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  1. Be patient...ichy will be along soon to slap a "face palm" on all of your posts. He's probably up in Iowa at one of the caucus gatherings...
  2. Agree....and it is not necessary for this to happen for the team to be successful. JMO but if he rebounds and plays some good inside defense, hits 75% of his foul shots and every now and then jams one home.....that should be enough. A double-double (10 and 10) or something like that is a huge contribution for him considering that he will generally play about 20-25 minutes at most. I wish he had better hands but it's what it is....and he rarely does anything that make me wonder "what was he thinking".
  3. in football, coaches make playing time decisions by what they see in practice. I guess DC earned some extra playing time today based on his last game....but he was back to playing like he had earlier in the year....and eventually ended up scoreless and on the bench. I recall a comment from last week by BP....if a guy does not play defense, he's not gonna play.. That's likely what we were seeing today. On the other hand, the players in the game for the last five minutes were downright scary as they failed to work the clock and took inadvisable shots and let the lead disappear.
  4. At the end I'm happy to have AW in the least he will not take some wild shot at a bad time like DP....and like AMc is inclined to do at about anytime he is in the game. Good that AMc was hitting some 3s early but JMO, that's not a good role for him. Nice to see him hit some but a miss is pretty quickly a fast break opportunity for the enemy. AW has his problems but he plays pretty smart and is not gonna do something to hurt the team.. and his FT improvements are significant. ..JMO
  5. Still wondering where the DP from a couple years ago went. Just seems to have lost his shooting eye and touch. I expected him to be a major offensive factor for us this season....but just not happening.
  6. A win is a win....but a really ugly game....and nobody there today to play the role of Cambridge …..and foul shooting about did us in again
  7. This is a bunch of seniors playing like freshmen....
  8. What the heck was DP thinking.....AU trying to give the game away......just foolish basketball the last few minutes....
  9. Early departures and the transfer portal make it difficult to maintain a high level of depth these days. Bama and LSU have both been losing a lot of Juniors the past few years and you just can't count on bringing in comparable talent year after year. Should be an interesting year in the SEC West in 20 20
  10. Lots of important players in their final year. As even the blue bloods are finding out, you can't always just reload when you lose your starters. Hoping to see more from the bench is the season moves on.
  11. Funny thing is about a week ago someone posted that DC needed to be permanently on the bench since he was not helping the team at all. And last night he carried the offense....and the rest of the team had an off night from the field....especially from the three line. Saturday should be an interesting game...
  12. I guess it has happened but I've yet to see a good coach leave voluntarily because his team lost "too many games". I expect that mature coaches like Steele are more concerned about how their "unit" can do better and contribute more wins.... rather than looking for other parts of the team to blame for the losses. And keep in mind that most coaches who voluntarily leave a school for a promotion end up going to a school that has had problems winning. Presumably that is the challenge....but also why the opportunity exists. Maybe it's just a coincidence but seems now that CGM and CKSs contracts are "paired" up for the next four years.
  13. Hard to imagine what the evening would have been like without DC playing out of his mind. Overall play has been only fair. Hope this is not one and done for his contributions..
  14. Who is wearing #35 jersey tonight...…..never seen Cambridge shoot like this....
  15. JMO but penalties were announced and just barely more than a "wrist slap" for most of the participants. DeSouza out indefinitely....and probably gone for good IMO. Can't believe that will be the end of it. NCAA fines schools $100K for kids rushing the floor....and nothing for a small brawl that involved people not in the game? Well, maybe not yet?
  16. the past season we have had folks in great numbers wanting to fire about half the major coaches....typically starting after the first game or two. Just my opinion but KS has partly buffaloed many on this board....mostly the players we have on defense are better than the results in many games and the defensive stats are good but not exceptional. AT4life is correct...all season we were watching WRs run away from our DBs or see that what are called 50-50 balls, mostly going to the other side and I don't think that was KS's idea of a defensive scheme..
  17. Our poor foul shooting probably encourages defenders to foul rather than allow an uncontested lay-up. A few guys shooting FTs in the upper 70s might make it easier to hit the lay-ups too. My primary concern about DP is that he is basically a 5th year players and I'm thinking what we see now is what we are gonna get.....some brief streaks of 3s but no consistency and just seeing Okoro as the guy to be better in March than he is now. Otherwise it's a matter of better team play...keeping their head in the game and cutting down on the turnovers.
  18. Nope....never thought much about him and had no idea about whether he was good or not. Just noted than a game barely got out of the first quarter before a bunch of folks were griping because our guys never looked back on a long pass....or could not defend without committing a PI. I figure everyone on this site is an expert...or at least they seem to think they are experts if you pay attention to their posts. Just seems to be a common view that other that Steele, all of our coaches are mostly incompetent.......which is how a team like Minnesota seemed to push out defense around. So seems that new coaches coming in would represent an opportunity for improvement. ….or is that wrong?
  19. Wait a minute...for the past few years there has been endless complaining about our DBs inability to cover the better WRs that we face. I'm guessing this falls on the DB Coach. SO...maybe this is an opportunity.
  20. Just my observation but we get more than enough turnovers and opportunities for lay-ups....some contested and some not....but either way, the shooting percentages are just awful. For that part of our game we should be shooting in the 50% range rather than the 30% level of success by our current major shooters. Not sure what the coaches can do to improve that.
  21. Nobody on this site really believes that do they? We all know that Gus will be responsible for all of the incomprehensible plays like he has done in the past.
  22. Well...see we dropped to #16 in one poll which is probably still a bit high but good place to hold until we see what happens the next couple of games. The polls don't mean much I guess but then again, we were all pretty happy to be a top 5 team....even if only for a few weeks. Starting to look like the old days when we played poorly on the road...not just lost, but lost badly. BUT.. we have LSU and UK at home and a chance to bounce back. Folks can say the polls don't mean anything...and maybe that's true....but nobody is happy when our rivals are ranked higher.
  23. IF he were a true #2 guard one would think he might be a threat from outside....but guess we won't know until BP gets desperate enough for someone to break up the pack zone defense or whatever they call that at Virginia.
  24. Good point but I have no idea what that might look like. We obviously did not recruit any marksmen and none have learned to shoot well since they have been at AU. Defenders lately have just stood by (filling the lanes) and mostly let our guys fire away from behind the 3 point line. Harper and Brown made 'em pay for letting them loose....but nobody is a true threat on uncontested 3s. Not sure how that problem gets solved this year.
  25. Everyone but Auburn packing the lane... The last couple of games it was like we had a sign on the foul line saying "we are open,, come on in.". I lost track of how many uncontested layups that Lewis had against us. And of course now that everyone has found out that we don't have outside shooting as a threat, they are not going to allow our guys too have access to the basket from close in.