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  1. Can we boot gus sunday and have a better chance vs bama? Asking for me.
  2. Nameplate is new to this year or last. Nameplate is a horsecollar now
  3. Im one of the ones from the AE site that had to merge to here. In highschool someone gave me the nickname tomtom. My name is tommy. I kinda liked it. I became an auburn fan in 2002 when i actually started watching football ( around 7th grade i guess) wanted something simple. So i put the nickname with wde and havent looked back since. I did have some doubts after the merger but it seemed like a good fit after a few months
  4. I enjoyed the booing of the coach and glad to see them leave. Makes a point even if that was not the plan. What i watched last night was pitiful. But parties and weather and traffic and travel are all viable options for leaving a very lackluster and boring game. Plus fans spend their hard earned money. They can do what they want.
  5. It was awesome to see on tv! And how they lit it up for the fallen officer in T-Town, i want it!!
  6. Hate to see what would have happened it the ducks gad their real Wrs
  7. Just need to hit 63% from 3 and we wont have to ever worry about losing. Super impressed with that percentage
  8. Less slayton and more worm could have meant something. Just using slayton as an example since this season drops have seemed to be an issue.
  9. 58-13..... Y'all can guess as who is who
  10. I did the same and didn't let her read anything. Her response was, something something about firing me
  11. Love the throat slash Did it after big plays when I played bball. Don't have a problem with it. They essentially just finished off the game
  12. Gotcha I restarted recently and halfway through season 2 Wendigo episode is one of my faves from season 1
  13. Which season of Supernatural Was a huge fan but slowly lost interest after season 10