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  1. Sad to hear this news felt like a gut punch. My condolescense to the family.
  2. Good hire IMO giving the current circumstances with the AU football program. What proven RB coach wants to attach his career to the current Gus bus.
  3. TD Slayton has been a mix match!!! nice throw Stidham
  4. It's time for Malik or one of the others to be at QB for the next offensive series.
  5. TD AUBURN!!! Slayton with the JETS on display!!!
  6. TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!!! where has this offense been!!!
  7. You got me!!!perfect timing with this one...has to be one of your best
  8. From the body of evidence that I have seen from the offense Lindsey has not had much coaching input or scheming from his own philosophy tree. Although he may have the OC title the offense still have the characteristics of a predictable GM scheme. Yes there was a few wrinkles that was installed that we seen on a few rare occasions such as slants....but if I had to put a bet on it I would say GM does the offensive scheming each week and considers some of the other offensive coaches suggestions according to the opponent that week.