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  1. atl-tiger

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    No and why would you want him to be a CEO type coach? He was hired as an "offensive genius". If we had a head coach that didn't meddle on either side of the ball I'd want somebody that lives for competition, has a history of winning and can inspire his players as well as recruit his ass off.
  2. atl-tiger

    If Malzahn returns

    I hope Stidham goes wherever. I dont' want Brown and Marlon to leave, but they'd be dumb not to. I can see Asa and Joey transferring along with some WRs. High recruits like that aren't going sit on the bench without even being given a shot.
  3. atl-tiger

    Another loss to a rival

    Last year we were worried about Gus going to Arkansas and Stidham going pro.
  4. atl-tiger

    Smart explains how Gus's offense has evolved

    Somebody posted on reddit the other day in r/wde that UGA, LSU and Bama had all signed in between 27-31 offensive linemen each since 2013. Auburn has signed 17.
  5. atl-tiger

    Malzahn Presser Georgia Week

    Haha, the screenshot they chose to use for this video. Classic Gus face
  6. So if the plan is to part ways with Gus at the end of the season you would expect him to state that with 2 rivalry games left? Thats my point, that will be his answer regardless of what the plan is. For the record, I think Gus will be back next year.
  7. Even if hes gone, would you expect him to say anything different?
  8. atl-tiger

    Iron bowl on CBS

  9. atl-tiger

    Asa Martin

    Yeah I figured it was those names giving you bad memories.
  10. atl-tiger

    This may be somewhat random

    Kids special. Look what hes doing for Detroit now.
  11. atl-tiger

    Asa Martin

    Asa was the recruit I was most excited about this year. Dude had crazy stats in high school. Something must be going on in practice. Other than Boobie, haven't seen much out of the running backs that would warrant not giving Asa a shot.
  12. atl-tiger

    Asa Martin

    Kerryon Johnson?
  13. atl-tiger


    PSA: Don't spend a ton of money buying multiple tickets. % to win with 1 ticket: 0.0000003422% % to win with 500 tickets: 0.000171114%
  14. atl-tiger

    Anyone have info on injury to Boobee

    I was shocked to see him out there against Ole Miss after going straight to the locker room on the Tennessee game fumble play.
  15. atl-tiger

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    I think the main issue here is what has Gus/Chip seen with this line that thinks we would have time to pull off some double reverse crap trick play?