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  1. Met him after bowl practice, he & Wesley Steiner were extremely nice guys. Our fam will be pulling hard for those two next year.
  2. I still won't watch, but I will vehemently be pulling for that 120x80yd Sinkhole to swallow it all up.
  3. couldn't hit the short ball either, & the one that did took a dive, two back strokes, & a dolphin kick to wrangle in. even that needed a review
  4. Broadcast that morning should show the players hitting up Top Golf & Texas de Brazil the day before. Mayor Woodfin will find a way to get his mug in on the action. When you get this low in bowl prestige, I think the players care more about the swag anyways.
  5. Anyone suggesting or thinking the medical staff possibly mishandled what may have happened needs to pump the brakes. Did not would not happen, period. That position has been held since 1993 for a good reason. We have the best in the SEC, if not best in the country. Despite whatever was reported, Sean White hid the severity of his injury initially. He didn't want to come out, but was yanked after throwing a duck & it became clearer something wasn't right. Kid had pins put in that night. It was the Sugar Bowl vs Oklahoma. Unless it's a compound, there is no flashing sign that says 'pull this kid out'.
  6. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2015/05/will_auburn_claim_more_nationa.html I haven't heard that, but wouldn't surprise me if this was just a toe dipped into the water to see what happens.
  7. The school already put a committee together & decided against it 7 years ago. I would imagine that group was more qualified to make this decision than anyone else now or in the future. The coaching staff (with the exception of maybe Cadillac & Etheridge) don't have a dog in the fight. Do what I do, have banners made and hang them up in your den next to the 2019 Men's Basketball Championship one
  8. I don't think it was so much the anticipation... 2012 was just that bad. I think people were looking forward to a win 😂 A-Day Details updated: https://auburntigers.com/sports/2021/2/25/2021-a-day.aspx War Damn Everyone, see ya there.
  9. 83,400 last time we had a new coach, Expect some more information tomorrow
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fop4ivWyQrs CBVG implied that coaching changes were obviously to be expected after being asked about AUs future. They were 3-8 that year & didn't win any SEC games. This interview was after getting shutout by UGA
  11. Any lip readers here? End of 3rd Qtr, Gus looks at the scoreboard, shakes his head, and says "they're going to fire me."
  12. equally as annoying as the Tony Franklin Meerkat pre-snap every offensive possession.
  13. I think far too much is being made over Person not having his degree, and some of these writers spend far too much time in forums like this developing their material. Ecstatic about Person roaming our sidelines. I think tickets are going to be pretty hard to come by next year
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