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  1. Jonesy on Rant says Omarion Hampton 6’0 215 2022 #10 RB is OV June 11th (same weekend with Holden Geriner)
  2. Chuck Hixson and Johnny Levias of SMU
  3. Paladin, you do a great job finding these and getting them out to us. We all appreciate your work.
  4. Source: Auburn contacts Hugh Freeze about job opening (247sports.com)
  5. If you guys would like, since you all say he has too much "baggage", I will volunteer to carry his "baggage" for him.
  6. Wow, the 247 6.0 Hot Board is now gone. What happened?
  7. Thank you for that explanation. So, you are saying they are starred higher because of overall potential rather than current position ability at the time they are signed?
  8. All those DB's are 190# plus 3 of them are over 6'. We are beginning to get those bigger ones we have tried to get for our defense.
  9. ^^^^^ This Ryan Silverfield would be one of my dream hires at OL coach
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