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  1. You do understand what charlatan means do you not? Barbee used his ties to Calipari to sell himself. wde
  2. It is pretty simple. Some of our 5 stars are simply not getting as good coaching as those at spuat. wde
  3. We have enough talent to be be both on the D Line. Do we have the coaching? My opinion since 2014 is no, we do not. uga posters were correct in their assessment of our DL coach IMO. wde
  4. I would love to see us beat spuat like they have beaten us under Saban in terms of beat downs too. But reality is, we are simply not a good enough to do so. While Saban is their coach, need to rely on players that are truly great (Cam and Fairley in 2010) and a play(s) that is so unusual that it becomes legend (Kick Six in 2013 and even Punt Bama Punt in 1972)
  5. That remains to be seen does it not?
  6. Nick Marshall was a no brainer coming out of JC based on our QB situation at the time.
  7. OK. With our current HC, a TE is a non-factor. With another HC, then the TE position can be a great asset. I hope Gatewood makes the right decision for himself if TE will be his best position. Our coaches have not had great success evaluating QBs out of HS. I am pretty sure Gatewood was offered as a QB by the same staff that offered JFIII. wde
  8. LOL. Ok. Who will be the HC at AU when this happens? So, you are thinking he will be a tight end?
  9. We will see if he is worthy of a scholly offer at QB. Since we do not use a TE, then if we offer him as a TE then it will be a wasted scholly. wde
  10. OK. We will see. wde
  11. What position is he going to start at and play at a SEC championship level? He has difficulty starting as a QB at the HS level, so I would guess you have information that he is a legit potential starter at AU at another position. wde
  12. There are PHENOMENAL athletes playing soccer, running track and cross country, playing lacrosse, baseball and basketball who are not worth risking a football scholarship to a program like AU.
  13. Great news!! Keep fighting!!
  14. Rhetorical? wde
  15. I have no idea. wde