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  1. LMAO that you believe this. I guess you thought Jay Jacobs was a good AD, wde
  2. Better than Gus no doubt. But give me Gus over Mullen any day at AU. Gus is a better Paul Johnson. wde
  3. Good is not getting your ass beat more times than not against your two biggest rivals. Good is not getting your ass beat in bowl games or the SECCG because you were not prepared against your second biggest rival or a team that had far less talent than you (UCF). Other than 2013, Gus has been average. wde
  4. I love Auburn University. I graduated from AU in 1986. My oldest daughter graduated from AU. I contribute money to AU every year for academics not athletics because I know the crap that goes on in the AD (I was a tutor for athletes in the 80s). Did you attend and graduate from AU? I do not hate Gus. I believe he is a mediocre/average coach. Thus far, I am right. Prove me wrong. wde
  5. Gus is going to get two years unless he melts down like Chizik did in 2012 which I don't see happening. Muschamp's problems were Jay Jacobs (including his one year with Tuberville) and Gus. Jacobs is already gone and Gus would be gone anyway. Not saying he is at the top of the list, but he is certainly one to watch. wde
  6. I agree about Gus being gone in two years. Gus will fail unless he makes some big changes in how he approaches things. Alabama and Georgia are going to be killing it as long as Saban and Smart are there. wde
  7. Then we should win 2 of 3 against the top ten teams on our schedule and not lose another game given what we are paying Gus. Under Gus, none of this has been remotely the case since 2013. wde
  8. Damn, I love a true believer. How could have I had missed that? I must do better and will try to in the future. I hear you! wde
  9. AUIH1


    Tate gave his all for AU and I respect him for that, but he is not in the same discussion. wde
  10. AUIH1


    Caddy, Ronnie Brown, Rudi Johnson and Kenny Irons were all better backs than what we have had since 2006. Tre Mason was a workhorse who may have have been run to the point of dementia and deserves credit for taking the punishment that he gave to AU as well. wde
  11. Just some Gus love from me. Opposing opinions are always welcome. wde
  12. Glad Trooper was gone and we lost the bidding war on Foster. He was a very good college LB but an idiot from the beginning. wde