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  1. According to a family member of his, he will commit this weekend. We'll see!
  2. I've been telling people all week that it seems as if the young guys are hungrier than the vets. So I agree with you about the vets on the dline.
  3. Pretty sure ASU had just as good a record under Hugh Freeze (the year before Gus arrived) as they did under Gus so I seriously doubt they were at the bottom of the conference the year before Gus arrived.. wde ASU won the conference championship behind Hugh Freeze in 2011 and behind Gus in 2012. http://en.wikipedia....Belt_ConferenceBTW, Don't sell Auburn short. Our D is getting some props by PAC 12 folks for confusing Halliday with late shifts and causing mistakes by forcing him out of the pocket (thank you MA). My largest concern for ASU was voiced by Coach Dye - we need improved linebacker play. I fully agree. What bothers me about the adjustments in the secondary was that they (players) had been coached on "what to expect" and then "what was delivered" was drastically different and it took a half to figure it out.Fully agree on the LB play. It must be better. You can't win in this league without it. And I don't think you can beat ASU without it, either. Players do what they're told. CEJ has to make the adjustments. When the adjustments were made WSU was pretty much shut down. Now CEJ knows his db's can play man to man defense, so we'll see how he calls this one.
  4. I'm there! Section 14 Row 15 Seat 11 and 12
  5. Why not just skip this season and prepare for next year?! I mean I hate to see injuries too but it's not the end of the world. That's why you recruit every year. Next man up... I trust our coaching staff to have our guys ready to play next Saturday.
  6. I'm gonna agree with the topic. I didn't see any major issues with Kiehl's game yesterday. I saw some thing he can improve on. He didn't seem lost to me at all, nervous maybe. The decision was made correctly but the throw was a little off. I'm not forgetting Kiehl made his first start, as a sophomore, behind a new OL, in a new system, from under center. Instead of flaming the guy I wonder why we abandoned the run. Frazier didn't do anything to lose the game last night.
  7. Running game looked very good. DE's got upfield Daren Bates played very good Jermaine Whitehead did pretty good at the Safety position Blake and Lutz balled Parkey was great Kiehl did ok for his first start WR blocking was sooo much better than last season
  8. If you are going to play the "what if", then you've got to also ask yourself what if Clemson caught all those dropped passes. What if Boyd threw that intercepted pass in front of his receiver instead of behind. We got our asses beat, 1 point or 100, it wasnt that close. Not playing the "what if" game. The opportunities were there, we just have to capitalize when they're given.
  9. Take away the fumble and score the TD thrown to the back of the end zone, I think the game would've been won. I'm sure they'll watch some film and make some corrections come next Sat. We certainly have more to build on than we did at this point last season.
  10. College...Public Intoxication... I'd say thats abnormal. The APD stand on Toomer corner right next to the bars from Wed - Sun morning looking for things like this. Now I will admit you'd have to be a bit belligerent in order for them to get you but lets not forget we're talking about a 19 year old college kid. As far as for the Tuberville era, it was just as bad but the police weren't around as much. Believe me, I know first hand.
  11. Clint Moseley replaced by Kiehl Frazier Nosa Eguae replaced by Dee Ford Demetruce McNeal replaced by Jermaine Whitehead I'll also throw a 4th one in there....T'Sharvan Bell could be replaced by Robenson Therezie but if healthy Bell could just be moved to nickel back
  12. What I got from the vid is that if they were gonna speed rush (what I assumed he meant by speed to power) then they would have to assume the position he was teaching......Helmet below chin, with arms extended, driving the blocker backwards.
  13. Not getting Darby shouldn't have too much of an impact considering our current recruits on campus and the 3 secondary players we did get. I'm a bit concerned about our D-line though . With 15 defensive linemen on campus not counting the 2 we got today I can see your concern.
  14. Lets just say we bring back something like 62 scholarship players from last season...Add 20 from this class, award a few hard working walk ons with a scholly, then graduate only something like 13-14 seniors after this upcoming season. Seems like a good problem to deal with to me. Get em out of a wad!
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