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  1. When did Jason Smith turn into a starter? That guy barely even got to play last season. Lol. Is he showing signs of improvement, or are you just plugging in the Senior, until more info on the slot position is out?
  2. I saw him a few weeks ago scarfing down a burger and fries at Burger Fi, so I know the kid is trying to add some meat on his bones. Some guys just have too fast of a metabolism,
  3. I could see it working out. If he develops Stidham, we will be fine. I'm more scared that Gus will get in the way. But that was bound to be a concern with any OC hire.
  4. I don't think Gus could get anyone to come here. And the guys he could get, JJ probably didn't want. This is who we are now. We have to deal with it. Lol
  5. Hahaha! I feel like you spend most of your time on here telling people to talk about QB's elsewhere. Move don't have to go home, but you can't stay here....nothing to see here folks. It's like herding cattle.
  6. Noel Mazzone killed our 100 page excitement. Never thought I'd utter those words, in my life.
  7. Mazzone to Auburn and Gilbert to A&M. You heard it here first!
  8. For God's sake. If Noel is hired, it's safe to say either Gus isn't serious about winning here, or he's just not good at this job.
  9. The creed is just words. More than half of the Auburn family doesn't live by it, anyway. So if we are picking coaches, administrators, players, solely based on this creed, we are handcuffing ourselves. No I don't want us associating with criminals and con artists, but I wouldn't not associate with someone, just because they don't value all the words that make the Auburn creed. If if someone doesn't believe in Auburn, I personally don't care. I'm more concerned with them doing their job successfully and earning their paycheck. Not everyone has a love for Auburn that we do. Especially people from different backgrounds and areas. That doesn't mean they would be bad at their job. On the other hand, the Auburn Creed is basically just the qualities of a decent human being. So if the question is would I trade a coach who doesnt have devoted love for Auburn but does his job and keeps our program successful for one who loves everything about Auburn, but doesn't earn his pay, the answer is yea. But like I said, I wouldn't want a guy who puts winning over being a decent person.
  10. I could see defensive analyst, but I'm not sure TT loves recruiting.
  11. Take your time Gus. I mean recruits don't need to be able to communicate with their potential OC.
  12. I would like to personally get a guy that wasn't going to leave in one year to take a head coaching job. Hiring a Muschamp, Art Briles, Helfrich type will just mask our issues for a year, and then he will be gone and we will be having this same discussion. I think my top two are Scott and Yercich.
  13. You, my friend, sound like you need to sit aside a little time to watch a movie called "The Other Guys".
  14. I see where you're coming from, but you can't bring in a guy like Jarrett Stidham, and have him doing handoffs and bubble screens. That would be such a waste of potential. Jarrett's a peacock! You gotta let him fly!