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  1. Washington State averaged 330 yards a game passing last year. In fact they threw for 3,965 yards on the year but only averaged 20.0 ppg. Auburns defense doesn't have to worry as much about the yardage as they do scoring. I personally don't care how many yards Wazzu racks up as long as AU can limit the scoring opportunities.
  2. Marshall will evolve as the year goes on. The players around him will too, they will have a chance to gell together and win a lot of games in the future
  3. In all fairness, the batman deal was just to lighten the mood. As far as updates go, rumors seem to be the only thing forming. Valid Updates would certainly be welcome if any were present. As of now, we are all waiting for something to surface. I personally apologize for making light of the situation. War Eagle!
  4. As of now, nothing concrete has been released. I think and hope this will all be explained by todays end, if not, we will have to hope for the best tomorrow night and that Foster keeps his word heading into Ink day. War Eagle Guys, I am exhausted trying to figure this out, Ill let Reuben finish the rest.
  5. Lashlee's offense was full speed in the first half, I saw them snap the ball every 9 seconds a couple of times. It seemed like they took the foot off the gas in the second half. Im glad he will be back with Gus real soon... Kodi too.
  6. Tackling in practice is important. That doesnt mean the entire two hour practice has to be focused on Tackling, but it needs to be present. My dad coached High School football for 13 years, he told me at the end of every practice, they would line up on the 20 yard line and go live for 10 minutes. They would set up a clock, and let the first and second stringers on each side of the ball play full speed except for the QB. If a defensive player broke through the line, they were to two hand touch the QB. Doing this 5 times a week, they were able to keep the rust off, and play well in games. I guess my point is that you dont have to kill each other in practice to be physically ready for a football game, but you do have to practice what you preach... there has to be come contact throughout the week. Gus Malzahn is a perfectionist, so I think he will clearly have these guys ready to play.
  7. I keep hearing mixed reviews on Wilkins, I am not sure if he is coming or going. I left him off for the time being until we know for sure what he is going to do. I watched his film and he is a very impressive runner. Green would be a huge gain, but with Artis-Payne on board, I dont see him coming, but I could be wrong.
  8. Auburn's addition of Cameron Artis Payne to the roster is a major boost to the Running Back position. Payne brings a physical toughness needed to win in the Southeastern Conference. He has good speed in the open field and uses his vision very well to utilize the available blockers in front of him. He also brings experience and maturity to the Auburn backfield. His 5'10 210 lb frame will help keep him hidden behind offensive lineman until he can burst into the open field. (Dyer comparison, perhaps). Payne rushed for over 1300 yards his first season at Allan Hancock Community College and followed that up with 2,048 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns in 2012. He will make a strong push for the starting job in the spring. Tre Mason: Shifty runner, elusive in the open field, has breakaway speed and displayed the ability to be a physical runner when needed. Mason surpassed the 1,000 yard mark this year and averaged 5.9 yards a carry and scored 8 touchdowns. He was recruited originally to play in Malzahns offense, so the fact that he ran well in an offensive system that he may not be suited for is a good sign that he will be even better in 2013. Mason should be the front runner to hold the starting RB job in the spring, but he will have his work cut out for him. Michael Blakely: Similar attributes to Mason, has the ability to make the first defender miss, great speed in the open field. Also recruited to play in Malzahns offense, so the expectations should be higher in 2013 for the talented back. A couple of fumbles in 2012 seemed to keep him on the bench, so Auburn fans never got to see a full glimpse of what the future brings. That opportunity will return with Malzahn on board, he will utilize Blakely for his strengths and what he can do, not what they expect him to do. Corey Grant: Amongst Auburn fans, he has been talked about a lot. He has a stocky frame and excellent speed in the open field. Many players have said that he is one of the faster runners on the team. He would be a valuable KO returner, and some have even mentioned him as a possible H-Back player. He seems to have the versatility to garner many different roles on the team. He may not be a threat right away to the Backs mentioned above, but he will most certainly be in the mix for playing time. With Auburn pursuing Kailo Moore as a scat back type player, he has been rumored to fill the role of Onterrio McCallebb, its unclear where Auburn stands with his interest level at this point, but he has expressed interest in Auburn, so its clear that Gus Malzahn is filling the positions out nicely. He has addressed particular needs at the RB position, he will eventually fill them when the time is right. Expectations: Under Malzahns guidance as the offensive coordinator at Auburn, he had three 1,000 yard rushers in each of the years that he was there, Four including Cameron Newtons 1400 yards in 2010. McCalebb also ran for 810 in 2010 and came very close to topping 1,000 yards as well. Malzahn has a tendency of developing players and putting them in position to be successful. The expectation level of these current Running Backs should be high, and success should be instant if the offensive line can gell together with better coaching and maturity. The excitement should return immediately while watching these backs mature as the season progresses, Mason, Artis Payne and Blakely will be a vital part of the Fast Tempo system that we have yet to see in full force since Malzahn has been associated with Auburn.
  9. That is after you deduct the 2012 seniors, right? If so, a class of 20 will solve it. I see nothing all that unusual about it really. Agreed 100%
  10. If Auburn can win 8 regular season games and have a chance to win a 9th in a bowl game and perhaps finish the year 9-4, this would be a great improvement with a lot of good signs to come in 2014. There is still a lot of youth on this football team, and one year can make a difference with better coaching and development. I am optimistic but have learned over time to keep the expectations at a minimum when dealing with Auburn Football. Auburn needs to do whatever it takes to win games, with the defense learning complete new schemes, it may take some time, but if Malzahn can get the offense back to the pace he likes to run, Auburn will have the ability to outscore teams if the defense can get a couple of critical stops. It helped us win 17 straight games before Chiz pulled the plug.
  11. This is neat, it doesnt mean much, but its cool. Gus and this offense will speak for itself.
  12. Frazier has the strongest arm in the SEC. His accuracy is questionable, but with his strength and speed, Malzahn certainly can mold him into his fullest potential. Time will tell, but I will stand by my statement with his arm being the strongest among all SEC qb's, Malzahn saw something in him before, that stands for something.I think he will have a chance to be special, I refuse to give up on this kid, considering he didnt play much better or worse than Wallace.
  13. Kent State has made some noise this year. They have an explosive offensive team, so with both teams having offense on their mind, this could be a great game to watch. Lots of fireworks. It wont be a full indicator of what Lashlee can do, but its a start.
  14. This could be a good opportunity for us to tune in and catch a small glimpse of what to expect from him at Auburn. I am excited about this hire from Malzahn, Lashlee owns several National passing records at the high school level and was 40-3 as a starting qb under Malzahn. He has a competitive nature and clearly knows Malzahns offense to its fullest extent. Arkansas State will play 25th ranked Kent State, and both offense are highly explosive. Should be interesting to watch.
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