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  1. Completely agree, just a badly worded post on my part I guess. Wasn't trying to say the guys going G League are hindering their chances at NBA, of course the NBA teams know who the elites are, college or G League. I guess my post was more selfish talking about fan exposure, which like you said really doesn't matter about getting into the pros. NCAA games are more televised and the entire country is watching the tournament. If I asked an average basketball fan who Jalen Suggs is (top 10 recruit) they'd tell me yea the guy that hit that crazy game winning 3 in the tourney vs UCLA. If I as
  2. Watching the tourney every year, I don't see how a 1nDone wouldn't rather go to college over G League. Unless they need an immediate paycheck I just think you get much more exposure and chances to prove yourself in college. Jalen Green has been very solid on his G League, but I have to Google it to find out. He's still a lottery pick, but back to my exposure point
  3. Didn't BP say last year or year before he encourages players to enter and get their draft grade?
  4. We're all speculating at this point, but I'm leaning towards something injury related. Maybe AU wouldn't clear him, doctors gave him bad news.. I just don't see any internal problems with team or him worried about playing time.
  5. SC was held out the last few games. We thinking he's getting healthy for next year or going pro?
  6. I was a caretaker of a ranch in Jackson Hole for a few years after college. These mountains were my view for my "commute." beautiful, miss it all the time. Great pic
  7. Should be all or nothing IMO. Just look at the games from last year, looked like a lot of people ended up in groups anyways. Hell notre dame rushed the field.
  8. Elis who I thought of also. Think it was Obamanu(spelling?) dropped a pass that drilled him in the chest for a td
  9. I'll go with one that's recent. Really enjoyed the 2017 Uga beat down. Seemed like everything was going our way.
  10. We had the same "Iron Men" awards in high school.
  11. Blake Countess worked out alright for us. He's the last grad transfer DB I remember.
  12. CB AU has interest in Should have 2 to play 2 seasons Thought to be an AU-UGA battle Rusty Mansell of UGA 247 does not believe he will end up at UGA even though the WVU CB coach just took that job at UGA
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