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  1. I’m confused by this. You’re conceding that Auburn is going to field less talent for the foreseeable future, but advocating for Harsin to keep his job. Makes me think that you’re ok with Harsin downgrading our roster for a couple of more years, and putting us in a tougher situation with whoever coaches next. Why?
  2. I agree. And yea we are doing well, but we aren’t historically a blue blood, like I said. I agree that half of the SEC is up sh*ts creek in football. But it’s been like that. I just think Auburn gets knocked down a rung in the pecking order.
  3. I think the super conference formula completely kills Auburn. Auburn isn’t a blue blood in any major sport and they just added two major big time blue bloods. It’s going to be so f’ing hard to stay relevant.
  4. I hadn’t even read anything after that comment I just responded to. Great minds think alike. Chooooo chooooo! Lane Train!
  5. You know who is well adjusted to the big time????
  6. The rape and incest thing may be rare in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still important to protect a person right to terminate a pregnancy in those situations and the states where they have in acted trigger laws aren’t protecting that. State rights don’t mesh well with “fundamental human rights”. If a state wants the power to not have a lottery, yes state rights a great. But if a state is trying to take away a persons right to autonomy over their own body, that’s where the federal government needs to step in. Also, if our country was set up where the states has full control of their own laws, black people and women wouldn’t have even been able to vote for probably like another 40 years, if ever. The federal government is incredibly important at regulating a states laws, imo. ESPECIALLY now that the gerrymandering in states has been drawn up to favor 1 political party controlling their states. Another thought I have, would you give up federal aid from the government if it meant your state didn’t have to play by the feds set of rules and laws? I’m generally curious. The only reason the dems are in lockstep is because the compromise within the party. And vote on legislation that doesn’t favor one wing over another. Notice the dems haven’t ever pushed through a bill on universal healthcare or UBI.
  7. Overturning Roe didn’t ban anything, but it gave the power to state governments, some of who are run by people who refuse to see how dangerous it is the make women carry pregnancies to birth, no matter what. Did you know that an oncologist who is preparing to treat a woman with cancer, requires the termination of a pregnancy, before a woman can begin chemotherapy? I didn’t know that, but it makes the state wide bans even more disgusting. As it stands today, a woman in one of those states has to travel to another state and have an abortion, just to get cancer treatment. Roe protected women from having to do that, carry their rapists babies, and carry incest babies. If the states can’t come up with common sense legislation on the matter, then it’s the responsibility of the federal government to step in and protect the women who live here.That’s how a good federal government serves its purpose. And Biden Harris and Pelosi have about as much in common with Sanders and Warren as Donald Trump has with Barack Obama, when it comes to fiscal policy’s. Maybe part of conservatives problem is that they pay so little attention to the other side that they can’t see that most Democratic social and fiscal policy proposals align far more with the 99% of America who is just trying to make a fair wage, have affordable and attainable healthcare and live in peace on a pollution free planet.
  8. I was agreeing with you too. The guy who said the Dems are controlled by commies is who we are both trying to figure out.
  9. Yea that’s a ridiculous take. There are communists in the world, but we don’t even have any communist people in office, much less in leadership.
  10. Roe v. Wade doesn’t even protect abortions at 16 weeks. So to answer your question, yes I would like a court ruling protecting a woman’s right to have an abortion up to 16 weeks, except for the circumstances that you indicated. But this is Roe v Wade and the SCOTUS just did away with it. Also, the extreme left commies are hardly in control of the Democratic Party. Where are you even coming up with this. If you think Biden, Harris, Schumer or Pelosi are communists I have news for you.
  11. He was that way here too. We had some great classes with Gus. Def could have used more linemen though.
  12. I actually think we win 7-8 the year, only because of the defense, and Tank/Hunter. But the way this guy is failing to bring in talent, we are spiraling to a point where we will be lucky to beat Miss St in the future.
  13. You know who who pair greatly with Bruce to make us the cool school?????
  14. Huge difference between a scholarship and giving an 18 year old millions of dollars to play football at your school. I just don’t see him doing the latter. NIL is fine, but this business where schools are bidding millions of dollars and buying a team is f’ing ridiculous. It wasn’t supposed to be like that, but teams are using loopholes to skirt the system. If a player like Cam Newton signed a deal with a local or national company and got a big paycheck, I could see it, but at this point, the Texas A&M’s of the world are funneling in money from donors and buying recruiting classes for players who haven’t even stepped on campus.
  15. This is the nail in the coffin for Trump. If the DOJ doesn’t take the information they have been given and charge Trump’s a**, then the system is too far gone for redemption. Side note: I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see Trumps reaction to her testimony.
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