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  1. Trump in Excellent Health

    Probably helps to get rid of that horrible dry aging flavor. lol
  2. Trump in Excellent Health

    Well done steak........
  3. Obamacare Premiums

    Yes, my insurance went up but it has been rising astronomically for the past 10 years. I paid less a year for BCBS then, than I do a month now for United. Our HR department actually told us we wouldn’t see a huge increase due to the ACA because they anticipated it and did it the year before. Hate them or not, insurance companies are in business to make money. Until health care cost are brought down nothing will change that. I will add this though, talk to your doctor and see what they think about it. I’m sure some like it but I haven’t spoken to one yet that does. Our company doctor actually “retired” to here because of the ACA; too much red tape. He and his nurse practitioner make more working 20 hours a week here than he would have made under the ACA. They were well respected and thought of too. There are good things about it for sure but way too many issues for most in my opinion.
  4. Toyota and Mazda Building Plants in Alabama

    No, I came out of the womb and screamed War Eagle when the doctor smacked me on the azz in 62. lol
  5. Toyota and Mazda Building Plants in Alabama

    lol, just something I do, like, "not the sharpest marble in the drawer."
  6. Toyota and Mazda Building Plants in Alabama

    Love that area of the state. My best friend is a rocket surgeon at Redstone and Hartselle is named after my Great grandfather.
  7. Toyota and Mazda Building Plants in Alabama

    I don’t believe Roy Moore being elected would have changed “this” decision; too far along. Future business here, most definitely.
  8. It was designed to prevent a select few super-cities with massive populations controlling the election and country. If that were the case all one would have to do is promise those cities whatever they wanted and ignore the rest of the country. If you’re comfortable with 5 cities in America dictating the future of the country I guess it would be great to be done away with. It’s easy to support something that follows your view. It’s the constitutional rights of those you disagree with that most have a problem with. The simplest solution is deliver a better message. “If you build it, they will come.”
  9. https://www.factcheck.org/2008/02/the-reason-for-the-electoral-college/


  12. New Boom shirts!

  13. Jameis claims extortion...

    Yeah, so were those daymn crab legs.
  14. Prayers needed!

    Just now seeing this Bird, as always, praying for you guys.