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  1. I will fully concede to you that you called the Bo falling apart and not being ready thing. To be fair to me though, that Georgia game was at the beginning of the season and he didn’t look as bad to me when he was playing as a freshman. I had no thought in my mind that he would just continue to fall apart the way he did. Good job calling that.
  2. Don’t go down this rabbit whole man. You’ll waste a whole lot of time. We aren’t allowed to point out obvious position coach concerns, anymore. JUST FALL IN LINE, RIGBY!!
  3. There is absolutely nothing negative or downvote worthy about this post. Of course you’re skeptical about the guys from Troy and Fresno State being able to recruit against some of the teams that are recruiting better than anyone has in college football history. Only time will tell if these guys and this staff can play with the big dogs. It is cool to see a staff of fresh faces though. Gives me hope again. I would have liked to see T-Will, Jeff Grimes, and Dell McGee somewhere in this staff. Maybe someone else running strength and conditioning. But if wishes and buts...
  4. Yea Grimes recruited those guys that blocked for Mason when we were just running for 500 yards a game in 2013. 😂 I miss Jeff Grimes and wish we could have brought him in as the OC, if for nothing else, for his OL development and recruiting.
  5. I’m thinking Gave Poe. The linebacker coach at North Alabama. You heard it here first.
  6. Nah he’s in the 85th percentile with height and 74th for weight. He’s going to be playing for Tracy Rocker or Brad Bedell, because those are the only two positions I know how to teach him. 😂
  7. Not going to lie, this part made me lol. I can’t even argue about this. I was arguing with like 3 different people and I have a 9 month old, who just learned that he can yell at the top of his lungs and climb daddy at the same time, so yea I don’t have much consistency with my thoughts anymore. In fact, I think I’m losing my mind by the second.
  8. This is my favorite post today. Lol
  9. I’m not even upset man. If you looked up my post history, you’d see that i don’t take this stuff too seriously. I’m just being real. If we got a guy like Dell McGee I’d be more optimistic and sure minded than I am now about recruiting WR’s. And so would 99% or the people on this board that care enough to follow the hire. But at some point someone, somewhere decided Cornelius Williams and Dell McGee became the same quality hire and to pretend that they aren’t is apparently a no no now. I didn’t get that newsletter in the mail. I like your optimism man. I really do. And I have no int
  10. I absolutely was scared s**less when Caddy was hired at the recruiting. Probably even more, because had a history of hiring yes men. But Caddy has for the most part showed he can go after those guys and grab em up.
  11. You didn’t say that but a lot of people did. And no it’s not me writing him off. It’s me making the claim that, because of his pedigree and name recognition, and the fact that he’s coaching for a new name to the SEC, I can’t picture him walking in and recruiting against Bama, etc. I can picture him getting hired by Saban and being successful at recruiting, because he will have the Bama program to fall back on. If you can honestly sit here and say that you have the same kind of confidence in this guy as you’d have if we hired McClendon, Tee Martin, or Damyune Craig, then we just have
  12. You right. I did say that. My bad. What I meant to tell him is I’m not attacking him specifically for being a Harsin or bust guy. I don’t know him enough to know that’s how he feels. But I’m not going to assume because Harsin knows more about football than me, he can’t make a risky hire.
  13. What a strange couple of months this has been. If you had told me the day after Gus was fired that this would be the Auburn staff on January 16, 2021, I would have been super confused and frantically googling half the names, including the head coach. JUST ME KEEPING IT REAL. Man I hope this thing works out. OPTIMISTIC AND HOPEFUL I just can’t see a picture a reality in my head where this WR coach out recruits Bama, Ole Miss, Miss St, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M, or LSU for high profile receivers. WHY IM CAUTIOUS. AND I BELIEVE IT TO BE COMPLETELY NORMAL GI
  14. I didn’t say you or anyone else had that view, buddy. I’m just saying that’s how I go into coaching hires. Optimistic at new possibilities, but cautious at the fact that even good coaches make risky hires, and have to turn around a find somebody else.
  15. It absolutely can give him a chance to our recruit those other schools, and it will more than likely have to be what he hangs his hat on until Harsin can build a reputable program that can recruit itself like Bama, UGA, etc. But you’re absolutely right. If we hired Bama’s WR coach, I would have to google his name and then I’d see that it’s Bama’s WR coach and think to myself, “if Nick Saban (the guy who has won 7 national titles) hired him, he must be great”. Or if Kirby Smart (the guy who has built a recruiting machine at Georgia) hired him, he must be great”. But I don’t have that kind
  16. Maybe he does come in and take names. I hope so, because I want to see us put more big name WR’s In the league. And I’d probably have concerns about those Minnesota and NW coaches as well, for the same reasons, until the show that they can do well. What I’m not going to do is assume that just because Auburn’s head coach hired him, he must be great at coaching and recruiting. I’ve been hit with that harsh reality too many times over the last 33 years of my life. I believe Tony Franklin was where I first got burned. And the burning has just been steady and slow from there.
  17. They shouldn’t get upset when I’m cautiously optimistic and say stuff like what I just quoted in my last post. And my assumption isn’t based on data, but neither is there’s. That’s the whole point. There isn’t any data showing that this guy has a good chance of being able to out recruit the big dogs. Where as if a name like Tee Martin or Dell McGee was hired, I’d have more data to go off of and be able to picture good recruiting.
  18. I’m inferring a blind assumption on some of you guys part, because instead of replying to my first comment with, “here’s why I think he can out recruit those schools” people chose to say things like “what makes you think you know more than Bryan Harsin”. “And relax because Harsin knows more than 99% of this board about football”. Well yea so does Gus Malzahn and Gene Chizik. It doesn’t mean that every coaching choice they made was successful.
  19. Because he’s a relatively brand new coach who is WR coaching for a guy who is brand new to coaching and recruiting in the SEC. I didn’t indicate that he won’t be successful as a recruiter. I’m not some football recruiting oracle. It’s just not something I can picture in my head, and if you can picture some guy committed to Saban or Kiffen saying “oh snap Auburn just landed Cornelius Williams, lemme rethink my commitment, please tell me what you know about this guy that gives you that kind of confidence. I want to be excited and optimistic about him, as well.
  20. No I said I have a hard time picturing a reality where this guy can sway recruits from all of those SEC schools with established passing offenses. Doesn’t mean he will or won’t be successful. But to blindly assume he will is awfully risky, imo. Name recognition is absolutely a big deal and completely relevant. That’s why people mentioned names like Tee Martin, Dell McGee, and Bryan McClendon. And nobody here mentioned the name Cornelius Williams until yesterday.
  21. What about my commentary on this hire or any of the other ones indicates that I’m not in wait and see mode? Go ahead. Quote it. I’ll wait.
  22. Look man, I fully accept his right to hire who he thinks will help him build the football program. But that doesn’t mean everyone he’s hired was his first, second, or even third choice. Y’all are confusing objective commentary as non support. The fact of the matter is this guy was a coaching Troy and non of us were saying “man I hope Harsin can land Cornelius Williams”. He’s a relatively up and coming guy, and we don’t know how he will do, because he doesn’t have much of a resume to indicate one way or another. Same with Ethridge and Schmedding. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious with y
  23. Dude what’s with you people getting so testy over people having opinions. Isn’t that what a forum is for? Or are we all just supposed to blindly worship the ground CBH walks on or else? I’m completely relaxed pal. I’m not going to lose any sleep over football. I can assure you. But I can certainly have concern over the recruiting ability of coaches without being anti Bryan Harsin. This whole, “how dare you not fully accept every Bryan Harsin decision trend is interesting to say the least”. Half the people, including myself, on this forum didn’t even know anything about Harsin before he was hir
  24. I felt the same way, but I knew who he was😂. I’m not saying that Williams isn’t a good fit or can’t do well. I’m just mentioning how random this has all been. People throw names out for all these coaches and then 8/10 times you’re blindsided from left field with someone you hadn’t even thought about. I’m optimistic about this staff, but I’d be lying if I said I’m 100% confident that all these guys will be good. This staff is a good mix of guys I’m confident will come in and be great (Mason and Caddy), and guys that I just need to wait and see Williams and Ethridge. They all seem like good lika
  25. What a strange couple of months this has been. If you had told me the day after Gus was fired that this would be the Auburn staff on January 16, 2021, I would have been super confused and frantically googling half the names, including the head coach. Man I hope this thing works out. I just can’t see a picture a reality in my head where this WR coach out recruits Bama, Ole Miss, Miss St, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M, or LSU for high profile receivers. Here’s to hoping Harsin is as gifted at evaluating talent as some of you guys say he is.
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