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  1. I love Adidas sneakers! And we wouldn’t have to worry about them messing up our uniforms with their 3 shoulder stripe thing, because they’d just use the same design we always use. The prospect of wearing Jordan Brand just seems to awesome, though.
  2. We should have switched from UA to Nike the minute this ridiculous crap came out for $35. I like underarmour clothes, but their college football gear looks like cheap trash.
  3. Hmm. Ok. I guess I can learn about him.
  4. Bring other Grimes back! It’s a JABA move, but I liked our line when he was here.
  5. Same. I asked him to let us know. @AUFriction help us out!
  6. Me. And I still do. Why is he a piece of crap??
  7. I don’t blame him for that one.
  8. The guy was wrapping him up so he couldn’t get into position and the refs apparently don’t see anything.
  9. If Tutt doesn’t fumble, we may be looking at another Purdue type beatdown
  10. Reminds me of the old Elis Johnson tittybump defenses.
  11. There’s a reason a lot of us were clamoring for PJ Fleck after we lost to a Florida. He’s a boss coach. Whoever hires him that puts him into a position to recruit well is going to be in business.
  12. The announcer said “this drive is critical for Auburn” with 6 mins left in the second quarter, our defense being what it is, and we are down by 7. That basically answers all I need to know about him.
  13. How do you go from scoring 48 on Alabama to this crap? I just don’t get it. Never any consistent play.
  14. How is this true? It sure seems like they are just as judge mental as ever, but they just choose who and what they judge, based on things that have less to do with their religious texts actually teach and more to do with who panders to what they have been told is good and bad by their leaders. And to answer the first part of your response, there is a difference between a magazine not affiliated with the federal government standing up for their beliefs and legislating based on those beliefs. The latter SHOULD keep their religions beliefs out of politics.