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    Softball Recruiting Areas

    Morgan Podany - http://harbert.auburn.edu/news/Morgan Podany graduation marshal.php
  2. warladytigers

    Softball coming events

    2019 Schedule Released - https://auburntigers.com/schedule.aspx?path=softball🤗
  3. warladytigers

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    USA Red won the tournament - Coop was DP - appears to be having hitting problems again. Carosone may be able to get picked up as an assistant now. I believe AUBwins is correct - volunteer coaches are no longer an option.
  4. warladytigers

    Coach Flo Extended to 22-23 Season

    If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got....who needs season tickets for this?
  5. warladytigers

    Arkansas is a Good Softball Team

    Yep - important series that we need to win.
  6. warladytigers

    Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    Sometimes I feel like CMD forgets we are in the SEC. How many times do we need to test the opposing catcher's arm and get thrown out at second?
  7. Agree Mikey - McCrakin needs to stay at second. I see her talking/coaching first and short during games. Need her experience on the right side of the infield.
  8. warladytigers

    SEC Time

    Hoover - era 0.65, Walljasper - era 0.93 - both will be tough to hit. Will be an interesting 3 games....
  9. warladytigers

    Stats Review

    You are correct - my bad.
  10. warladytigers

    Stats Review

    errors per game 2015 - .67, 2016 - .90, 2017 - .918, 2018 so far 1.42 -
  11. warladytigers

    Softball report

    per twitter - 95.9 today
  12. warladytigers

    Softball in California

    95.9 Friday
  13. warladytigers

    Softball in California

    I picked it up on 99.9 yesterday and I think sometimes 95.9? Toooo many errors - ladies need to stay focused!
  14. warladytigers

    Softball "Woman" Crush Thread

    That's 2 for Lyssa!
  15. warladytigers

    Softball vs. Furman

    Kasey did an excellent job! Wish she could do all of our games!
  16. warladytigers

    Women vs. Texas A&M

    As long as we keep doing the same thing we will get the same results. We can't defend the 3 - change the defense to a different zone or play "man". We don't score well - I see few picks, hi-lo, very few screens, pass in and back out - not sure we have any offensive plays other than dribble around for 28 seconds and then hope Janiah can score. Mikey is right - we don't have enough scorers. Unique will be good if they don't coach it out of her. It's hard to watch. For the first time since I started going to games I left at the end of the 3rd quarter. Our team plays hard but most SEC teams can break the press. "If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got!"
  17. warladytigers

    USA Softball 2018 National Teams

    I don't think that the Junior National Team has been named for this year. The USA web site shows the 2017 team......
  18. warladytigers

    New AU Softball Head Coach announced

    Reading from a softball forum that Jennifer Herzig may come with him.....her bio - http://www.jmusports.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1494&path=softball Great hire for the team! Hope they will rally around the changes that are sure to come! We have full roster with plenty of talent! WDE!
  19. warladytigers

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    This is all interesting and certainly a father's view - wonder WHY, since we have the MaxPreps, FloSoftball and American Family Insurance All-USA National Player of the Year in Swindle, two returning starters and 2 new pitchers on scholarship, two established outfielders and big-time batters coming in she didn't take her teammates advice and go to a team where she might get more playing time.
  20. warladytigers

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    No, it was her sisters who were involved in that incident.
  21. warladytigers

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    I was told when this started in the Spring that it wasn't "Baylor bad" but that it was pretty ugly - I had no clue it was this bad.
  22. warladytigers

    2017 Softball Discussion, 2018 Look-Ahead

    Kasey - final at bat at Jane B. Moore field - HR - can't beat that! Wish her well with the USA Senior National team and with the Scrap Yard Dawgs!
  23. warladytigers

    Carlee Wallace granted release

    When a player leave or is dismissed they are removed from the roster.....standard practice. On another note - last night Kendall played first and caught.....Fall ball will be interesting.
  24. warladytigers

    2017 Softball Discussion, 2018 Look-Ahead

    According to Twitter - Coop has signed with the Scrap Yard Dogs through the 2018 season - means she'll be playing ball next summer if the ProFastPitch league survives!
  25. warladytigers

    2017 Softball Discussion, 2018 Look-Ahead

    Coop didn't make the cut - listed as an alternate for the Pan Am championship. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Softball/Team-USA/Women Hate it for her - something is off with her timing. Hope she figures it out!