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  1. I really don’t think he does. Gus was just as successful an offensive coordinator as Morris. Their offenses are very similar. IMO Gus and Chad need to work together to create a great offense. Bounce ideas off of each other, use each other’s strengths. Having Chad Morris in the booth is going to be like having another Gus Malzahn that can see the whole field from above, is good with QB’s and won’t get distracted by running a whole football team during game time. In other words, pre Arky State Gus.
  2. Ahh the old titty bumping years. Nobody could tackle properly.
  3. You know, I give Gustavo a ton of ****, but when you look at this year in a nutshell, it makes you take a step back and think. He took a freshman QB into Dallas and beat the eventual PAC 12 champion, blew out a couple of SEC teams, lost 3 close games on the road to 3 teams that ended the season in the top 10, kept the team motivated enough to win an emotional shootout against Alabama, finished the season at #12(ahead of Bama), with a chance to win 10 games, all with an 18 year old QB. And now he’s brought in a real life professional OC, with a track record of coaching successful offenses. Not a bad job, Gus. Things could been better, but it could have been way worse.
  4. You guys with this oline coach talk. Y’all know damn well that Gus isn’t going to fire JB Grimes. Only way we get a new Oline coach is if Grimes retires or takes another job. Let’s just hope that between Gus and Chad, they can figure out a way to field an offense that doesn’t need to run the ball a ton. Lol
  5. What a great hire! I remember people clamoring for Chad Morris to be hired here years ago. This can only help Auburn and it’s huge for Bo Nix.
  6. Anyone else notice that the Turds have had like 3 major stadium renovations in the time sense we have done 1? What tf is going on with our athletic department that they refuse to, AT LEAST, fix the North EZ and finish the back of the scoreboard?? No drive!
  7. Sounds like drama for the sake of drama to me. It looks like Dilly is leaving to be an OC for a guy he’s close to and he has worked for. Maybe he will have more say in the offense at FSU. This doesn’t look like a Chip Lindsey situation to me.
  8. Ahh perhaps so. I think I was swapping Peach and Citrus. Either way! F the Outback Bowl! It feels like we go to Tampa every year! Lol!
  9. I just saw an ESPN Projection saying we go to the Outback and Bama to the Citrus vs Michigan. I guess they are assuming that the committee switches us and Bama in the rankings so they can get the Saban vs Harbough matchup. If we stay ahead of them (which we should, since neither team played) wouldn’t that put us in the Citrus? I love how Bama hasn’t beaten one top 25 team and they are projected to be in a New Years 6 bowl, for tv ratings. Nice merit based sport, college football is.
  10. Forgive me if there is another thread about this. I wanted to know what everyone’s thoughts were on this new “tradition”. I hate it. It’s embarrassing watching fans get stuck in the shrubs, hurt themselves, and destroy the hard work that is put into making PDF look great. I get the Kick 6 field rush. It was an intense game with huge stakes and a once in a lifetime finish. I feel like people want to relive that moment, who weren’t there to rush the field for the kick 6 and you just can’t replicate that night. Auburn fans need to realize that they’re costing the university time and money when they storm the field and start ripping apart the shrubs. Rant over!
  11. Bet you never thought you’d be saying that.
  12. Boobie is having a pretty good game if you overlook a few bonehead moves he’s made.
  13. You’re basically taking any room for human error away from the players with those fixes. I’m sure Boobie’s fumbling problems have been addressed, but sometimes young people f up. I’m guessing that the reason they aren’t kicking it out of the back of the end zone is because it was supposed to happen and Carson didn’t kick it far enough and it was returned. So I’m not going to just assume that Gus is so stupid that he’d purposely have Anders kick it to Waddell.
  14. If you would have told me we will score 27 on Bama in the first half, I would have had you committed. I’m pleasantly surprised.
  15. 1. What do you suggest he does this year to fix it? 2. Gus didn’t kick that ball. 3. Boogie has been the hot rb in this game, so if you have a guy running well, why wouldn’t you feed him?