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  1. He should finish out the season as qb, but still need to find a way to get him the ball next season. Use him like Taysom hill
  2. Wonder if he's the one Harsin tried to put in at end of Arkansas game that started the no red shirt talk?
  3. My family has gone from fighting over tickets to trying to get rid of them.
  4. Already making it a big deal on the radio here in Atlanta. At least one more 1st round pick on UGA line.. back it up
  5. It didn't change anything. Missouri is bad.. we're about to get into sec football
  6. Shared a post showing that was the 4th highest qb pressure rate for an sec team in past 5 seasons. 62% I believe. Al.com has article of course
  7. Last week? Yea he went 28-33 with 5 tds
  8. I read Hall confirmed it will be orange face masks and accessories
  9. Yea wouldn't trust his draft analysis considering there isn't a 3rd round
  10. That kid is lightning quick, but stays under control.
  11. I thought I remembered someone saying Harsin didn't take back the guys that enter portal? Was that just speculation or has Harsin changed his approach on that? If it's the latter I'll take it as a good sign..
  12. Believe we told him he couldn't coach in his last game as well
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