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  1. Best game I've seen in person. I was in the stands near the end zone when Jackson intercepted that pass. I saw him make the break on the ball, I knew he had it, and knew he would score. It was truly game on after that. War Eagle!
  2. Good article, with links to several other good articles. Thanks. War Eagle
  3. Great news! Prayers still coming your way. War Eagle
  4. E, Prayers for your grandfather and family. MM
  5. Cool story, thanks for posting. @ 5:28--white men can jump? War Eagle
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. War Eagle!
  7. JD, Nice breakdown. War Eagle!
  8. Nice article with lots of good info and numbers. War Eagle
  9. His Coach Hothead persona works well for a DC. Head coach, not so much. Good thing he's a d coord, otherwise he might would get criticized by his own fan base for no reason before the season started..... Coach Muschamp getting excited about something! The guy in the striped shirt on the right liked it too. War Eagle
  10. Thanks, E. Take care. War Eagle
  11. Prayers sent.
  12. He's my neighbor. I'll ask him. War Eagle
  13. Great drive! War Eagle
  14. A most excellent video. Thanks, E. War Eagle