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  1. I did. I mentioned it multiple times when this crap started. All the other schools are going to be feeders for the top programs.
  2. Dude we have our all SEC Center coming back! We don’t need no fancy Cornell players!
  3. SC scored 21 on us. We scored 17. If Harsin shredded Mason after the SC game I would have told him to go **** himself and walked off right then.
  4. About as expected. Sheesh. But hey, Harsin has everything under control and has a plan to get us to where we want to go. Though is sure seems like he’s taking an unconventional approach.
  5. Best case scenerio, Shmed is a bad azz d coordinator, he defense does wor this season, and he has no problem recruiting, because he has results. Worse case scenerio, the defense turns as bad as the offense, all of our players leave, and Harsin gets canned. Im guessing it’ll be somewhere in the middle. Because that’s normally where Auburn sits. But there is a chance.
  6. I think he had control and he found two guys that knew the landscape to help ease his transition. Now that hasn’t worked out for 2 very different reasons and we are stuck with the Boise boys. D. Mason, Caddy, and Eason were the best guys on our staff and now we’ve lost two of them. F’ing depressing.
  7. Thank God for Bruce Pearl and Auburn basketball, because this would be a lot harder to watch without it.
  8. Who would want to work for that mullet sporting nub job, piece of trash?
  9. I agree with this. I think our best hope is that Ashford or DD shows out and turns into that guy.
  10. I’d like to know who “we” is too. That kind of circles back to my comment about Auburn never having everyone pulling in the same direction. I’d like to think that the staff would ultimately decide who is worth a lucrative NIL deal and then someone or someone’s hired by the University would go out and try to get a package put together by soliciting companies. No clue how they are actually working this stuff. I personally just don’t know if I trust our staff enough to determine that. I’m sure a lot of you guys do. But I tend to be more of a show me type of guy, and I don’t feel like we’ve been shown anything yet.
  11. What insult? I get it what you’re saying and maybe we will bag some big fish before the fall. I can’t be certain that we won’t. You’re right. I disagree that I’m melting down. I’m simply commenting on the current situation. And the current situation is that all of those WR’s, Linemen, and Caleb Williams types that we have been interested in are going to other schools and not Auburn. Some of them, not even visiting I have never said that Kirby Smart was a good QB evaluator. I said Lincoln Riley was. Do you disagree? What Kirby Smart is good at is recognizing talent and getting it to his program. That’s provable at this point. Both of those guys have a proven track record of getting talented guys in their team and winning with it in the power 5. Our coach doesn’t have as much. That’s just a fact.
  12. We’ve been doing alright in the portal on one side of the ball. So worse case scenario we have a good solid defense again, that constantly has to deal with losing because the offense can’t score. Like we’ve delt with since 2018. But like I said, let’s see how the “not going to compete for portal guys, because we are too smart” strategy works out.
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