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  1. I saw somewhere that he was bipolar. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but he’s definitely a different guy now. I love Tre and hope he turns things around and has a great life. He’s one of my all time favorites.
  2. You wanna see bad head space, check out Tre Mason’s instagram. Sheesh! It’s pretty cringeworthy. Talk about losing it.
  3. Biden is no Hillary Clinton. He is a very likable person and probably the safest bet. Of course the Dems are going to back him over Bernie. Clinton wasn’t nearly as safe a bet as Biden is, imo.
  4. They don’t care about the piss. They’ll gladly live in a piss soaked world, as long as they’re still the power race. Very well put, Alexava.
  5. Funny how much moral integrity one is willing to give up in the name of keeping brown people out of the country. The filthiest of the trash.
  6. It was an alternative fact. Nothing to see here. She’s a joke and so is the mfer she defends everyday. And so is every single person who looks the other way and supports this band of morally bankrupt motherf***ers.
  7. As far as specifics go, I’d say I can just tell by how he reacts to his authority being checked. He’s damn sure not a staunch supporter of the democratic process. I agree with you on the second part. You seem to be pretty free thinking when in comes to Trump. You’re def no Japan or Proud. I guess my bar for tolerance of his rhetoric and actions is a little lower than yours, admittedly because his ideals are the opposite of mine.
  8. I personally long for the day when we have as much knowledge about a politicians religious faith as we do in what brand underwear they wear. And the only way I want to find out is by seeing them come out of a church while I’m walking down the street. Lol
  9. Just his nature regarding the desire to be basically a quasi dictator. He doesn’t seem to have much respect for the democratic process. He’d much rather make the decisions he makes without that pesky legislative and judicial branch checking him. I think we can agree on that. It comes from him basically being the only person who’s opinion mattered his whole life. He also seems to be ok with the use of unnecessary police force. Law and order over human rights. And the reason I say you’re ok with it, is because you still support him. That’s really the only reason I have. In my personal opinion, I’d rather vote for someone who was the furthest away from Authoritarian, even if their policies didn’t line up with mine. Or I just wouldn’t support anyone. But you seem to have casted aside his obvious authoritarian tendencies because he lines up with you, for the most part, policy wise. I may be completely wrong. I hardly know you. That’s just what I’ve gathered from our interactions.
  10. Center to center conservative and center libertarian. Because you don’t generally seem like a very authoritarian type of person. But I guess I can see that, because you seem to be ok with Trump’s authoritarian ways. As far as liberal and conservative, I have just never really seen or heard you say anything that would indicate you were left leaning.
  11. What the hell? The is the opposite of where I would have guessed you’d fall.
  12. I am right where you are on every single issue. I’d like to express the importance of the next administration putting environmental protection as a high priority. I have always been pretty far left when it comes to the environment, but I am currently watching Our Planet on Netflix and that show is eye opening, when it comes to environmental sustainability concerns.
  13. I think this is a great point to bring up. I think that the only explanation is that humans don’t care about other humans. It’s easier for us to have compassion for just about everything else.