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  1. Well I'm in a alternative mood after today's game just frickin shoot me
  2. Have no answers for your questions but I guess your OK with.................... lets just keep going the same old same old if so lets justs God we have got to do something this is just misery
  3. A little side story about St Joseph not concerning BB. St Joe's has no football program back in the 80's they adopted Auburn as its football school to support. I remember being at the game and the stadium announcer recognizing them sitting in the north endzone. They even brought their own mascot picture at the bottom of this post. AUBURN, Ala. - Jim McGinness and his fellow Saint Joseph's University students had a problem in 1987. They were college football fans without a college football team. With 21 NCAA Tournament appearances, St. Joe's is well known for basketball.
  4. Can't touch my total disdain/hatred for Georgia Tech
  5. Its a secret.............................................
  6. Anything by Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Roundabout fit perfectly with the intro especially the timing with Smokes int............
  7. Bet he has grade problems doubt he can even get in Auburn
  8. Sounds like a good day to go fishing. And drink lots and lots of beer
  9. What makes you think that??? I just love gt
  10. Really?????? Well better to find out sooner then later I've known what a** holes/pricks they are for well over 70 years and Boddy Dodd was the biggest frickin a** hole/prick ever. I could go on but my blood pressure would explode
  11. You would think that a school supposedly having a great engineering school could figure how to build a stadium
  12. I was there in that god forsaken stadium and we were a little lucky to win the game. Lawyer Tillman made a great catch for a TD to put us ahead with 24 seconds to go in the game but Bruce was something else that day. I was shocked the Falcons took him #1 overall first round yes but not #1
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