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  1. Trumps entire presidency is dedicated to reversing anything Obama did. That's what his base wants him to do, though. They are literally trying to erase Obama from history. I wonder why that is? Hmmm.
  2. There is more hatred from the left because the president is in the right. Under Obama, all of the hatred and threat were coming from the right. Difference here is, Trump's personality and action warrant anger. Hell, I think his main goal is to anger people.
  3. Brietbart....HA. Ypu can tell a lot about someones political views and grasp on reality and facts by how much they pay attention to Brietbart.
  4. I love Nick as much as the next guy, but that's dude overthrough so many dudes on long passes.
  5. Duke Williams! Ha! Nah I'd go with Ronnie Daniels or Courtney Taylor. Poor Sammie would have been a lot more productive, but we seemed to have QB's with poor depth perception, during his run.
  6. When you say you want to "Make America Great Again", you are implying that it was once great and now it's not. That's how words work, man. The whole point of that question was to figure out why America was so great, but now it isn't.
  7. There was certainly a trend towards towards more "socialist" policies. The proof is in the fact that Bernie had as much support as he did, and that, as of now, he is the most popular politician in the country. These are all facts, and whether you like it or not. The last time Americans favored what would be thought as "Socialist" policies in this country, this much, was when FDR was pulling the economy out of the depths of hell. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the best direction is to go full blown Soviet Union or even Venezuela. But what Bernie Sanders proposes isn't either.
  8. To be fair here, Trump and Obama are too different beasts. Obama wasn't trying to ban people, talking sh*t on twitter about everyone, cutting important programs,proposing a health care bill that is, by far, more harmful than anything we have now, and isolating us from our allies. Trump's aftermath is far more hostile that Obama's was. I'll give you that. Put giving what Trump has done,since he's been in office, what they did to Obama seems a little over dramatic. Trump is getting exactly what he deserves from the media, because he can't keep his fat mouth shut. He's doing this to himself.
  9. I completely agree. And I think that more Americans opened up to the idea that you can have socialist aspects to a Capitalist country, in this past election cycle.
  10. I'm not so sure you're right about the Middle Americans. Sanders polled pretty well in the Mid West and if Hillary had won those states, we'd be in a different situation right now. Bernie Sanders isn't what people historically think Socialism is. He's kind of a socialist lite. And people seem to realize this. Socialist or not, rural Americans wanted a candidate that hey felt cared about them, this election, and Sanders fit that mold. Also, Sanders had absolutely no personal baggage. Hillary's previous issues are what kept her down, along with the fact that the right has been grooming people to hate her for the last 20 years.
  11. Also, What does Make America Great Again actually mean? What time period are we trying to go back to here?
  12. So in your opinion, it's disruptive for the Dems to fight Trump, and they should just get over their defeat? Whats really interesting to me is how quickly the right has forgotten about their disruption of Obama. It's almost as if y'all think that the Republicans were completely accommodating and bi partisan during the Obama years. Surely you can see how hypocritical your "disruption" argument is?
  13. I really like Sanders, but, as a leftist, I'm glad he didn't win. With the GOP controlling everything else, it would have just been a waste. I think Trump and the Republicans having full control for a couple of years is going to benefit the left greatly. People are going to get a healthy dose of what the right is all about, and I don't think it's going to take too well. The Republicans are going to piss off a lot of middle and lower class people in this country and they wont have anyone to push blame on. I hate to see people have to suffer, but sometimes people need to be directly affected to really see where they want things to go.
  14. The only team that should beat AU this year is AU itself, imo. We should be an upgraded version of last year at most if not all positions. Last year, when we were healthy, we were solid. You add White and Pettway to Clemson, Georgia, and Bama, and we win. You add in a QB like Stidham and it makes us scary. If Stidham goes down, we have, what has to be the best backup in the SEC. I'm feeling good about the team this year.
  15. If you're a smaller framed, scrambling QB, who wishes to learn from other QB's that have played your style, why wouldn't you want Mike VIck? There was a time, before the dog fighting thing and guys like Cam Newton, when Mike Vick was considered a guy who changed the game. I can't think of very many QB's who would be better to work with guys like JF3 and Malik.