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  1. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I just don't see how you can keep his redshirt when theres 3 QBs and one is a walk on. Nothing against Adams and being a walk on, but we all know if he had to go in a real game situation hes just going to be handing it off 100 times. Let MW get some real reps now. What if Stidham gets hurt during Georgia game or down in Baton Rouge? You throwing Adams out there? Burning MW's redshirt half way through season and his first snap is against an SEC team? Let him play this week..
  2. Byron Cowart

    Don't think it has anything to do with White. He has been whining about PT since he got here and there were rumors last year he was transferring. Think it all comes down to not being able to get significant PT.
  3. Devin Adams

    He will gain far more playing junk downs in blowouts then whatever the hell they're doing at practice.
  4. Devin Adams

    Who woulda thought our best receiver and our back up QB would be walk ons?
  5. QB Question

    Like others said it doesn't happen much at college level and definitely doesn't happen with Gus. That being said, you can read the defense all you want at the line of scrimmage, but when you run a play that requires you to turn your back to the defense for 10 seconds and fake hand off to 3 people it really doesn't matter.
  6. open it up or go vanilla

    Open it up and let it rip. D will prepare for tendencies/strengths , not specific plays. Even if we rush for 700 yards that doesn't mean Clemson is going to put 8 in the box every play knowing what we have with Stidham, they will adjust throughout the game at which point we should adjust (hopefully). If we pass for 700 yards that doesn't mean Clemsons playing Cover 4 every play either. That made more sense in my head then it did typed out.
  7. Georgia Southern - Weekly Presser

    Even if they did asks he would have answered with a very generic/neutral response. "Competitive, triple option, seniors on D, play makers on O" something along those lines.
  8. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    I just watched his highlights for the first time because I had him as a Bama lock. He's got some moves and I love his patience/vision. Couple of runs reminded me of Leveon Bell waiting for the hole to open.
  9. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    More like has anyone EVER been given 4 chances at 4 DIFFERENT SCHOOLS without playing?
  10. Byron Cowart

    Similar styles as in theyre both going to let you know when you screw up. You would think he would have known what to expect here before hand, but some people don't react well to that coaching/teaching style. Garner can't just baby him because he was a 5* and then chew out the next person. Think its just going to come down on whether he wants it bad enough or not. Hopefully the "light turns on" like another poster said.
  11. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    I would hope so.
  12. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Seems like a good kid and I'm glad he was able to get a degree for Auburn, but I'm still embarrassed that our coaches thought that he was our saving grace at QB or could even play QB in the SEC for that matter.
  13. Byron Cowart

    Pretty sure I remember reading about him his freshman year when he wasn't amounting to what we all expected from a top 5 star recruit. He was basically able to just push kids around in high school and expected it to be similar at Auburn. When he got here everybody was on his level or higher and then add the tough coaching of Garner to it and he didn't react well.
  14. Can Pettway break Tre's record?

    Another thing to consider is most the time RBs that hold the records have the ability to take a run to the house. 1 rush for 80 yards really helps those stats.. Not saying Pettway can't take it to the house, but what makes him good is pounding it for 5-8 yards every carry.
  15. Pulling starters when winning big?

    Another observation was from Stidham's passing chart thread. Somebody posted a video (thanks to who did this, didn't go back and look at who) of all of his passes. At one point Baylor was beating Rice 63-17 in the 4th quarter and Stidham was still in slinging it down field. Gaining experience and becoming more comfortable with each other early in the season is more important then worrying about injury IMO. You can get injured in practice.. Sit them in the other cup cake games once we know what were working with.