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  1. Waaaay too early to count out Marquis.
  2. War Eagle! He's coming in as an RB. but our coaches aren't going to waste that height or those hands. Big upside.
  3. A 6'3" 212lb rb? Certainly not prototypical. He might be one of those guys who figures things out on the practice field.
  4. If you follow Spiegelman's tweet string you'll see a stream of Joiner highlight plays. My favs were the one I posted above, a layout catch on a bomb, and one weaving through traffic before bursting through defenders at the goal line. I think the problem we had with Joiner was he wanted to be a "pure" rb and we wanted him as an H. I think when he fell to the numbers game at LSU he decided H might be a good fit. Sure looks like an H to me.
  5. #3 probably agrees with the elusiveness comments, but I doubt #7 is on board with the soft opinions.
  6. im4au

    2018 4* OT/OG William Barnes

    That's what I thought. Good news on Gouraige could give Barnes and his parents a decision to make. I'd sure like to see him in our class.
  7. im4au

    2018 4* OT/OG William Barnes

    Do we have room for both Barnes and Montilus?
  8. He should get a second chance, but let's not think a DUI is just a stupid mistake. Driving drunk kills people and a DUI is a serious charge.
  9. Good training for the business world.
  10. im4au

    Chuck Person

    As the article states, indictments are gained with the defense being an empty chair. A defense attorney would characterize the payments as finders' fees, not bribes. Paying an adult to sign a contract or act as an agent to get another to sign a contract isn't fraud. Person admitted to misrepresenting his relationship with the financial agent, and he'll have to defend that. Plus, there may be tax issues. And you have a very idealistic view of the FBI. If you watch the press conference video you'll see at the end that the FBI spokesperson didn't know what was in the indictment and the US Attorney had to interject. US Attorney's, by the way, can be politically ambitious and enjoy the limelight.
  11. im4au

    Chuck Person

    Interesting Bloomberg read: Indictments are much easier to get than convictions, and turning these indictments into convictions may be difficult.
  12. Reminds me of Little Train. Get off the tracks!
  13. im4au

    I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    Yes it was Mercer and take a look at the stats below. Add an interception to the fumbles and that's the reason you didn't get the score you were looking for. I'm saying we have things to fix, but the rumors of our death are greatly exaggerated. (tip of the cap to Mark Twain) Total Offense Yards 246 510 Fumbles: Number-Lost 0 - 0 5 - 4
  14. im4au

    I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    Our offense has sputtered, but our defense has rocked everyone we played. Our fan base is lamenting the Mercer game, but we actually went up in the USA Today Coach's Poll. (I guess coaches think turnovers are a correctable problem.) By the way, our quarterback almost equaled our passing efficiency record in the Mercer game, mostly because our "horrible" offensive line game him all day to throw. I'm sure we focused almost exclusively on pass blocking after Clemson, and now we need to get our run blocking where it needs to be. We have no SEC losses and can still win the championship. Life's good.
  15. im4au

    Byron Cowart

    I had a "heads up" that he might not be a 5* talent when he was in high school. A friend who really knows football saw Cowart's high school play a lesser opponent and (being an Auburn fan) told me he hoped Cowart had taken the night off because he didn't play like a 5*. Byron later admitted that his self-promotion probably helped get him a 5* rating. But he sure looks good getting off the bus.