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  1. 1st page of this thread BigBird posted a good article
  2. Chubb, Michel, Gurley.. OK!
  3. Yup, just don't give them lengthy ridiculous contracts so if their coaching isn't up to par we can move on. But right now Bobo and Mason need to start recruiting their a$$ off. Got some ground to make up.
  4. I'll give you Sark is much better play caller than gus/Chad, but we do not have the same talent. They had 2 players in heisman race, multiple stud RBs and a 5* OL. We had tank last year.
  5. I'm rooting for him, his speed was unreal. Lots of fast dudes in the NFL though wish we coulda see him run more than 2 routes and a jet sweep. Needs some lateral, "football" moves to make guys miss. Soft hands, don't remember many drops
  6. Reminds me of watching the Masters 2 years ago when Tiger was about to win. They kept going to tornado coverage and everyone was pissed
  7. Done. Thanks for keeping it up and running. Only auburn forum I visit.
  8. Clark jealous Auburn didn't offer an interview or something? Why even say that? Cringey I do appreciate Gogue clearing it all up though.
  9. Happened to me. Cleared cookies and browsing history and it fixed it
  10. Muschamp. I love watching him get fired up on the sidelines. Steele walked into a perfect situation after champ with the recruits and culture he left behind on D.
  11. All Dan Quinn. He's like the NFL version of gus. Given multiple chances when he should have been fired and firing/hiring coordinators to get same results. They brought him back this year again and he goes and hires all coordinators that he's worked with before.
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