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  1. I would love to see JG get a legit shot at running the entire offense instead of the coming in the game for the obvious 1 run only.
  2. Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Tennessee Alabama Ole Miss Arkansas Florida Texas A&M LSU Missouri 40
  3. Why not give him a few series at QB and see what happens......with the ability to run all 8 of the offensive plays including the 4 pass plays.
  4. A legit OC that knows how to scheme an offense to his strenghths and not expose his weakness. I am really done with GM....just look at the other side of the ball. I notice the defense subbing players at every fricking position. Even Brown who is going to be a 1st round top 10 pick is being subbed at key points in the game. How can we have a head coach who does not see the value in developing your players by giving them some meaningful playing time. It is beyond obvious that there is still major issues with the OL. IMO the lack of offensive scheme doesn't help them at all and what they do run is so predictable.
  5. The D##### has showed up! Props to Steele for making the necessary adjustments.
  6. Gus play calling has not changed and its not good! Defensive coaches has his tendecies figured out.
  7. Very intriguing that Gus is starting a true freshman at QB! I really thought JG would get the nod as the starter due to his bowl game experience...the improvements of devolpment that has been mention in threads and a year of going thru AU football program as a QB. Congrats to Bo Nix on winning the job. I can only imagine that the young man is really that good....however I really hope that Gus has a plan to keep JG engaged by playing him in every quarter of the game. The schedule is brutal and I will bet everything that I own that the backup QB is going to be needed at a crucial moment of any given game. What true defensive coordinator wouldn't throw the kitchen sink at a true freshman playing QB in the SEC.
  8. for me one of the most mature and inspiring committment videos!!! Well done young man.....hats off to his parents!