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  1. Sounds wonderful. When the real games start, we will get a better indication. wde
  2. So do about 10 other guys on the team. wde
  3. What is the Mobile problem Kodi has? Is it different from his other recruiting oppurtinities for improvement? wde
  4. If Altima is correct and TQ was chosen instead of L Jackson, then Gus needs to bow down to Stidham every day until we beat GA and win at least 10 regular season games next year.
  5. Best of luck to TQ. He was a wasted scholly at AU due the coaching staff no matter the injury situation. wde
  6. Watson was Clemson all of the way. Dabo gets credit.
  7. Optimism is always a good thing when words like "I hope", "I think", "In my opinion" are used rather than "I know". Then when asked to clarify how "I know" and the response is defensive and insulting, then the result is usually not pretty. wde
  8. Again, LOL. I have no idea how Willis is going to do. He has talemt but is raw. I hope he truly is Marshalll 2.0. Those blanket homer posts like yours that I responded to are nonsensical. Since you have resorted to childish/middle school level insults when someone questions you, I am certain you are too simple to carry on a discussion. War Eagle to you. I hope you did not graduate from AU. wde
  9. LOL. 1. I am not your bro. 2. I have seen him play in person about 8 times in high school so I do not need to look at his hyped recruiting page and I am well aware of his high school's classification in GA. Yes I can read and I can find a hyped article. You know nothing other than what you have read online. He may turn out to be great, but he needs a lot coaching. No one knows anything about him at this point, especially you. wde
  10. Of course you must have a very good run game to win in the SEC. But, your O must also be sophisticated enough to pass when necessary and by far the most important thing is that you must have an excellent D to compliment a strong running game. AU has been less than average in terms of a a sophisticated passing game (coaching) and until Muschamp was hired, the D was terrible. wde
  11. We will see when we start playing for real in the fall. wde
  12. You know this how? wde
  13. He is so raw. He needs a very good QB/OC coach. wde
  14. Tyler Queen was a scholarship that would have been better provided to another player for both AU and Tyler Queen. wde
  15. Playing Tulane is fine with me. wde