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  1. This part cracked me up. 2/3 of the conference would be completely ecstatic going 9-3 every year. I even think we would tolerate it as long at we were competing against our rivals and winning those games more often than we have been.
  2. Sure let’s fire our defensive coordinator after we beat #17 on the road holding them to 23. You sir are a clown!
  3. Arkansas is reversing their 3rd and long narrative in this game.
  4. Ironically a vintage Malzahn offense type gameplan would actually work well for this team.
  5. Tank is bouncing everything outside. Hunter and Shivers seem to hit the hole a little harder.
  6. We just need to clean a few things up and we got this one. Keep feeding the TE’s and open up the kill shot for Tank and Hunt. Defense needs to get off the field on 3rd and contain KJ.
  7. Gus getting beat 35-0 at the half! Seems about right.
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