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  1. That number is much higher than the player count we expected, and I wonder if it includes coaches and parents, or just players?
  2. Last weekend was a brilliant move - we brought in top prospects and Bama commits. Bama scheduled their junior day on top of ours and by adding the previous Saturday as more of a one-on-one event for select prospects our staff one-upped Bama.
  3. We haven't pulled a QB from the portal and Hank Brown isn't on campus, so we have a QB shortage for spring training. TJ could could be a big help with throwing reps, plus he'd get a chance to work for our new staff.
  4. I am and always will be a huge Bo Nix fan. The man truly loved Auburn, but didn't always get the love returned. I hated when he left, but we were a dumpster fire and I knew it was best for him. Bo for Heisman!
  5. Mark my words: Camden Brown will lead the SEC in touchdown receptions.
  6. My comment is a blending of the quote you saw and premium content that I can't quote. It's a post by a paid analyst on a message board that says his status (as someone with smaller offers) "will change" - not "may", but "will".. You'll find it. That's why I said this is going to be fun.
  7. Kameron Brown's recruitment is going to be fun. I'm wondering how he could be the county defensive player of the year in Gwinnett County according to a newspaper, and yet not even be a rated prospect. Over 900,000 people live in Gwinnett County, so a lot of football players live there. If you watch his HUDL you'll see speed isn't his problem. Some say he's another Williams - Auburn's attention and his films are going to blow him up. We'll see. At any rate I hope Derrick sticks around to play a year with his brother, like the Carlsons.
  8. Then we agree that the turmoil hurt us, but isn't as much a factor going forward. The pickings are slim now, but we still have to sell transfers and prospects on visiting us. I hope Auburn fans and sites have learned a lesson about spreading "News" that doesn't have a traceable source.
  9. We'll have to agree to disagree. I've seen way too many comments about our turmoil by analysts concerning recruits backing away and not signing, re/ Putnam etc.
  10. Gus said in an interview that he thought the bowl game would help recruiting. I would normally say one game wouldn't have much of an effect (and I know KN has said that), but not in this case. Noah Cain's comments show the damage we've suffered. Opposition recruiters were using our unrest against us, but we look much more stable after the MCB. Maybe it was just for one game, and maybe other factors were at play, like slow B10 speed, but our new organization worked and our offense was a lot better. We have some positive things to talk about now, and that sure beats defending against negativity.
  11. When the solution seems obvious we probably don't understand the problem. Character issues, grades, bad coaches' recommendations, who knows what the problem may be? I have no inside knowledge of why someone so highly qualified hasn't been offered, but I'll bet there's a reason we don't know about.
  12. I'm sure rival coaches are telling recruits Gus pushed Grimes out so he could hire Hand. That's a lot of FUD to overcome for any recruiter.
  13. Lots of people must need tackles. He's OV'd Oklahoma and the U. Offers from a bunch more including Arizona, ASU, Mizzu, OK State, and BCU. That's a pretty impressive list for a 290 lb graduate transfer tackle who needs to play next year. Coach Grimes visited him on Dec 4, so he's not new news here.
  14. Here's a link to a site that lists what it believes to be the desirable attributes of an offensive tackle: http://www.get2theleague.com/offensive-tackle-tips-what-the-nfl-looks-for-in-offensive-tackles/ I think we would probably be looking at Kamaar for OG or center. His size and strength advantages dictated that he play OT for Colquitt, but he won't have those at the next level. I agree that taking Kamaar would probably mean we missed on someone, but with the right diet and work discipline he could have a good career at the next level.
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