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  1. Dick Smaltz Lawyer Tillman Frank Sanders Freddy Weygand C. Taylor wde
  2. Unless spuat can convince Dabo to take over for Saban (which is up to debate because I think Dabo enjoys being the HC at Clemson). wde
  3. Geographically, we belong in the East. As long as we continued to play spuat every year I would be all for it. This has nothing to do about being scared of being in the West. wde
  4. Clemson still returns a lot of talent, they have a better coaching staff, they are at home, Gus historically takes about 3 weeks of games to figure out what he should have figured out before game 1. Clemson line seems about right to me. LSU has owned us in BR. That line is about right as well. The spuat line is too low until we prove during the season we can be competitive with them. wde
  5. This. Vick's success as a QB was due to something that can't be taught. wde
  6. When I was a tutor for the football program during that time, Brent was not my favorite either. He was a hellauva running back though. wde
  7. Not looking at stats, Brent Fullwood and then Ronnie Brown for me. wde
  8. I think Gus and Rhett are terrible QB coaches who recruited quality QB talent at times, but they were incapable of coaching them up (JJ) or the right way (SW) and had no clue that certain players should have never been recruited as a QB at AU. I think Queen, JFIII and Barrett fall into the latter category. Both Cam and to a lesser degree Nick were going to be good QBs in Gus' system no matter what. They had the instincts and just God-given ability to be very good (NM) to great (Cam). wde
  9. LOL, this is just typical message board filler. This thread will do nothing to divide the overall fan base. wde
  10. This. I am in the vocal minority often (although there are times that the vocal minority are just expressing opinions that are contrary to the "if he/she coaches at AU they are great/just need to be given a chance/they have bad breaks that is why we are underperforming/we don't cheat and everyone else in the country does and that is why we underperform" crowd and gets labeled as constantly negative which is not always the case. That being said, I agree with you.....I am fine with the moves Gus made this off season and I wish Gus success. But like last season, for me, I only care about what happens on the field. If we don't beat either uga or spuat this season, IMO, Gus deserves to be fired with quickness. wde
  11. I agree. But I would like to have him as a DL coach. wde
  12. Gus isn't "aw shucks" with the media. Gus is paranoid and obtuse when he deals with the media. Hopefully a 10 win regular season with a victory over uga in 2017 will help Gus deal with the media better. wde
  13. Chizik is a good guy and I totally agree with your post. I dislike Urban far more than I dislike Saban. wde
  14. I was one of those "tudors" from 1982-1985. wde
  15. Is this a rhetorical question? Since at least 1981, our football program has been on the level with every other football program that we compete with in terms of what the players are attending AU for. For many, attending class is not the priority. wde