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  1. Yea wouldn't trust his draft analysis considering there isn't a 3rd round
  2. That kid is lightning quick, but stays under control.
  3. I thought I remembered someone saying Harsin didn't take back the guys that enter portal? Was that just speculation or has Harsin changed his approach on that? If it's the latter I'll take it as a good sign..
  4. Believe we told him he couldn't coach in his last game as well
  5. Go down to very bottom to "Theme". There's a drop down menu
  6. I swapped to dark as it's how most my phone is setup. My only critique is it's hard to tell difference between Read/Unread post titles
  7. Yea I remember that. But maybe Muschamp not playing him lit a fire under his a$$ and made him ball out 😁
  8. Right. We knew Muschamp wasn't going to be a long term hire and look what he did to the Def in 1 year... and also saw results years after he left.
  9. Crazy what happens when you try to pressure the qb
  10. Don't think he played a snap. He was qb 3/4
  11. Not sure. His account is 5 months old so not like it was created just to post about CW. But reddit is about the last place I'd listen to or trust someone about sports.
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