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  1. Well crap...... I do like me some Benny not sure how the music would work
  2. Completely agree was living in Lauderdale at the time your song/video as well as Glenn came out lots of good memories with both songs especially on Lauderdale beaches......oh my oh my
  3. Kyla dad played at Auburn back in the 80's
  4. Well crap that sucks lucky for me I was able to go on the tour back in the early 70's. Still remember it like it was yesterday it was special.
  5. I loved going to Hoover Dam many many years ago wife and I planned on going out there next April. Thanks so much LKEEL for doing this thread.........great read
  6. That's just unbelievable to me..................... if we were 1-31 vs bama and uga god almighty
  7. Weird Science a young Kelly LeBrock oh my
  8. Should have not missed one game let alone 4
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