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  1. Knee surgery after he tore it up back home after Spring Semester. I dont know how bad.
  2. According to the interview with Thompson in the Dothan paper its not him. Bruce told him that he was in the upper half of the players he had. Thompson has gained 20 pounds in the off season and will be playing the 4. I still think its Wade and finding a juco to take an injured player probably takes a while.
  3. Strange but true. Looked up an old friend whom I used to go to Auburn games with years ago when we had season tickets. We were at the famed LSU Auburn interception game to tell you how long ago this was. John got married and moved to South Florida where his wife was from and we kind of lost contact over the years. Anyhow, the first thing he told me was his son, whom I only recall as an infant is the second ranked quarterback in Florida for the 2017 class. He goes to the elite qb camp Where Sean White went and they are friends. I suppose this is the year they can start being recruited and his coach asked him to prepare a list of where he wanted to go to college where he could send film, etc. Needless to say Auburn was on the list although his dad says he likes Miami right now. So watch for Austin Clakely in recruiting reports AT LAST I HAVE A RECRUITING SCOOP. LOLLOL.
  4. I know that coach Russell has taken 9 players to Cali to train with the Navy Seals. I know from twitter that 2 of the 9 are Coates & G. Wright. Can anyone tell me the other 7. I cant find a list anywhere. Thanks.
  5. Coach called him selfish in front of the team and next year will have 4 point guard on the roster. He said if the coaches feel that they ant and dont trust him he can see that he wont get playing time.
  6. Herring wanted to work out as a long snapper. Scouts had not seen him snap before.
  7. These are the type of stories we need to see more of on message boards. I know they are out there, but the players dont do it for publicity so we dont hear. Thanks for sharing.
  8. He had 23 against uat... 21 I think, and that was after taking 19 shots! better than the few games before it, but the FG % kind've pulls that output down for me i feel bad for the kids. They dont desrrve to ho out this way 8n sr. Night.
  9. yea and the Duke LaCrosse team should be drawn and quartered. Grow up. Innocent people are arrested every day.
  10. According to tos, the driver of the car has admitted the drugs and gun was his. This is after fingerprints and dna were utilized.
  11. Eddie Gran is the OC at Cin. for Tubs. He isn't going to be a position coach again unless he has too.
  12. While I don't think any of this is shocking, Tre, Robinson, Tunde, Justin Delaine won't be here next year. How does that impact recruiting priorities and numbers if at all.? WDE
  13. Trovon, may be used like Ryan Smith this year, kind of a hybrid safety corner with what Coach Ellis does as a nickel (dime) defense. Either way he, jones and Mincy will probably be the top 3 in spring.