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  1. 😂😂 He’s melting down on Twitter over this, as predicted. How embarrassing for him.
  2. He doesn’t have to appeal to just the activists. I can assure you that there are plenty more people that will be rallied by his racial divisiveness. But I agree, he’s going to have a hard time beating Biden with a strategy like that.
  3. I don’t think so. I think A. He has bad intentions and B. He’s so egotistical, he thinks that this stuff will work. If and when he isn’t president, he’s fair game legally. I don’t think he wants to put himself in that position at this time.
  4. Just look up a George Wallace speech. Close enough. The guy is a clown. He thinks that by appealing to the white supremacists by pushing a narrative that left wingers and black protesters are violent fascists and want to assimilate their children he will be able to rally enough support to beat Biden. This country is going through a health crisis that is more detrimental than any health crisis any of us have seen in our lifetimes. Our economy is suffering and people are losing their jobs. And we are in the middle of a pretty large racial revolution. And Trump picks the birthday weekend of our nation to take a big dump on over half the country, stoke fear and further divide everyone. Real great leader he turned out to be.
  5. 2006 vs Florida was one of the most hype Auburn entrances I’ve seen. They threw in the sparklers too.
  6. I knew UA was going down when they released those all white Curry 2 Lows aka the Rick Moranis specials aka the Shuffle Board Lows.
  7. I prefer adidas shoes and cleats, but tend to favor Nike’s shorts, shirts, and overall design. I think Jordan, Adidas and Nike would be good picks for Uniforms and fan gear.UA makes the most ridiculous and tacky looking fan gear I’ve ever seen. The only thing I can usually tolerate is the coaches sideline gear and the vault stuff. But even that stuff is a little outlandish sometimes. I’m a big hat guy and UA’s hats are terrible.
  8. LSU at 5 after losing their main guys is a stretch. I’d sit them somewhere in the 13-15 region.
  9. The craziest thing is that Sanders even came out in support of Biden. Lol. If they really trusted Sanders and his principles they’d trust his judgment.
  10. Guys. You know that there are a significant number of people in this country who DON’T want people to be able to easily vote. This is pretty obvious by now. And you know exactly why. Trying to reason with this person by using the “voting is a right and civic duty” argument isn’t going to do any good. He more than likely wouldn’t lose any sleep if they just outright took away these kids right to vote.
  11. I love Adidas sneakers! And we wouldn’t have to worry about them messing up our uniforms with their 3 shoulder stripe thing, because they’d just use the same design we always use. The prospect of wearing Jordan Brand just seems to awesome, though.
  12. We should have switched from UA to Nike the minute this ridiculous crap came out for $35. I like underarmour clothes, but their college football gear looks like cheap trash.
  13. Hmm. Ok. I guess I can learn about him.
  14. Bring other Grimes back! It’s a JABA move, but I liked our line when he was here.
  15. Same. I asked him to let us know. @AUFriction help us out!