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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Doeren, Brohm, Drurkin, Fleck, Venables. All viable choices in my opinion and all huge upgrades. Hell I'd even take Mullen at this point.
  2. Arrrgghh!

    Why tho?!
  3. This is what I was afraid of

    I hope Darius Slayton remembers this game his whole life. And I'm not just saying that for no reason. I'm in class with the guy and he carries himself like a superstar. He a scrub.
  4. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Oh come on. Talk about Gus 2.0
  5. Fire him now. Start the search.

    I'm done too. And I don't even have a list anymore. Bama literally has the only good coach in the nation. Everyone else is just a scrub.
  6. Arrrgghh!

    I am about to get belligerent. Let me finish this fat dip of grizzlies first.
  7. New Auburn bowl projection

    UGA is huge. We have got to snap this Bama streak, too. I'll take either one equally.
  8. Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    I'm just getting the feeling that years running back situation is screwy, due to injuries. I'm not so sure Bubba is in the doghouse. I think Gus let him go vs Clemson and Mercer to let him get reps. I think he ran KJ vs Missouri to give Pettway a rest from his 80 or so carries from the past 2 games. I fully expect to see the duo back in action vs Miss St.
  9. Who Do You Want?

    Malzahn has one of the hotter wives in the SEC. Belima and sumlan are also up there. Saban does not.
  10. Who Do You Want?

    Brohm has moved up on my list. Gary Patterson would be a legend at Auburn. Fire JJ and get this done!
  11. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    We had people calling for Barry Odom to be hired in the last DC search. Dodged a bullet there, huh
  12. Who Do You Want?

    So I take it that is your top 3?
  13. Who Do You Want?

    I would assume that Auburn's defensive staff is better than what Vandy can afford. I don't see him bringing many with him. He'd be crazy not to at least keep Garner and TWill
  14. Who Do You Want?

    I really think Derrick Mason would be really popular with the people here. He seems like a really cool and motivating guy. The players would love him and Saban would just look like a total a**hole compared to him. He would also probably keep some of our defensive coaches. Mason and Steele on the same staff. We'd be like the 2005 Baltimore Ravens
  15. Who Do You Want?

    Updated top 5. 1. D. Mason 2. Dan Mullen 3. Jeff Brohm 4. PJ 5.Venables The more I think about Mason and Mullen, the more I like it. SEC experience and both are proving that they can compete with far less than Auburn has.