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  1. Another mind boggling quote

    I think we will because this is Gus' Superbowl. He "gets up" more to beat Arky than he does UGA or LSU. wde
  2. We are not going up big against UGA. We may score first, but UGA is going to eat us for lunch. Bama will win by at least 20. wde
  3. The D is not laying down or displaying lack of effort. But, the D is not elite in any way. wde
  4. You are not getting him confused with auburn4ever are you? Also, who do you think is our noted source of inside AU info on this board? wde
  5. Arkansas score predictions.

    AU 42 - Arky 17 wde
  6. A Look at the Current Coaching Staff

    I am ok with the entire D staff too, but I would not want a new HC to be made to keep them if that new HC was not comfortable with them. To me, TWill would be the one on the D staff that I would hate to lose the most. Horton is the only one on the O staff worth keeping and that includes Gus of course. wde
  7. Anyone talk to Gus

    Just damn. wde
  8. Anyone talk to Gus

    You are just being sarcastic and not being serious, right? wde
  9. We are headed toward what Tennesee is now under Gus. Both Chizik and Gus have set the course towards mediocrity except for 2 lightning in a bottle seasons out of 9. wde
  10. No. He is just not buying into "woe is us, everyone is mean to AU, refs cheat only against AU, it was too hot on our sideline against when we played LSU, etc" as a a reason for being pussified offended or excuse making. wde
  11. Auburn's next Head Coach

    LOL, bama is beyond reach right now. I just want to be competitive with UGA and LSU (with the dumbest HC walking the planet). wde
  12. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    Again, every coach has a hiccup. You are missing the point wassssupp. wde
  13. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    Heck, if Saban, Dabo or even Kirby were coaching this team, we would be undefeated. wde
  14. There was violence in the Dye and Tuberville years too. Maybe not killings (which is just a sign of the times with no relation to Chizik or Gus), but plenty of violence and crime. It was covered up better then. wde