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  1. Oh I'm a huge fan of Sting solo and The Police. Saw them multiples times in I'm full of unless info when it comes to music
  2. A little nugget Sting was a school teacher before becoming famous and he had a certain experience that was a little uncomfortable. Listen to the lyrics and watch the video and you will get the idea
  3. What else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You can play here as well but the resort courses are all closed due to all the resorts being closed, Disney, Universal, Sea world etc etc
  5. Skrew it if its rib eyes I'm not worried about 6' for one night
  6. Orlando pretty much the same except Publix has no limits on the number of people now Trader Joes, 3 blocks from our condo, has a limit of 10 at a time with multiple canopies set up for people to stay out of the sun/rain
  7. Yep 81 years old. I've said it before but I wasn't the biggest fan but I did love this song which I have posted before.Just a feel good song
  8. It did save money but AU as well as most P5 schools are 2% or 4% less in revenues already from not having the payout from the NCAA from basketball March madness. That's about $3 million give or take. I've said it in other threads but this could get real real ughy even for the top P5 schools if there is no football this fall. I'm old as dirt and I have never ever seen anythng like this
  9. My number one w/o a doubt and yes I had a student deferment as well as my Dad being 100% disabled from WWII so the draft left me alone because of both. But I will never ever say anything bad about the VA because they took care of my Dad as best as they could in 1945 forward
  10. OK I'll list a few of my top Nam protest songs. I remember where I was at when I heard this had happen my girlfriend at the time at Auburn was really to bomb Thracher