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  1. Awesome interview Jimbo!!!! Now lets see who has the stones to go dig up in czar's past lol!! Loved it!
  2. I like it, Ike has instant street creds for recruiting!
  3. That's great news for Burn's and his family!!!
  4. IMO those post from his family reek of spoil, priviledge people. He was NO more of an Auburn man than many others before him and currently still on the roster to put on that uniform. I don't see how he was treated any different than other QB from his performances on the field. Maybe his family should look at the history of some of the previousy AU QB's including the ones he was giving the starting position over before whinning about loyalty.
  5. Courtney Taylor and Derrick Brown
  6. IMO Bo played his best game as AU QB against LSU on Saturday night. He put on an electricfying performance, dodging defenders and finding the open receiver.....however I need to see more consistency play from Bo on that level before I feel like TJ just needs to sit and wait for garbage time or next year. Until Bo proves that Saturday night wasn't a 1 hit wonder, keep giving TJ meaningful SERIES to develop and build some chemistry with the offense.
  7. AUsome comeback win!!! Bo balled out and the D# had some key stops and kept the game close enough by not giving up TD's and hats off to Harsin for being aggressive!!!
  8. Well at this point I have to give CBH his props for not only holding the players but coaches as well accountable. I don't like the look it has to fire a coach 4 games into the season but hey after I think about it....that's exactly what I would expect for a multi million dollar head coach to do. It's his job to make those exact kind of tough, gut wrenching decisions and that's what AU has been missing. A HC who has the balls to pull a 3 year starter when he is hurting the team regardless of what game it maybe or what quarter of the game....do your job and expexct to be held accountable. The previous coaching staff is gone and the changes made on the field and off the field reaps evidence of that....I like it!!!
  9. At this point I am expecting Harsin to show some balls and do what needs to be done for the betterment of the team!
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