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  1. Yes I think everyone would be pleased with a new OL coach. I haven't even seen any Gus bashing in this thread..
  2. Top post on the reddit thread, not gonna like it made me chuckle: "If Chad Morris takes the offensive coordinator job at Auburn that’ll be two SEC schools simultaneously paying him not to coach."
  3. Well I'm pleasantly surprised. I will stick my foot in my mouth, never though this would have happened. I'm curious on what his role will be.. legit OC? QBs?
  4. Interesting. I think he was making over $3M at Arky, we paid dilly $500K last year.
  5. I think it will either be a no name hire or most likely promotion from within.. Kodi Burns. Why do we expect after 7 years Gus hires and hands off the offense to a legit OC a year after he publicly claims play calling responsibility?
  6. Especially under a HC that will be micromanaging and just took back play calling duties only 1 year previous. Also every OC under Gus has moved onto to the same position, but to a lesser school. Its not like OCs are coming into Auburn and then leaving for HC jobs. Everyone knows this is Gus' offense.
  7. Going to FSU as OC and then this Morris rumor popped right after.
  8. I think if Morris actually gets hired as OC, then Dilly was probably nudged out. If not, it should have been known there was a chance he was leaving once Norvell was named HC at FSU.
  9. We're going from only hiring former Auburn players for the offensive staff to 2 former SEC head coaches!
  10. If Morris is hired it will be the 1st OC hire in Gus' tenure that I haven't had to google.
  11. Didn't workout for my Falcons this year, think we had 4-5 previous head coaches on staff.
  12. How was he treated differently?