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  1. My condolences and prayers to the Hamm family
  2. The biggest irk for me is the idiocracy trickery play calling that rarely works.... and lack of use of the talent at WR and RB.
  3. Good job young man and War Eagle!!!
  4. I am so trying to be optimistic about this hire but GM is still the HC/OC/Playcaller. I really hope GM allows CM to help with schemes, but until proven on the field I refuse to get my hopes up again.... like I did for the previous 2 OC hires.
  5. Well D# did their job once again 3 and out to start the 3rd
  6. Welp that's probably ballgame with Gus running his offense
  7. Auburn gets a non offensive TD for the win 19 - 16
  8. Man I am beyond frustrated about this lack of an offensive scheme. Gus has nobody to blame and throw under the bus but himself. What this does prove IMO is that he has been calling the shots and running his lack of an offense sgheme all along. The offense has not changed since he became HC just the players and a couple of escape goats OC's. I really wouldn't mind seeing Gus relieved of his duties as the HC for the rest of the seasonand let Steele or Gardner run the show. I really feel for the players specially the defense. Those guys are balling their rearends off and deserve better support! I can't fathom to understand the lack of play for JG when Bo is struggling so bad. He even brought in a gimpy Boobee instead of turning to healthy 6'5'' 235 QB who can run, throw and is a legit dual threat. I am not patting myself on the back but I posted in the form when Bo was named the starter that I felt JG was a better choice because he had some college playing experience and Bo was a freshman with zero experience as a college student or athlete. But some was quick to point out Bo's high school accomplishments and how that was going to translate on the field in the SEC. Freshman QB's may have been successful at other programs but Gus track record for developing QB's out of high school is horrendous! It's past due for a change at HC! .
  9. I am sorry but its time to sit Bo
  10. Good stop D#! Now lets go do something on O# that's not predictable!