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  1. Rumors floating he might go to Bama...
  2. True but it's even worse with the visual aid. I've seen first hand what happens when a man hits a woman. so much could have been to prevent that event and I doubt anything really has changed for him
  3. Is now officially Sark Yay....
  4. ESPN has sources that says he is going to transfer. I don't pay as close attention to basketball yet but if true that bums me out.
  5. I would have bama 1, cu 2, uw 3 and the psu 4 If it were me anyways
  6. Be a very expensive OC
  7. Helfrich is now available...
  8. I quit watching auburn when the offense played today. came back in time to watch cox throw an int on an important 4th down That told me that is the reason something has to change
  9. So pretty boy lashlee have his walking papers waiting for him?
  10. 30 to 28 Carlson kicks 10 fgs all between 40 and 60 yards.
  11. Still got a chance
  12. Gus said he wasn't ready to go so they sat him to get him healthy
  13. SO these refs are do terrible
  14. Uva has 10-7 lead over Louisville