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  1. Surely gus will realize this... Fingers crossed
  2. Kj is exposed in pass coverage now.
  3. Derrick brown is an absolute stud. Pappoe is gonna be a monster for us. Offense.. Same ol same ol. Also I'm confident I could beat Kam Martin in Oklahoma drill. Put dj in
  4. No, it will be a run heavy day as Gus doesn't want any film on the complex route tree he installed over the bye week that utilizes short to intermediate passes, sometimes the middle of the field, that don't have 3 fake handoffs and that should help out our weak offensive line. Well thats what I hope.
  5. I look forward to your posts every week JMR. Appreciate you posting these.
  6. If Gus knows one thing its that his offense works way better with a dual threat QB, especially one the size of Cam Newton. I think Gus gave Joey every opportunity to when the starting job this spring/fall and I think that even if Bo only slightly edged out Joey as a better passer, Joey would still start. This is the same coach that thought a backup JUCO QB could solve the offenses problem in '16. (Yes I know Lashlee was the main recruiter) and we saw how that Vanderbilt game worked out. I would still like for Gus to give him an opportunity with the full playbook though so we could just end the argument. That being said, I have a very close relative that gets to attend a couple scrimmages/practices every Spring and Fall. When I asked who would be the starting QB he said Bo. Said the defense completely dominated the scrimmages and Bo was the only one that could actually move the ball due to being able to escape the pocket, keep his eyes down field, and make an accurate pass. He said Joey would just tuck and run every time he saw pressure and it seemed like they were trying to break him of that habit.
  7. Did you see the GIF on instagram/Twitter that edited the sniper from Saving Private Ryan into DBs run? Pretty funny stuff
  8. Doubt it, pro scouts know what they're looking for. Hell Slayton got drafted and caught a TD last week. But yeah, Seth will be gone after next year.
  9. Good for NCM. In 3 games hes got better stats then 3 years at Auburn. Looks like he made the right move.
  10. Bout to be DJ coming out party up in here.
  11. If it was any other player there would be multiple people posting "oh thats not the Auburn way, blah blah", but because his mom said they called him short its now OK for Auburn players to punch other teams? Personally, I don't mind it, I like the showing a little fire, but the double standards on this forum are funny.
  12. Yeah that new young coach from Memphis that I can't even remember his name now. /s
  13. No excuse if we don't win this game.
  14. He's barely tried to establish it though. Had it goin with Kam there 1 series