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  1. For anyone who may have missed it - Kasey has made the Senior National Team for the coming year. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Team-USA/Women Taylon Snow and Alyssa Rivera have made the 2017 USE Junior Women's National Training Team. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Team-USA/Junior-Women
  2. We aren't even jumping this year - conceding the jump ball.....
  3. On top of which Coach Staley went out and got Melanie Balcomb on her staff (Vandy, for whatever reason let her go)...thus all of the 3 pointers which they did at Vandy and she ran a motion offense that gave most of the SEC fits.......
  4. I notice that on the score book for the National team that Kasey is listed at 3rd base....unless she is the designated hitter.
  5. Interesting......I watched some games on-line early in their season and she was at 3rd - didn't watch any of the games in Japan last weekend.
  6. Fall schedule just posted - http://www.auburntigers.com/sports/w-softbl/spec-rel/090716aaa.html
  7. Are you sure that Kasey doesn't play third base for the USA National Team?
  8. I couldn't watch the presser - still cannot. I have never understood why we think that young women (and men) who have just lost playing sport that they love and put hundreds of hours into training should have to sit in front of the press and talk about when they should have done.....
  9. Couldn't agree more about Courtney's at bat and based on her twitter comment I think a large number of people tweeted her to tell her how proud they were of her.....I still feel bad for her. The Tigers had GREAT run this year......
  10. Don't forget the umpire variable that goes with all of this. We have had a number this year who either have a "teeny-tiny" strike zone and/or won't call anything low......
  11. It's on SEC+ - you'll need the app (watch ESPN) or watch on-line.
  12. We did recruit her (the center from Montgomery) and she was at at least one game at the beginning of the season so I guess FSU was more to her liking. The Tigers that beat Kentucky, Florida and Mizzou, IMO, can beat St. John's on Friday - hope they are on the court
  13. Based on comments the past few days we are still waiting for Fagan to be released by the medical staff and then she has to get into "game" shape......like Mikey I'm hopeful but timing is going to be an issue. At one point I had heard/read that Bogaards might be ready first - don't know if that means much.
  14. There is always room for improvement but - Auburn scored 3, 5, and five runs - more than anyone else has scored against the Gators this season..... Coach seems to try to make batting changes towards the end of games when we need runners on base it just seems like it didn't work well against Florida On to Samford tomorrow and then Mississippi State who is 18-6 and hasn't started their SEC game yet. (Missy State beat Samford 5-2 in 8 innings at a tournament last month)
  15. And she has the prettiest swing on the team....