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  1. What's a beer gut????? Have no idea what your talking about
  2. I would bet his been audited ever year for the last 20 years or so especially being in New York. I've said it before on another thread but most large corporations as well as individuals like Trump with all his dealings probably has the IRS an on-site office to do continuing audits.
  3. Anyone seen The Open House on Netflix? If so is it worth watching? The lead actor was in 13 Reasons
  4. Well we do have Mo........................................
  5. Agree on Munson.................. but Varitek is a ga. tech guy so he's a bum to me
  6. Humm................... maybe I should be concerned
  7. Those drugs can be rough on the stomach doubt he wants to eat much if at all. Hopefully he does has some type of appetite
  8. Fun game to watch last night. Old fashion Steeler game. It want take you to far with the rest of the season but it was great last night. Happy for Duck as well made a couple of mistakes but did what they ask him to do. OL played a fantastic game. One question would be wth with all the bad center snaps from Pouncey one even went over Ducks head.
  9. Prayers for James and the family. Tell James golf says War Eagle he is one tough kid.
  10. This is true damn ittttttttttt
  11. Make it a baker's dozen and I with you
  12. Purdue is a mash unit playing football as well