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  1. I'm curious to see what happens with Green and the G League now. I thought the team was supposed to include 5-6 guys from 2020 class, with GB being the next big signee?
  2. That was the shortest amount of time I've ever followed someone on Instagram
  3. This draft should be interesting. Should see a lot of trades in 1st round
  4. Cambridge responded to the guy that said Green wasn't coming to Auburn with a clock emoji, which I guess means wait and see?
  5. Falcons offense gonna be scary.
  6. In the office we had to go to they have a trash can in each stall... you're supposed to do your business with the TP and then put it in the trash can. I'll never forget the smell of that bathroom. On the bidet note, i might be forced to install one. We're down to half a roll of TP which lasts like 2 hours with my fiance.
  7. I had to go to India last summer for work and this is legit how their toilets are setup. We had toilet paper at the hotel, but anywhere else the plumbing can't handle it.
  8. Kentucky will be interesting to watch now with this Hagans issue.. Theres a video of him holding thousands in cash going around. Evidently also told Coach Cal "no" when coach tried to put him back in the game and didn't go with team to Florida this past Saturday.
  9. At least it says Eastern Kentucky football player so seems like this was recent and after transfer
  10. Pettway was another "hurt one" but then we later found out it was drug tests, if I remember correctly. I think he was hurt for some games though but we really coulda used him at end of that year.
  11. Good god. I didn't realize that.
  12. Seems weird though, why wouldn't you declare right after the season?
  13. Tank already came in and established himself as RB1.
  14. I hope nobody on our team is content with riding the bench. At least the scholarship kids.