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  1. Offense and Defense....What would you rather have?

    I want and expect BOTH also. I don't even like entertaining the mindset of having to chose one or the other. I believe we have the talent and athletes on the roster right now to have Both.
  2. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    I was listening to the post game interviews as I was driving home from watching the game over a relatives house. Gus was asked about not subbing at RB and working Pettway so hard for this game. His remarks "Pettway is our guy, the game was to close and that was the game plan in so many words". Gus interviews are about 99% the same each week with no relevant subject to the actual game "we will get better"... when Gus, when will we see this better that you keep talking about. What a complete joke and embarrassment he is bringing to this football program.
  3. Clemson Game Report Card

    Those stats don't lie! What a horrible offensive display!
  4. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    JS has been holding the ball way to long, it's like the game is moving to fast for him.
  5. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Great stop by the DDDDDDD!!!!!
  6. TOUCHDOWN Auburn!!!
  7. The D-fense has been AUsome!!!
  8. Touch Down AUBURN!!!
  9. OT: Prayers needed

    Prayers sent
  10. Gus inability to field a decent game plan is inexcusable IMO....and hopefully to the power at bees also! Evaluating and developing the right players for your scheme or system falls at the feet of AU's multi million dollar HC. Hopefully a much needed change is coming.
  11. Everybody had Enough?

    I am guessing Lashlee called for that Cox play earlier during the game in the second quarter. I knew it was some kind of trick play when Gus came running down the sideline to call a timeout. I told the crowd in the house then whatever that play is he just blew the surprise when they line up that formation again. SMH
  12. Auburn vs. uat - game thread

    Great kick by Carlson! I promise I can call better plays on offense.
  13. Auburn vs. uat - game thread

    Bad play calling is the problem with the offense at this point not JJ.
  14. Jeremy Johnson starter saturday

    AUsome news and I am glad for JJ.
  15. This was a great win for the team. The defense has some game experience and film to learn from when facing a gunslinger QB. The offense now knows that when teams stack the box they have the WR that can get open and a savvy QB...that will get them the ball or make a play to keep the chains moving. Nothing needs to be said about Carlson other than money in the bank! WDE!!!