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  1. Prayers sent
  2. Gus inability to field a decent game plan is inexcusable IMO....and hopefully to the power at bees also! Evaluating and developing the right players for your scheme or system falls at the feet of AU's multi million dollar HC. Hopefully a much needed change is coming.
  3. I am guessing Lashlee called for that Cox play earlier during the game in the second quarter. I knew it was some kind of trick play when Gus came running down the sideline to call a timeout. I told the crowd in the house then whatever that play is he just blew the surprise when they line up that formation again. SMH
  4. Great kick by Carlson! I promise I can call better plays on offense.
  5. Bad play calling is the problem with the offense at this point not JJ.
  6. AUsome news and I am glad for JJ.
  7. This was a great win for the team. The defense has some game experience and film to learn from when facing a gunslinger QB. The offense now knows that when teams stack the box they have the WR that can get open and a savvy QB...that will get them the ball or make a play to keep the chains moving. Nothing needs to be said about Carlson other than money in the bank! WDE!!!
  8. Sad to hear. My prayers and condolences to the Groves family.
  9. Man oh man, what a catch! I just hope we can continue to get Davis and all the other very talented WR's the ball.
  10. From the hip or on the fly is what it looked like.
  11. The awful piss poor planning offense is 100% on CGM. So why do I keep seeing a few post in every thread about JJ being the problem or causing the lost. It's one thing to not like a player or have your favorite for whatever reason but singling out JJ is absolutely ridiculous! His int IMO was not the poorest by a QB in that game.
  12. I think the defenses will bend some until they reach the redzone causing lots of field goals. AU 22 Clem 19
  13. Congrats to SW! I was hopping it would be JJ. Now lets hope CGM has him prepared and is going to let him run the offense without any worries unless its a total failure.
  14. Sad to hear my prayers to JJ and his family.
  15. How can a offensive unit gel and have chemistry as a cohesive unit with 3 totally different QB"s. I smh at CGM for letting it get to this point with less than 2 weeks before kick off. The QB play was below average last year IMO and I just don't get the feeling it's any better now than it was 8 months ago. Every QB on the roster CGM recruited so why hasn't he being the genius offensive minded coach he is suppose to be, molded this offense around JJ or SW. How much more info can he gain from them that he shouldn't already have or know. I hope I am totally wrong and CGM has indeed developed a QB who's ready to go full throttle against Clemson and this has been nothing but a smoke screen.