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  1. because damn it
  2. Greatest live concerts I have ever seen never let me down.
  3. Saw these guys two talk about a stoned out of their heads band but put on a damn good concert. Don't ask me why cause, I would have to ban myself, but the hippie girls loved this song. A little trivia the actual name of the song playing was suppose to be "In The Garden Of Eden" when they recorded the song they were stoned so much this out it came out
  4. I don't expect that rule to be passed. The NCAA can not rule who you can or can't hire remember when they pass the rule limiting what you can pay people well that came back and bit them on the ass in big $$ lawsuits. I expect the same would happen with this type of rule. jmo
  5. Not sure but dabbo's name has been out there for a while
  6. well we can always pray...............or as any true bammer says when in doubt PUNT
  7. Got any suggestions? real question cause if Pearl can't bring us to some type of decent BB who can?
  8. You guys ever thought about starting a thread dedicated to cars? You can start it in General Topic....hint hint By the way my first car was a 1960 VW Beetle brand new $1400 put over 200,000 miles on that thing
  9. well that's exciting
  10. Lets get back to discussing Malik please
  11. good win Carlson pitched a great game
  12. oh right bats coming around