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  1. Prayers for your grandfather e
  2. Ain't that the trust
  3. Don't say........................
  4. Lets keep the discussion on President Leath and stay away from smart ass remarks. By the way I was related to President Wilford S. Bailey
  5. well I love it as long as its not the turds but I understand why you don't
  6. I was actually better at baseball then golf but played golf at AU. Quit playing high school BB as a soph. cause the coach was our offensive line coach and all he knew to do was run us to death, So I played on traveling all-star teams till college. Yes we had all star teams even in my day. Baseball is my favorite sport then golf
  7. We know.....................loof was just trying to be nice
  8. ok......................
  9. come on get the runner in
  10. lol so true thankfully I'm not a deadhead
  11. That's good and bad but it could work out that way
  12. Unc killing Butler