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  1. Also Greg Norman at Augusta in 96 which actually was a 6 stroke lead choke. it was awful to watch
  2. No its not losing a 6 stroke lead is a massive choke job. Missing a 2 ft putt can just happen. Happen to me twice but I have made more 2 ft putts to win or tie then I can count. Now if you have missed a number of 2 ft putts to win then you are one big mess of a choke job.
  3. Need some smoothing music to night been a little stressed for the wife and her work. I know BB is a little corny and yes I know I've posted ARS before
  4. Jovan and Jason shot 1 under with Patton shooting a horrible 80 which surprised me. Would be great to see Jovan make the cut
  5. I'm putting everyone in time out.........................go to your rooms now.
  6. Doubt it I hated it..........mostly because of the weather