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  1. God! I started getting super angry with folks saying that crap.
  2. I’d put him in and throw quick passes/run the rb’s But I’m not an SEC play caller so wtf do I know.
  3. I’d be willing to bet he won’t even try. Lane isn’t Gus. He’s going to get one look at him and change his position, and the promptly go find an actual QB to complete with Holden.
  4. We can’t run the ball. WK is completely selling out to the run, because Ashford is doo doo throwing the ball.
  5. Dude, Ashford is killing us. This guy may have the worst arm of any Auburn QB I’ve ever seen.
  6. How in the world do we not have open receivers if WKU is bringing 6 guys??
  7. Everyone on our team is soft and weak, minus a select few NFL caliber guys. Just getting manhandled
  8. This team is pretty dang pathetic. I sure hope they hire someone who can line kids up in the portal. Because ladies and gents, this is as good as it gets, talent wise.
  9. @bigbird most likely to sit in the box seat of a classic theatre and talk sh*t about the muppets as the perform
  10. Lane is frustrated, and you can tell. I think we have a legit shot at this guy. If he comes I hope he keeps Caddy and embraces this energy Caddy has created. If Kiffin has the funds to put together a solid defensive staff, he’s a national championship play caller. Auburn needs to go all in on this guy and surround him with what he needs.
  11. Held back from teaching fundamentals to his players?
  12. Never forget how awful our Oline is. Will Friend is doing everything he can to help us win, but that guy sucks
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