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  1. Mine is mid economic left and mid social libertarian. About what I expected.
  2. Does this mean that you're just a whatever, I don't care kinda guy? Haha
  3. Those people, as bad are they are, have very little impact on actual policy. Our country is never going to be destroyed by rowdy protesters. It will, however, be destroyed by writing legislation that takes away rights, ignoring climate change, and spending on ongoing military conflict. Another major thing that can destroy the mental capabilities of a country is the acceptance of alternative facts as an actual thing to be used. And the alt right has advocated for all of these things.
  4. That's what I was thinking. As far as I can tell, there aren't any ultra liberal left people in power. And there really haven't been. Obama, Clinton, and Carter certainly don't fall into that category. The ultra liberals make up the Green Party, and I haven't seen the Green party doing anything to destroy this country, because they don't get voted into positions.
  5. Oh I agree completely. I didn't mean that Auburn has a unique problem. This crap is running rampant. I just see it in Auburn everyday. The alt right is ruining this country.
  6. I've been back and forth on whether I want to protest this fool. I'm not usually one to go out and protest, but this guy needs to know that Auburn is not some podunk little town full of racists. I think that protesting would send a message that speaking in this town and at this University is more trouble than it's worth. The bad news is that he will have an audience. I live in Auburn and attend the school, right now, and there is a little bit of excitement for white supremacy going around, over the past year or so. I occasionally scroll an anonymous college community app called yik yak, and you guys wouldn't believe the stuff I see people put on that app. It's disgusting, foolish, and down right disrespectful to live such a hateful life. Especially when you're a kid
  7. As weird as it sounds, I believe that it would be more acceptable to allow a speaker like that a space on the quad or in a field on campus, because it's not a space that has to be rented and paid for. My point is, Auburn doesn't have to accept his money and give him a stage.
  8. What I'm saying is, though he does have the right to speak in Auburn, without being shut down, under his first Amendment rights, he doesn't necessarily have a right to one of Auburn's venues. If Auburn chooses not to rent him a space to speak, because of fear of backlash or him simply not being within the values of what Auburn accepts in its speakers, that's Auburn's right to say so not on our campus. Auburn University owns its buildings. I realize that there are grey areas within these laws, but if Auburn has to let anyone who wants, holds rallies within its property, what's to stop the KKK from rallying on the quad every afternoon?
  9. This has to be one of the most universally accepted hires I've seen on this board in a long time. It's good to see us all agree on something. Well, there is officially no reason to have poor QB play. We got a lot of QB coaching talent on this coaching staff, now. It looks as if Gus is finally starting to get it.
  10. Auburn doesn't have to accept his money and allow a platform for his hate speech. Let him speak his crap, if he wants. That's his freedom. But it's Auburn University's freedom to tell him, "not within the lines of our property". This was a bad move on AU's part, imo, and a slap in the face to the tons of minorities that pour their money into this campus. All this is going to do is stir up trouble.
  11. I'm not sure if that's still the plan, but if it is, they need to hurry up and do it, because I see that thing everyday and it looks ugly and uncompleted. This will be season 3 with our fancy new scoreboard being an eyesore from the back, and no speak of any plan in the future to fix it. If you aren't going to do the screens, clad the dang thing up and let it go for a few seasons until the funds come in. But don't just let it sit there and look all incomplete for 3 years.
  12. That image is completely unrealistic! Those corner screens look to be completed on the back and not patched up with a faded loose tarp with a generic image. You know dang well, that's not how we do things. Auburn is all about showing the inside steel of their structures or putting a pretty Auburn bandaid on them.
  13. I somewhat agree with the not wanting a running back group, and here's why. Ideally we will be passing the ball enough times, with enough success, that we should only need to rotate Bubba and KJ, and still keep them fresh throughout the season. Will Gus and Chip actually balance our attack that much? Who knows. But that is ideally what I would like to see happen, because that would mean that we are utilizing Stidham and our stable of formidable WR's. Think of 2004, when we passed the ball enough to not have to throw RB's in other than Caddy and Ronnie B, the entire season.
  14. If he has, I apologize. I hadn't seen anything concrete that confirmed that he isn't in the dog house. I guess, if I was struggling academically, I wouldn't want my coaches announcing it to the world. Hopefully that is all it is, and he can push through and stay eligible.
  15. If only Gus wouldn't call everything personal business. I know that we don't have the right to know what is going on in the kid's life, but it would be nice if Gus would just say something like, "he isn't in trouble, he is in good standing". That way everyone who cares about Auburn football could breath easy.