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  1. Knew it had to end sometime...but this past week or so was really tough on the top ten teams...Aside from Duke there is Butler, Kansas, Mich State, AU and Kentucky, Oregon went down last night...and maybe somebody I don't remember. Gonzaga seems to have a free ride as #1 the rest of the season. No clearly dominant teams and most of the top teams lost to unranked teams which is even more interesting. Looks like nobody is as good as they were last year...
  2. True...BUT.... the good news is that none of the opposition has these numbers and therefore has no idea about how to defend him. 😊
  3. Think we have the good fortune this season that there are no really dominant teams in the SEC....or anywhere else for that matter. AU , despite the problems, is still probably among the better teams. If you watch a lot of BB, it still seems that we are among the top ten teams or so.
  4. As discussed, this game was the congruence of all things deficient about the team....from bad shot selection to bad passing....and about every other thing in between. Surprised not to see any comments about A Mac's unwise "quick threes" which were about the same as a turnover since bama was able to grab the ball and break down the floor before any other AU player even knew what had happened. Also surprised that BP let him get away with that so many times.'s just one game and was bound to happen sooner or later. What matters is the next game ….and if we see more of the same.....or the team that played the second half against the dawgs shows up. Hoping there were some lessons learned.
  5. No, I think it's about getting blown out by bama and looking bad while doing it. Losing was not that much of a surprise but the poor play across the board is something you hate to see halfway through a season.
  6. The deep state digging in to protect its friends...big surprise.
  7. Bama is better than their record indicates but the quality of play by auburn was embarrassing. Losing was not that unexpected but the way we played? the stuff we have been able to get away with for 10 or 15 minutes in most ball games finally caught up with the team tonight. There is a lot of work to be done.
  8. Hoping the guys learn to shoot the ball over the next several days.....worst I've seen from an AU team in quite a while...
  9. C'mon.....don't give that to Lewis.....AU guards were schooled tonight.....
  10. Missed another 2 footer.....NOBODY hitting those little shots...
  11. Lewis is gonna foul out a couple of our guys at this rate....nobody able to stay in front of him...
  12. Dang...the lane wide open all night.....and another foul on AW....
  13. Yep.....We have a bad history on the road but expecting a more effective game against them....especially this year after having a bunch of games on the road already.
  14. Every aspect of the game is bad tonight....FTs BAD, can't hit 3s and already 19 Turnovers....amazing we are still in reach to win the game. Just need somebody to hit three or four shots in a row.
  15. Closed the gap but shooting is still awful.....need someone to get a hot hand....