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  1. Byron Cowart

    I have no problem agreeing to disagree. wde
  2. Byron Cowart

    Sure, that is possible. Still doesn't mean that we should accept mediocrity as a DL coach. But RG is totally unfireable/untouchable no matter how average he is, because he "came home". He is better than Mike Pelton was though. wde
  3. Byron Cowart

    Position coach on the field in general. I think RG is an average on the field coach. He can be a very good recruiter. wde
  4. Byron Cowart

    I just think we could do better as an on the field coach. wde
  5. Byron Cowart

    Nick was coached by a better DL coach. wde
  6. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    LOL, who is family and what is the difference between calling on the carpet and throwing under the bus? wde
  7. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Hey "dude". Obviously, your reading comprehension skills were taught at a less than average middle school. I am not attached to any "insider" and will give praise and criticism to any and all that I feel deserve it at the time. Right or wrong. Who is the wrong insider that yout dumb ass thinks I have hitched my wagon too? wde.
  8. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Yep, lionheart are FOS on this. wde
  9. 2014 uga, 2015 entire season (especially the uga game), the 2016 Clemson, Texas A&M and uga are totally on Gus. wde
  10. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    corchjay, I have been on AU message boards since the late 90's. I have seen tons of "insiders" come and go and my give a damn about their feelings as what I think of their "insiderness" has been long gone. 23 just plain missed on his inside info on JFIII when it was pretty obvious to anyone watching a heavily edited reality show on Netflix that JFIII should have never been offered at a scholly at AU for any position, much less as a possible starting QB. The fact that 23 doubled down on his opinion that JFIII was the best QB on the team last season after fall practice, just further demonstrated how "deeply involved" insiders can be totally wrong. wde
  11. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Weak, weak, weak. Give specifics. Are you hitching your wagon to 23 on this subject? If yes, then, damn, you hitched your wagon to the wrong "source". 23 has been proved to be totally wrong in his evaluation/opinion/sources/inside info as it pertains to JFIII. wde
  12. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    LMAO, the only "rest of the story" regarding JFIII's recruitment is that Gus/Rhett royally screwed the pooch and had no business wasting a scholly on JFIII.
  13. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Do tell? I really want to hear this explanation. wde
  14. One or more of those as well. wde
  15. Congrats to Jarrett Stidham!! Now lead us to many victories Jarrett!! wde