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  1. TNix.MN

    JSU QB Eli Jenkins

    He said this on Twitter Dec 26th.... Tyler Queen ‏@TQueen_15 Dec 26 Felt great to be back throwing today
  2. TNix.MN

    Players leaving

    Maybe just referring to Ricardo leaving?
  3. TNix.MN

    AuFamily FFL league

    Saw you needed one more. I am in!
  4. TNix.MN

    Mark My Word 2015

    MMW: duke will play every game of the season but will be second in total receiving yards. MMW: Josh holsey will have more interceptions than Jon Jones and Blake countess combined. MMW: The Minnesota Vikings will select Carl Lawson in the first round, tray Mathews in the second round, and Avery young in the third round of the draft.
  5. TNix.MN

    Way to Early 2016 NFL Draft Top 15 Projections

    Would love for the Vikes to get Lawson next year. But wtf they got them with the 7th overall pick... Vikes will make the playoffs this year, know that!
  6. TNix.MN

    2015 4* ATH Tim Irvin commits to AU!

    Isn't Tyrann Mathieu 5' 9 and he plays safety in the NFL... All about athleticism and instincts.
  7. TNix.MN

    O-Line Next Year

    If we are transitioning to more of a pass-heavy offense I believe this should be the starting line... LT - Miller LG - Smith C - Kozan RG - Young RT - Golson
  8. TNix.MN

    Robenson Therezie cleared

    Starting to show up on twitter now..
  9. TNix.MN

    Mark My Word 2014

    MMW... Cam Payne will rush for 1500+ yards this season. Jeremy Johnson will play the first half of the Arkansas game and score 3 TD's with a score of 28-7 at the half. Not many true freshmen will get a chance to contribute this season, but the one who will make the biggest impact will be Raashed Kennion. Teddy Bridgewater will start Game 1 and will lead the Vikes to the playoffs!
  10. TNix.MN

    JUCO Signing Day (12/18/13)

    Observation, all our JUCO guys are 6'3".
  11. TNix.MN

    Holsey Out?

    Breakout game for Khari Harding maybe??
  12. TNix.MN

    Washington State Look-A-Like Thread?

    Jeff Waldner Bret Bielema Had to try one, I'll do better on the next one...
  13. TNix.MN

    Washington State

    Not sure if this was already posted, but thought some of you may want to see some of these weight changes. OL doesn't look undersized to me, but inexperienced perhaps.