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  1. atl-tiger

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (LSU)

    Yea his little post game speech went viral on barstool sports. I won't post it because I'm not sure of the profanity rules on the forum.
  2. atl-tiger

    Be safe, our Carolinas AUFamily members!

    I figured. Typically the pier's posts will remain even if the deck boards and everything else get ripped off.
  3. atl-tiger

    Be safe, our Carolinas AUFamily members!

    Did the camera move or is the pier gone? Last time i looked at it the pier was there..
  4. atl-tiger

    Be safe, our Carolinas AUFamily members!

    Its now ripped haha
  5. atl-tiger

    Be safe, our Carolinas AUFamily members!

    This is so cool. Thanks.
  6. atl-tiger

    Tuberville on Malzahn

    I saw it yesterday. If you signed up for their "free trial" you could read the whole article.
  7. atl-tiger

    Aidan Marshall leaves the team-Merged thread

    Yeah itd be tough for me to hang around as a back up punter with no scholarship.
  8. atl-tiger


    My grandfather tore his ACL playing football in the late 50s. The scar looks like someone tried to amputate his leg with a chainsaw.
  9. atl-tiger


    Blows my mind that Stove and Hastings are already playing.
  10. atl-tiger

    Heisman Watch

    Haha yes. To be fair to the show, they all roasted him afterwards for making that comparison to Lebron James. I can see the Mariota reference for sure though.
  11. atl-tiger

    Heisman Watch

    Some clown on that Get Up show on ESPN said Tua was the greatest athlete since LeBron James.
  12. atl-tiger

    AU/LSU 2:30 CBS

    ESPN Power Index matchup has us at 78% so you're good to go! Seriously though I think win by 2 scores. Their D is solid as always, but Burrow was 11-24 for 140 yds against Miami. I don't think LSU was good, I think Miami is really bad.
  13. atl-tiger

    AU/LSU 2:30 CBS

    730ET - Airing on SECN
  14. atl-tiger

    AU/LSU 2:30 CBS

    See ya'll in Auburn.