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  1. Good. He needs to train. See the SECCG and bowl game. wde
  2. Eli Stove -- Torn ACL

    I hope Stove has a swift and complete recovery. But it is next man up. We can probably find someone to run the speed sweep. wde
  3. Gatewood responding well

    LMAO, you are bashing one of the most pro-AU sunshine posters on this board. wde
  4. 2018 Pro Day

    Lets go PM on Kevin Greene. wdee
  5. Men vs. Charleston

    Win and move on. That is what the team did. wde
  6. difference between Grimes and Hand

    I agree in general with your "decent" O-linemen statement and by decent that is three star. For every one of those, you need a couple 4 and 5 star OL. Unless you have an OL coach that is just amazing. You always need talent and good coaches can bring out the talent. wde
  7. Gatewood responding well

    I am totally fine with this as long as the HC goes to the no comment line if said HC has been straightforward with reporters before. wde
  8. In college at AU which is all I care about. wde
  9. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    OK, wtf did Harry Adams ever do on the football field and on the track for that matter? And this means what as a WR for Schwartz on the football field other than he is fast? wde
  10. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    LOL, of course it can be done but I have no interest in the NFL. I want this guy to succeed for AU, period. But what pure speed as a WR has been successful unless they can catch the ball means what? Note: I only care about AU football in this discussion and I could could give less than many craps. Can he catch it when it the ball gets there? Can our QB get it there to him? We will find out.....The rest is to be determined. wde
  11. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    Rarely with a legit DB. wde
  12. Who’s Excited?

    War Eagle!!
  13. Bruce is MORE edit than he is substance. wde Don't need to use that word. If you want to bash BP go ahead but watch the language please Golf
  14. Malik Willis looks like a starter

    See Nix or Gatewood. My money is on Nix if he has a good OC and HC. wde
  15. See UGA 2014 for abuse to start and even LSU 2013. wde