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  1. So I try hard not to watch the Turds play, but I have watched the first half. My question is "how are bama's receivers always wide open"? Tua looks like Tom Brady when there isn't a defender in the screen as he dumps it off. CBS can't stop drooling over all things bama and won't show a wide shot besides a few that look like TA&M never picked up the back. The other thing that jumps out is that TA&M tackles very poorly.
  2. 91 yard, 12 play TD drive taking 8 mins off the clock..
  3. LSU hired that Muppet Orgeron and look what he just pulled off. Let's do it. If he lasts 3 seasons we at least play catch up on GM's buy out on his contract.
  4. Bring in PJ Fleck. Let's Row the Boat!
  5. DC4AU04


    If We can move the ball with some timing routes and keep the crowd out of it with the d keeping up their game-we are in it to the end. Expect a nail bitter
  6. I thought the same thing. I even read it a couplemore times and still have no idea what the heck he meant.
  7. He is tough as nails...Apparently made of play dough, but tough. I wish he could keep the wheels on and stay healthy for a full season. Out team was markedly better with a healthy SW than with anyone else. We finally got a full season out of Lawson again and it was what we expected.
  8. Is he seriously going to run the read option with Stidham? We finally have a player who doesn't seem to need a gimmicky offense to work in. I have been really private with my opinions on Gus as they really don't matter to anyone but me. But, if he doesn't get back to more mad offensive scientist and less stroking out in the sideline about whatever he is always mad about we are going to be paying a huge buyout soon and starting over...again.
  9. I am just amazed at how we run the same play over and over. Regardless of the outcome of the previous play or what tendencies the defense is showing. We drastically cut the motion, no playaction, no jet sweeps. Just run the read or veer since SW isn't keeping it 99% of the time. I enjoyed seeing OU creatively put their playmakers in space with the ball. Good things happen with that kind of speed.
  10. To me it seemed more bush league and desperate than a moment to build from. The D was just trying to get the game done for most of the 2nd half. I couldn't make myself listen to the post game to see if he addressed..
  11. He should give it back for the play calling in the 2nd half and calling not 1, but 2 time outs to barely score a garbage time td. Invest wisely Mal... the villagers are gathering their pitchforks and torches.