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  1. I wish Rocker the best.... But IMO it should definitely be a hindrance when considering future coaching opportunities at AU.
  2. Welcome to the Plains coach Watts! Well I believe this coaching staff is proof that coach Harsin was given total control of the football program by AD Green.
  3. Yes! thanks for sharing that video. That was a phenomenal jump for that secoundary and total defense at Stanford in his first year!
  4. Great hire IMO, I have seen the finish product of his development on d-linemen.
  5. AUsome!!! Welcome to the AU family coach Mason!
  6. AUsome press! I am once again excited about AU football.
  7. WOW!!! I didn't think it would happen this year! I am now excited about AU football again!!!
  8. The biggest irk for me is the idiocracy trickery play calling that rarely works.... and lack of use of the talent at WR and RB.
  9. Good job young man and War Eagle!!!
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