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  1. Nice article on Gus

    Good article that reflects well on how Gus is growing as a HC. wde
  2. Shea Patterson transfers to Michigan

    Harbaugh does need to start beating Michigan State and OSU soon. wde
  3. Shea Patterson transfers to Michigan

    But as AU64 posted, his replacement did a dang good job and is much more of a DT QB than Patterson was so I am not so sure the new guy won't give us more trouble. wde
  4. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I am leaning that way as well. wde
  5. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I like her resume as well. I agree we need clarification as to her and Jackson's relationship. That is why I asked. wde
  6. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    This. Especially if that person they are close to is Tim Jackson. For me, that would be a huge strike against any candidate. wde
  7. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Has anyone ever confirmed that McKenna-Doyle may be a Tim Jackson ally. wde
  8. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I agree with all of your points here. wde
  9. Arkansas hires Chad Morris

    I think this is a good hire for Arky and if he can find a decent DC, Arky could be difficult in a few years. I bet he would have easily been in our Top 3-5 candidates if Gus had taken Arky's 7 mil instead of ours. wde
  10. UT Hires Jeremy Pruitt

    Need to wait after year 3 to start getting a read on any coaching hire. Pruitt is a loose cannon who loved the coeds at FSU and UGA and tried to fight Brian Schottenheimer at a cookout so it is possible he could cut his time short because of something like that. Pruitt is a dang good DC (I think he is a better DC than Kirby Smart). wde
  11. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    The Utah State guy seems pretty interesting. wde
  12. Well deserved. Congrats to Coach Steele!! wde
  13. Tim Horton

    I think Horton is the best coach on the O staff (give Lindsey a few more years and he may be) so I have no problem with Horton. But Dell McGee is entering superstar mode in terms of recruiting and UGA's RBs are the best in the conference. wde
  14. Tim Horton

    Go throw a ton of money at Dell McGee and see if we can convince him to come home. wde
  15. On to UCF

    I agree with you about the bold part as well. I would feel the same way if we had just hired anyone as HC, not just because Gus is getting it. AU is paying for championships. We always have actually, but now, there is no debate. wde