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  1. Yea and there people on here wanting him to start over SW
  2. Any auburn game 😂 The only safe one USED to be Arkansas
  3. I noticed JJ will go into motion and block the edge on where the runs going on a ton of plays Saturday. A play action to him off the same look would be nice to see. He has 1 reception this year, wish we could get him more involved than just wildcat and blocking.
  4. You can customize auburn jerseys on fanatics.com
  5. I've never been less excited about visiting the recruiting forum. Used to check daily now I just dread it. This is bad.
  6. Can someone catch me up on the Twill and ego thing? Keep seeing it mentioned.. If recruit doesn't commit right away he writes him off? Edit: nevermind read in other thread
  7. I would just like the better players to start. I watched Shivers on the 1st series get 1 yard on 2 carries then watched tank on 2nd series drive us down the field for a td.
  8. "I would love to see jj pegues get more involved" - announcer Yea... So would we
  9. Wouldn't call that a hit but OK bud. You seeing tank shaking off tackles now?
  10. No he wouldn't have. Guy acted like Shivers had covid when he tackled him
  11. Shivers starting over Tank most gus thing ever. That dude barely touched worm for 4 yard loss
  12. Did I just see Sean McVay and Kevin Steele on this same page?
  13. Look at the play at 1:45. Stands in the pocket, takes a hit and gets the 1st. Need tons more of that not Bo scrambling thinking he's Pat Mahomes
  14. JG wasn't recruited as a qb seriously from any other sec school. Wasn't a full time qb in high school. He's a back up to a qb that can't throw at Kentucky team that we beat. Not many bright spots on this team right now and that falls on Gustav
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