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  1. Kirby asked himself what Gus would do to improve the offense and then did the opposite. Resulted in a 5* recruit. All my UGA friends are saying that Monken met with Vandagriff and explained his vision of UGAs offense going forward and thats what sold him.
  2. Was surprised Fromm declared at all. But yeah, they just hired the OC from the Cleveland Browns, Todd? Monken.
  3. I never had high hopes for this one from the beginning, but damn anybody but UGA.
  4. I think Clemson skates in easily to the playoffs again, with either them or OSU winning it all. An interesting OOC matchup is OSU vs Oregon in week 2 next year.
  5. Good luck Rhett, hope he lights it up.
  6. 2007 in Gainseville at the swamp. Wes Byrum kicked a walk off field goal.
  7. I grew up pretty spoiled in regards to Auburn Football as my grandfather has had 4 season tickets for 50+ years. I remember going to the games as a kid, but i couldn't match the team or the years. I remember moments of certain games, but probably couldn't match the game with which year it was. The 1st one that really stands out to me was vs Ole Miss at home when Eli Manning was the QB, think I was 14-15. I brought my best friend with me and I think either Obamanu or Aromashodu dropped a TD pass my grandmother could have made to win the game. The Jason Cambell era was when I started really following Auburn Football.
  8. Smart move. Nothing but risks for him to go back to Bama for another year. Go rehab while getting paid millions.
  9. Lol it was filed 2 days ago. I doubt any program out there has a prerequisite of asking the recruit whether or not at some point he ejaculated into a powerade bottle during his high school years. He was a 5* #1 OL recruit. Any program would have taken him, including Gus.
  10. How is Kirby supposed to control what a kid did in high school? Although very gross, sounds pretty standard for a high school football locker room.
  11. "What was your plan on offense?" Completely side steps question.
  12. You ever notice every time he bounces it outside and is getting a decent gain he does his high step move? Think thats to cover up that he knows he can't outrun the secondary?
  13. Easy and uninspired would have been to just promote Kodi Burns. This is the 1st OC under Gus I didn't have to Google. I think Morris will help with passing schemes and QB development. Also boosts recruiting.