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  1. Elis who I thought of also. Think it was Obamanu(spelling?) dropped a pass that drilled him in the chest for a td
  2. I'll go with one that's recent. Really enjoyed the 2017 Uga beat down. Seemed like everything was going our way.
  3. We had the same "Iron Men" awards in high school.
  4. Blake Countess worked out alright for us. He's the last grad transfer DB I remember.
  5. CB AU has interest in Should have 2 to play 2 seasons Thought to be an AU-UGA battle Rusty Mansell of UGA 247 does not believe he will end up at UGA even though the WVU CB coach just took that job at UGA
  6. I'll take just seeing progression and improvements from the QB position. Game by game, season by season. If whoever the starting QB is plateaus or begins to regress, next man up.
  7. I am too. Bo was rattled and should have been yanked. Not calling you out, but just because JG didn't get a shot I'm not going to hold a grudge against Bo.
  8. I think so, some people still sour about Gatewood not getting the nod.
  9. I don't think he's trying to compare Nix to Mahomes. Just saying if you can consistently get pressure only rushing 4 and dropping the rest into coverage and double teaming your top receivers it's gonna be a long day for any QB. Even a great one like Mahomes. Fantastic? Chiefs worst offensive performance in Mahomes era, 2nd time not scoring a TD. They had some drops (kelce 2x on 3rd down), but he also missed some throws early. Think he started 3-12. Most his stats came from hitting underneath receiver when Bucs went prevent
  10. He's serviceable, but look at the highlights.. He's losing to Akron, Buffalo and Kent state. I'm sure someone could put something similar together of Bo vs SEC teams. If anybody beating Bo out its DD
  11. Bo would have turned backwards and rolled out to his right trying to make a throw that would put him on Sportcenter's top 10
  12. You gotta give Gus credit though, he was pretty good at figuring out who was the best RB after the 10th game of the season.
  13. For sure, ideal situation is for DD to wait a year. I just feel Bo ceiling is way higher than Loy and gives us a better chance of winning even with all of his issues.
  14. Loy passes Bo? Bo has plenty of issues but cmon man lol. If anybody it'll be Davis
  15. I guess creating the stadiums takes time but you would think they could just reskin Madden.
  16. All my friends used to pick VT with Vick. Every play was hail mary then run with Vick.
  17. He will be fighting Vanda Griff at Uga
  18. I'm hoping he can make the jump. We will see if it was bad coaching or he was uncoachable. Based on his HS numbers I didn't think he was overrated when we recruited him, but based on 2 years of performances at AU, yea overrated. 60% definitely not great. I don't know the average, but Mac Jones was 77%
  19. Pretty much. 12000 yd of offense, 160 TD's, 2 state Champs, Alabama Mr football and USA today all american. Think he was always around 60% completion rate though.
  20. Agreed. There was no backup plan if Bo got hurt. Really hope Harsin gets us to the point where we're not struggling into the 4th qtr against lower tiered teams. Our backup qbs totalled 8 YARDS last season. I know it was an all SEC schedule last year, but I know the backups barely got any reps in Gus' tenure unless you count the QB carousel in 2015.
  21. 1st page of this thread BigBird posted a good article
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