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  1. Praying that surgery is a success and for a speedy recovery🙏
  2. Excited to see T-Will get that opportunity!
  3. My prayers and condolences to the family and friends
  4. I wish Rocker the best.... But IMO it should definitely be a hindrance when considering future coaching opportunities at AU.
  5. Welcome to the Plains coach Watts! Well I believe this coaching staff is proof that coach Harsin was given total control of the football program by AD Green.
  6. Yes! thanks for sharing that video. That was a phenomenal jump for that secoundary and total defense at Stanford in his first year!
  7. Great hire IMO, I have seen the finish product of his development on d-linemen.
  8. AUsome!!! Welcome to the AU family coach Mason!
  9. AUsome press! I am once again excited about AU football.
  10. WOW!!! I didn't think it would happen this year! I am now excited about AU football again!!!
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