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  1. Seth Williams is the best WR we have, hands down. And I understand Kam is a senior and all but really? I think Boobee has earned that number one spot on the depth chart. I know we switch WRs and RBs around a lot early in the season so it doesn’t matter, but those two guys deserve their starting roles. I’ll actually be very surprised if Malik can beat out Gatewood and Bo. If he does, we basically know that Gus is going back to the old Nick Marshall variation of his offense. The QB tells the story this season. Nix/Stidham, Gatewood/Cam, Malik/NM.
  2. Yea Auburn must have crapped in ESPN’s wheaties in another life.
  3. Yea we’d need Wiley, Okeke, and Spencer to play perfectly.
  4. That’s what I’m saying. The bias is so obvious. They were all over him before he even planted his feet.
  5. They are very similar in both speech delivery and views. Also they’re both tall skinny guys. Lol
  6. The coverage bias is strong today. They’re talking about this game like we’re playing against the 96 Dream Team. Good lord. Let’s just go out there and s*** these fools up, fellas!
  7. I saw this and just shook my head in disbelief. How can anyone be ok with this kind of talk? And not only be ok with it, but insist that he’s a peaceful man that wants to bring everyone together. It’s such a crock of s**t and nobody is buying it.
  8. And the response... Trump makes it so easy for Beto to make him look like the petty a**hole he is. Lol!
  9. His hand gestures are a thing of beauty. Right up there with the greats like William Shatner and Eminem, and the country of Italy.
  10. Mine was 80% Beto, 77% Gabbard, and 75 % Sanders and Buttigieg, and Wang. I’d be down for Buttigieg if Beto wasn’t in it. Sanders is just too old and I just don’t feel like Gabbard is electable. I think the Dems winning ticket would be a combination of Biden, Beto, or Harris. If the Dems can energize black women to vote in large numbers, I think they clean house in the general.
  11. Yea he’s a little bit more center on the economy than some of the more far left candidates, from what I’ve seen. A lot of Dems see him as another Obama, which means that he won’t be as far left as many people like, but that’s what I like about him. I don’t think our country is ready or willing enough to go that far to the left or to the right.
  12. I agree with him on the lack of need for a wall, green house gas emmisions, gun control legislation, marijuana legalization, expunging records of marijuana criminals and closing for profit prisons , abortion rights, universal healthcare, among other things, including his positive message, opposition to PACs, delivery, and desire to pull the country together by working with everyone’s ideas and needs instead of dividing for power gain, like what we have now. Why do you ask?
  13. It’s exhausting to watch every team in every sport have their best game against Auburn.
  14. I have watched espn pulled up and shrunken on one of my work monitors😂😂
  15. We gotta take away that 3 ball and they’re toast.