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  1. Saturday I would have liked to see Gatewood tbh. Stid was done in my book.
  2. I wonder if Coach Pearl has the time to coach Basketball and Football like Shug did. Gus needs benched with Stidham.
  3. The only thing I hate worse than Gus Is the cute wildcat bs. Line up and run the ball enough with the wildcat cute crap. Sorry I had to vent.
  4. There has been points shaving withna whole lot more money on the line than Gus' salary. I will be honest sometimes I also feel like it happens for TV ratings especially when its an ABC game. Whatever the reason was I think its common knowledge Auburn let up.
  5. I will be honest I have thought about it all week. Im beginning to wonder if there may be some points shaving going on and it went bad at LSU and the NC game
  6. Exactly. Thats the question. Who can compete and how much money and power is Auburn willing to put on the line. I like Paterson, I like Petrino, Jimbo Fisher type coaches. This is the pickle Auburn is in. We want top 5 results out of a coach that simply isnt a top 5 coach. Its that simple.
  7. How much money do you think it would take to move him. Chip Kelly is a pipe dream, nobody wants Petrino, Tressel is a name kicked around. So tell me again how PJ Fleck or Chad Morris is going to compete with Saban Im waiting or some other FBS coach thats the next hero. Right up till they get into the SEC west.
  8. I would be happy if Tubs returned to be AD and Gary Patterson was hired to become HC and has total control of the football program. None of this we gotta keep this guy BS. Total control. Give him 3 years. I believe he could get results. Jay Jacobs got to go.
  9. Skip the HC. Who is the next AD thats the first step. Who is that gonna be
  10. I have been hoping I have been wrong about Gus. He seemed to have the team in good shape right up till the 2nd half. I have called for him to be fired and replaced by Petrino. Im gonna be honest. I think if Jacobs and the BS that goes with him is gone,Auburn will be in a better spot.
  11. Its Gus" fault he hired the OC. Besides Gus is supposed to be an offensive inovator. You would think we would have swapped QBs for a series to calm Stidham down and coach him. Maybe even see what the freshman had but no the idiot keeps doing the same thing expecting a diff result.
  12. What happen to forgiveness. Preach on you dont have a clue about whats goin on Petrino better than any coach on Auburn sideline besides Steel right now. Oh Im sorry he didnt praise Dye enough.
  13. Pretty clear to me you are the one dont know the whole story dont preach to me.
  14. Keven Steele do it like Clemson did when Dabo took over. Fire Gus let him coach this season see if Auburn looks any better. If they do give him the job. If not find a guy. But please get rid of that bubble gum eatin idiot trying to look like a cross between Tressel and Spurier on the side line today.
  15. Petrino made one mistake he isnt trash and to be honest its thinking like that is why Auburn lost last night. Maybe Auburn gets a choir boy yes sir guy again but they gonna get same results.
  16. Agreed, I liked Freeze, I like Petrino, I liked Briles and Gary Paterson. I have a man crush on Jimbo Fisher. But as long as Jacobs is running the show we gonna have to hire a coach with perfect moral values that knows how to say yes sir to Pat Dye. Btw when is Lane Kiffin headed to Auburn.
  17. Be honest as fans. Auburn goes after a high school coach to compete in the college game. Alabama goes after a pro coach to compete. Anybody understand that. Better coaching better approach better players. And here we have Gus hiring a high school staff to compete against a staff that could complement the Dallas Cowboys. Really, dont make sense to me.
  18. I agree the offense is Pop Warner. Gus isnt a coaching guru. I want to know who Auburn could get as a head coach willing to go against Saban. Gonna be a short list. We could have hired Petrino,. Could have kept Tubb, could have hired Briles as an OC, could have went after Spurrier, as long as Jacobs and Dye are holding the strings we gonna look like we chasing our tails. Btw Petrino is my guy.
  19. Parcells said if they want you to cook dinner they should at least let you shop for the groceries. PTB should let Gus do his thing. And quit giving these big buyouts if a coach wants to go so be it. Auburn football is bigger than any coach or Booster.
  20. Agreed, Gus has not got Saban power on the plains. He should hire the best guy no matter who it offends or who or how it looks. If Auburn is looking for the perfect man, I hate it noboby is perfect and mistakes can be learned from.
  21. Agreed, Gus has not got Saban power on the plains. He should hire the best guy no matter who it offends or who or how it looks. If Auburn is looking for the perfect man, I hate it noboby is perfect and mistakes can be learned from.
  22. This already smells of a PTB hire. I believe Gus would have Briles in Auburn if it wasnt.
  23. I just want to go on record while I still have the buzz on to say thank god Auburn hasnt got Brett B as our HC. He would look way overweight in orange its bad enough in Arky red. War Eagle guys maybe next year. And fire up the jet I still want Petrino.
  24. Yeah proly right Gus had his 1 year sniff at Arky St. Man what a wonderfull job he has done. Just think what he could have done with one more year.