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  1. I agree that it doesn’t seem like we are that good. That’s why I said that in the original post. But we apparently are doing better that every other team in the SEC.
  2. Funny what actual research will yield.
  3. Someone’s in a pissy mood. I’m solely going off of the conversation the announcers were having earlier in the game. Also you’re wrong. I don’t see an SEC team ahead of us on this list. Do you?
  4. I’m pretty sure we have the best 3rd down defense in the SEC statistically. I know it doesn’t seem that way, but that’s apparently true.
  5. Scuba Steve! Damn youuuu! He disliked the OP. Which was unnecessary in my opinion but a perfect opportunity to use that quote.
  6. I’m still waiting on you to explain to me how he’s justified in lying about us not having ammunition.
  7. Our military “lacking” is still the most well armored and taken care of military in history. Planes having safety concerns has absolutely nothing to do with the Obama administrations funding of the military. Our military in always funded generously. And let’s not forget that NONE of this has anything to do with Trump lying to Americans to their face about our ammunition inventory. How about giving me your thoughts on that? I can’t believe we’re even entertaining this insanity as being a normal way of thinking. The truth is, if you see so little wrong with him lying to you like that, that you would go out of your way to mention something completely unrelated to defend him you’re a nutcase and you need help.
  8. I was in the military during the Obama administration. I can assure you that, for the most part, we were sufficiently armored, as far as equipment goes. Trust me. I had to inventory and keep up with my 2 huge roller bags of mosty useless and unused equipment. And I’m 1000000% sure we had sufficient ammunition. That’s just a f***ing lie. In fact I know for a fact, there has never been a time in modern history that we’ve run out of ammunition. No general EVER told Donald Trump that the military didn’t have ammunition. He wants you to think he is some kind of savior. If you actually believe this crap, I really feel sorry for you.
  9. This one is my favorite from this week. Lmao who’s buying this stuff?!
  10. Once again, as subpar as the play calling might have been, if Bo hits those three passes, we put up 38 points on a great defense. The execution killed us yesterday. You can blame the staff or the players. But the reality is, if those three passes were hit, we’d all be singing a different tune.
  11. Can we at least wait until LSU curb stomps is in red stick before we start talking about which hall of fame caliber coach is going to come in and put us on the map.
  12. It takes a great coach. A coach with a clear vision of how he wants to run a football program with the confidence to know that if his players buy in, they’ll win. There have been a handful of them throughout the history of college football. We haven’t gotten one of them. Alabama has gotten a couple. Clemson was fortunate enough to find one. Florida got a couple, Oklahoma has gotten a couple, Michigan, USC, Penn St, etc. That’s what it takes, and we haven’t found ours. We have, however, for the most part, managed to stay get mostly average to good coaches who at least don’t destroy our football program. Tennessee caught that bug big time. I personally think that when/if that opportunity comes, then Auburn will have the history and legacy in place to take that next step. We did it with basketball, it appears. But you can’t just hire hot coaches one after another with the hope that we strike gold. For every Nick Saban/Dabo there are about 20 Turner Gill/Will Muschamps.
  13. You’re Allen Green. You fire Gus tomorrow. Who do you get?
  14. I think everyone realizes that while Saban is having his one in lifetime dynasty at Bama and UGA is looking to doing the same thing, we had better have someone who can do better. Nobody is doing what Saban is and Dabo is the only coach who is close. Kirby and Riley look like good ones too. Who would you go out there and get? 2 weeks ago I would have said Heupel, but I’m not so sure these days. At least we can say that we have a coach who has put a couple of SEC championship attending teams on the field. No one else can say that in this conference, except Georgia and they have been the only good team in the east. I’m not saying Gus is a great coach, but if we get rid of him one of three things will happen in order of most likely. 1. We get a dud like Moorehead, Morris, Muschamp, Belema, etc. 2. We get someone who performs about like Gus (Harbaugh) 3. We strike gold and get a coach who, for the most part, can go toe to toe with literally the best coach/recruiter in college football history.
  15. You do if thats what the market price dictates. He’s a better coach than Chad Morris or the dorks in Mississippi. He’s had success that most coaches in the SEC will never think to have. 7 million gets you a National Championship appearance 1 SEC championship and 2 SEC game appearances and a couple of wins against your 2 biggest rivals, because most coaches in the SEC can’t even do that in a 6 year span.