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  1. Yes won first game and ahead second game 9-7 top 6th..... weird we have hit 6 HB with only 9 runs. I didn't see it but we may have hit 3 straight HR in bottom of first... not sure
  2. Not the biggest Pep Shop Boys fan but I do love this song and now I can hear it in a commerical. I also like when they take a good song and fit it in a commerical
  3. Great reference but I do love me some sub-Saharan Africa music
  4. Its really really bad they just got a LB transfer from Kennasaw St 5'10 205Ib they expect to start. They finish 123 out of 127 in total defense last year
  5. Love British shows is Acorn TV worth getting?
  6. Trust me back channel communication is going on That scares me............................j/k mikey maybe
  7. I think he's talking about his time at UT
  8. No thinking about it......................
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