game in an AU uniform and their first game at Div 1 level and JMO but almost nobody was going to feel all that comfortable quite yet. Another couple games this week (weather permitting) should allow them to gather their confidence and be ready to play at higher level.
  10. thanks TIgerb…..hope by this weekend at UCF the guys have shaken the dust (or mud) off and will be ready to play what is probably a pretty good team. I don't see UCF ranked but it is hard to imagine a Florida college without a solid baseball team.
  11. Took something like that...the way our hitters were struggling, it looked like the sun might come up on that game tomorrow morning. LOTS of hitting practice tomorrow...
  12. Take 'em however you get them.....and now someone can call Mikey to let him know the game is over and there will be no more unsuccessful sacrifice bunts today....but the season is young
  13. AU64

    women vs Alabama

    She had a pretty good career before bama….but has not been able to be very competitive.....and has gotten some pretty good players from within the state I recall...but to be kind, some of their players just did not look very athletic.
  14. AU64

    women vs Alabama

    Bama women have been mostly bad in basketball for quite a while I think......amazing that their coach has been able to hold to her job....but maybe nobody much cares.
  15. AU64

    Trolls & Trolling

    Couple of those guys were just obvious with their snarky remarks about anything AU....and yet seemed to actually attract some supporters here.....but maybe they are gone now.