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  1. This past game made me lose hope in Bo, all he had to do IMO was make the easy throws and hit a couple deep balls. I'm glad he got benched, seems like the team appreciated giving tj a shot.. That being said, our line was extremely weak and it won't matter who starts. Not really looking forward to going to uga game.
  2. I'm definitely not a gus busser, but I would have taken Steeles D at Penn St.. or today
  3. I didn't like any of our main 3 hires. Laughed at about Bobo from my numerous uga friends... Mason and Vandy with that kicker stunt.. had to Google Harsin
  4. Think we have to go Finley moving forward. I really wanted Bo to be good, but he's just making simple things look hard at this point. I really felt like the play calling at beginning of the game were the coaches trying to give Bo a chance to prove himself, but he obviously didnt
  5. I'm happy to see a coaching staff that will give someone else a shot. Great drive by Finley. Bo just can't make the simple throws. We're in trouble at qb though
  6. We have 8 season tickets between my family. Any that won't be used we give away. We used to have to pick 1 game to go to as we all fought over em, but now that me and my cousins have moved away, had kids etc. Gets harder to go Isn't every game "sold out" though and these are through secondary market?
  7. Hawks just resigned Lemon Pepper Lou.. Coops gonna need to ball out in summer league. Starts Sunday in Vegas
  8. If you ask Jalen Green and Kuminga I'm sure they would say it was beneficial. Got paid, didn't have to deal with classes and projected top 5 in this year's draft. Just depends on the player.. Then you got guys like Davion Mitchell. Back up at Auburn, star at Baylor, now projected top 10 pick. College benefited him. NBA just needs to change it back to 18 year age limit. Basketball is one of the few sports you can skip college and go straight pro and compete.
  9. Yup, look at North Dakota St. 2 1st round (top 3 picks) qbs in last 5 years
  10. Completely agree, just a badly worded post on my part I guess. Wasn't trying to say the guys going G League are hindering their chances at NBA, of course the NBA teams know who the elites are, college or G League. I guess my post was more selfish talking about fan exposure, which like you said really doesn't matter about getting into the pros. NCAA games are more televised and the entire country is watching the tournament. If I asked an average basketball fan who Jalen Suggs is (top 10 recruit) they'd tell me yea the guy that hit that crazy game winning 3 in the tourney vs UCLA. If I as
  11. Watching the tourney every year, I don't see how a 1nDone wouldn't rather go to college over G League. Unless they need an immediate paycheck I just think you get much more exposure and chances to prove yourself in college. Jalen Green has been very solid on his G League, but I have to Google it to find out. He's still a lottery pick, but back to my exposure point
  12. Didn't BP say last year or year before he encourages players to enter and get their draft grade?
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