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  1. I third it. I have come to respect E in all matters regarding my beloved Tigers. I'm interested in hearing your views on this!
  2. Prosch will play. He may not have started put his college career as an Auburn Tiger, but his heart is proving to be that of an Auburn man from go. Http://
  3. I'm all for improving, but Coach VanGorder has to make adjustments....
  4. I am just not seeing an improved secondary....this bothers me greatly.
  5. Seriously just sat here and got chills. Man, I cannot is truly great to be an Auburn Tiger!
  6. Perfectly fine with me, I'm thoroughly enjoying the flood of posts and information. The AUFamily group has always done an amazing job, but the new blood is getting this site to a new level. I believe in Auburn, and love it!
  7. Yes, as in me being sarcastic about not continuing to read and was an effort, not the best but still an effort.
  8. I'm not from the AE boards but in homage to them, this whole statement should be in yellow. I'm seriously going to have to stop reading the boards until Saturday or I won't be able to sleep! Who else is just plain excited about this season and our Auburn Tigers?
  9. There is no other coach in the SEC that I would trade him for. Agreed. He has consistently shown what a man who has standards and principles does and is a tremendous role model for the team including the staff. I believe whole heartedly that within 3 years we have another SEC and NC under our belt. ~~ I believe in Auburn, and love it!!
  10. Looks good, I'm sure a few of those positions will move around a bit once it's all said and done but otherwise top knotch! Thanks for taking the time to do this....really shows that we are deep in many places...Auburn is back and will be a force to be reckoned with!