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  1. Likely the naysayers won't believe this but Coach says the decision was all Corey - http://auburn.247sports.com/Article/Auburn-softball-team-absorbs-changes-moves-on-52129495
  2. As I said - I would be interested to know if she did the same thing after the other two games. Haley is a great player and I'm glad she is a Tiger. And she has a right to stick up for her family - didn't say that she didn't. I'm just saying - I don't believe this is how Coach wants our players to behave. What we all need to do is let it go and move on. Georgia is coming up and the team needs to be focused on them and winning out the season.
  3. The truth is, I'm sure, somewhere in the middle. My guess is that Coach will have a long chat with Haley (if he hasn't already done so.) This is not "Greatness is a Way of Life" nor the way to represent Auburn. We have no idea if Gator fans or team members had been "unkind" during the series and I'm not making excuses for Haley but we all have a breaking point and in her mind he touched her neck/shoulder. (And the video clearly indicates he did.) We don't know why he "touched/pushed" her - may be that he wasn't even looking but she perceived that he did. (If anyone has a video from the two previous games I'd be interested in seeing how the after game "congrats" went.) It was a sad situation that we would all have preferred didn't happen. (IMO) What we don't need is for it to hang around and affect the team this coming weekend or the rest of the season. Should we meet the Gators again I would hope that Auburn will let their playing speak for them and put the incident behind them.
  4. For those wanting to watch......yesterday both games steamed via Facebook. AU Softball twitter account gave us the link.
  5. Sorry about that!
  6. Being one of last in means we would be one of the first out. (His move was procedural) IMO We need to beat Arkansas tomorrow and at a minimum the first tournament game to stay in and not get bumped out.
  7. http://www.oanow.com/sports/college/auburn/basketball/women/terri-williams-flournoy-s-contract-extended-through/article_91b73b5e-f918-11e6-95ea-2fab7160ceda.html Contract extension.....
  8. IMO - at the end of the season, playing 40 minutes of full court press has the players in a fatigued state. Matt Mitchell finally gave it up at Kentucky....it's fun to watch but it would seem very difficult to sustain.....not all players are interested and many "bigs" cannot get up and down the court.....but we don't have one so right now it doesn't matter. Just as much of a concern - half-court offense. We seem to be lacking in basics - where are the screen plays, drive and pass out, pick and roll?
  9. It was pretty painful viewing!
  10. Continuing to do the same thing generally gets the same results......we have no offense when the opponent plays "man-to-man" defense and SEC teams have that figured out.
  11. I hope that she does - Sanders never in that situation before - she will learn.
  12. For anyone who may have missed it - Kasey has made the Senior National Team for the coming year. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Team-USA/Women Taylon Snow and Alyssa Rivera have made the 2017 USE Junior Women's National Training Team. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Team-USA/Junior-Women
  13. We aren't even jumping this year - conceding the jump ball.....
  14. On top of which Coach Staley went out and got Melanie Balcomb on her staff (Vandy, for whatever reason let her go)...thus all of the 3 pointers which they did at Vandy and she ran a motion offense that gave most of the SEC fits.......
  15. I notice that on the score book for the National team that Kasey is listed at 3rd base....unless she is the designated hitter.