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  1. Johnson "retiring" was the best thing that could of happened to Tech. Nobody wanted to play in that boring offense that dates back to the Civil War. I 'm curious to see how Jamious Griffin pans out for them. He has to be the highest rated recruit they've gotten in awhile.
  2. I didn't even say the G word, only quoted the article lol
  3. Oh for sure, like I said I'm not a fan.
  4. I'm not a fan of his personally, but my guess would be mainly this from the article. Something that hasn't been happening at Auburn. "Fisher's coaching ability has never been in question. He's one of the game's elite and developed three quarterbacks (Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel, Winston) into first-round NFL draft picks."
  5. I would love to see DJ emerge as #1. I really liked what I saw from him on A-Day.
  6. After the draft I read the Suns are really trying to improve with their shooting. Not sure if some noticed, but they got roasted for taking Cameron Johnson (46%3PT) at 11. Most people didn't have him ranked in the top 25. Makes it tough on Jared though as they took Ty in the 1st as well at PG. Hes just gonna have to shoot lights out this summer, thats his best shot.
  7. I don't think it matters either, I'm leaning towards E's opinion of him waiting on a bigger offer. If the 1RB in the class thing was true, he shouldn't be still looking at USC as they already have a higher ranked RB committed thats pretty much the same size (MarShawn Lloyd). That being said I'd love to land Tank. I went back and looked back at our RB recruiting recently (to 2017) and of our 2 highest rated backs 1 was converted to DB and the other transferred this year. Makes no sense to me.
  8. Interesting. Wonder if the flexibility they offered between football/baseball is why he chose there?
  9. I didn't like his name anyways.
  10. I tried that last season. I still got very frustrated.
  11. A&M just announced they're selling.
  12. No, that season was lucky as hell. We owe 2013 to Nick Marshall.
  13. Thats what I thought. My comment was a bad attempt at answering his question that no, I don't think he would flip back to Auburn as it was pretty obvious he was just waiting for the Bama offer.
  14. Didn't he decommit from us as soon as Bama paid him some attention?