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  1. The man is dedicated to UAB. Sat on his butt for a year "hoping the football program would be reinstated". Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have him.
  2. Listen to "Rocky Top @ JHS" something has to change
  3. I didn't really take off work to watch a bunch of HS kids tell people where they are going to college and expect to get so upset about it you have to get drunk...
  4. Problem solved. Tomorrow will be "a most excellent day" Let the melt begin
  5. bump.... I took tomorrow off and don't think I bought enough beer.
  6. So is he red shirting or moving to linebacker?
  7. “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”
  8. Not true!!! This is a troll account. It is not the Greenville Gazette twitter account.. That's why people should look more in depth before posting things from Twitter. Lol You're missing the humor. 4 mil a year?
  9. Greenville Gazette ‏@GamecockColonel 5m5 minutes ago CONFIRMED: Sources tell Greenville Gazette that Will Muschamp has agreed to a 5 year / $20.4M offer to become South Carolina's Head Coach
  10. Pull his scholarship. effort is want to. apparently he doesn't have it.
  11. GG ‏@GGRobinson85 2m2 minutes ago Coach Garner, Coach Muschamp, and Coach Craig from Auburn just called me with a commitable offer....