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  1. Brad, for the most part I agree with you so I’m not going to redo. I do think Trump takes Florida and NC.
  2. Mike Dyer? Cadillac? That’s all I can think of.
  3. Cristobal or Sarkisian. Those seem like the best two choices all around that are also realistic. Fleck and Joe Brady would be good, but I don’t see them coming here. No on Urban ( I don’t care about his sleeziness as much as the fact that he won’t stay here long). Also we aren’t big time enough for him. No on Freeze (I’m just not convinced that he can win in the SEC without cheating). No on Clark and Napier(This would be the most Auburn thing we could do) Get outta here with these two choices! We would be right back in the same position in 5 years.
  4. 6-4?!!! You’re smoking crack!! Lol
  5. We are in this same situation every ******* week. When will it end!!!!
  6. Yea they used to work when we had WR’s that could block. Not so much these days.
  7. I just watched them break down Alabama’s offense and it made me nauseous. Their WR’s are better blockers than our Guards.
  8. It’s obvious. He watched Bo fall apart last week and sees how good the running backs are playing. So he thought he would be able to run a two min offense by running, because he had 3 TO’s.
  9. He’s scared to put Bo in a mostly passing situation.
  10. That looked like a Gus offense for the most part. But it worked. So whatever.
  11. Nice TD! The zone read is our ticket to a few wins this year.
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