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  1. AuCivilEng1

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I think in KJ's situation, it was a very smart decision. The way Gus uses his running backs, he wouldn't have made it through the grind of another season, and possibly could have ended up lower or undraftable due to injury concerns. Coming out now, he gets a great payday to provide him with cusion, and the opportunity to carry the ball a healthy amount, without being run into the ground so early in life. Bubba should have cleaned up his act this off-season and tried to get back in good graces with Gus. He could have shined this year, and he has all the tools to be a top 10 running back in the league if he would have played this right.
  2. AuCivilEng1

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    Colts are loading up to protect Andrew Luck. Braden will get plenty of opportunity to do his job. I was hoping to see Kerryon go to the Panthers and play with Cam. I hate the Lions and they are pass happy af.
  3. AuCivilEng1

    Trump will pardon Scooter Libby

    Kasich seems like a clear choice for the Republican party. I'm not a Republican, but I think Kasich and Rubio were the only legit choices in this modern time. The rest of that pool of candidates were horrible in their own unique ways. And the worst one in the bunch ended up winning. Crazy world we live in.
  4. AuCivilEng1

    Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    I think we will be ok as long as the injury bug thing goes away. I don't see us ever having a strong season on the even years, though. I hate the every other year schedule though. It's absolutely ridiculous that we have to play Georgia and Alabama on the road, pretty much back to back. No other team in the country has a more difficult last 3 weeks. They need to work on putting Georgia as the SEC opener or something so we don't have to have a miracle to stay in the hunt every other season.
  5. AuCivilEng1

    Discuss: Can a sitting President be indicted?

    If a president can only be Impeached and not indicted and there isn't enough support to impeach him, due to the government being either too afraid or not interested, the president can essentially do anything he wants, without fear of repercussions. That sure sounds awful.
  6. AuCivilEng1

    Universal Basic Income

    Sam Harris and Joe Rogan talked about the on Rogan's podcast one time. Basically Harris said, a UBI brought on by mass automation would allow people to pursue useful hobbies and make new inventions. Optimistic thinking on his part. I tend to think it will just turn us into a real life version of the people in the movie Wall-E. 😂
  7. AuCivilEng1

    California Dems Going Even More Liberal

    Smart decision if you ask me. The voters on the left in this country seem to be going more left (see Bernie Sanders) and the Right seems to be going more right (Donald Trump and Tea Party Evangelicals). It will benefit the Democratics greatly to further distance themselves from the corporate democrat neo liberal ways of the modern party and embrace being the polar opposite of what the Republicans are becoming.
  8. Good hire IMO. I can't wait to see what he can do about Jordan Hare. And he's made deals with Nike before. Excellent.
  9. Good hire IMO. I can't wait to see what he can do about Jordan Hare. And he's made deals with Nike before. Excellent.
  10. AuCivilEng1

    2018 playoff - I’m calling it now

    You may be right. They may not regress at all. But there is a huge difference between that pathetic Arky team at home and Washington in Atlanta.
  11. AuCivilEng1

    2018 playoff - I’m calling it now

    I actually expect a slight regression offensively for the Washington game. I think the offense will be very good by week 3 or 4, but I know better than to expect a Gus team to be on it offensively in game 1.
  12. AuCivilEng1

    2018 playoff - I’m calling it now

    We lose to Washington, and Texas AM or LSU and then Alabama. Beat Georgia and give them their only regular season loss. Georgia beats number 1 Bama in Atlanta. The dogs start talking trash.We Finish 9-3. Play in the Peach Bowl again against Oklahoma and lose. Playoff is 1.Clemson, 2.Ohio State, 3.Georgia, 4.Alabama........NCG is Alabama vs Georgia II. Alabama gets revenge on Georgia and wins 18.
  13. AuCivilEng1

    Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    It's amazing what getting embarrassed by a non power 5 opponent will do for your desire to stick around. I don't blame him. He'd be lucky to make it through another season of what they put him through this year.
  14. AuCivilEng1

    Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    So are we assuming that Pettway is going pro? Because if he came back that would be amazing.
  15. AuCivilEng1

    Season in review

    I'm very concerned with the future of Auburn football. Having to play a dominant Bama program every year is already tough, but UGA is about to be dominant as well. Having to play these teams at the end of the season is going to kill every season. Recruiting is just going to get worse, because Kirby is going to take all the Georgia talent. Texas AM is probably about to become a main player, too. And we are stuck with Mr. mediocrity. This is a sad time for Auburn football. And I hate that so much.