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  1. That's awesome, didn't really expect to see his name on here. He's my grandfather (Pops!). As far as your comment, I believe he played at less than 150lbs at HB/DB.
  2. War Eagle Smoke! Although not as flashy as a #1 QB commit I feel this one is huge. Having a big hitting, intimidating safety really sets the tone on the defense. RBs are scared to get past LOS and WRs are scared to run routes across the middle. Keanu Neal for the Falcons this year is a good example.
  3. I didn't notice that this comment was written before Monday had committed. Bout gave me a heart attack and I went back and had to re-read the whole Monday thread.
  4. LSU is really late in the season this year. I thought it was usually the 3rd or 4th week?
  5. Lawson was great at getting in the back field, but it just seemed like he would over pursue a lot of the times and the opposing QB could just take a step up to dodge him.
  6. He's stereotyping everybody that doesn't think Vick is a good coach/role model because of race...
  7. Good post, never thought about it like that.
  8. I don't like Auburn playing in them, but I don't mind watching other teams. Just doesn't have the same feel as playing on Saturday.
  9. I'll take that. Knowing nobody can hit you probably lowers your sense of urgency to escape the pocket.
  10. My grandfather played, so me and my brother take turns attending this scrimmage. It was his year this time unfortunately, but this is what he told me. Overall offense was pretty stale, but that was expected. Stidham can definitely make all the throws, was able to make a couple good runs scrambling as well. Malik Willis looked good, made some good scrambles, but still needs work. Woody's highlight was the big hit he made on the DB after he threw an interception. He put together one good drive, but 3 and out rest of time. JF3 made some good plays at WR.
  11. My grandfather played from 58-61 and had nothing but good things to say about Mr. Howard. I had the pleasure of meeting him last spring during one of the scrimmages the letter men were able to attend. He was still cracking jokes with everybody. RIP Mr. Howard.
  12. Drove me crazy, refs missed a bunch too.
  13. He didn't state the PT vs competition until after I quoted him, even though I'm not sure why the reason he leaves matters. The luxury comment is the point I was trying to make, thats all. How about just don't quote me with a smart A comment when I'm asking a legitimate question trying to better understand somebody's thoughts? Yes I understand there are plenty of QBs with no experience that are able to perform, but having SW as a backup is a huge plus. You're speculating a lot here by predicting that JS won't get injured and WB will be a good QB even though his off the field struggles are worrying. So once again, having SW as a backup would be nice.
  14. I originally quoted someone saying that if SW left it wouldn't hurt us. He has extensive experience and the rest don't, but thanks for proving my point.
  15. Thanks man! So the next scholarship as in a true freshman or redshirt freshman, neither one with experience?