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  1. My own opinion is that we need to win the first four games. After that, I will have an opinion of what the next "pivotal game" will be.
  2. Love this thread. LOL!! The old WCW days: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the NWO Wolfpack !! "New, new, new, new, New World Order!
  3. Good Safety Chris Thompson Duncanville High School in Texas
  4. Firefox on this Dell XPS Desktop Windows
  5. “4.45” Is that legit? Great speed for a man that size.
  6. Do you think we take the graduate transfer H-Back and Brown if the GT picks us?
  7. What channel is that on DISH? Anyone know?
  8. Jeffrey Lee just posted on Twitter that sources are telling him Music City bowl verses Purdue
  9. Awesome move by AD Greene. All this constant speculation and chatter of both opinions before season's end is not helping Auburn.
  10. Pass me the Salt shaker. I like this and hope it's correct. I will take a one point win right now. 15-14