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  1. tomtomwde

    Matt Canada and LSU to part ways

    Reports floating out there that aranda may be gone as well......
  2. tomtomwde

    Well... just because

    1,3,5, and 6 are all legit. Any if those numbers would make me happy
  3. tomtomwde

    Missouri at Arkansas

    Missouri won
  4. tomtomwde

    Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    I'm feeling 45-17 good guys Or 34-21 good guys
  5. tomtomwde

    ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    Haha Go figure. Good job Gus. Already putting our guys in a good position to win.
  6. tomtomwde

    next Head Coach

    Bill Clark?
  7. tomtomwde

    Rate your disdain

    I think we can beat Kansas!!!!!
  8. tomtomwde

    Who here still likes Gus as the head coach?

    I'm loyal to Auburn and the boys on this team. If Gus cannot field an offense and cannot make ANY adjustments in the fly or at halftime, we do NOT need him. I am long over him. Last year was the final straw for me.
  9. tomtomwde

    Chip admits to calling all plays

    I would advise option 1 It seems cheaper
  10. tomtomwde

    Chip admits to calling all plays

    Yep. Sure I believe it. I also have a maserati in the driveway outside in little old concord Alabama. My pet lion also agrees that pettway was 100% and was just resting up for the pros. Cut us all a break and speak out. Say Gus is handcuffing you and you already wished you were not stuck in this situation
  11. tomtomwde

    How Many of You are Willing to Admit...

    Same here. I told my wife that if we could not get 7 at any point in the first half, we would lose unless the defense or special teams scored. Not once in the second half did I ever feel like we had a chance to win. I felt that the defense would not let us get too far behind. It looked like to me that the defenders had a feeling that they had to win the game
  12. tomtomwde

    Could've been worse

    Welp. That's true. Ready to see how we handle mercer. Maybe get 200 passing in that game and would be the most for the season
  13. tomtomwde

    Pettway vs. Clemson

    Same here earlier in the game and the end. I sit here watching the Oklahoma offense and am just amazed even more at how bad ours is
  14. tomtomwde

    Oregon pursuing LSU WR coach Dameyune Craig, sources say

    Rumors floating he might go to Bama...