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  1. I watched one Oregon game last year and that was the bowl game vs Michigan State. The game was just bad overall and honestly pretty hard to watch. Small sample size obviously, but I couldn't believe their QB would have been the #1 QB off the draft board this year. He was horrible under pressure, went 19-33 for 166. Threw a TD in Q4 to win 7-6. (He was projected #1 before bowl games and Kyler declared.)
  2. Better than whats going on with Alabama's website right now.. go check out bar stool sports.
  3. UNC just landed CG Anthony Cooper, #2 prospect (ESPN).
  4. I doubt theres any swapping of play calling duties this year. He chose to take it back over and to hire Dilly. Think its ride or die, sink or swim this year with him calling plays.
  5. Be honest. Did you even notice the double dribble? Who actually was screaming double dribble at your TV? None of the players reacted to it either. I've played my whole life and I didn't catch it until the announcers brought it up, I was watching off ball. I was more pissed about Brown fouling Jerome when he did. When Jerome dribbled it off his foot he kind of went into a panic mode, threw off his timing. I know he was hot at the time, but it just seemed like we gave them a 2nd chance fouling him there.
  6. I'm pretty sure hes just in there to make an even 6th for the drills.
  7. Kenpom is a great tool for filling out your March Madness brackets.
  8. Man, I sure hope so. UF is the other team that I root for as my Dad went there, but UGA is my most hated team. If anyone does reddit and wants a good laugh, go read the thread on r/cfb and look at all the whiney UGA fans talking about this change.
  9. 6'2" I like. If LSU offers a DB, I want him too.
  10. Our current indoor practice facilities and weight room would be a downgrade for some high schools these days.
  11. Unfortunately, beating UGA twice in the same season is going to be required to win the SEC for the foreseeable future. I guess I'm being pessimistic and imagining losing to both UGA and LSU in October and deflating the team along with any playoff hopes. At least having 2 top teams like Bama/UGA at the end of the season gives you a chance to overcome a stupid loss if you beat them both. (2017)
  12. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I'm not a fan of this move. The UGA game is the game I most look forward to. In 2017 the beat down of UGA gave us the confidence/motivation to go on and beat Bama, IMO. Our schedule is going to be tough no matter how you move it around. So now UGA/LSU will be close to each other on the schedule. Trying to work Bama/UGA into home/away would have worked out best.