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  1. Great song told the story many times of going to a small and I mean small bar in West Palm Beach and Gregg shows up and plays with the band on stage. Stoned/drunk out of his frickin head. May have been 20 people in the bar. He played for 2 hours.
  2. Your welcome....that's why I'm paid the big bucks.....I know I know its hard being me.
  3. Thank you I did all the work bird did nothing as usual......................trust me
  4. The Publix in central Fl have there own popcorn machine, usually made in the Deli area, they use their oil and salt just like the kind they used at the old drive-in theater. Large bag cost $1.99
  5. With honey poured over him.......................
  6. Was an upgrade on 9/11/2020 try posting in this thread your problem
  7. Eat him god no............we're talking wood chipper or feed him to the hogs
  8. Got to be so fustrating for all of you but especially James
  9. I was there from 1976-1983 never got to see Warfield in person play but I saw him alot on TV great player. The Browns fans still have those god awful shirts
  10. same here especially when I lived in Miami use to go to the old Orange Bowl to see the game
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