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  1. Your correct I knew all the QB's you mention. Randy and I played alot of golf together
  2. Well just another reason to drink more beer because I gave up coffee 20 years ago. You know coffee is really bad for you unlike beer which really really good for you. So they say Bet this gets moved in 3, 2, 1
  3. Would this be a bad time to ask for a raise
  4. Totally agree and our minds should be straight as an arrow today. total ass whupping
  5. Damn this kid is good the kind that can take over a game when needed. One of the best highlight video I've ever seen
  6. Hearing good thinks about being able to play. We shall see
  7. There's a tear in my beer humm seems like Ive heard that somewhere
  8. Don't forget The Best of Time ..................Beirut best damn baseball player to ever live
  9. Maybe but still one of the best concert I ever attended and I've been to over 350
  10. All true.... Totally agree I would just say skrew it and leave her........................its a lost cause.................
  11. Speaking of deeep man Deep Purple was a great concert band
  12. Wow Joe Jackson reference but to answer your question I really don't have a problem distinguishing between the three. I understand how it could be hard but I've listen to all three for so long its fairly easy for me. Especially JJ this is my favorite by JJ, posted many times, I could listen to this all day.
  13. Wife calls me worst things then that.................
  14. OK never though about it and don't care.