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  1. Get better this week

    Yes. I remember one play where JS got flushed out of pocket and 3 receivers were standing 30 yards down field not coming back to ball.
  2. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    My ears are still ringing. Most fun at an Auburn game I've had in a long time. Players, fans, everybody except for UGA was loving it. I'm glad the UGA fan next to me quit barking and sat down half way through the 4th quarter, I was already losing it.
  3. Visitors this weekend?

    Smoke wasn't there? I really hope we can keep him.
  4. KJ an Every Down Back

    Exact comparison ive been making. His patience for lanes is fun to watch.
  5. Favorite game day superstition

    I had a lucky shirt I wore for every game in 2010. Its not lucky anymore.
  6. How bad do you hate UGA

    Grew up in Georgia, I hate them more then Bama. Majority of my friends are UGA fans so this year is really bad with them being #1 and also killing it in recruiting. Rubbing Fields in my face has been nonstop. "We have 3 5* Qbs..." They started a text thread with me constantly sending memes and "Scam Newton" jokes. I've just been keeping my mouth shut hoping we shut them up on the field Saturday.
  7. Bye Week- Who Returns from Injury

    We have to many play-specific players that when they come in the whole D knows whats about to happen.
  8. question about injuries

    Its football, it happens. Look at all the big injuries to key NFL players this year.
  9. Between Auburn's game and then watching the Falcons pretty much do the same thing, I'm going camping this coming weekend. I prefer not to spend my weekends pissed off.
  10. EYE OPENING and undeniable facts

    Think thats the point of his post.. crap the bed against elite teams. Only win games were supposed to.
  11. LSU Memories

    This is mine as well. It felt like that run was in slow motion.
  12. Chip calling games like this...

    I was surprised other players on D didnt get a chance earlier. 1st team lacked intensity after we had 28.
  13. Short/intermediate passing and run blocking

    Yeah, I like spreading the ball around, but I also wouldn't mind having a go-to receiver we target 8-12 times a game. I feel like both NCM and K. Davis could be that guy.