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  1. augolf1716

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Yes the one from Cali
  2. augolf1716

    Last Call for the Gus Bus?

    Well if you really want a magical bus to use
  3. augolf1716

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Well Miami has lots of room for commits of any sort since they have had 15 decommitted in the last few months
  4. augolf1716

    Gus thanks departed OC Lindsey

    smart move
  5. augolf1716


    blast from the past
  6. augolf1716


    Yep hearing some rumblings going on but I think he make it. We shall see
  7. OK last post on this......speaking of fragility ears. Her best song for making the big money.....on a side note the song is about Jane Fonda
  8. Does dating a stripper work???? At least I didn't have to pay hush money
  9. Really I can explain it in a PM ..............also could be a bad joke "did you hear about the Playboy model and porn star who went into a bar"
  10. augolf1716

    Loeffler to Bowling Green as HC

    YES they were
  11. augolf1716

    Loeffler to Bowling Green as HC

    The man with the shorts
  12. augolf1716

    Loeffler to Bowling Green as HC

    I'm impressed good fine Tora.............
  13. augolf1716

    Music City Bowl vs. Purdue

    Depends on how many balls you hit in the water at 17
  14. augolf1716

    If you could have one Non-Auburn player...

    Was at that game Emmitt was physically beat down he never rushed for over 100 yards in three games against AU. I did feel for him as he was leaving the field that night.