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  1. NA Tiger

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Im not trying to say anything. But it seems to me there may be more questions needing answered. Sketchy, my daughter uses that term, sounds fishy to me
  2. NA Tiger

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Read up on her family, where did they come from ? Why did they leave where they were ? Everyone knows, Clint would let anyone with a glove tryout, and if he was thin at a position and had a walk-on , why not let them hang around ? It wasn't costing the team anything. Im just implying reasonable doubt. there is always more to the story. Keep digging, its amazing whats on the internet.
  3. NA Tiger

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    I actually meant a little deeper.
  4. NA Tiger

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Has anyone looked in to this girls history ?
  5. NA Tiger

    2015 4* RB Kerryon Johnson commits to AU!

    Does anyone know how we are looking with him ?
  6. NA Tiger


    Thanks E !!!
  7. NA Tiger


    Where can I get a list of our commits and our targets. I would like to have just a list of names so I can take it to work with me. I like to highlight the names as the letters come in.
  8. NA Tiger

    Clint Myers New Softball Coach

    WOW !!! Great hire !!! Not gonna lie, I wanted Vann, but this will definitely work. WDE !!!
  9. NA Tiger

    Tina Deese out after 17 years as Softball coach

    Any real chance we might get Van ???
  10. NA Tiger

    Tina Deese out after 17 years as Softball coach

    I don't keep up with baseball, but I really enjoy softball. I coached my daughter several years playing travel ball. We have been to numerous Auburn softball games. I have been thinking for some time, there needed to be a change. We have had some very good talent at all positions, but just didn't coach it very well. Van is full of energy, an excellent coach and just a positive personality. My daughter attended 3 camps with her and just thinks she is awesome. We were excited when she got the job at Miss State, someone finally noticed her. Now, we have an opening at Auburn and she is the one for the job.
  11. NA Tiger

    Tina Deese out after 17 years as Softball coach

    They need to hire Van Studeman from Miss State ASAP. She would be a dynamite hire.
  12. I hope so. I just checked it a second ago. I know that was it because I had it set to record. Now it is different.
  13. according to my cable tv guide, the E 60 report tonight has been changed. It now says Alabama RB Eddie Lacy: the art of waiting on NFL draft day.