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  1. See what you're saying but it want happen there is very little left in the Big 12 anyone would want and for the ACC all they have is Clemson and maybe FSU from the old days. Like you said like bringing a knife to a gun fight. No one will be able to match what the SEC has today. Down the road things could change
  2. Wonder why he nevers says it to me?????
  3. There are other ways........think about it...........
  4. Yep there were a few.......we see where Tech is now and where Auburn is now.....................know who won that one
  5. I've seen it all this will not be the end of college football. It may take some time for some to adjust but most if not all will adjust. Just enjoy it life too damn short. Plus SEC is just getting started and be very thankful we're in the SEC
  6. Don't think so the name brand has $$$$$$ behind it...could be wrong we will see
  7. You must be dealing with bird welcome to my world
  8. Not really its going to be awhile but in 5 years it may look totally different my biggest believe is it will become a Super League and NCAA will be replaced by what the Super League sets up
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