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  1. Thank you for that explanation. So, you are saying they are starred higher because of overall potential rather than current position ability at the time they are signed?
  2. All those DB's are 190# plus 3 of them are over 6'. We are beginning to get those bigger ones we have tried to get for our defense.
  3. ^^^^^ This Ryan Silverfield would be one of my dream hires at OL coach
  4. My own opinion is that we need to win the first four games. After that, I will have an opinion of what the next "pivotal game" will be.
  5. Love this thread. LOL!! The old WCW days: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the NWO Wolfpack !! "New, new, new, new, New World Order!
  6. Good Safety Chris Thompson Duncanville High School in Texas
  7. Firefox on this Dell XPS Desktop Windows
  8. “4.45” Is that legit? Great speed for a man that size.