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  1. You got to see this to believe it one of the craziest last two minutes I've ever seen
  2. bammers are trying hard no real surprise and no he's not shopping that I know of.
  3. Got to hang onto this guy.
  4. augolf1716

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    That's scary
  5. augolf1716

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    In honor of Game Day finally going to Pullman they play this song at every home game with the fans singing along. And yep Auburn is in it near the end of the video. It is a feel good song in a way. Not a big Gammer fan but not bad Also second video is the story about WSU flag being at Game Day over 200 times
  6. augolf1716

    Gus is like

  7. augolf1716

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    If we continue to look as bad as we have and lose all the games I would say 10% I know the money is there but I still a have a hard time paying him 32 mil to go away. That's just me but if it get like to lossing the team/players/total meltdown he's gone. I do know the big PTB are very unhappy We shall see what happens in the next 6 weeks going to be a wild ride Don't forget about Dr. Leath his ass is on the line as bad as Gus
  8. augolf1716

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    That fan base split is getting bigger every day. Right now Gus has very few fans on his side especially PTB
  9. augolf1716

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    I can say he definitely does not think its his offensive system his been running the last 6 years
  10. augolf1716

    Allen Greene comments

    Very true
  11. augolf1716

    Allen Greene comments

  12. augolf1716

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    You forgot he believes he's the smartest coach around so he can outsmart them all
  13. augolf1716

    One Leaker Nailed

    One down 99 more to go I'll provide a link in a few days
  14. How do you know Stormy is awful at what she does? have you seen her videos???
  15. augolf1716

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    Key word MINDS