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  1. Crouching Tiger

    2020 4* OG/C Avery Jernigan COMMITS TO AU!!!

    Watched this man's film. He is VICIOUS!!
  2. Crouching Tiger

    January 18-20 Visitor Thread

    Do you think we take the graduate transfer H-Back and Brown if the GT picks us?
  3. Crouching Tiger

    Men vs. North FL

    What channel is that on DISH? Anyone know?
  4. Crouching Tiger

    Bowl Game Projections [updated]

    Jeffrey Lee just posted on Twitter that sources are telling him Music City bowl verses Purdue
  5. Crouching Tiger

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Awesome move by AD Greene. All this constant speculation and chatter of both opinions before season's end is not helping Auburn.
  6. Crouching Tiger

    Mississippi State Score Prediction

    Pass me the Salt shaker. I like this and hope it's correct. I will take a one point win right now. 15-14
  7. Crouching Tiger

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    What a recruiting class this year
  8. Crouching Tiger

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Question for you Ellitor: Let's say we get Cain. Do you think we would take Mark Anthony too if he wanted to come?
  9. Crouching Tiger

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    I'm very excited to have Worm. Can't wait to see him with the ball in the open field with defenders trying to get a hand on him. Guys and girls: It's coming!!
  10. Crouching Tiger

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn
  11. Crouching Tiger

    Pettway Status vs Clemson?

    Hey let's get 25 and 26 in there too while we are at it. Between 23, 24 and them, maybe we will know for sure.
  12. Crouching Tiger

    2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    There's gold in them there hills!!
  13. Crouching Tiger

    Approval of Gus - poll

    Strongly approve 33.33% (40 votes) Approve 42.5% (51 votes) Disapprove 14.17% (17 votes) Strongly disapprove 10% (12 votes)
  14. Crouching Tiger

    2018 4* OG/C Jalil Irvin commits to AU!!!

    Great Pickup! This man's a playa'. Welcome to the family Jalil! And War Eagle!!